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URGENT: Klayman Needs to Be Named Special Counsel! Sign This Petition Asking President Trump to Have Appointed the Only Lawyer Ever to Have a Court Rule That Bill Clinton Committed a Crime! The Republic Hangs in the Balance!
31198.  Jay Carter of TexasMay 10, 2021
31197.  Patricia Penley of ColoradoApr 22, 2021
God Bless America!!! The swamp really needs to be cleaned out NOW. God help us....Proof??..19 April 2021 Please God, Bless America!!!
31196.  Matthew McEnery of IllinoisApr 16, 2021
31195.  Patricia Olmscheid of CaliforniaApr 07, 2021
31194.  SHARON Rena JOHNSON of TennesseeApr 06, 2021
31193.  Dolores H Herrmann of PennsylvaniaApr 03, 2021
31192.  john van blaricome of IowaApr 01, 2021
31191.  ALENE COPHER of CaliforniaMar 31, 2021
its time all these scumbags were held accountable for all the corruption/lies and deliberate deceit they have brought to the American people
31190.  Kathleen Shanley of New YorkMar 25, 2021
31189.  melissa jean cusano of KentuckyMar 25, 2021
I believe these people have harmed people, children and many countries. I believe they have taken our tax money and made fortunes for themselves and families. I believe they are guilty of Treason.
31188.  Martha A Empson of NebraskaMar 24, 2021
31187.  Joseph W Mecca of New YorkMar 24, 2021
Enough with the lies, deceit, tyranny, ambiguity and fear mongering...time for truth to be unfolded and displayed.
31186.  Helen reid of South CarolinaMar 22, 2021
Clean out Washington swamp
31185.  Byron Tucker of North CarolinaMar 19, 2021
Drain the Swamp make them pay
31184.  Susanne of CaliforniaMar 15, 2021
31183.  RON POLLAND of FloridaMar 10, 2021
31182.  Antonia Morris of FloridaMar 01, 2021
31181.  Helmut Lint of MichiganFeb 21, 2021
I've read It take a Revolution and as a former supporter of Judicial Watch I wish to change my allegiance to Freedom Watch because as the book states a handful of FOIAs slow walked did nothing to stop the overthrow of our duly elected president. I expect action and regardless of my age, so long as I have a breath in my lungs am ready to fight.
31180.  RALPH WERNTZ of OhioFeb 03, 2021
people who violate the trust of the office they hold in favor of other parties than the American people and act on their own behalf instead betray their government and it's people and should be punished
31179.  Yvette D. Austin of MississippiFeb 01, 2021
Let's not waste any time.
31178.  Steve jacks of TennesseeJan 31, 2021
God bless this nation
31177.  Richard Dill of FloridaJan 30, 2021
31176.  Margaret Burgess of ConnecticutJan 22, 2021
31175.  Israel Torres of FloridaJan 21, 2021
Accountability time
31174.  BRITTANY MURPHY of VirginiaJan 20, 2021
31173.  David Whitaker of GeorgiaJan 17, 2021
31172.  B Grigat of ColoradoJan 17, 2021
31171.  donald j caudle of North CarolinaJan 16, 2021
31170.  Lana of IndianaJan 15, 2021
31169.  Charles Knight of South CarolinaJan 13, 2021
31168.  raymond e charette of MassachusettsJan 12, 2021
robert muller is part of the swamp go trump he is still my president
31167.  John Cox of OhioJan 12, 2021
Arrest this lying traitor to our nation and constitution now!!
31166.  Alissa Reid of WashingtonJan 07, 2021
31165.  John Pace of PennsylvaniaJan 04, 2021
It is past time that the Clinton's shenanigan for profit and power at the people's expense be addressed. They have risen to criminal levels with no justice for the people from Mueller.
31164.  Pamela Barrett of WashingtonJan 01, 2021
31163.  Ingo Breuer of TennesseeJan 01, 2021
We must take America back.
31162.  Ronald P Mergler of OhioDec 31, 2020
31161.  Joe Brooks of GeorgiaDec 28, 2020
31160.  Julie Yura of South CarolinaDec 26, 2020
31159.  Justin Brown of ColoradoDec 17, 2020
Anyone with one eye and common sense can see that Robert Mueller is in the back pocket of the Clintons. He has no spine to stand up to the Communists! He has done a disservice to the United States of America!
31158.  Ronald James McGrath of TexasDec 12, 2020
You have already gotten all the information you need to prosecute him for abuse of office.
31157.  John Mauro of IllinoisDec 09, 2020
31156.  Darcy Roberts of CaliforniaDec 07, 2020
31155.  Matthew Bruno of New JerseyDec 07, 2020
The American people want the so called leaders of this country to be held to the same standard of law that the rest of us are held too. Robert Mueller and his gang of criminals engaged in a cover-up to shield the guilty and promote a fabrication that has torn this nation apart. We are all suffering as a result of their criminal behavior. Let them all burn in hell for who they are and what they have done.
31154.  matthew irvin of ColoradoDec 07, 2020
Knowing and unknowing is FBI prosecuting tool. Use it to get all the actors involved with the theft of our elections. Seize the assets thru replevin bound. Prosecute them all including courts that block legal actions, Judges, State officials, Media and pole workers. They are all Treasonous actors and enemies of the people.
31153.  Linda Taylor of MissouriDec 07, 2020
31152.  Rhonda Hollingshad of MissouriDec 05, 2020
31151.  ALAN l WHITE of VirginiaNov 27, 2020
31150.  Bob Dawkins of TennesseeNov 22, 2020
31149.  SHARON SNYDER of CaliforniaNov 21, 2020
31148.  k of MinnesotaNov 21, 2020
This traitor must be imprisoned for supporting a fraud and forced to repay millions of taxpayers money, wasted on Trump's posse.
31147.  Linda Taylor of MissouriNov 16, 2020
31146.  Ronald J McGrath of TexasNov 09, 2020
31145.  Douglas Kirkwood of KansasNov 08, 2020
31144.  JOSE H ESPINOSA of TexasNov 08, 2020
31143.  LaRae Bailey of North DakotaNov 07, 2020
Stop the destruction of our country by the Democratic Taliban
31142.  MaryAnn Vasquez of CaliforniaNov 01, 2020
How long do we have to wait for justice to be served upon these swamp creatures? Sick of their blatant treasonous crimes against the American People. Since when do traitors get to walk freely? We're a mockery to the rest of the world if we don't demand justice!
31141.  JONATHAN W MAYFIELD of FloridaOct 30, 2020
put him in jail see how he likes it. he is a crook and he should pay back the money he took from the people for his wasting time on this bull shit investigation. he should be charged with treason and hanged. GOD BLESS AMERICA;
31140.  Robert Ping of AlabamaOct 28, 2020
Nobody should be above criminal prosecution. You need to go after the Biden Crime Family next!
31139.  Thomas Hazelgrove of IndianaOct 25, 2020
31138.  CHARLES JAMES WITTMER of TexasOct 24, 2020
31137.  Gary Seymour of CaliforniaOct 24, 2020
Treason deserves the gallows
31136.  Jo-Ann Ambrosino Kranz of New JerseyOct 20, 2020
We AMERICAN Citizen Taxpayers had enough, like Chinese torture they are slowly killing our AMERICA
31135.  Michael Albers of IllinoisOct 19, 2020
31134.  Orn Eagle of ArizonaOct 17, 2020
Mueller did not do his job as he was sworn in to do. He let Hillary Clinton get away with the very thing all govt. workers are sworn (and sign as such) to not do and are notified in writting that they will be prosecuted if/when the do so. She is no better than ea. and every govt. worker/military person that signs as such. ...if she signed at all? ...which is also a crime!
31133.  LaRae L Bailey of North DakotaOct 17, 2020
Everyone who is connected to the attempted coup of President Trump should be dragged into the courts and sentenced to jail.
31132.  Selma Kelly of CaliforniaOct 16, 2020
Robert Mueller is a FRAUD !! He knew early on there was no Russia Collusion but forged ahead anyway, dragging us through a 3-year nightmare over nothing. Then, at the hearing before Congress, he had no clue what was in his own report. Eg: Who Fusion GPS is. The Mueller Probe was a $40 Million FRAUD. Most outrageous of all, he refused to investigate the ORIGINS of the Collusion allegations, thereby illegally protecting Mifsud, Halper and, of course, FBI Agent Kevin Clinesmith who MANUFACTURED THE EMAIL to frame Carter Page---the long-time CIA asset. Robert Mueller is a MALFEASANT FRAUD. He was also the Yellow Cake Bag Man who transported American Uranium TO PUTIN, to make thermonuclear bombs !! Yep, that about sums it up.
31131.  Stephen Warcup of NevadaOct 15, 2020
They all took my IPOS that's why they did what they did in person I will tell you everything and more, I was Trump first donor and the creator of everything for his President run, I did for Reagan Bush 1 Clinton sole all my IPOS Bush 2 he did the same I tried with John McCain Mitt Romney they where both to stupid to win, Obama Biden took everything again giving it to juice boys making them Billionaires, Trump my last one, I will go back England and file with a great Barrister if I hear nothing so many got rich from all my dreams . Stephen Warcup again I am disable so no gives a shit.
31130.  Marc D. Wolpe of CaliforniaOct 10, 2020
Mueller is corrupt and needs to be put in jail along with all the FBI attorneys who worked on the case. Russian collusion was a lie and people need to go to jail.
31129.  JG Bahrs of Federated States of MicronesiaOct 10, 2020
31128.  Charles Gluck of TennesseeOct 04, 2020
Mueller knew this was crap, but "choose" to help that traitor Comey. Both should be in prison.
31127.  Vernon Kuhns of VirginiaOct 04, 2020
31126.  Aspen Lee of IdahoOct 02, 2020
Leftists and radical liberals have shown anti-American behavior since before President Trump was elected, to the point of being so bogged down in their hatred that they don't function in full capacity of the elected office, but instead concentrate on the schemes and plans to destroy President Trump and/or remove him from the office of the President of the United States of America...mainly because President Trump is leading the fight against corruption and terrorism, and discovering to the American people the truths and exposing deep state and shadow government corruption agenda against America and her law-abiding hard-working legal citizenry and those who truly want to become contributing citizens...Leftists, radical democrats do not want their gravy trains and corrupt plans being exposed. They have been SELLING US OUT and betraying us in complicity with our enemies for money (big money) and taxpayer expense!!
31125.  Jodi M Avila of CaliforniaSep 30, 2020
31124.  Carmelita R Kaiser of ColoradoSep 27, 2020
31123.  Judith Miramontes of CaliforniaSep 25, 2020
31122.  Richard Evons of IdahoSep 25, 2020
Thank You and keep doing what you have been, and are doing.
31121.  James Bancroft of TexasSep 25, 2020
31120.  Sarah L Hopkins of MissouriSep 25, 2020
31119.  john crabb of OklahomaSep 24, 2020
31118.  Francisco R. Rasa of GuamSep 23, 2020
31117.  Michael Howell of GeorgiaSep 21, 2020
31116.  James Taliane of CaliforniaSep 17, 2020
Who was behind Muller ?
31115.  Richard N. Holte of MinnesotaSep 16, 2020
31114.  Vallire Ozene of TexasSep 14, 2020
Muller report had made. Me feel this country my country have had a affect on my since of well being it made me so afraid of our government muller and his reporting have affected every thing that I have and had done in every day activities . I had voted for our beloved president if this was done to a president what will it do to me, as a citizen I now don't trust the democrats .the democrats have made this country look bad and dum. What will the democrats do next to harm us as Americans 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸😭.
31113.  Lyndon B Granger of TexasSep 14, 2020
This conduct was a real criminal attempt to overthrow the American president.government and the us citizens.
31112.  Clayton J McCarthy of WisconsinSep 12, 2020
End the CLOWN show !
31111.  Connie of CaliforniaSep 10, 2020
All of the people involved in this illegal, slanderous and fake witch hunt against President Trump need to be placed in prison. Furthermore, based on the evidence already found, people like Hillary Clinton should not be allowed to continue spewing slander on our media outlets!!!! If you are caught committing severe crimes, like she has committed, you should lose that freedom. I guess you could just call it bullying, or hate crimes, then maybe she and Comey, etc. will at least receive some kind of punishment for their crimes.
31110.  Beverly Reese of TexasSep 10, 2020
I am so disappointed that nothing seems to be done to stop these people from lying and cheating.
31109.  Maria Hernandez of MinnesotaSep 09, 2020
It is TIME for EQUAL JUSTICE! WTH us AG Bar and DOJ waiting for? For the Democrats to win? Because then NOTHING will EVER be DONE!
31108.  Edward Reed of ArizonaSep 08, 2020
Lock him up! Then go get the rest of his accomplices, all the way up the f'n ladder!
31107.  Cliff Newman of CaliforniaSep 05, 2020
31106.  Susan of CaliforniaAug 25, 2020
31103.  Ross Eoff of OregonAug 24, 2020
31102.  Mary-Jo Feurino of MichiganAug 22, 2020
31101.  Ron Parks of North CarolinaAug 22, 2020
31100.  STEVE SANTOYO of MissouriAug 21, 2020
31099.  Alexander EG of AlabamaAug 21, 2020
31098.  April A Vitkov of New JerseyAug 21, 2020
31097.  Michael Hotho of New YorkAug 10, 2020
31096.  Judith L Price of MichiganAug 09, 2020
Thank you for the invite to get involved again. My heart is with you and I support this action. Let us stand in the name of Jesus and "do" Gods word, exposing every unfruitful work of darkness in His name. Gods word says that there is nothing hidden that will not be revealed, so lets also stand with God and His word over all of this. Long live our great REPUBLIC!!!
31095.  Rick Arnst of FloridaAug 06, 2020
From everything I know which a lot---you could not go wrong with this guy!!
31094.  Michael J. Russo of New YorkAug 05, 2020
He and every other demorat and RINO should hang together.
31093.  Eldon H. Thompson of CaliforniaAug 04, 2020
Larry Klayman is the man who desires to represent "We the People" and Pres. Trump against all these criminals who have taken an oath to defend the Constitution of the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA AGAINST ALL ENEMIES, FOREIGN AND DOMESTIC, AND WHO HAS SUBVERTED THEIR OATH. THEY MUST PAY FOR THEIR MISDEEDS AGAINST US.
31092.  Linda Dobrin of New YorkAug 01, 2020
It is well past time to prosecute Robert Mueller and all the criminals in the democratic party. They have tried to stop Pres. Donald Trump with crimes and sedition.
31091.  Daniel of PennsylvaniaJul 31, 2020
31090.  Lone Janiger of CaliforniaJul 31, 2020
31089.  Richard d Gipson of North CarolinaJul 29, 2020
Robert Mueller lied to congress when he declared that no Americans colluded with Russia when, in fact, the DNC and Hillary Clinton DID collude and obtained a Russian Dossier to interfere in the 2016 election. He lied to congress and we the people.
31088.  HOWARD STAFFORD of FloridaJul 28, 2020
31087.  Lee Wentz of North DakotaJul 26, 2020
Robert Mueller needs to be held accountable for all the taxpayer money he wasted, when he knew it was all a sham. He is a part of the DEEP STATE, SHADOW GOVERNMENT, hiding the corruption of the Democrats from the American people.
31086.  Cupid Hayes of CaliforniaJul 24, 2020
31085.  David Cavell Boyle of CaliforniaJul 24, 2020
Robert Muellers witch hunt has torn this country asunder and he must pay!.
31084.  Patsy Long of CaliforniaJul 14, 2020
Extricate these abominable beings who have callously attempted to destroy all life on this beautiful planet. I support this petition.
31083.  John Peter Provost of CaliforniaJul 07, 2020
False crimes against WE THE PEOPLE and our President!
31082.  Joyce Meiser of OklahomaJul 07, 2020
Robert Mueller and his team of crooks hired to take down President Trump abused the power of his office, misspent our tax payer monies on a fraudulent investigation that he knew from the beginning was a smoke screen for his cronies in the crooked FBI. They engaged in treason, sedition and willful obstruction of of the duly elected President of the United States.
31081.  Reverend Patricia Parker Slomanski of North CarolinaJul 07, 2020
31080.  Dicks Robert of New YorkJul 07, 2020
31079.  Trina of TexasJul 07, 2020
31078.  Antoinette of CaliforniaJul 07, 2020
31077.  Lawrence A Durocher of CaliforniaJul 05, 2020
31076.  Brett Stroke of New YorkJul 03, 2020
31075.  Robert J Scanlon of MarylandJul 03, 2020
The entire Robert Mueller investigation was a travesty of American justice. This was a set up from the start and Mueller and his hyper-partisan team knew there was no collusion at the outset. This was a seditious and treasonous plot and those responsible must be held criminally liable and go to prison.
31074.  Suzanne of OklahomaJul 03, 2020
I could see plainly with even just information in MSM that there was no collusion on President Trump's part or on the part of anyone who worked on his campaign in any capacity, and that the collusion with Russia and other foreign nations had been committed by former fake president Barry Obama and high ranking officials within his admin and within all branches/agencies of the government, as well as the Clinton's involvement as well as people within the DNC and some republicans with many offices and branches of the government. The afore mentioned people accused President Trump of doing exactly as they had done with the collusion as well as other corrupt actions they had committed as well by projecting their action on to/against blaming of President Trump. It became extremely difficult to watch much TV or listen to the radio because there were so many lies being broadcast. I became very frustrated, angry, depressed, anxious, worried etc. Over the criminal behavior of these criminals yet n...
31073.  Mariusz Skiba of ConnecticutJun 30, 2020
31072.  eleanor garcia of CaliforniaJun 29, 2020
31071.  Trina S Davis of TexasJun 29, 2020
31070.  Anna W. of AlabamaJun 28, 2020
31069.  Richard S Coles of FloridaJun 28, 2020
All I can Say is Equal application of our laws!!!!!
31068.  Nicole Mazzone of CaliforniaJun 28, 2020
31067.  Larry Jackson Jr of TexasJun 27, 2020
Robert Mueller is a f***ing swine! He did not do the right thing by announcing there was no collusion from the start of this BS. He wasted $40 + million of our tax dollars pursuing people in search of a crime, when the only reason a special counsel is to be appointed is when there has been a crime and you're looking for all who are involved! there was no crime in this case, so it should never have even been broad should be! Robert Mueller needs to be held accountable for this immediately, and even more so, his Pitbull Andrew Weissman should be punished the most to the fullest extent of the law, and Andrew Weissman must be disbarred as well because of this, and the Enron case in the past! Neither Mueller nor Wiseman should ever see the light of day again! This entire Mueller team are a bunch of deep staters, and all of the Mueller team are Trump hating Democrats! That's really "fair" isn't it? Special counsel's should always consist of half of one side of the aisle, and half of the oth...
31066.  Kerri Rush of IdahoJun 27, 2020
31065.  Brandon Hodges of ArizonaJun 26, 2020
31064.  Patricia Knudsen of New JerseyJun 24, 2020
Extricate these abominable beings who have callously attempted to destroy all life on this beautiful planet.
31063.  David Stewart of ArizonaJun 23, 2020
Through the action of honest people that are in the position to expose the corrupt and vile mini dictators,I thank God for his grace.
31062.  Doya M Meade of OhioJun 23, 2020
Charge him criminally and make him pay back the millions his attempted cover-up cost us.
31061.  William Michael Menghi of MarylandJun 23, 2020
Huge Shrill for the Enemy of the People
31060.  Faith Donahoo of ColoradoJun 22, 2020
31059.  Ernest Stauffer of PennsylvaniaJun 21, 2020
31058.  David Pinkston of CaliforniaJun 21, 2020
There is no deterrent if there is no consequences. A nation cannot govern if there is no consequences.
31057.  Linda Boyer of IowaJun 20, 2020
31056.  Wesley Alexander Hopkins of VirginiaJun 17, 2020
31055.  Adolfo Perez of FloridaJun 16, 2020
31054.  Robert Youngblood of CaliforniaJun 16, 2020
Robert Youngblood
31053.  Spencer Hodgson of MinnesotaJun 16, 2020
31052.  scott borger of TexasJun 15, 2020
31051.  Jerry of TexasJun 14, 2020
Its good to see some one is trying to prosecute the corrupt Mueller and he is just one of many that should be held accountable for their corruption. "Trump 2020"
31050.  Layla Richards of VermontJun 10, 2020
31049.  Linda J Gentry of TennesseeJun 04, 2020
He didn't do the right job by showing all the information he had gotten about the case. He probably knew early on but let it continue on for a very long time.
31048.  Arlen Mansfield of KentuckyMay 25, 2020
Mr. President, Thank you for all you do and have done for America. We hope to see this continue through 2024! In this petition, there is an effort to drain a huge part of the swamp. It is simply diabolical that the Clinton's have been allowed to get escape justice for all of the clearly questionable/illegal activities they have done (and continue to to do I'm sure). Unless there's a bigger set of protective forces involved above even yourself and the law, I urge you to support Larry Klayman in this endeavor and administer justice for all of America. If you are overly concerned just before the upcoming election, do this right after you are reelected. Thank you again Mr. President! A strong supporter and advocate from KY.
31047.  Kimra Fuller of South CarolinaMay 23, 2020
31046.  Brandy Lintom of FloridaMay 22, 2020
Appoint Larry Klayman as special counsel To investigate Clintons and finally bring criminal charges against them and to prosecute special counsel Robert Mueller.. We demand it we want justice tired of the deepstate Obama cronies sliding in to coverup these high crimes..Its not going away no respect will come till justice is served period WE ARE WAITING FOR THIS.. GET IT DONE!! THXU God Bless America
31045.  Susan Simpson of South CarolinaMay 20, 2020
31044.  Gary S Oriani of North CarolinaMay 20, 2020
31043.  Melinda Mora of TexasMay 20, 2020
31042.  Yale Cochran of ColoradoMay 19, 2020
31041.  Robert Jolly of KentuckyMay 18, 2020
31040.  Ronald Dale Breaux Jr. of TexasMay 17, 2020
The criminal activities that they have done needs to be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.
31039.  William H Richter of MichiganMay 13, 2020
31038.  Stephen Lint of CaliforniaMay 13, 2020
31037.  Kathleen LeMaster of IdahoMay 12, 2020
Mueller knew as soon as he opened the file there was NO case for investigating President Trump. Clinton was a lying fraud for the whole 8 years he was in office.
31036.  Marilyn Horton of CaliforniaMay 11, 2020
31035.  Lauren Ann;Hill of PennsylvaniaMay 04, 2020
Thank you Larry Klayman and associates. I see you got dissed by the Sodomy Pedophile Larceny Center. You know your over the target when that happens. They don't dare give Roger Sayles even a peep. The crimes that the Clinton Cabal have gotten away with all the way back to Whitewater and the drug running through Arkansas need to be prosecuted.
31034.  Jennifer Rivera of PennsylvaniaMay 04, 2020
31033.  Aaron Jeffery of ArkansasMay 04, 2020
31032.  Stanley of OregonMay 03, 2020
31031.  Laurence Clark of CaliforniaMay 02, 2020
31030.  Walter Lewis of CaliforniaMay 02, 2020
I have been outraged that the treasonous con- artists the Clintons and several others already mentioned should be indicted and fined and charged for their illicit activities which also undermined the good name and strength and world leadership of the USA. This should take place sooner than later. Full support for Larry Klayman is vital and important.
31029.  Lo Hub of CaliforniaApr 30, 2020
Mueller is the devil
31028.  Brenda Dalton of KentuckyApr 28, 2020
31027.  Deanna Spikes of MissouriApr 25, 2020
They all need to be held accountable.
31026.  JIMMY B KELLEY of TennesseeApr 24, 2020
31025.  William Sawyer of MassachusettsApr 23, 2020
31024.  joseph andretta of New YorkApr 23, 2020
31023.  Michael S Childers of KentuckyApr 22, 2020
31022.  Marvin H Lang of OregonApr 21, 2020
31021.  Gary Turner of WashingtonApr 21, 2020
I am in agreement and glad to join in any efforts to prosecute Robert Mueller and/or Bill and Hillary Clinton. Their lies and false testimony have cost America millions and they should pay, both with civil and criminal penalties.
31020.  Mark A Dunn of New YorkApr 21, 2020
Why is our do nothing AG not lifting a finger to help in the prosecution of these criminals in Washington.
31019.  Gregory Zeigler of OhioApr 20, 2020
I hope this is for real. These people nedd held accountable.
31018.  shane templeton of OregonApr 20, 2020
I am very hopeful that this is not a scam and you are serious. These people have assisted in the destruction of anything that is America and must answer for their actions. Barrack Obama also must be held accountable for any and all actions he also was involved with against America and his involvement with the Islamic Brotherhood as well as how much we spent on private or overlavished vacations for his wife and children. I often scratch my head and wonder why he is SO involved and opinionated after his presidency? I always see him speaking on something or other and it is always negative or the opposite of what President Trump is doing or proposing but done.
31017.  cledeus libby of KentuckyApr 20, 2020
31016.  Patricia A Marn of PennsylvaniaApr 20, 2020
31015.  Kristin Jeffery of OregonApr 20, 2020
31014.  Bonita Cheek of WashingtonApr 20, 2020
31013.  Martin Lee of CaliforniaApr 19, 2020
Demand Mueller & his staffs to pay back all the fees and expenses spent. Ripped off the taxpayers money, time. Obstruct the President to do his job.
31012.  Michael hopper of TexasApr 19, 2020
US Army 1982-2018, CW4, Retired I would add or ask that all Americans take steps to consciously go out of their way to only buy American as much as possible even if the product may take longer to get or cost a bit more. Furthermore companies like Starbucks who choose to continue to do business with China should be fined or lose market share in some way to preclude them from doing business with an adversary as well as a subversive calculated wuhan virus implicater! Lastly the USA specifically our legislators must practice fiscal responsibility towards our national debt which China holds a lot of to eliminate our dependency on them as well as causing our future generations more problems!
31011.  Stacey l mccraw of FloridaApr 18, 2020
Ive just lost my husband and due to this virus im having to do everything by myself with no support from family. I cant have a funeral or memorial to say goodbye
31010.  Michelle Marie Tennant of New YorkApr 18, 2020
31009.  Virginia Quinn of MarylandApr 18, 2020
31008.  Todd Mascaretti of WisconsinApr 18, 2020
The citizens of the U.S. would have already been prosecuted and convicted. This is obvious abuse of power, manipulation of the law, and a two tier justice system.
31007.  Michael E Brundidge of MarylandApr 17, 2020
31006.  Howard Mayers of ArizonaApr 17, 2020
How about equal justice for all, ESPECIALLY THE CLINTONS for pay to play and money laundering clinton foundation.
31005.  Cynthia Bourgeois of LouisianaApr 16, 2020
31004.  LInda Coons of OregonApr 16, 2020
WE in the U S dont not have a 2 tier justice system. WE have a NO justice system. Either WE get the justice adjudicated properly against those in this suit or any other brought by Freedom Watch --or WE in the U S now know there is and will be NO JUSTICE for ALL EVER . Most of us have detoxed the koolaide and see even some congress working to dissovle the constitution and actually ussurp our God Given Rights.
31003.  Hazel Richardson of ArkansasApr 15, 2020
Yes please arrest him and lock him up for years...He is so evil. We want him gone. Thank you for going after him.... SHOW HIM WHO IS PRESIDENT........
31002.  Richard Ryan Walters of WashingtonApr 14, 2020
This needs to be investigated by an outside source, and if criminal activity was done it needs to be punished in accordance with Law, no more of this two tier Justice system!
31001.  Dario de Leon Sosa of TexasApr 12, 2020
31000.  Tina Conley of TexasApr 11, 2020
30999.  Chris Winkler of TexasApr 11, 2020
This man and all the conspirators of the soft coup need to be in jail until they can be shot by firing squad for treason.
30998.  DAVID ALAN SALSO of CaliforniaApr 10, 2020
30997.  Richard Witvoet of IndianaApr 09, 2020
30996.  Rose O'Connor of AlabamaApr 09, 2020
Please provide us weekly updates as to WHEN President Trump has responded to your Appointment.
30995.  Randal King of IllinoisApr 09, 2020
30994.  Peggy Maffia of IllinoisApr 09, 2020
30993.  Joan Ramos Rua of New JerseyApr 09, 2020
I'm ready to defend my freedom
30992.  Michael Donovan Rodriguez of CaliforniaApr 07, 2020
30991.  Inna Kreer of New JerseyApr 06, 2020
30990.  Michael Malitsky of IllinoisApr 05, 2020
30989.  BRIAN NEWTON of MassachusettsApr 05, 2020
There is no doubt in my mind that Robert Mueller and his team committed perjury, witness tampering, and prosecutional misconduct.
30988.  HENRY KERR of FloridaApr 04, 2020
30987.  Lauren Burris of MichiganApr 04, 2020
30986.  Rosanne Heiliger of CaliforniaApr 04, 2020
The Clinton's and their cronies need to be investigated!
30985.  Samantha Rosa-Re of FloridaApr 04, 2020
30984.  Doug Shuster of FloridaApr 04, 2020
30983.  Richard Praino of New YorkMar 31, 2020
30982.  Eldon H Thompson of CaliforniaMar 30, 2020
Larry Klayman is our man to put criminals in prison for their misdeeds to the people /taxpayers of the USA. President Trump must hire Larry to get the job done in behalf of the people, for the people and by the people.
30981.  Mike Coleman of OhioMar 25, 2020
30980.  Nicholas Leech of AlabamaMar 24, 2020
The best way to hold Mueller responsible. Trump said on record he represents his voters, I am one of those voters, and I may speak for all Trump voters as a whole, Nicholas Leech hereby directs Donald J. Trump to fully consider these facts, and appoint Larry Klayman to be appointed special counsel and direct him to investigate the Clinton's for abuse of office, and to further prosecute Robert Mueller for government waste, abuse, and fraud, as the evidence shows he had knowledge during his investigation that no crime had been committed, and thereby continued to investigate criminality to his monetary benefit to defraud government out of money.
30979.  VickiButler-Hagen of CaliforniaMar 18, 2020
30978.  P PERRY of IndianaMar 17, 2020
30977.  Dennis of ArizonaMar 16, 2020
The entire o bama administration belongs in prison...
30976.  Sharyl A. Smith of MissouriMar 14, 2020
Mueller knew Trump was innocent, and still held the country hostage for over two years. He MUST BE HELD ACCOUNTABLE!
30975.  mark e. lilja of IllinoisMar 06, 2020
the left is getting worse by the day now....if anyone with 1/2 a functioning properly brain can't figure this out I feel fer them....they will get worse cause they know their time is up....I have bin fighting the patriot fight since the 90's when the slickster n his queen of mean hitlery were in the white house....glad to join yer organization!!!!….MAGA!!!!
30974.  David Bindel of IllinoisMar 06, 2020
30973.  Michael Mencer of CaliforniaMar 05, 2020
30972.  Alan of IndianaMar 05, 2020
“The election of Trump did not create the lefts revealed it”
30971.  Barbara Hazelwood of North CarolinaMar 02, 2020
I've only had 4-5 months of hearing/reading pelosi. At the 3rd month I was totally sick of her. The rest of her gang is no different. Constant ranting, berating, spewing hate & inciting that hate, lies & discourse between citizens. There's too much to list! Anti-American traitorous troublemaker. The whole gang needs to be shipped to China or Iran. Clinton should have BEEN in prison!
30970.  Sandra of MichiganMar 02, 2020
30969.  John Eddy of WashingtonFeb 29, 2020
30968.  Michael of LouisianaFeb 27, 2020
30967.  Barry A. Kelley of ColoradoFeb 27, 2020
Dear Larry, I really hope this will come to fruition. Justice is way past due.
30966.  James Miller Peelor of PennsylvaniaFeb 27, 2020
It is WAY beyond time for these people to be hgeld accountable for their actions!
30965.  Tom of PennsylvaniaFeb 11, 2020
30964.  Eddie Byrn of CaliforniaFeb 11, 2020
30963.  Leeann Springer of ArkansasFeb 04, 2020
30962.  arland hardman of North CarolinaFeb 03, 2020
They all need to be investigated, convicted, and thrown out of public office permanently!!!
30961.  Americo Parisotto of IllinoisFeb 02, 2020
30960.  DAVID RODGER MOCSNY of OhioJan 27, 2020
30959.  Clyde Bowen of TennesseeJan 24, 2020
30958.  United States of TexasJan 22, 2020
30957.  RAYMOND MORITZ of OklahomaJan 22, 2020
30956.  Glenda Burnett of KansasJan 22, 2020
30955.  Raelene Carlile of CaliforniaJan 20, 2020
Pelosi, Schumer, Comey, struczk, Hillary all of them, need to be sent to prison. The same prison's that people like me end up in. Not some "special prison for the rich and elite"
30954.  Pat Lunsford of ArizonaJan 19, 2020
30953.  Pat Lunsford of ArizonaJan 19, 2020
30952.  Iris of TexasJan 17, 2020
The dems have ignored the crimes of the Clintons, obama, Comey, Mueller, Kerry, Schiff, Nadler, Strok, Lynch, and their buddies. The coup' that they used against our president is disgraceful and treasonous. Jail for all of them.
30951.  robert austin of ArizonaJan 14, 2020
without equal application of the law for all; we have no country!!!
30950.  Norma pettit of New JerseyJan 13, 2020
30949.  TERRY of CaliforniaJan 13, 2020
30948.  Carl Anthony of New YorkJan 11, 2020
Please continue to work for justice.
30947.  arland of North CarolinaJan 11, 2020
30946.  Karl & Eda Jewett of AlaskaJan 11, 2020
30945.  flip chacon of FloridaJan 10, 2020
please read new book: "PROFILES IN CORRUPTION: Abuse of power by America's progressive elite. by Peter Schweizer
30944.  Sigurd Ulland of MissouriJan 10, 2020
go for it
30943.  MICHAEL A. SCHWENK of MarylandJan 10, 2020
30942.  Marvin Kumley of OregonJan 10, 2020
30941.  Mike Ward of CaliforniaJan 07, 2020
30940.  Jere L. French of TexasJan 05, 2020
30939.  William R Hanna of FloridaJan 05, 2020
30938.  Charles Costanza of New YorkJan 04, 2020
Whatever corruption in government should be removed.
30937.  Nancy B Perkins of TennesseeDec 28, 2019
It's way past time these Democrats stand trial for their crimes against America.
30936.  vivian marie whitworth of LouisianaDec 27, 2019
past time for this to happen
30935.  Gayle McGArry of FloridaDec 27, 2019
30934.  John Miksys of MichiganDec 26, 2019
30933.  Clinton Haggerty of MinnesotaDec 25, 2019
30932.  Donald c keltner of IllinoisDec 23, 2019
Take em all down .this is just wrong ..terriosist morons. Selling out america to the new world order .agenda 21.etc.
30931.  Jenifer Short of WashingtonDec 21, 2019
30930.  Wallace Lee Group Eagle of IdahoDec 20, 2019
The crook was "bought and paid for by corrupt and treasonous traitors who got their "plans" foiled and evil designs were exposed and their gravy trains are drying up as the swamp, deep state and shadow government agenda is being condemned by American citizens who are learning about the corruption and devilish behavior of traitors in leadership offices!
30929.  Mark A. Pearson of IllinoisDec 20, 2019
30928.  kathleen of ColoradoDec 18, 2019
30927.  n.staffel of IllinoisDec 17, 2019
30926.  Charlotte B Lovett of TexasDec 16, 2019
30925.  James of ArizonaDec 15, 2019
I believe it's time we the people stand up for our republic and see true justice for the swamp dwellers.
30924.  Kathleen Legarra of WashingtonDec 15, 2019
I won't rest until Clintons, Obamas and ALL their democrat cronies are brought to justice for their crimes. They are NOT above the law and shouldn't be treated as though they are. America deserves better than that. I want justice!
30923.  Jodie Carder of TexasDec 15, 2019
30922.  Maria Cristina Evans of MarylandDec 10, 2019
30921.  Sean S Stiles of New YorkDec 08, 2019
investigate the investigators.
30920.  Gary Oriani of North CarolinaDec 06, 2019
30919.  Allan Innes of FloridaDec 05, 2019
30918.  Martin A. Welt, PhD of FloridaDec 03, 2019
Our existing legal and non - justice system, may be the biggest criminal enterprise in the United States. Bringing the Deep State criminals to justice would be a way to restore “equal justice under the law”.
30917.  Deb of AlaskaNov 27, 2019
30916.  Reid Siebert of IllinoisNov 24, 2019
30915.  James Lanning of (Non-U.S.)Nov 23, 2019
Psalm 33:12 (KJV) Blessed is the nation whose God is the LORD; and the people whom he hath chosen for his own inheritance.
30914.  Steven E Kennedy of GeorgiaNov 23, 2019
30913.  Scott Stanley of MaineNov 23, 2019
30912.  Sally Loveless of WashingtonNov 18, 2019
This should have been done years ago.
30911.  garland lowe of MissouriNov 18, 2019
equal justice under the law
30910.  paul kelley of CaliforniaNov 16, 2019
30909.  David Pyk of UK of (Non-U.S.)Nov 16, 2019
30908.  Kim Boyd of GeorgiaNov 14, 2019
We the people are sick of all the corruption in our government and politicians. Please work for us, the American people and clean iut the corruption.
30907.  Alene Ciampitti of CaliforniaNov 14, 2019
30906.  Stella Ardire of ArizonaNov 12, 2019
Let's get it done!
30905.  Caroline Rausch of New HampshireNov 12, 2019
Yes, Let Klayman be special council for Pres. Trump.
30904.  Richard Hanson of TexasNov 09, 2019
Drain the swamp!
30903.  Pamel Konzem of TexasNov 08, 2019
30902.  Barbara Nann-Cavarretta of New JerseyNov 04, 2019
Mueller spent 35 million dollars of our money in search of a Trump crime & all the while ignored Hillary & the DNC set up a 12 million dollar Russian hoax. So Mueller & all his democrats he hand picked got rich on a witch-hunt. Bob Mueller knew from the get go it was a leftwing set up insurance policy. Lisa Page said there was no there there. All that money should be given back & Mueller should be charged with a phony investigation. The only thing we can do is re elect Prez Trump & re take the house so we can build the wall & stop all this illegal invasion into our country & change the laws once & for all that you come in the front door only!! Not one more illegal allowed in our country!
30901.  Lori Fordham of UtahNov 02, 2019
30900.  Denise Higgins of VirginiaOct 31, 2019
30899.  Timothy Higgins of VirginiaOct 31, 2019
30898.  RuthAnn Crow of TexasOct 27, 2019
30897.  Brenda A Addy of WisconsinOct 23, 2019
30896.  Mazadene Johnson of ArizonaOct 20, 2019
Why don't we go after Pelosi for all the times she used government transportation for her week-end trips home. Happened several years ago, she is not above the law.
30895.  Kelly Santopadre of New YorkOct 19, 2019
The house Dems are a disgrace to this country. It’s shameful what they are doing to our duly elected President. In my opinion, and I think I share this opinion with most Americans when I say that a special counsel needs to be appointed for the Clinton’s as well as Muller.
30894.  Al Rogers, Jr. of LouisianaOct 18, 2019
"America in the Balances" at
30893.  james carter of MissouriOct 16, 2019
Larry, How the Federal Reserve will assist Wall Street collect on the $22 trillion national debt is prophesied at footnote 30 of Footnote 29 details how the Fed is used to embezzle more than $3 billion daily for Wall Street using the FRBNY’s exclusive control of the auctions of Treasury securities. Ref. 31 CFR 375.3. Perhaps they are of interest. Jim Carter
30892.  HEATHER of ArizonaOct 13, 2019
30891.  Philip K. Fernandez of HawaiiOct 12, 2019
30890.  Robert Moore of IdahoOct 10, 2019
30889.  EGNI DARIDO of FloridaOct 10, 2019
Mr Larry Klayman, you being appointed to investigate the Cliton's and finally bring justice to so many people would be historical and a recognition of your life's work. Good luck! ***i am from Brazil and using my brother's address as to sign the petition.
30888.  Carl Engelbrecht of North CarolinaOct 10, 2019
30887.  Robert Bolino of ArizonaOct 10, 2019
Does not hold the Republic and it's Constitution in his heart. Has been a proven lier and most likely a Traitor!
30886.  Richard Allen Yager of CaliforniaOct 09, 2019
So tired of these lawless Dems, the best thing that could be brought out is more on what Barr's been uncovering. We could really use some positive news and encouragement of some indictments coming !!! Richard
30885.  June Moore of KansasOct 09, 2019
30884.  David Vogt of KentuckyOct 09, 2019
Hillary needs to be charged with treason. Pelosi just needs to go away!
30883.  Nate Nahmias of CaliforniaOct 07, 2019
30882.  Richard Young of TexasOct 05, 2019
30881.  Jennifer Buck of TexasOct 04, 2019
30880.  Deb Berggren of AlaskaOct 03, 2019
30879.  cory hess of TexasOct 01, 2019
30878.  Sandra McDaniel of VirginiaSep 30, 2019
30877.  Andrew Benedict of ArizonaSep 30, 2019
This Rotten Democrat "RAT" house govt needs to be 86'd! out of my country! " GIVE ME LIBERTY OR GIVE ME DEATH!"
30876.  William Powell of MarylandSep 28, 2019
30875.  Eric Belko of ConnecticutSep 27, 2019
30874.  Jennifer Vermillion of OregonSep 27, 2019
30873.  Connie J. Sponheim of WashingtonSep 27, 2019
I have complete faith in Mr. Klayman's research, intellect and judgment in this matter.. I definitely concur... Cj
30872.  Petre Gante of FloridaSep 27, 2019
30871.  Antonio ocasio of FloridaSep 26, 2019
30870.  joe ross of FloridaSep 26, 2019
Larry, my wife and I were just talking tonight that you would be the perfect choice to be appointed special counsel. would also love to see joe degenava attorney general (I dont trust barr to go all the way), and dan bongino to head up the fbi
30869.  Harry Salvin of OregonSep 24, 2019
30868.  Mathew Grimshaw of New YorkSep 17, 2019
Equal justice under the law.
30867.  Elliot Timms of MissouriSep 15, 2019
30866.  Carolyn Price of OregonSep 15, 2019
30865.  Michael Yokley of TexasSep 15, 2019
30864.  Sara Shell of MissouriSep 14, 2019
30863.  Carole Wright of WisconsinSep 13, 2019
Show us what you want us to do?
30862.  Mary Ellen Fox of TennesseeSep 09, 2019
We need someone that can not be bought.
30861.  John C.Langhoff of TexasSep 08, 2019
He did a crooked and biased investigation.
30860.  Charles Smith of CaliforniaSep 08, 2019
Republicans must all stand against the Democrats socialist agenda.
30859.  James Papa of New YorkSep 07, 2019
We the people demand justice of these politician thugs who think thy are above the Law
30858.  Stuart Rothenberg of FloridaSep 07, 2019
So so tired of the double standard and two tiered system of justice.If it continues the only viable option would be civil war and that would be shameful and a disaster.
30857.  bill of WashingtonSep 05, 2019
30856.  Norman Sanchez of TexasSep 04, 2019
30855.  dina of MaineSep 02, 2019
30854.  Karen Levins of New MexicoSep 02, 2019
Those two witches need to be terminated!
30853.  donald turner of New YorkSep 02, 2019
30852.  David W Myers of OregonSep 01, 2019
30851.  Harrell Morlan of South CarolinaSep 01, 2019
Keep up the great work Freedom Watch the vast majority of American's are on your side.
30850.  Bob Senko of FloridaSep 01, 2019
30849.  Donna of North CarolinaAug 30, 2019
30848.  Ralph E Keen of North CarolinaAug 30, 2019
30847.  David and Dorothy Martin of North CarolinaAug 30, 2019
I pray God will expose all the crooks and liars in our government and the crooks that want give them their just punishment. Let's pray for God's punishment on all of them then our country will change her ways of doing things What do think of that idea? I want hear from anyone because no one believes in God anymore
30846.  Rosemarie Campanile of PennsylvaniaAug 30, 2019
Great idea. Someone has to do something with these people who are doing absolutley nothing for our country and our safety.
30845.  Amie Kuczma of CaliforniaAug 30, 2019
We need this man who is not going to back down.
30844.  Mike of PennsylvaniaAug 29, 2019
30843.  Steve Perkins of MissouriAug 29, 2019
30842.  Monica L McDermott of New YorkAug 25, 2019
30841.  Kirk Bush of VermontAug 24, 2019
30840.  Kay of New YorkAug 23, 2019
30839.  CHARLES SMITH of IllinoisAug 23, 2019
30838.  Lani Joanne Tachera of HawaiiAug 22, 2019
Restore the rule of Constitutional law in the Justice Department and nationwide. Mr. Klayman practices constitutional law. Get rid of SERCO appointees in the Department of Justice.
30837.  Ada U Helms of North CarolinaAug 21, 2019
30836.  Alan Hoyle of North CarolinaAug 21, 2019
Has failed the united States and trust in FBI. Has committed Perjury, Treason, Misfeasance, nonfeasance and Malfeasance, Must be held accountable
30835.  VIRGINIA GOMEZ of UtahAug 20, 2019
30834.  Robert Klinefelter of WashingtonAug 20, 2019
30833.  Gregory Garcia of TexasAug 19, 2019
30832.  Robin of CaliforniaAug 18, 2019
30831.  michael bordes of New YorkAug 18, 2019
30830.  Frederick M. Strawson of TexasAug 17, 2019
30829.  Michael Howington of TexasAug 16, 2019
30828.  B. Dresden Shealey Sr of South CarolinaAug 16, 2019
30827.  Larry Maynard of UtahAug 16, 2019
30826.  Leonard Volodarsky of New YorkAug 16, 2019
Greetings, It would be the right thing to do, to prosecute this corrupt and bias clinton crony Let the REAL justice be served
30825.  Carol Emerson of ArizonaAug 16, 2019
30824.  Richard of New YorkAug 16, 2019
30823.  Malcolm Haggart of MichiganAug 16, 2019
Give the people Justice
30822.  Louis Kocon Jr of VirginiaAug 15, 2019
30821.  Scott Lindsay Johnson of WashingtonAug 14, 2019
30820.  chick of KansasAug 13, 2019
30819.  James Meyer of North CarolinaAug 13, 2019
This crime syndicate has gone on for far too long. It is time to hold all of these criminals to the same standards of justice that we non-elite live by every day.
30818.  Jenifer Hernaez of District of ColumbiaAug 07, 2019
Lock them up for good.
30817.  David Jurgensen of MinnesotaAug 06, 2019
30816.  John Littlejohn of IllinoisAug 05, 2019
30815.  Kenneth Lord of TennesseeAug 05, 2019
30814.  Jean of OregonAug 03, 2019
30813.  Kathleen Le Master of IdahoAug 02, 2019
30812.  Pam of CaliforniaJul 31, 2019
30811.  Cindy Marlow of KentuckyJul 30, 2019
Mueller needs to be prosecuted. He took his job as the special counsel and turned it into a disgrace of what the word justice means. He allowed crimes committed by Hillary to go untouched while persecuting our President over and over again by allowing the investigation to continue under lies and deceptions putting our country 'in a sense' under a quasi type coup. This sounds like something that would occur in Iran or Russia. Corruption of this sort needs to be accounted for regardless of how high the office.
30810.  Tim Halikad of CaliforniaJul 28, 2019
30809.  Keith Bleil of PennsylvaniaJul 28, 2019
I think Mueller definitely has a huge loss of his mental facilities and I think he was used by the Democrats. I think the entire team that was put together as well as the Leaders of the Democratic Party who pushed for and setup this entire scam should be investigated, prosecuted, and when convicted they should be incarcerated.
30808.  Linda Miller of CaliforniaJul 27, 2019
30807.  MARK JANZARUK of CaliforniaJul 26, 2019
30806.  Rebecca Vazquez of CaliforniaJul 23, 2019
30805.  John Murray of TexasJul 22, 2019
They all need to be investigated starting with Obama and prosecuted to the fullest
30804.  Kerry J Corboy of CaliforniaJul 22, 2019
30803.  Marc White of AlaskaJul 22, 2019
30802.  Barbara of New JerseyJul 22, 2019
Mueller had no right to scrub all of Peter Strzok text. He erased the evidence. That's corruption right there!
30801.  Kay Samalin of New YorkJul 21, 2019
30800.  Wayne Muntz of (Non-U.S.)Jul 18, 2019
30799.  Robert Sukosky of PennsylvaniaJul 15, 2019
This is one of the most dangerous men on earth.
30798.  Sandra Williams of New MexicoJul 13, 2019
30797.  Robert A Netolicky of ArizonaJul 11, 2019
30796.  mary george of AlabamaJul 11, 2019
30795.  jon kurkowski of MichiganJul 10, 2019
These dishonest, corrupt and self serving public servants need to be dealt with the same way they deal with us and anyone they choose to use the power of their government office to promote their personal political views. GIVE THEM A TASTE OF THEIR OWN MEDICINE.
30794.  wayne roper of KentuckyJul 09, 2019
30793.  Michael A Smith of IndianaJul 06, 2019
30792.  Kimberly Preston of IllinoisJul 06, 2019
so thankful this organization is working to make a difference.
30791.  peter gantea of FloridaJul 06, 2019
30790.  Glenn Peleti of UtahJul 05, 2019
30789.  James of GeorgiaJul 04, 2019
30788.  Gordon of ArizonaJul 04, 2019
30787.  Dennis Webver of MichiganJul 03, 2019
The Democrats are being paid and re-elected by the New World Order people. People hate what they fear. "Where the acrid stink of hate exists, there is a much hotter fire of fear". They hate what they fear. They kill Christians.
30786.  Paul Venneberg of KansasJul 03, 2019
Robert Mueller is nothing but a dirty cop. You can't investigate Uranium 1 without investigating Robert Mueller.
30785.  Shawn of MinnesotaJul 03, 2019
30784.  Janelle Keleher of TexasJul 02, 2019
30783.  United States of TexasJun 30, 2019
Drain the swap!!!!
30782.  Bonnie Moore of PennsylvaniaJun 30, 2019
30781.  Jack witkin of ColoradoJun 29, 2019
30780.  Greg Pihl of NebraskaJun 29, 2019
30779.  Brian Ciuffoletti of FloridaJun 29, 2019
30778.  Robert Gonzalez of TexasJun 29, 2019
30777.  Cathy Vettes of MichiganJun 29, 2019
30776.  Nancy Jane Miller of AlabamaJun 28, 2019
I pray that these evil women will be brought down. I cringe to think of how many crimes these women have committed and even worse how evil and bad their crimes have been. These lowlifes fight too hard to destroy our President. Innocent people would not fight like these lowlife Democrats have done for over 2 years. I also believe the Media has been paid tax dollars by our Government.
30775.  Gerald & Sherry Hall of IllinoisJun 28, 2019
He is the worse of the worse. He did horrible things to people and expect to walk away free. No pardon for him, but we need to pardon the rest.
30774.  Richard Beierwaltes of IllinoisJun 27, 2019
30773.  Rev. Floyd Vincent of OhioJun 26, 2019
Let's ged the truth out.
30772.  eileen Dudek of New MexicoJun 25, 2019
30771.  Billy Warren of TexasJun 22, 2019
30770.  patrice livingston of MassachusettsJun 22, 2019
Citizen grand juries are long overdue -- should be taught in high school with a return to robust civics education
30769.  Ralph Lowery of MissouriJun 22, 2019
30768.  Denise of FloridaJun 21, 2019
Wutch hunts to overthrow duly elected President
30767.  Janice Miller of ColoradoJun 21, 2019
Thank you Larry Klayman. I just heard about you yesterday 6-20-2019. I had no idea that you were the person who established Judical Watch. I listen to Judical Watch everyday. Now that I know about you I will be turning into on u-tube and my computer. I had no idea you were wanting to set up a special counsel to investigate the Clintons & bring criminal charges against them and to prosecute special counsel Robert Mueller. I will support you in anyway I can. Thank you again.
30766.  Glenda C Parrott of FloridaJun 20, 2019
30765.  Rita M Bradley of CaliforniaJun 19, 2019
30764.  Shirley hagler of FloridaJun 19, 2019
30763.  Delta Patterson of MissouriJun 19, 2019
30762.  Kristina Jester of AlabamaJun 17, 2019
We need to stop the coup in the White House and the House.
30761.  Linda Casse of CaliforniaJun 17, 2019
30760.  Alicia Lee of CaliforniaJun 17, 2019
30759.  Aida Medinss 30th Medinss 30th of FloridaJun 16, 2019
30758.  jack gluck of OhioJun 16, 2019
30757.  Frank Russell of ColoradoJun 15, 2019
30756.  Virginis Bond of GeorgiaJun 15, 2019
30755.  Lorelei Keller of IllinoisJun 15, 2019
30754.  Sherry of MontanaJun 15, 2019
30753.  Edwin F. Beale, Jr. of OhioJun 13, 2019
30752.  Edwin F Beale, Jr. of OhioJun 13, 2019
30751.  Betty Sanders of OklahomaJun 12, 2019
30750.  Michael Wood of ArizonaJun 12, 2019
30749.  Irina Hockenjos of New YorkJun 12, 2019
My family of elderly, disabled needs urgent help from extortion/racket all our assets by illegal alien FBI Informant who is targeting not the criminals as AG guideline directing him but innocent, unsuspecting who he is civilians. FBI Informants above the laws and can lie in court, commit any crimes without being stopped by the law enforcement or Court. We are dying, HELP!
30748.  Albert Trischler of MichiganJun 12, 2019
Get to the real bottom line, root cause, then seize assets and a long jail time in a jail run by Sheriff Joe.
30747.  Robert Bolino of ArizonaJun 11, 2019
Our turn Now!!!
30746.  kdean of FloridaJun 11, 2019
I want our tax dollars back. This was pure theft!!! Lady Justice is Hollering!
30745.  charles van nest of ArizonaJun 09, 2019
30744.  Richard Ditch of OhioJun 08, 2019
Replace BARR with Larry Clayman
30743.  Joanne Millum of CaliforniaJun 05, 2019
30742.  sandra constable of CaliforniaJun 02, 2019
30741.  John I Martin of TexasJun 01, 2019
30740.  Daniel Cunnigham of TennesseeMay 30, 2019
30739.  Noel Medel of ArkansasMay 29, 2019
30738.  Joan Bennett of OregonMay 29, 2019
30737.  Mary M Cepparulo of TennesseeMay 29, 2019
Please unite the United States with the values our forefathers intended.
30736.  Mary K.Y. Leung of OhioMay 29, 2019
30735.  James Powers Jr of PennsylvaniaMay 29, 2019
30734.  William deOtero of CaliforniaMay 25, 2019
30733.  James E Darnall of KansasMay 25, 2019
I am first a Christian believing in Christ my Savior and Lord. Second I a m a Conservative believing in all the founders set in place to create this great nation. Third, justice and the law must prevail. The constitution set in place a nation like no other with liberty and justice for all. It is our duty to support and defend all the constitution says. We are now seeing an effort to destroy all that makes us who we are. At 72 my time is getting short but our youth must come to know the truth of both Jesus and our nation. Thank you!
30732.  James Piland of ArizonaMay 22, 2019
As the Democratic party collapses from the exposure of Clinton and Obama leadership etc. I expect Mueller's entanglements will eventually warrant his dismissal. Lets save some inevitable political blood letting and get on with his dismissal.
30731.  JOHN ANTIGNANI of ConnecticutMay 22, 2019
30730.  Dean E. Wells of MassachusettsMay 20, 2019
30729.  jim riz of MinnesotaMay 19, 2019
30728.  Donald of IllinoisMay 18, 2019
30727.  Allen Piwowarski of AlabamaMay 18, 2019
30726.  The Unknown of AlabamaMay 18, 2019
A number of other things need to be investigated, like from 1960 to today & today 2019 back to 1012 the 3rd. FR & the 1st-2nd. ones,= War for Profit=NWO=Terrorism=Corporate America=????
30725.  nadia angel of FloridaMay 16, 2019
30724.  Charis Rogers of TennesseeMay 16, 2019
30723.  Melvin Watson of WisconsinMay 14, 2019
30722.  Mike Krumlauf of MarylandMay 14, 2019
30721.  Wayne of FloridaMay 14, 2019
I believe every Leader and Governments are involved in this so-called Globalist agenda but it is more like Communism Trump does not call the shots the Elites do and DC is dirty as can be and it looks like we have a Tyrannical Gov.and these are sideshows
30720.  Charles Eisterholdd of MissouriMay 14, 2019
30719.  Howard Beatty of North CarolinaMay 11, 2019
30718.  Bonnie Rudzik of KansasMay 10, 2019
Thank you for your service to America! Glad to have found you.
30717.  William Coughlan of WashingtonMay 09, 2019
30716.  Amy StevensTh of New YorkMay 08, 2019
For the children of the world...
30715.  Christopher Gaines of MichiganMay 08, 2019
30714.  william patrick of MarylandMay 08, 2019
30713.  Barbara Bloom of MarylandMay 08, 2019
Shame on Judge Napolitano ! I've always admire his bright legal mind. But this change of direction is most upsetting to me. He has allowed himself to fall for all the "hate Trump" ilk that divide our country instead of united our country for the right reasons. Our national security and our borders that are now being breached with drug pushers, MS-13 gangs, human trafficing thugs, and the Socialist that use to call themselves Democrats, are silent. There is big money being made with all the Leftist's supporters against the wall. A Judge of any party must stand with the national safety of all Legal American citizen of all colors and creeds. And must defend our borders.
30712.  Deryll Hughes of MissouriMay 07, 2019
30711.  Ken of LouisianaMay 07, 2019
30710.  Becky Lynn Tuleck of WisconsinMay 07, 2019
Please lets remove those that are destroying within! KEEP AMERICA AMERICA! This mess must be cleaned up!
30709.  Bill Orr of North CarolinaMay 05, 2019
30708.  Michael W. Silber of TexasMay 04, 2019
30707.  Cynthia L Brown of VirginiaMay 04, 2019
30706.  Dr. Sandra A. chase of New YorkMay 04, 2019
go Larry! The President needs all the help he can get!
30705.  Annette of GeorgiaMay 01, 2019
30704.  ESTELLA O WETZEL of NevadaMay 01, 2019
30703.  Mary Anna Osendowski of New JerseyApr 28, 2019
30702.  Timothy Collins of WashingtonApr 26, 2019
We need to have a strong constitutionalist as special counsel and a man that truly believes in ‘The Rule Of Law’ and Larry Klayman is that man
30701.  Kim Shipman of New YorkApr 26, 2019
30700.  LAWRENCE G DAVIS of New JerseyApr 26, 2019
30699.  Elizabeth of NevadaApr 25, 2019
30698.  William Jacques of HawaiiApr 25, 2019
30697.  Chrissy parks of OhioApr 24, 2019
30696.  Betty L Gray of TexasApr 23, 2019
30695.  Lois I Lockwood of New MexicoApr 23, 2019
30694.  Robert Krueger of PennsylvaniaApr 23, 2019
30693.  Elizabeth M. Roberts of CaliforniaApr 22, 2019
30692.  Elizabeth Psencik of TexasApr 22, 2019
30691.  Richard Myers of MissouriApr 22, 2019
30690.  CT of TexasApr 20, 2019
I am fighting 2 expose and arrest slime Obama for targeting me Black woman and my family...
30689.  Alicia of OregonApr 20, 2019
We need to have our duly elected, President Donald Trump, who legitimately earned the people's vote even,in spite of, the fraudulent votes that George Soros and Mitt Romney's rigged voting machines threw into the election tallys in which they clearly underestimated the number of fraudulent votes that were needed to counter the flood of public support for Trump leaving them short of a win which they blatently fail to accept and recognize as legit and lawful despite the constitutional rules and laws all been followed. And, from here forward, as is evident, the left is going to continue to unjustly try to remove Trump despite his vindication via their own crooked special counsel who did everything he could think of to ensnare and entrap the President without fear that his own treasonous participation in Uranium One which required him to recuse himself was not done. In order to preserve the remainder of his Presidency without being undermined at every turn by the criminal representative...
30688.  Cassie Eleson of OregonApr 18, 2019
I support Trump whole heartedly
30687.  Nancy Hone of MinnesotaApr 16, 2019
something has to be done. this man knows his stuff and can help move investigations of the left forward. he is your man! He is a major Trump supporter and knows how to keep him in office!!
30686.  michael voden of MichiganApr 16, 2019
courtmartial for treason - hang and shoot to make sure
30685.  Karen Sloan of CaliforniaApr 15, 2019
It is time for justice
30684.  Karl Jewett of AlaskaApr 14, 2019
30683.  James Lane of WashingtonApr 12, 2019
Put clinton and Obama behind bars where they belong
30682.  Ottis Rogers of TexasApr 12, 2019
30681.  Nick Alvarez of FloridaApr 12, 2019
30680.  Glenn Verghese of TexasApr 12, 2019
30679.  Charles Perez of GeorgiaApr 12, 2019
We must end this lawlessness that keeps continuing. We must bring all these law breakers to justice now. Hillary, uranium one, the coup attempt on our duly elected President, the FBI, CIA, investigate all we know who they’re. We must end this two-tier Law to an end and no one is above the law....
30678.  Charles Magden of IllinoisApr 12, 2019
30677.  Ron Brumbley of FloridaApr 12, 2019
Please don't let them liberals ruin our country
30676.  Mary Frey of FloridaApr 12, 2019
30675.  Jeff Helmin of WisconsinApr 11, 2019
It is way past due to DRAIN the Swamp in DC and other areas of the US government. America has had her fill of Corruption and Destruction. And please let these people be accountable.
30674.  carl clonts of WashingtonApr 11, 2019
30673.  Arthur P Borick of New JerseyApr 11, 2019
It is time to stand up to these degenerates.
30672.  Judith Hudson of TexasApr 11, 2019
Thank you for bringing back justice to America! God bless you!
30671.  John P Grebas of MissouriApr 11, 2019
30670.  James W Powers Jr of PennsylvaniaApr 11, 2019
30669.  Maya Albina Morella of (Non-U.S.)Apr 11, 2019
All support from England
30668.  William Luce of ArizonaApr 11, 2019
30667.  Lydia Arcos of TexasApr 11, 2019
30666.  Jon Cammon of OhioApr 11, 2019
30665.  Brian Elms of OregonApr 10, 2019
I served my country for 20 years and I am appalled at what I have seen happen in the last 10+ years. Thank God for organizations like yours for standing tall in defense of our country. You have my full support.
30664.  Lazaro Michael Gonzalez of FloridaApr 10, 2019
Thank You there should be an investigation into these things not made available to all.
30663.  Arrhya of ColoradoApr 10, 2019
30662.  Peter Gallegos of AlaskaApr 10, 2019
I whole heartedly agree
30661.  Tracie Black of IdahoApr 10, 2019
I don't understand how she even was elected ..she Obviuosly is a real bad bad person with very bad intentions. America needs to wake up
30660.  BLAINE HALL of PennsylvaniaApr 10, 2019
30659.  Askold M Jacuch of ConnecticutApr 10, 2019
I agree with Freedom Watch tohave Robert Muller removed from SC
30658.  Dorothy L Jacuch of ConnecticutApr 10, 2019
I agree with Freedom Watch tohave Robert Muller removed from SC
30657.  Joseph Booth of KansasApr 10, 2019
30656.  Patrick Davis of WashingtonApr 09, 2019
30655.  Billie Kellems of MissouriApr 09, 2019
Thank you for making a place for the American people to come together! Mueller is a dirty, corrupted cop. It is important he spend the remainder of his life incarcerated. Personally I believe he has committed treason. He should be executed along with Clintons, Obamas, Pelosi, Schiff, Schumer. We need these things done now. Dye to age, I feel they won't pay for the evil they have done!! God bless
30654.  GLENN of CaliforniaApr 09, 2019
Remove these criminals
30653.  Athena of TexasApr 09, 2019
The most important thing is to put people in place who will be upholding the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, the Declaration of Independence. Our Republic will survive only when that is restored. To restore it we need to end this coup who have been destroying nations for centuries. I appreciate what good people are doing. Q
30652.  Craig Petrovich of OhioApr 08, 2019
If Pelosi,the Obamas, Clintons,Boxer,Schumer,Feinstein,Holder,Lynch,Waters,Soros and MANY MORE GANGSTERS are not in PRISON for LIFE,there is Obviously a COUP to take over the U.S. Government.Who is Protecting these VERMIN?I want answers.
30651.  Charles McKinney of IndianaApr 08, 2019
Politicians of both parties should be investigated and prosecuted! There MUST be a show of force to let the people see for themselves that justice isn't dead.
30650.  manuel jr cruz of CaliforniaApr 07, 2019
30649.  Georgiann M. Pasbrig of WisconsinApr 07, 2019
30648.  Dawn of MaineApr 06, 2019
30647.  Roxanne of OregonApr 06, 2019
I would be happy to sign your petition.
30646.  Nancy Swenson of VirginiaApr 06, 2019
30645.  Jeffrey Sampson of IllinoisApr 05, 2019
Robert Mueller is as dirty as the Clinton clan he knew from day one this was an illegal investigation!
30644.  Shawn Sylvester of North CarolinaApr 05, 2019
Stop this witch hunt now!
30643.  David Wilson of OhioApr 05, 2019
Please Mr. President, Don't fall into their trap.
30642.  Kenneth Green of KansasApr 04, 2019
30641.  Roderick Bennett of (Non-U.S.)Apr 04, 2019
30640.  david hayden of CaliforniaApr 04, 2019
30639.  Keith Benton of IllinoisApr 04, 2019
Keep up the great work Larry. Clean out that swamp any way you can.
30638.  Nina B. Martin of FloridaApr 04, 2019
We the People Call On President Trump to Remove Robert Mueller as Special Counsel and to Replace William Barr as the Next Attorney General With Bob Barr and to Appoint Larry Klayman as Special Counsel to Investigate the Clintons and Finally Bring Criminal Charges Against Them!
30637.  Henry L Hite of TexasApr 04, 2019
30636.  Warren smith of PennsylvaniaApr 04, 2019
Looking for honest results in the FBI and justice dept investigations of corruption.
30635.  Damris of CaliforniaApr 04, 2019
30634.  Sean Hughes of North CarolinaApr 03, 2019
30633.  Dawn Hughes of North CarolinaApr 03, 2019
Drain the swamp Larry. I love your broadcast but love your credentials even more! And yes, you look 40ish lol! Bring it! Petition signed!
30632.  Michael of IowaApr 03, 2019
30631.  Mark of NevadaApr 03, 2019
Keep up the good work Larry ! and thanks for everything
30630.  terry kanzler of IndianaApr 03, 2019
this witch hunt over a FRAUD "dossier" is obstruction of TRUE justice, that MUST be brought to CRIMINAL TRAITORS in high places.
30629.  Donald Rose Sr. of VirginiaApr 03, 2019
30628.  Bev Alfeld of IllinoisApr 02, 2019
30627.  edward e oliver of IllinoisApr 02, 2019
30626.  John Bailey of OregonApr 01, 2019
30625.  Christine Vanise of North CarolinaApr 01, 2019
Jesus, I pray for you to grant Justice in this country. When the good people see the wicked punished they will rejoice ! Grant repentence to all the people of America, and worldwide. amen.
30624.  Michael Wood of ArizonaApr 01, 2019
30623.  Joseph Nichols of FloridaApr 01, 2019
30622.  Stephanie Cevelin of FloridaMar 31, 2019
30621.  Donald Nacoli of MichiganMar 31, 2019
We need to show people that justice will be served to (ALL NOT SOME) but ALL people that brake the law.
30620.  Nancy Bernard of IowaMar 31, 2019
The decent, law abiding citizens of this nation are sick and tired of the corrupt evil that has taken over our Government, slowly, but surely, until they now completely dominate the Democratic Party. This is no longer the Blue Dog, JFK Dems of the past, this is the Democratic Socialist of America who go against everything our nation was founded on. Infanticide? open borders? race wars? This is not the America I grew up in, and it is not the America I want my grandchildren and my sons to have to deal with when there is so much corruption. If the Democratic leaders think they are pulling the wool over the eyes of millions of law abiding, Christian, Citizens, they are sadly mistaken, they should have been gone long ago, had it not been for fraudulent voting! That is the only way the Dems win, and that is precisely why they want illegals, even though they are hardened criminals, to invade the border. It is time we make the criminals who have run the government, lined their pockets, and tak...
30619.  john anderson of FloridaMar 31, 2019
Time for justice. Take out the trash. Restore our Consitituion as supreme rule of law of the land. All rights given to us by God and not by Government.
30618.  Alexander Yakhnis of New YorkMar 31, 2019
I think this petition proposes an action plan that would protect Trump’s Presidency. It would also remove main obstacles to Trump’s agenda for now. Unfortunately President Trump’s legal team does not seem to have made comparable legal advice for President Trump.
30617.  Glenn T Mizoshiri of HawaiiMar 30, 2019
30616.  Rebecca of MichiganMar 30, 2019
Remove every single judge country-wide who has, by their decisions, indicated a gross failure of knowledge of our laws, or has 'legislated' from the bench, a complete crime and failure to judge by the laws we have.
30615.  Alfonso Zaragosa of CaliforniaMar 30, 2019
President Trump needs all the help he can get to defeat the deep state globalists!
30614.  Jennifer K Taylor of IowaMar 30, 2019
They are both involved in this mess against the president and are not trustworthy. President Trump needs people who he can't trust and who support him. Not snakes in the grass or Trojan horses looking to harm him the first chance they get.
30613.  John Deininger of PennsylvaniaMar 30, 2019
30612.  Gerald Howse of (Non-U.S.)Mar 30, 2019
Obama is the ring leader but all the criminals need to be brought down. I agree Citizen law suits, both criminal and civil is the only way to go.The DNC needs to be sued for the costs of all the shenanigans, about 300 million minimum, on behalf of the people & the US Government.Empty their war chest. Mueller & Weissman need to be jailed for their prosecutorial misconduct. Mueller needs to account for his frog walking the report past the mid terms, using his power for political purpose, criminal & civil charges.
30611.  Daniel D Steech of ArizonaMar 29, 2019
Obama is the ring leader that must be included.
30610.  Ronald d hafer of ArizonaMar 29, 2019
Take all of them down
30609.  Reinhold Sommerstedt of NevadaMar 28, 2019
Spasiba ! Blessed are the peacemakers: for they shall be called the children of God. No King but King Yeshsua the Christ Reinhold
30608.  Michael Yang of PennsylvaniaMar 27, 2019
30607.  Chad Joseph of New MexicoMar 26, 2019
30606.  Stevie B.Jones of (Non-U.S.)Mar 25, 2019
30605.  KENNY GILLASPY of LouisianaMar 25, 2019
30604.  Kurt Martin of GeorgiaMar 25, 2019
Take ‘Em down
30603.  DOUGLAS WILLETT of FloridaMar 24, 2019
30602.  frank knight of MaineMar 24, 2019
if we don't do it, it won't get done
30601.  curtis w thomas of CaliforniaMar 23, 2019
Is it not odd that a loyalty oath to the constitution proclaiming no christian controlling authority is albeit unsaid. yet, any mention of a conflict with sharia law is a topic that may result in a charge of "Hate crime".
30600.  Kristi Morrissette of OhioMar 23, 2019
Its time to put the Muslim sympathizers in jail. They are trying to turn the American people, a Christian nation into a Muslim sharia law country. Sharia law means death to non believers. There is no such thing as a moderate Muslim. They are recieving Americans then using our laws and liberal nature against us
30599.  Richard L Crouch, Jr of ArizonaMar 22, 2019
We have seen acts of absolute treason at the highest levels of our government. It is necessary for the people of this country to see justice prevail by having the criminals who participated in this effort to remove our duly elected President from office prosecuted for their crimes. I will do everything I can to see that this is done. God Bless The United States.
30598.  David Flores of NevadaMar 22, 2019
30597.  Burton Griebel of ArizonaMar 22, 2019
30596.  Chester Schaeffer of OhioMar 22, 2019
30595.  Laura Schoenmehl of MichiganMar 22, 2019
Thank God for you, Larry Klayman, for your willingness and witticism to speak true patriotism boldly, and invest yourself in fighting the good fight for continued liberty and justice in this dying Republic of America. God bless and protect you in your valiant efforts!
30594.  Linda Miano of OhioMar 21, 2019
I am a Marine. I believe America is being taken down by a Political Coup. It is a carefully and methodically planned action that has been going on for many years. Nothing has been done to combat it.... I Join with you now to take back my beloved America. Semper Fi. John Miano....
30593.  Anne West of CaliforniaMar 21, 2019
30592.  Darrel Davidson of MarylandMar 21, 2019
30591.  Carlton Lane of HawaiiMar 21, 2019
Somebody needs to bring cnarges against Hillary. Will you actually do it wiith sincerity and truth?
30590.  peggy Lindley of WashingtonMar 21, 2019
30589.  Tina Schroeder of KentuckyMar 20, 2019
30588.  Heidi S. Reyburn of PennsylvaniaMar 20, 2019
Shocked!, Saddened! and downright disgusted to know that Paul Ryan is now on the board at FOX! I guess this is a sign of the future FOX w/ mostly crats employed and our conservative values thrown into the abyss . Newsmax is the place to be....thank GOD we have an alternative. Charges for the Clintons, Obama, AGLynch, and many more will be best under the DOJ AG Bob Barr and Larry Klayman as Special Counsel. Wm. Barr and his friendship w/ Mueller was a known albatross for many of us. This justice adventure can't happen soon enough!!! GOD Bless the USA!
30587.  Edwin Carty of (Non-U.S.)Mar 19, 2019
I'm an American citizen by birth and a disabled U.S. veteran living overseas. And I am proud to say - a Christian. It is breaking my heart to witness the fall of my country at the hands of left-wing (social-communist), NWO-heads, Muslim jihadis, and (unlawfully voting) illegal imigrants openly declaring their intentions to gain the majority. And don't even think about calling me a racist... I'm a white American living in Africa... My family - my wife, my children, my friends are brown Africans. I am proud of the restraint exhibited and the efforts to adhere to the rule of law, especially the U.S. Constitution, by the Conservative Right and especially MY President Trump. But... I see it is time we must fight harder. The gloves have to come of. They have no integrity, moral boundaries, no conscience (think psychopaths) and absolutely no restraint and will have no mercy if or when they win. Traitors and subversionists need to be stopped and tried. Make America Great Again.
30586.  Kathy McBride of KentuckyMar 19, 2019
We the People want the Clintons and Obamas investigated for all their dirty deeds!
30585.  Patricia Peloquin of MinnesotaMar 19, 2019
30584.  Kenneth J Hinnenkamp of FloridaMar 19, 2019
30583.  Lindsay martin of CaliforniaMar 19, 2019
please do it now!!!!!
30582.  Robert F. Bolino of ArizonaMar 19, 2019
The dems forgot what Pres. Kenndey said " We do these things not because they are easy, because they are hard". Cowards looking for free, too hard to work for it. COWARDS!!!!!!! I'm ashame of you dems!!!!
30581.  Millie Harvieux of MichiganMar 18, 2019
30580.  Richard lee of North CarolinaMar 18, 2019
Could politics in America get any more corrupt these days? The absolute gut lus GOP is responsible for continuing to allow mueller to virtually rule everyone. There are almost on a daily bases true statements in Congress and politics of the pure corruptness but nothing is ever done. Vengeance!! against the establishment needs to happen!
30579.  Liz Castor of CaliforniaMar 18, 2019
30578.  Victoriana S Alonso of CaliforniaMar 18, 2019
God bless you with victory over evil🙏☝
30577.  Belinda Dillback of IndianaMar 18, 2019
I am tired of Mueller’s witch hunt costing me, a taxpayer, more than I could make in a lifetime! Time to end this investigation. Time to appoint Mr. Klayman to investigate the true criminals: Hillary Clinton, Strickland, Comey, all the way back to Obama!
30576.  Rebekah Donahue of CaliforniaMar 18, 2019
30575.  Samuel Vandygriff of IllinoisMar 18, 2019
30574.  Roger Tigner of MichiganMar 18, 2019
'For our Constitution' I pray you are successful
30573.  Tracy D Smith of OhioMar 18, 2019
30572.  Peter Rose of ArizonaMar 18, 2019
30571.  Cliff Rockholt of CaliforniaMar 17, 2019
Time for changes to be made
30570.  Marie of CaliforniaMar 17, 2019
30569.  Joni G Johnson of ArizonaMar 17, 2019
30568.  Norma Doss of TexasMar 17, 2019
30567.  Tom Nassetta of CaliforniaMar 17, 2019
Dear President Trump Please put an end to California policy. These politicians are killing us with taxes, regulations and more. Something has to be done by the federal government. Our area has this weak kneed political hack named Panetta. He only cares about illegals and not a wit about citizens.
30566.  Pamela Belcher of ArizonaMar 17, 2019
30565.  Lois Wagner of FloridaMar 17, 2019
30564.  Damian Eudy of New MexicoMar 17, 2019
30563.  Liad Bar-EL of (Non-U.S.)Mar 17, 2019
American born citizen living now in Israel
30562.  Shawn Tilbury of MinnesotaMar 17, 2019
Muller Should Be Fired For Corruption and a phony witch hunt
30561.  Steven M. Packwood of IdahoMar 17, 2019
30560. of VirginiaMar 16, 2019
30559.  Rosita Tselios of (Non-U.S.)Mar 16, 2019
30558.  Richard Roberson of MarylandMar 16, 2019
Richard M Roberson of Catonsville, Maryland
30557.  Ronald Kasting of GeorgiaMar 16, 2019
He is just a political hack
30556.  Lawrence Stice of CaliforniaMar 16, 2019
Put A Boot in Mueller'S ASS and prosecute him for Malfeasence and any other Anti-American act he has promoted !!!!!!!!!!!! NO APOLOGIES, PERIOD !!!!!!!!!!!!!
30555.  Melissa Woods of LouisianaMar 15, 2019
30554.  Ric Hulbert of (Non-U.S.)Mar 15, 2019
30553.  Deryll L Hughes of MissouriMar 15, 2019
I am ABSOLUTELY IN FAVOR of this petition.
30552.  Michael B Riley of HawaiiMar 15, 2019
30551.  larry robinson of MissouriMar 15, 2019
30550.  Jameson of IdahoMar 15, 2019
30549.  Daniel Meegan of TexasMar 15, 2019
30548.  Danny Greene of MississippiMar 14, 2019
30547.  Lynda Agbayani of CaliforniaMar 14, 2019
30546.  Bud Alexander of LouisianaMar 14, 2019
30545.  Vito Giotta of CaliforniaMar 14, 2019
30544.  george raymond of ArizonaMar 14, 2019
30543.  George M Hill of IdahoMar 14, 2019
30542.  Kathy Stricchiola of New JerseyMar 14, 2019
30541.  Donald Proett of NebraskaMar 14, 2019
30540.  Lisa solis of MichiganMar 13, 2019
30539.  Judith Capistrant of MinnesotaMar 13, 2019
This should never have been allowed in the first place since it used false information on the FISA report.
30538.  Ella L Adams of TexasMar 13, 2019
30537.  Peter Nameth of ColoradoMar 13, 2019
The Globalist and Extremists controlling the US Government is appalling, remove their puppets from government... ASAP!!!
30536.  Jimmy Wix of KentuckyMar 13, 2019
30535.  G Kiker of TexasMar 12, 2019
30534.  TW Foundation of TexasMar 12, 2019
Larry is the following information accurate as presented during the attached vide? Is there a more efficient or effective process available for permanently removing criminals from Office within the U.S. Government, that you are aware of? If, so what is it. HOW TO IMPEACH any appointed Officer of Government in America for High Crimes and Misdemeanors.  How to drain the Swamp with a fast and efficient process while POTUS Trump and the U.S. Senate still hold a majority. Watch this video to learn the entire Impeachment process along with the legal definations and clarifications regarding this long and well established Law.
30533.  Sharon Schmidt of CaliforniaMar 12, 2019
30532.  Mark Coulter of PennsylvaniaMar 12, 2019
30531.  Benjamin Smith of North CarolinaMar 12, 2019
I spent a career as a State Trooper, protecting citizens & enforcing laws, & for the most part had faith in our system of government. But I now find myself wondering if the USA can or will survive as the nation our founding fathers created. I am not so worried about some of the elected representatives we have in office, although some certainly don't need to be there, I am far more concerned about the electorate that put them there. Everything cannot be free to everyone.
30530.  Judy Gilbert of KansasMar 12, 2019
30529.  Mark Dercole of FloridaMar 12, 2019
30528.  Timothy Hanover of KentuckyMar 12, 2019
This is not about Trump, and never was. This is all just to restore democrat power in the White House as well as Congress. This is a witchhunt.
30527.  Michael emmer of MarylandMar 11, 2019
30526.  Joshua Holtackers of FloridaMar 11, 2019
30525.  Steven Hess of OklahomaMar 11, 2019
YES, Thanks!
30524.  david frey of KansasMar 11, 2019
no proof in 2 years
30523.  Bill Donnellan of FloridaMar 11, 2019
30522.  Merwin Hayes of WyomingMar 11, 2019
How do we fix the abomination that our Department of Justice became under Barack Obama? It looks like this petition is the best resource available in this time and place.
30521.  Dan Gurta of MichiganMar 11, 2019
Thank you Larry for the breath of fresh air in truth, courage, and common sense.
30520.  Dee Finley of WisconsinMar 11, 2019
30519.  Bradford Wilson of New JerseyMar 11, 2019
30518.  Mary Dupre’ of NevadaMar 11, 2019
30517.  John McRae of WashingtonMar 11, 2019
We need to hire Larry Klayman as special prosecutor to look into Clinton/ Mueller crimes. Unlike Huber, Larry Klayman will get the job done.
30516.  Amy Baynes of VirginiaMar 11, 2019
I am already a member of Judicial Watch, please do not mail or email me with a bunch of financial requests.
30515.  July Smith of FloridaMar 11, 2019
30514.  James Burbine of MassachusettsMar 11, 2019
The American people have to stand withTRUMP and freedom watch, in order to defeat those who wish to harm and even destroy America as we know it. Thank God for you Larry, we are praying for you everyday!
30513.  Shana M. Stadler of South CarolinaMar 11, 2019
It is a disgrace how President Trump has been verbally assaulted and attacked even before he got to D.C. The left could never accept the fact that they lost the election. They have made it their primary mission to cause trouble and hurt America. The riots and bad behavior of the left started and hasn't stopped. This is on them when history is written twenty years from now.
30512.  Joseph Ferrell of GeorgiaMar 11, 2019
30511.  douglas l. petertson of OhioMar 11, 2019
30510.  Stephen E Robinson of ColoradoMar 11, 2019
Investigating and possibly prosecuting the Clintons for violations of criminal and federal law would prove this country to be a nation of laws that apply to all equally, instead of only to some.
30509.  Dean Chapman of NevadaMar 10, 2019
30508.  Mel McLaughlin of OhioMar 10, 2019
30507.  Glenn Brooks of FloridaMar 10, 2019
30506.  janette Lewis of West VirginiaMar 10, 2019
30505.  carol eckert of PennsylvaniaMar 10, 2019
30504.  Daniel Sutter of MichiganMar 10, 2019
Let's do it!
30503.  Sal Liss of New YorkMar 10, 2019
TRUMP interrupted the NWO takeover of America politicians need to be called out and removed. Deep state criminals
30502.  Lucille M. Worley of WashingtonMar 10, 2019
We need to empty the swamp. Robert Mueller and William Barr are a part of the swamp! Let's clean it up!
30501.  John of ArizonaMar 10, 2019
30500.  Susan of WashingtonMar 10, 2019
30499.  Paul Skopic of VirginiaMar 10, 2019
30498.  Gerald Helfrich of North CarolinaMar 10, 2019
30497.  Richard A Malerich of IdahoMar 10, 2019
30496.  REGINA BRENT of TexasMar 10, 2019
30495.  Cliff Wilkinson of MissouriMar 09, 2019
30494.  AJ of ColoradoMar 09, 2019
30493.  Willie Gould of GeorgiaMar 09, 2019
It is a mystery to me how Mueller was ever appointed when he has such a long record of being in H. Clinton's pocket. He should be removed immediately if not sooner. The real Special Council should be appointed to investigate the Clintons and charges them for all their crimes going back to his presidency and the many who were their enemies ended up dead. The Bengasi disaster should be paid for as well as the email caper and their foundation. Never have two people caused so much heartache and disgrace, and the fact that they are both outside of prison is a shame to the lovers of our great country.
30492.  larry maggard of CaliforniaMar 09, 2019
..if you are elected to our government, then you ARE charged with the responsibility, to uphold our laws, or resign.
30491.  Michael Roberts of LouisianaMar 09, 2019
The lies and corruption needs to end now!
30490.  Gail of FloridaMar 09, 2019
30489.  Jacqueline of OregonMar 09, 2019
30488.  Mary Hamill of MassachusettsMar 09, 2019
30487.  Philip & Nancy Goodwin of TexasMar 09, 2019
30486.  Sanford Small of CaliforniaMar 09, 2019
30485.  laura goodman of TexasMar 09, 2019
we Americans need to take action against all these refugees and illegals not up to us to pay it's illegal for them to steal money demon-crats kkk isis antifa radical terror muslim communist party have committed treason against oath of office and Constitution demand arresst from barr
30484.  VINCENT of PennsylvaniaMar 09, 2019
30483.  Marge Cleckner of OhioMar 09, 2019
30482.  Larry Carpenter of TexasMar 09, 2019
30481.  Jerry (Paul) Malczewski of ColoradoMar 09, 2019
Enough already. Way past time the Clinton's,Obama and all others involved in this treason throughout the Obama administrations crime wave are held accountable.
30480.  Charles of VirginiaMar 09, 2019
30479.  Alex Tsvitun of PennsylvaniaMar 09, 2019
30478.  Richard E Poole of FloridaMar 09, 2019
30477.  Michelle of New YorkMar 09, 2019
30476.  Rex Torrinello M.D. of WashingtonMar 09, 2019
30475.  Robin Duncan of North CarolinaMar 09, 2019
I agree! Someone needs to do something! I know we need to have patience but Our President has done a wonderful job! And what he has said is all true! It's all a Witch Hunt! A Hoax! It is Muller, Schiff, McCabe, Rosenstein,Hilary, Obama, etc.. All that was involved in Operation Hammer and the Fisa Abuse! It was illegal for them to survalance all those people!
30474.  Robert Windle of TexasMar 09, 2019
30473.  Peter laplaca of MichiganMar 09, 2019
Absolutely. Go for it!
30472.  Donald Ahlerd of IllinoisMar 09, 2019
30471.  Anita Marie Roland of AlabamaMar 08, 2019
30470.  Tony Ronci of TexasMar 08, 2019
30469.  Barry Whiteley of (Non-U.S.)Mar 08, 2019
How much money did hillary give mueller? AUDIT HIM!
30468.  Sandra Rutherford of CaliforniaMar 08, 2019
30467.  Pam Johnson of TexasMar 08, 2019
Thank you for your work of integrity, as we fight to recover our Republic. Definitely, the nation needs to have such types as Mueller, punished for their crime of treason.
30466.  Craig D of VirginiaMar 08, 2019
30465.  Jerry Rand of ArizonaMar 08, 2019
30464.  Jim Duren of ArizonaMar 08, 2019
Thank you. Please carry on for our President Trump!
30463.  William Burt of OregonMar 08, 2019
30462.  Richard Bowling of KentuckyMar 08, 2019
30461.  John Miano of OhioMar 08, 2019
Do it now. Robert Mueller is Harassing my President, and William Barr like his predecessors, is not doing his Job….
30460.  Dieter C. Haller of AlabamaMar 08, 2019
30459.  Nieves rondero of CaliforniaMar 07, 2019
30458.  Donald Hoffmann of LouisianaMar 07, 2019
30457.  Robert R Reinert of ColoradoMar 07, 2019
30456.  Roger Q Mills, Jr. of ArkansasMar 07, 2019
30455.  stephanie wilson of IllinoisMar 07, 2019
30454.  Richard Reece of GeorgiaMar 06, 2019
30453.  Elizabeth of FloridaMar 06, 2019
Deport Omar immediately. If they aren't terrorists, they're enablers. Clinton, Brennan and all the rest of them need to be brought to justice and we need to know the REAL TRUTH about EVERYTHING that happened.
30452.  Kenneth Schlattmann of NebraskaMar 06, 2019
30451.  Gregory Strandberg of MinnesotaMar 06, 2019
30450.  g sutton of South CarolinaMar 06, 2019
30449.  Eddie Lewis Horton of UtahMar 06, 2019
Larry will not veer from the path. He will get the job done & reinstate the Rule of Law for everyone not just the common man. He will work with President Trump and those Republicans who wa t to see America Made Great Again!!!
30448.  Laura hayes of ArizonaMar 06, 2019
30447.  Glenn Farmer of GeorgiaMar 05, 2019
30446.  Susan harris of South CarolinaMar 05, 2019
30445.  Susan harris of South CarolinaMar 05, 2019
30444.  JOHN WASMUND of FloridaMar 05, 2019
it is time to end this witch hunt. time to fight back mr. trump have more speeches like cpac--- around our country have the rich people start a wall fund --for the wall to be completed asap---
30443.  Robert Cleveland of TexasMar 05, 2019
I would suggest that you request an audience with President Trump personally.
30442.  ida marie marie shoemaker of NebraskaMar 05, 2019
i said from the beginning that barr was just another sessions.... oh, no, he has integrity. BS, where does trump find these rats?????
30441.  Anthony Joseph Vara of South CarolinaMar 04, 2019
30440.  Duane Weber of TexasMar 04, 2019
Not sure about Barr, but Mueller is a criminal trying to protect his past seditious crimes shared with his seditious accomplices.
30439.  DR. SHANA of CaliforniaMar 04, 2019
30438.  Dennis McGrew of CaliforniaMar 04, 2019
30437.  r of WashingtonMar 03, 2019
30436.  Marchelle Kim Ceryes of MinnesotaMar 03, 2019
Mueller enemy of Americans everywhere who fight for justice.
30435.  Linda Rock of FloridaMar 03, 2019
30434.  Steven of NevadaMar 03, 2019
AT LEAST, this action MAY EXPOSE the "ALLEGED" truce between Trump and the Bush Neocons??? (FOR NO Clinton prosecution???) PLEASE Laryy, IF YOU CAN, GET US "THE TRUTH," Americans CAN HANDLE IT!!! Like Mr. James One eye SAYS: "OUR FUTURE DEPENDS ON THOSE WHO ARE WILLING TO GIVE UP EVERYTHING FOR WHAT THEY BELIEVE!" "LOCK HER UP!" ---"CAPT TRUTH"
30433.  michelle wroblewski of FloridaMar 03, 2019
30432.  Naomi Simmons of Rhode IslandMar 03, 2019
We must get our country back from these criminals!
30431.  David Harvey of District of ColumbiaMar 03, 2019
Citizen special Grand Juries are important for the Education of God's children.... Amen and Aju.
30430.  Elizabeth Van Duinen of FloridaMar 03, 2019
And make Mueller et al to pay back every penny they have dishonestly made with this witch hunt to the taxpayer. If necessary, seize their assets, sell them and pay back the taxpayers.
30429.  David Lassila of CaliforniaMar 02, 2019
30428.  William L. Maine,Sr of North CarolinaMar 02, 2019
30427.  Nancy of FloridaMar 02, 2019
30426.  Cheryl Francis of ArizonaMar 02, 2019
Somebody needs to investigate the Clintons, and especially Hillary. She needs to be punished for all the things done.
30425.  Sam of MichiganMar 02, 2019
30424.  JOHN H. KLAHR of PennsylvaniaMar 02, 2019
30423.  William L Maine,Sr of North CarolinaMar 01, 2019
For, it seems. political reasons Mrs. Clinton has not been indicted for apparent crimes while working for the US Government and also for Mrs. Clinton and her husband,Bill Clointon, for selling the US Government's Uranium mine to the Russia Government.
30422.  Diane of FloridaMar 01, 2019
30421.  Mrs. Catherine J Rawson of OhioMar 01, 2019
I just donated by mail from the informative legal report I received from you. My husband (disabled) & I live hand to mouth each month on his social security after 30 years work in WHG-PGH Steel (bankrupt & shut down). But we Love God, our country & President Trump! So our donation seems small at 1st glance, but is actually not to us. Prayers that you will save the President from the EVIL Corruption trying to destroy him & expose all of their evil deeds. Sincerely, Mrs. Catherine J Rawson
30420.  John Wallace of South CarolinaMar 01, 2019
30419.  Jackie of UtahFeb 28, 2019
30418.  Jane Cook of FloridaFeb 28, 2019
30417.  dennis ward of CaliforniaFeb 28, 2019
Robert Mueller has engaged in obstruction of justice, sedition, RICO and failure to carryout his oath of office and appears to be a career criminal since 2000.
30416.  Daniel Klosterman Jr of MarylandFeb 28, 2019
30415.  Scott St. Onge of TexasFeb 27, 2019
30414.  Mark I Manning III of IndianaFeb 27, 2019
30413.  Sean Sammis Stiles of New YorkFeb 27, 2019
We have to stop socialism/communism before they get any more power
30412.  Michael G Gonzales of ColoradoFeb 27, 2019
30411.  Galen High of PennsylvaniaFeb 26, 2019
30410.  William L. Maine, Sr of North CarolinaFeb 26, 2019
Someone must have "the guts" to prosecute Hillary. Just because she and her husband have money and are Democrats does not give them the right to go free after she has broken the law, not just once but many times.
30409.  Douglas A Ally of FloridaFeb 26, 2019
The whole investigation is unfair and transparently biased. If an investigator is searching for collaboration with USSR and/or fixing the 2016 election, and finds the source is not the original suspect, why does the investigation not focus on the one who actually committed the crimes? Documentation actually proves Hillary Clinton and her foundation were actively committing both. Remove corrupt Robert Mueller as Special Counsel, and prosecute the real offenders.
30408.  Lawrence Robinson of MissouriFeb 26, 2019
30407.  Sabrina Davie of IllinoisFeb 26, 2019
get rid of all unless on team
30406.  IRichard B. Smith of UtahFeb 25, 2019
30405.  Rafael Guastavino, Jr of MarylandFeb 25, 2019
30404.  Siam Choi of CaliforniaFeb 25, 2019
30403.  Ronald D Nelson of TexasFeb 25, 2019
30402.  Dorothea Gillingham of OregonFeb 25, 2019
30401.  George Brooks of TennesseeFeb 25, 2019
We the people have paid enough in taxes to this farce!!!
30400.  Steve Hess of OklahomaFeb 25, 2019
30399.  Al & Sylvia Lange of TexasFeb 25, 2019
30398.  Todd Schmadl of North DakotaFeb 24, 2019
30397.  Susan K Shewmake of ArizonaFeb 24, 2019
30396.  Norman Walker of OregonFeb 24, 2019
30395.  John Walson 7 of DelawareFeb 24, 2019
30394.  Patricia of ArizonaFeb 24, 2019
30393.  Russell Young of MinnesotaFeb 24, 2019
30392.  Richard Yager of CaliforniaFeb 24, 2019
We need to get confidence restored back into our legal system. Some of these politicians have gotten way out of hand thinking they're above the law. I'm so disappointed in the way things are going. Trump is doing a great job but he can't do it alone. All those involved need to pay for what they tried and are still trying to do to the American people.
30391.  John Pokryfki of OhioFeb 24, 2019
The sooner the better!
30390.  Freddie Ray Scarbrough of FloridaFeb 24, 2019
30389.  Suzanne cluth of New MexicoFeb 24, 2019
If this will help free us of rampant corruption then i pray for our success in the Mighty name of Jesus!
30388.  Jeffrey Lewis of West VirginiaFeb 24, 2019
30387.  KENNETH WEBSTER of MichiganFeb 24, 2019
30386.  Lora Saindon of ColoradoFeb 24, 2019
It is way past time to punish treason!
30385.  Donna Weekley of OhioFeb 24, 2019
Please help our country!!! I want to vote to get ALL democrats out of office. Get Nancy out of office and all the rest, that I believe, have been bought off by the drug cartels. Thank YOU
30384.  Jonathan Metler of MichiganFeb 24, 2019
I love my fellow patriots; Regardless of race, creed or sexual orientation. I love my country, it's liberties and freedoms. It worries me that some politicians write bills which seek to erode our constitutional rights. It petrifies me that other politicians do not defend them. It sickens me that we are being illegally invaded and losing the sovereignty of our nation. But it absolutely disgusts me that no one is being held accountable for their inaction or the destruction they cause to our way of life. Thank you to those who have the courage to make a difference. I love my fellow patriots and I love my country.
30383.  Cheryl Pinto Dias of IllinoisFeb 24, 2019
The evil empire of globalization is not what was envisioned by the finding fathers of this country. This sovereign nation is slipping into a chasm of lawlessness and hedonism since the Clinton era. Future generations are at risk of losing the power of freedoms under the constitution disguised as social justice and altruism.
30382.  Lisa Bradshaw of OhioFeb 24, 2019
30381.  Dennis C. of GeorgiaFeb 24, 2019
About damn time somebody had the balls to Indict, Arrest, and take these criminals to trial.
30380.  Michael T Pyle of CaliforniaFeb 24, 2019
30379.  Barbara of MontanaFeb 23, 2019
30378.  Robert Bengtson of ColoradoFeb 23, 2019
Deep State needs to be taken down. Hillary, Barack, Bill should all hang for treason. We and our great Republican members of Congress (Medows,Chavez,
30377.  Gloria Thomas of MississippiFeb 23, 2019
It's past time for Washington to hear us roar!!
30376.  Andrew S Tee of ArizonaFeb 23, 2019
I agree completely.
30375.  Mark of CaliforniaFeb 23, 2019
30374.  GERALD T WAGNER of MichiganFeb 22, 2019
30373.  Ernest Alvarado of TexasFeb 22, 2019
May God Bless our Great Leaders who believe in our true Justice! Not those who are corrupted!
30372.  james dean of New JerseyFeb 22, 2019
30371.  Christian Olufsen of OregonFeb 22, 2019
Any of them that have done wrong.
30370.  Richard Cripe of FloridaFeb 22, 2019
30369.  Grace Gonzales of TexasFeb 22, 2019
Stop the Witch Hunt!
30368.  Elroy Dickerson of MarylandFeb 22, 2019
30367.  VERNON LASHER of North DakotaFeb 22, 2019
30366.  robert of New JerseyFeb 22, 2019
lock them scumbag up have a special counsel on them scumbag dumocrat half of them would be lock up
30365.  Bear Gibbons of CaliforniaFeb 22, 2019
It is time we take Our Country back from the criminals that have taken it over, illegally...
30364.  Cindi Soutter of North CarolinaFeb 21, 2019
30363.  Tony of FloridaFeb 21, 2019
30362.  Judy Brigham of CaliforniaFeb 21, 2019
30361.  hayward stewart of TexasFeb 21, 2019
WE THE PEOPLE !..."WE"do not need a government official to give us the OATH to serve and protect the Constitution..."OUR" American birth certificates are our OATH !
30360.  Marg B of ConnecticutFeb 20, 2019
30359.  Paul Ringwald of ArizonaFeb 20, 2019
30358.  Connie Kruse of OregonFeb 20, 2019
30357.  Loretta Davis of TexasFeb 20, 2019
America needs the waste of time and money to stop. Americans know what and why they are doing all of this. We need to move on. This is criminal on the American people.
30356.  Thomas Stown of ArizonaFeb 20, 2019
At least replace Giuliani with Klayman
30355.  Sharilynn Dunn of IllinoisFeb 20, 2019
30354.  Allison Bingham of WashingtonFeb 20, 2019
30353.  Larry Sonnier of TexasFeb 20, 2019
Get rid of all demonrats
30352.  Melissa Wilcoxon of CaliforniaFeb 19, 2019
They need to removed Immediately.
30351.  John Simpson of PennsylvaniaFeb 19, 2019
I really hope this gets done, it is beginning to feel like a hopeless nightmare that is only getting worse! I cringe at the thought of my 5yr old boy having to go to these Philadelphia public schools and be forced to learn the lies portrayed by the leftists that run these schools nowadays. President Trump I am begging you Sir, please allow anyone who is willing and capable of bringing down these evil and twisted individuals that have systematically destroyed everything good in this world to do whatever it is they need to do! The future of this great nation depends on it Sir! Thank you and God bless you and America!
30350.  Gary Mankus of ArizonaFeb 19, 2019
30349.  John Walson of DelawareFeb 19, 2019
30348.  jeffery riechman of IllinoisFeb 19, 2019
30347.  Tena Ibarra of IllinoisFeb 19, 2019
30346.  Robert Alan Lee of TennesseeFeb 19, 2019
Hello Mr Klayman. He has redeemed my soul in peace from the battle that was against me. 2013-2018 Psalms 18 read it..... 😇 love you brother. JesusChrist is the Son of the Living God.
30345.  Shepley of (Non-U.S.)Feb 19, 2019
30344.  Ted Way of CaliforniaFeb 18, 2019
No doubt this investigation has hindered the president. I think that is a violation of my civil rights as a voter.
30343.  James Chism of OregonFeb 18, 2019
30342.  birgitta gaskell of VirginiaFeb 18, 2019
30341.  Marie Martinez of North CarolinaFeb 18, 2019
30340.  Edward Cole of TexasFeb 18, 2019
* US law is not on the side of Mueller's appointment as Special Counsel By Steven G. Calabresi, The Hill Opinion Contributor — 06/19/18 05:30 PM EDT * Obstruction of Justice, Threats & Intimidation, Illegal Search & Seizure, Coercion, Blackmail & Use of Gestapo Tactics on Individuals with "Alleged" White Collar Crimes * Unethical use of Server, Uranium One, Benghazi Murders, Pay for Play Influence Peddling, Sham Clinton Foundation fundraising & Misuse/Money Laundering from the foundation used for corrupt purposes. * Cover Up; The Illegitimate & Un-Sanctioned take over of Qaddafi & Libya's Government using NATO forces (because Congress would never have sanctioned this war) leading to total chaos (including Benghazi Embassy takeover) and loss of millions of lives and/or wounded starving innocent citizens that ended up fleeing across the Med to leave their ransacked & ruined home and country. Truly pathetic & horrific crimes committed by HRC & Obama who fell into the Muslim Brother...
30339.  BRAD M MARTIN of PennsylvaniaFeb 18, 2019
30338.  Dennis Weber of MichiganFeb 18, 2019
I do not trust government anymore and the reason is that Washington, DC has been changed into a criminal enterprise controlled by the lawyer culture in America.
30337.  DARYL L.KLINEDINST of ColoradoFeb 17, 2019
30336.  Don of PennsylvaniaFeb 17, 2019
Let's do this! I gave you a gift for six months, and will do so again as soon as I can. I will put this on my FaceBook page
30335.  norman lawson of CaliforniaFeb 17, 2019
30334.  Rae Durr of FloridaFeb 17, 2019
30333.  Ludmila Boiko of CaliforniaFeb 17, 2019
I agree and I support. I understand that people have to provide sensitive information for signing anything, but how we can make sure that our info did not get into hands of cleaners for traitors? Who destroy and murder good people one by one and scare the rest to stay away from uncovering criminals? In murder cases, especially those that done for high level career criminals, no murderers found. Sheriff Department, DAO, County Counsel and Judges in our County want me dead and I do not have any protection at all and CA State criminalized so much that nobody can believe. There is no help and I was advised by law enforcement, not just one time, to move out. I am a complainer and I got being sarcastically called the complainer every time I try to report a crime. I tried to help Devin Nunes and I got falsely accused, arrested, imprisoned, and lost $5,000.00 to escape the actual imprisonment and I have no place to complain about power abuse and harm. I even do not know if Rep. Nunes was info...
30332.  James Lee Jackson of TennesseeFeb 17, 2019
30331.  Stephen Baldocchi of CaliforniaFeb 16, 2019
I could use some professional help in a corrupt criminal prison term already served, containing many crimes committed by officers of the court, namely alteration and falsified court documents, all against the other correct documents, Thank you
30330.  Deanna cundiff of CaliforniaFeb 16, 2019
30329.  Leroy of North DakotaFeb 16, 2019
While I think Mueller is a waste of time and a joke, I don't believe it is politically prudent to remove him. The President is so embattled by the democrats and many republicans, this would only make it worse. He (Mueller) has nothing. Let him run his course. Appoint Klayman to clean the Clinton house!
30328.  Roy of FloridaFeb 15, 2019
30327.  Robert Cataldo of New YorkFeb 15, 2019
30326.  Cynthia Barnett of South CarolinaFeb 15, 2019
30325.  Herby of TennesseeFeb 15, 2019
30324.  Mardele Jackson of North CarolinaFeb 14, 2019
30323.  Neil Barron of MichiganFeb 14, 2019
30322.  Freya C Larson of TennesseeFeb 14, 2019
30321.  Amy Neves of TexasFeb 13, 2019
30320.  Charles F McFadden Jr of FloridaFeb 13, 2019
any one would be better then Mueller, especially since the fisa courts have recently exposed his history of improper conduct in regards to fillings to the fisa court in the past. apparently he has had issues like 75 times with doing things improperly & then couple that with the fact that he shouldn't have been named special counsel in the first place or recused himself because of the fact that he solicited Trump to be the head of the FBI & Trump turned him down. that gives Mueller a lot of reason to be gunning for Trump.
30319.  IRENE GRIFFIN of TexasFeb 13, 2019
Great plan!
30318.  Roy Hannah of CaliforniaFeb 13, 2019
30317.  Hanna Pybon of ArizonaFeb 12, 2019
30316.  Micki Lynn Zettel of CaliforniaFeb 12, 2019
30315.  Martin Dillian of ArizonaFeb 12, 2019
Without morality, ethics and equal application of justice, a civil society cannot exist. Robert Mueller is but the most obvious example of why.
30314.  David And Darleene Keiper of ArizonaFeb 12, 2019
30313.  terry of KansasFeb 11, 2019
30312.  Barry Poladsky of ColoradoFeb 10, 2019
The so-called "swamp" is actually the age-old Democrat syndicate, now emboldened by years of Clinton/Obama corruption and media duplicity/complicity; what's happening is not less than high treason.
30311.  A J Willis of ColoradoFeb 10, 2019
30310.  Damon Duval of CaliforniaFeb 10, 2019
30309.  emily Cravey martin of FloridaFeb 09, 2019
30308.  brian smith of CaliforniaFeb 08, 2019
30307.  Jan Benzing of MichiganFeb 08, 2019
30306.  sabrina of IllinoisFeb 08, 2019
30305.  mitchel of North CarolinaFeb 06, 2019
Mueller has done nothing but waste money, defame many good names, and protect those guilty of treason, including himself.
30304.  Jim of MontanaFeb 05, 2019
30303.  Matthew Schoech of MichiganFeb 04, 2019
30302.  Suzanne Renee Gossett of OklahomaFeb 04, 2019
Please appoint Larry Klayman as special counsel to investigate all things the 2008 - 2016 Obama and his administration/Clinton everything Clinton, !corruptions, illegalities and treason, from Haiti child smuggling persons protected, to money handling to 100s of 1000s of deaths even to this day, people without proper homes, sewage, running water or food and the destruction of food crops and farm land for a failed unimagined and farse of a industrial park, to Benghazi and other like incidents, to uranium one and everything foundation, from money laundering to other broken laws and all in between, such as pay for pay, espionage mishandling of classified documents purposefully, intentionally, to leak and/or sell and allow access to, via known hacking of unsecured server to destruction of gov property to obstruction of justice, to treason, and uranium one deal, russian collusion, attempt to overthrow a duely elected president, with lies, false documentations etc., to assassinations and atte...
30301.  Teresa of CaliforniaFeb 04, 2019
Mueller has abused his position and is using it to harass and punish people who support our President, or don't keep quiet about the long-time corruption of People in High Places. FBI is sending a message that The People aren't safe from persecution or prosecution no matter if we're guilty or not. If they want to make a case and need a fall guy, there's plenty to choose from at random. Maybe even for the crimes of "those above the law" as well! Be afraid America, it could be You that's locked away next.
30300.  RIchard Manetta of New YorkFeb 03, 2019
30299.  Craig Schade of UtahFeb 03, 2019
30298.  Werner GUnthner of MichiganFeb 03, 2019
30297.  stephen p mccandless of MontanaFeb 03, 2019
Get rid of the KNOWN criminal sign him up in prison !
30296.  Julia Boyd of MichiganFeb 02, 2019
30295.  John Mansour-Dumas of ArizonaFeb 02, 2019
Remove Mueller
30294.  Marlene Suzuki of WashingtonFeb 01, 2019
30293.  Duncan M Stewart of FloridaFeb 01, 2019
30292.  michael carruthers of North CarolinaFeb 01, 2019
We do not understand what Robert Mueller is doing. Resources should be directed towards investigating Clinton Russia matters, instead, at this point. Any reasonable person should be able to see this right now.
30291.  Manfred Schenk of CaliforniaJan 31, 2019
30290.  Israel of FloridaJan 31, 2019
It's We The People! Not ,we the establishment...
30289.  Ray Terry of TexasJan 30, 2019
30288.  Brad Gibbs of MinnesotaJan 30, 2019
Both Bob Mueller and William Barr should definitely be removed. They don't have what's in the best interest of the majority of the people of this constitutional Republic, and that's the absolute failure to go after Hillary and her inner circle. Mueller is of course a member of that very inner circle.
30287.  Aaron Psky of CaliforniaJan 30, 2019
The fact that someone as complicit as Mueller would be asked to investigate this issue is a true miscarriage of justice. He has decades of corruption he is fearing will be exposed by a non-Bilderberg (globalist) controlled President.
30286.  Mickie Stewart of KentuckyJan 30, 2019
30285.  James Young of TexasJan 30, 2019
30284.  Douglass M Ackley of ArizonaJan 30, 2019
The Democrat Party,with the help of several low-life, self serving Republicans have put our nation at risk. The Democrat Party, now led by subversives such as Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer(sp?) has morphed their party into the Subversive Party. Adding an unkind comment about Mueller, if he has been that ugly all his life, I can understand why he has a chip on his shoulder. He has chosen to take it out on the best hope we have of remaining a free country-President Trump...
30283.  Alan D Smith of TexasJan 30, 2019
30282.  Ed Green of MinnesotaJan 30, 2019
30281.  mark foote of KentuckyJan 30, 2019
30280.  Hans Peter Healy of KentuckyJan 29, 2019
30279.  Dianne of OklahomaJan 29, 2019
30278.  J Balfour of OklahomaJan 29, 2019
30277.  yvette d. hooper of OhioJan 29, 2019
30276.  B. Thomas of TexasJan 29, 2019
30275.  Michael Grace of CaliforniaJan 28, 2019
Washington is a sewer. Why insult a swap? The DOJ and the FBI need to be cleaned up with bleach. Barr and Mueller are DC shyster rats. Beholden to the likes of sleazy law firm like Latham and Watkins.
30274.  Tamra McDonald of FloridaJan 28, 2019
30273.  Floyd Caldwell of CaliforniaJan 28, 2019
Thank God for Freedom Watch !!!
30272.  KK kratch of CaliforniaJan 28, 2019
REMOVE, REMOVE, REMOVE Bill Barr & his law-breaker friend another Bill Mueller - Bill Barr is a Mueller et al BUDDY to take you down Mr. President!!!! Bill Barr is also a BUDDY of the CROOKS willy nilly RAPIST billy bob & his lesbo wanna be wife, killary! REPLACE, REPLACE, REPLACE with BOB BARR - btw WHO in the HELL recommended BILL????
30271.  Donald Hoeft of WisconsinJan 28, 2019
I and millions of others around the world believe in the Lords and your fight to free America of corruption.
30270.  B Collins of CaliforniaJan 28, 2019
ALL these slimy asses NEED TO BE PROSECUTED & put in GITMO -- IT'S WAY PAST TIME!!!!!
30269.  Jacqueline Jones of OregonJan 28, 2019
30268.  Kenneth E Myers Jr of LouisianaJan 28, 2019
Dear Mr. President, It's time to take outside advise aside from the traitorous Republican members you have unfortunately been betrayed by. We the people who truly support you, are fed up with politics and the overall failures of the Republican party. If you do not heed to more loyal, intellectual and devoted support, as well as, trusted legal warriors, then your reelection is history. Demoncrats are not the enemy. Your greatest enemy is being affiliated with a political party represented by individuals with no tenacity to fight the Good Fight. Republican Representatives have literally kneeled to the likes of fear to upset the norm. I know Mr. Klayman, Tom Fitton and Judicial Watch have been the only true Front Line Fighters for you, and the Conservative Voters. Mr. President, you literally have no alternatives if you wish to see any progress made in the next two years, or for reelection. I voted for you and have monthly donated to your Republican Party, however this has been t...
30267.  Diana Galarneaux of OregonJan 28, 2019
30266.  Martin D Hilber of TexasJan 28, 2019
30265.  Duane of ArkansasJan 28, 2019
How much time and money will it take to end this? Our tax dollars for this sham investigation. I feel cheated.
30264.  Roy of MichiganJan 27, 2019
Dear Mr. President Trump I am but one of the "silent majority" who has put our trust in you regardless of the reasons for your decisions we know in our hearts and in our minds that you will avail in all your struggles and battles that have been perpetrated against you, you are a great man and leader and I as well as millions of people trust you will continue to do the right thing for America and Americans that's why we voted for you once and will yet again, God bless and stay strong. Yours truly, Sonny
30263.  Phyllis of TennesseeJan 27, 2019
30262.  Howard Baker of TexasJan 27, 2019
30261.  Jacquelyn Stroud of MississippiJan 27, 2019
Thank you! God, help the U.S.A.
30260.  Dave Cunningham of FloridaJan 27, 2019
Remove the lying to the people. We are sovereign. Yet they lie like Clapper.
30259.  DEAN HERNANDEZ of CaliforniaJan 27, 2019
Please fire Robert Meuller! This guy is nothing but a Hillary Clinton pawn. He has wasted taxpayers money trying to make B.S. charges against our President. Please appoint Larry Klayman as Special Counsel to put Clinton, Chinese spy Diane Feinstein, corrupt Maxine Waters, and all the swamp rats in jail. Also, please let Klayman investigate the California voting poll fraud that is rigged by the liberals. May the Lord God's guidance, truth, righteousness, and favor come upon this nation once again to let us prosper... I ask all these petitions in Jesus' name. AMEN!
30258.  Mikah of ColoradoJan 26, 2019
I think most all of us would be shocked if Prez Trump and Q don't already have a plan to get rid of Mueller. No suprprise he and Pelosi are and have been literally in bed together, they so deserve each other. And very very soon may these parasites RIP together in their home called Hell and leave our planet forever ... and take Bohemian Grove with them! Right now though I feel that all 3 of Mueller, Pelosi and Schumer are the Globalist's "endless gifts that keep on giving" to We the People standing for the USofA with Prez Trump, and against these demon-worshipping Demoncraps and Repulsivecans of US Corp. Even the loyal Democrats are finally waking up and leaving these Demoncraps and their hijacked Party regime in droves. So most of us if not all of us want to take them down too, but I more trust that Trump's and Q's plan is probably bigger and better, baiting alot more than just these 3, so once again patience...
30257.  Benita ho of CaliforniaJan 26, 2019
30256.  Guy M. Chlupsa of FloridaJan 26, 2019
Robert Mueller, should be investigated also.
30255.  Jenna Smith of FloridaJan 26, 2019
Something needs to be done about Robert Mueller. He is running rouge and no one, not even Trump is stopping it. America is becoming a police state
30254.  Richard Gipson of North CarolinaJan 26, 2019
30253.  Debbie Focht of TennesseeJan 26, 2019
30252.  Etta Cooper of OklahomaJan 26, 2019
30251.  Tammy White of VirginiaJan 25, 2019
Of Virginia 9th District
30250.  Erik Bocelle of New HampshireJan 25, 2019
I can't for life of me understand,why Barr,was picked by Trump. Wasn't he bush sr, AG? Please,Mr Klayman,Our President is surrounded,by the same animals,we wanted out. An not one of the people ,from the Obama adminstration,is being looked into. This is why we elected him. Not to watch these animals in DC,try to destroy him.
30249.  Teresa sweet of CaliforniaJan 25, 2019
Hope this helps Somehow.(?) Don't see how... Taxpayers should Gather at the Foot of the FB I steps because none of them care that Hard workers, min wage - up to those who barely notice the taxes are paying for this money sucking Takeover to keep America in their powerful greedy hands and pockets lined.
30248.  Bill Catalina of FloridaJan 25, 2019
I admire your hard work at trying to right a listing ship. Save your stamps & money, I don't gave any money. I wish Trump would appoint you as S.C.
30247.  Jeanette Louise Bateman of MichiganJan 25, 2019
30246.  Sherry Herbek Hall of IllinoisJan 25, 2019
We need a real special counsel. This crap needs to stop.the real truth needs to come out. Sooner the better.
30245.  Patrick Alaggio of VermontJan 25, 2019
30244.  Daniel of CaliforniaJan 25, 2019
30243.  shan Sanderson of VirginiaJan 25, 2019
30242.  Kathryn of CaliforniaJan 25, 2019
30241.  Robert Friedberg of PennsylvaniaJan 25, 2019
Our left wing advocate, Mueller, will still be here arresting people in 2020 while the democrats fleece America
30240.  john broussard of FloridaJan 25, 2019
I think it's time something done. This is America and this crap can't continue.
30239.  Lisa Parra of CaliforniaJan 24, 2019
Finally put someone on this "special council" who is going to be on the side of truth and the rule of law!!
30238.  W L Maine of North CarolinaJan 24, 2019
His program is only a Democrat program to make the Trump administration look bad. Wm L. Maine
30237.  Kenneth Hall of NebraskaJan 24, 2019
Prosecute him!
30236.  David Hill of TexasJan 24, 2019
End the our republic!
30235.  ida marie shoemaker of NebraskaJan 24, 2019
30234.  Dan Starrett of VirginiaJan 24, 2019
30233.  Kathy Cumming of (Non-U.S.)Jan 24, 2019
30232.  Eric stevens of VirginiaJan 24, 2019
30231.  Liz McDannell-Firth of PennsylvaniaJan 24, 2019
30230.  David Hertel of MississippiJan 24, 2019
30229.  lester d. howell of ArkansasJan 23, 2019
Thank you Mr. Klayman for all that you do.
30228.  RHONDA of ILLINOIS of IllinoisJan 23, 2019
30227.  Patrick R Davis of WashingtonJan 23, 2019
30226.  Ben of OhioJan 23, 2019
Since our congress, DOJ and other government entities continue to fail us in holding crooks in our government accountable, it is up to Freedom Watch along with awake and concerned Patriots to take back the USA from the corrupt tyrannical crooks.
30225.  Rufina Cruz of New JerseyJan 23, 2019
30224.  Hirschfeld of FloridaJan 23, 2019
Mr. Muller has tried unsuccessfully to indite President Trump and has dragged our President along with civilians through the mud: and has nothing useful. We have division in the states and in our homes, miss information, and a wealth of our tax contributions(lol) emptied. Enough Mr. Muller, enough of uncontrolled, non elected officials causing grief and agony to the people of the United States of America. Cease and decease.
30223.  Michael Hagerdon of ColoradoJan 23, 2019
30222.  Matt Domosley of ColoradoJan 23, 2019
30221.  Adam Domosley of ColoradoJan 23, 2019
30220.  James Johnson of MissouriJan 23, 2019
Thanks Mr. Klayman. I got tired of foia reports from Fitman @ Judicial Watch!
30219.  Gordon Gilbertson of TexasJan 23, 2019
30218.  Ronda Crandall of MinnesotaJan 23, 2019
30217.  Douglas of MinnesotaJan 23, 2019
30216.  Larry Wrightsman of NebraskaJan 23, 2019
30215.  KSW of IndianaJan 23, 2019
30214.  Susan Gaik of IllinoisJan 23, 2019
Thank you very much for everything.
30213.  Robert Jackson of FloridaJan 23, 2019
30212.  Andrea Shinn of TexasJan 23, 2019
Mr. Klayman, This is a fantastic idea for our President.We or i think that he does need a better team that's truly on God's agenda for America and We The People.And I pray with all my heart to wipe out evil and replace with good,I'm be hind this Petition.God bless you!!! Hope Mr. Corsi and General Flynn is in good spirits We are behind you both.Go get'em. Spirit of Truth be with You Andrea Shinn
30211.  Wayne Caldwell of OregonJan 23, 2019
30210.  randy wunsch of FloridaJan 23, 2019
please remove Mueller who has nothing but bad intent when it comes to our POTUS
30209.  Steven Whorley of MissouriJan 23, 2019
Mr President, The only way to drain the swamp is to appoint an AG who is not a DC player! Whitaker would be better than Barr. Clinton and Obama are still trying to frame you! Where is the Special Counsel to investigate these crimes? Please sir, before it's too late, you must withdraw William Barr's nomination and and hold the Clintons, Obama , Comey and others accountable for their crimes!
30208.  Chris Beltz of NebraskaJan 23, 2019
30207.  Mitchell Jenkinson of TexasJan 23, 2019
I am appalled President Trump nominated this disingenuous dullard; his history of 2nd Amendment disdain/animus is evidenced throughout his public history. An emphatic NO! to this deceptive, globalist b'stard ever again infecting the nation's office of Attorney General.
30206.  Joseph Petrella of ArizonaJan 23, 2019
This dog and pony show is such a joke. The elite criminals need to be held accountable for all they have done. America is about to fall and we the people will not stay silent for much longer.
30205.  Renee Lingk of ColoradoJan 23, 2019
We will never get our country back with lady Liberty's blindfold removed.
30204.  Sean McElhaney of CaliforniaJan 23, 2019
Mueller deserves to be held accountable
30203.  Linda Dicken of TennesseeJan 23, 2019
30202.  Steve Littlefield of AlabamaJan 23, 2019
No more establishment lawyers are needed. Time to drain the swamp once and for all. Not only Make America Great Again but Take America Back.
30201.  Helen Geddes of ArizonaJan 23, 2019
Bring back and enforce Rule of Law, Divine Law and Cosmic Order, original Constitution, Articles of Confederation and Bill of Rights, America First! God bless The Republic! I command a new order of Light! I do not consent to globalists, Khazarian mafia criminal syndicates, war mongering, vaccinations & inoculations by CDC or Bill Gates Foundation, Clinton Foundations, WCc, NATO, FRB, IRS, Three Letter Agencies, City of London, The Crown, The Vatican, etc. In the name of the Violet flame, clean all your structures, houses, departments,
30200.  Jim Wood of IndianaJan 23, 2019
30199.  Raphael Zvetkoff of WashingtonJan 22, 2019
To live the truth is to know the truth and to know the truth is to live the truth. Let the truth about Robert Muller and William Barr be revealed far and wide. They must be removed for their actions. Furthermore Larry Klayman must be installed as Special Council to prosecute the investigation of the Clintons, Bill And Hillery.
30198.  BARBARA SANTORA of FloridaJan 22, 2019
30197.  Gayle Frederick of WisconsinJan 22, 2019
30196.  Gary of MichiganJan 22, 2019
Get rid of these losers their just milking us all for every dollar he can
30195.  Mary of FloridaJan 22, 2019
Please stop these men from embarrassing themselves and most importantly the president and us! Tell them to SU!!
30194.  Owen Lennon of New JerseyJan 22, 2019
30193.  Shirley Blaylock of CaliforniaJan 21, 2019
30192.  Brian Swartswalter of WashingtonJan 21, 2019
30191.  Judy Nastor of NevadaJan 21, 2019
30190.  John Hockenjos of New YorkJan 21, 2019
I am innocent, law abiding born American is being targeted for all my hard made assets as my only home extortion-racket for the criminal pocket of illegal alien contracted by Bloomberg-Obama Interstate Federal Agency "Financial Fraud Task Force" (Obamas Executive Order 13519) placed by Mayor Bloomberg in 2009 inside the Bloomberg's NYC agency "Mayors Office of Special Enforcement" (Bloomberg's E.O. 96). Bloomberg published that he hired 4 analysts lead by Attorney Michael Powers (now working for Bloomberg's LLC) This criminal enterprise created by Bloomberg is exterminating not just my family but many other White innocent Americans in NYC. The torture for me giving up and die continues till today. Illegal alien is helped by NYPD, State and Federal law enforcement, NYS Supreme Court Judge Larry Martin and attorneys who are stealing my money and participating with crimes against me. My family lost health, life savings, jobs, reputation, deprived from any income and for 10 years in cour...
30189.  Kurt Peterson of New JerseyJan 21, 2019
30188.  Brooks Butler of MinnesotaJan 21, 2019
Klayman is either a truth teller and a hero or a liar and rogue. There is no other possibility.
30187.  Diana L. Peterlin of New MexicoJan 21, 2019
No integrity in Mueller or Wm Barr. So remove and replace the bums. Larry Klayman as always will get the job done with integrity.
30186.  Michael Stephen McNulty of NevadaJan 21, 2019
30185.  Linda j Law of VirginiaJan 20, 2019
30184.  Harry G Butler III of GeorgiaJan 20, 2019
30183.  Wayne A Teachman of FloridaJan 20, 2019
30182.  Jeff Armentrout of VirginiaJan 20, 2019
We The People stand together as One People...against the Criminals; the Demonicratz Criminal Organizations...especially Criminal Robert Mueller and the rest of his hired Criminal Assassin Party. We True Americans, millions strong ask that Mr Mueller be Fired, Charged and Brought To Court; and to FIND HIM GUILTY of Crimes against our President Trump, our Government and Democracy...and against The American People. Also, that he be Sued for every Crooked Penny he has Stolen from our United States of America.
30181.  Gloria of LouisianaJan 20, 2019
30180.  Richard Precht of KentuckyJan 20, 2019
Time for real law and order in America!
30179.  Efrain of FloridaJan 20, 2019
30178.  Andrew Havlicek of NebraskaJan 20, 2019
30177.  Larry Sr of MississippiJan 20, 2019
30176.  Jack of IllinoisJan 20, 2019
Mr President, You promised to appoint the best people ever and drain the swamp. Don't you agree it is time to start doing just that?
30175.  Roland Banconnier of MassachusettsJan 20, 2019
30174.  Janet Myers of OklahomaJan 20, 2019
30173.  Gary Daudet of NevadaJan 20, 2019
30172.  Wayne R Rollis of OregonJan 19, 2019
30171.  Jimmy Lee Gallaway of TexasJan 19, 2019
30170.  james l.dean of New JerseyJan 19, 2019
30169.  Stephanie Henson of KansasJan 19, 2019
30168.  S.T. of MichiganJan 19, 2019
30167.  Glen Bartholomew of TexasJan 19, 2019
It Is Passed The Time For Some Real and Honest JUSTICE To Be Applied To The REAL CRIMINALS !!!
30166.  J.T. of MichiganJan 19, 2019
30165.  D.T. of MichiganJan 19, 2019
30164.  J. Childs of MichiganJan 19, 2019
30163.  LeRoy Hayter , Sr. of TexasJan 19, 2019
It's about time to get rid of ALL the Demonrats in Mule-ears investigation , & replace them with honest people !!!!
30162.  Nancy J Miller of PennsylvaniaJan 19, 2019
I'm confused, who is Bob Barr? Yes, I want Mueller removed and the rest of his corrupt cronies and all be investigated and put in prison. I wouldn't waste time w/investigation, but we have to according to law. What law? Mueller nor the Demons have been following the law. Can't understand why Trump hasn't appointed Larry Klayman or someone who is TUFF!
30161.  Lowell K Shifflet of UtahJan 19, 2019
30160.  Connie j Sponheim of WashingtonJan 19, 2019
Mueller is OBVIOUSLY CORRUPT TO THE HE MUST BE SENT PACKING..THEN PROSECUTED..unless this is some covert up to distract the public from Mr.T destroying Deep State Criminals.. ..
30159.  Chad Cegielski of TexasJan 19, 2019
Please investigate Robert Mueller's and Hillary Clinton's involvement in the uranium one deal so that any criminal or treasonous activity can be exposed to the public.
30158.  Susan Havlicek of NebraskaJan 19, 2019
30157.  Jackie and Danny Strubhart of TexasJan 19, 2019
30156.  James Robinson of WashingtonJan 19, 2019
Please update the "background." Sessions is no longer AG.
30155.  Dan Hyatt of CaliforniaJan 19, 2019
Mueller couldn't find water if he fell out of a boat. The evidence is everywhere but it all smells like HRC
30154.  Clare Sequeira of MissouriJan 19, 2019
Mueller's witch hunt needs to be stooped. He needs to be investigated for the real crimes he has committed against the nation of America.
30153.  David M Druskin of PennsylvaniaJan 19, 2019
Remove Mueller and have BoB Barr appoint Larry Clyman to special prosecutor
30152.  Theresa Terry Lytle of ArizonaJan 19, 2019
30151.  Adrian M Coria of CaliforniaJan 19, 2019
30150.  Neil of FloridaJan 19, 2019
30149.  Terry D Payne of North CarolinaJan 19, 2019
Barr is buddy buddy with Mueller & his wife. Both wives attend same bible study group. He will not stop out of control witch hunt.
30148.  NANCY portia BARBERIS of CaliforniaJan 19, 2019
30147.  Rhonda G Byerly of LouisianaJan 19, 2019
30146.  Jack R. Mertz of FloridaJan 19, 2019
William Barr is a long-time friend of Mueller,' This smaks of CONFLICT OF INTEREST!!!!!
30145.  Linda of TexasJan 19, 2019
30144.  Sheila Dunphy of West VirginiaJan 19, 2019
End the Witch hunt & destroy the swamp! Replace Dirty Deep State agents with trusted moral people or get rid of it! Stop Voter Fraud! Illegal invaders are stealing our Country & the Democrats & Soros & Muslim UN is helping them!
30143.  Tri Tue of TexasJan 19, 2019
Country is in chaos and no effective/coordinated mean of governing.
30142.  Donald R Balk of MinnesotaJan 19, 2019
30141.  Darrell Robertson of TennesseeJan 19, 2019
30140.  Pat Cadillas of FloridaJan 19, 2019
30139.  john&xandra belletto of IdahoJan 19, 2019
30138.  Phil Sipes of OregonJan 19, 2019
30137.  Olden Ruth of TexasJan 19, 2019
Remove R. Mueller!!! I, as an American want Larry Clayman in as Special Counsel to investigate Hillary Clinton! RJ Olden
30136.  Marcia White of OklahomaJan 19, 2019
I listened to this man on you tube and it couldn't be more obvious how much he loves this country and the loyalty to America and The People. He clearly is the best choice for this position. All you need to do is look at all he is doing.
30135.  Fred Edward of IndianaJan 19, 2019
It is the CORPORATE owned representatives in BOTH parties trying to unseat the duly elected President Trump- Globalists in the DC Swamp sit in the RNC & DNC-ICYMI both are corporations not "political parties". United with the Corporate Media, the Globalists are trying to destroy our Constitutional Republic at the behest of the Central Bank owners.
30134.  charles allen broomfield of ArkansasJan 19, 2019
Fire and prosecute that pos mueller. Get Larry Klayman to do it today.
30133.  Bruce Gangl of CaliforniaJan 19, 2019
These FBI, Mueller and others are using spy programs to blackmail who ever they like. The corruption in Washington is so sick. Appoint Larry Klayman as Special Counsel.
30132.  Arlene Wolf of FloridaJan 19, 2019
Thank you for everything you are doing. I am sick of the corruption in Washington
30131.  M Coogan of CaliforniaJan 19, 2019
Mueller should have been gone months ago. He is an embarrassment to the U.S.
30130.  rose dewey of VirginiaJan 18, 2019
Please stop putting untrustworthy people into your administration. They will not support you or the will of the American People.
30129.  Kristin Hemmerick of CaliforniaJan 18, 2019
30128.  Nathan of CaliforniaJan 18, 2019
30127.  Joann Welch of MichiganJan 18, 2019
30126.  Donna McQueen of MontanaJan 18, 2019
We the People Call On President Trump to Remove Robert Mueller as Special Counsel and to Replace William Barr as the Next Attorney General With Bob Barr and to Appoint Larry Klayman as Special Counsel to Investigate the Clintons and Finally Bring Criminal Charges Against Them!
30125.  sandra johnson of (Non-U.S.)Jan 18, 2019
30124.  Steve McCall of North CarolinaJan 18, 2019
30123.  Cindy T of IndianaJan 18, 2019
Please,please do not approve William Barr! This was a terrible choice. Nothing will change as this man is a swamp member. We want a Patriot to go after the Clintons, the Obama’s, Mueller and his gang, and many House members who are corrupt but not held accountable. That person should be Mr. Klayman who seems to be a leader in holding corrupt individuals accountable.
30122.  Glenn Farley of TexasJan 18, 2019
President, Please obstruct the criminal injustice going with Robert Mueller. REQUIRE THE DOJ to indict the criminals in the swamp.
30121.  Eileen Nestler of WisconsinJan 18, 2019
30120.  William Cromwell of ConnecticutJan 18, 2019
It is Time And Don't forget about Bush all so !!
30119.  Doug of AlabamaJan 18, 2019
30118.  carol eckert of PennsylvaniaJan 18, 2019
30117.  Ira KiilbourneReplace William Barr with Bob Barr. of ArizonaJan 18, 2019
Replace William Barr with Bob Barr as Attorney General. as William Barr is too c;losely associated with the swamp.Why do you want someone so close to Muller and his wife.? He is not 2nd Amendment friendly. He is a big risk and should not be approved.
30116.  Gary Leo Hornbuckle of AlabamaJan 18, 2019
No red flag gun confiscation, as William Barr wants! That would be the equivalent of today's CPS taking your children from you, both without due process. Both either are or would be used to the detriment of the constitutional rights and well being of those affected, with absolutely no benefit to the innocent, or to society itself.
30115.  James Deprato of New YorkJan 18, 2019
Barr has a conflict of interest with them being close friends and needs to recuse himself and thats no different then having Jeff Sessions, no way should the Senate confirm Barr or Trump needs to rethink his appointment, as this is a big risk for Trump
30114.  christopher snoddy of WashingtonJan 18, 2019
30113.  Charlene Marsh of IndianaJan 18, 2019
30112.  DL Wheeler of MichiganJan 18, 2019
Its a waste of taxpayer $$$$.. President Trump may be looking down the road at something. Its hard for me to understand when you nominate a guy that has a long relationship with Mueller. Just like the assistant AG. Its beyond me.
30111.  Jeremy Ross of ColoradoJan 18, 2019
bring the traitors to justice... Sedition cannot be tolerated!!
30110.  Robin Sullivan of IndianaJan 18, 2019
I am appalled that William Barr has been put forward as AG and heartily endorse any action by President Trump to remove his name from consideration and replace it with Bob Barr, remove the rogue lawman Robert Mueller as Special Counsel, having wasted $40,000,000 taxpayer dollars on a spurious claim, and appoint Larry Klayman in his place to redirect the cause of justice that the American people so truly deserve!
30109.  Nancy A Hill of PennsylvaniaJan 17, 2019
Who's advising Trump to nominate these anti-gun hacks! This is crazy!
30108.  J0hn Roper of MassachusettsJan 17, 2019
30107.  JOY ROUTT of WashingtonJan 17, 2019
30106.  Dawn of CaliforniaJan 17, 2019
Larry , You are by far one of the True Patriot Lawyers that has no fear and want to take down corruption and this evil NWO!
30105.  Karen G Sensenig of PennsylvaniaJan 17, 2019
We don't want a AG that is anti 2nd Amendment
30104.  Barbara Whitenight of PennsylvaniaJan 17, 2019
I agree with you, Larry. Anybody who says Mueller should continue, can be trusted, or isn't conducting a witch hunt is a pure idiot (or Dem). Perhaps Bill Barr needs to read The Russia Hoax, if he's that clueless. We had a spineless worm for 2 yrs. as AG--we don't need another traitor in there siding with liar Dems. Completely bogus investigation of Mueller's.
30103.  Timothy J Osborne of OregonJan 17, 2019
This is Mr. Klayman I'm not a Lawyer, but I've studied Law enough to know I've got a strong case against the previous Administration for targeting me and fabricating evidence of a criminal nature to link me to extremist groups around the world, including the terrorist organization of Bin Laden. I believe I have a slam dunk case of Political persecution after writing a letter to Democrats in 2008, of which I still have a copy of, to not support Obama for the Presidency, and once elected, weaponized the Federal Gov't against me. I have copies of 'hacked emails' that were modified by 'implanting evidence' talked about by whistle blower Bill Benny, how gov't officials were 'tapping fiber lines' and 'implanting evidence', and leaked State Dept. communications that identify the initials of my name as the object of a 'frame'. It's a massive defamation case, that is certain to be widely reported on, and I'd like you to take the case. You have the reputation of being staunchly Co...
30102.  robert morrison of MissouriJan 17, 2019
30101.  Joel Poshusta of TexasJan 17, 2019
30100.  Daniel C Gunter of CaliforniaJan 17, 2019
It is time to get rid of Mueller once and for all, too long has his investigation gone to the point of ridiculous. He is under investigation, he is being sued, he has violated the Constitution, how much longer?? We do not need Barr as A.G. just another Obama-ite to help drag out his agenda, what ill will does he have in store??
30099.  Harry Galvan Butler III of GeorgiaJan 17, 2019
Bob Barr is too friendly with Mueller to do his job as AG!!!
30098.  James Oksen of ArizonaJan 17, 2019
30097.  Suzette Ryzer of CaliforniaJan 16, 2019
30096.  Sally Heyns of VirginiaJan 16, 2019
Just plain wrong? He was a Bush mafia AG and should not be considered. Guilt by association I say.
30095.  jimmy of CaliforniaJan 16, 2019
30094.  Racquel R Rafferty of VirginiaJan 16, 2019
30093.  Monica Kundus of PennsylvaniaJan 16, 2019
30092.  Robin DeLaFuente of TexasJan 16, 2019
30091.  James C Rattenborg of OregonJan 16, 2019
30090.  Shira of MinnesotaJan 16, 2019
Robert Barr is a better choice for US Attorney General.
30089.  Edward Wilson of KentuckyJan 16, 2019
He has supported GUN CONTROL in the past. He does not support INVESTIGATION of Clinton Foundation.
30088.  David Freeman of ArkansasJan 16, 2019
30087.  James of KentuckyJan 16, 2019
30086.  S. Bigelow of TexasJan 16, 2019
Wake Up President Trump. Stop taking the advice of whoever is advising you! We ask you to remove Mueller and William Barr and appoint Bob Barr instead and appoint Larry Klayman to bring criminal charges against the Clintons.
30085.  JERRY of IllinoisJan 16, 2019
30084.  Harlyn Rohr of MinnesotaJan 16, 2019
30083.  John C. Johnson of MissouriJan 16, 2019
30082.  Jeffrey A Harrington of MontanaJan 16, 2019
30081.  Robert S Benson of CaliforniaJan 16, 2019
Please President Trump!! Return the rule of law!!
30080.  Nina Cox of MissouriJan 16, 2019
30079.  Patricia M. White of AlaskaJan 16, 2019
30078.  Karl Donaldson of UtahJan 16, 2019
30077.  Bob and Ann O'Campo of TexasJan 16, 2019
Dirty Mueller has got to go!!! William Barr is the WORST AG nominee since Sessions. He is close friends with and admirer of the loathsome Bob Mueller and all his associates. WE the People DEMAND an independent US Attorney General who is NOT afraid to challenge the dirty DC status quo and who will work to DRAIN the Corruption from DC! We do NOT want a USAG that will simply stand aside and watch criminals run amuck in DC!!!
30076.  Muriel M Edwards of ArizonaJan 16, 2019
why would anybody elect a AG that supported Muller the Con Man? Sick !
30075.  Di of New HampshireJan 16, 2019
Continue cleanup of gov.
30074.  Rodeny Huff of KentuckyJan 16, 2019
Larry, You and our country is on my daily prayer list. Jesus will rule. Praise His Holy Name. Amen.
30073.  Joanne Shanahan of CaliforniaJan 16, 2019
30072.  Janice L McDonald of ArizonaJan 16, 2019
30071.  jimAND ROSE nashwinter of GeorgiaJan 16, 2019
go for it
30070.  Nelson Tibbitt of VirginiaJan 16, 2019
Dear President Trump, We support you 100%. I am your biggest fan. But please remove Robert Mueller as Special Counsel, and replace William Barr as the next Attorney General with Bob Barr. William Barr is a swamp creature! Bob Barr will be more in line with your values, and with the values of the American people! Also, please appoint Larry Klayman as Special Counsel to investigate the Clintons and to finally bring criminal charges against them! Mr. President, we want you to be president again for another 4 years. That isn't going to happen if these swamp creatures are allowed to eat away at your administration from the inside. Thank you, Nelson Tibbitt
30069.  Connie Telfair of New YorkJan 16, 2019
30068.  Carol of WisconsinJan 16, 2019
30067.  Patricia Mudge of MichiganJan 16, 2019
We need an Attorney General that will do what is right. Mueller is on a witch hunt and needs to be removed.
30066.  Wes of UtahJan 16, 2019
30065.  Mark Rapp of CaliforniaJan 16, 2019
30064.  Virginia Courson of TennesseeJan 16, 2019
30063.  Dr. John Cubbage of North CarolinaJan 16, 2019
Please get this done. Mueller should be finished by now. William Barr appears to be another "swamp" creature. Bob Barr might be better as AG in getting necessary things done.
30062.  Linda Bush of WashingtonJan 16, 2019
30061.  Linda Robinson of OregonJan 16, 2019
God Bless You!
30060.  Diana Fritts of PennsylvaniaJan 16, 2019
Don’t trust either of them!!!!!
30059.  Louis Seretta of MassachusettsJan 16, 2019
30058.  Mihail Mihalitsas of New YorkJan 16, 2019
Time for this travesty to end. Deep state swamp must be eradicated.
30057.  Diane Tkatch of OhioJan 16, 2019
30056.  Tony Marks of MarylandJan 16, 2019
30055.  Tracy of GeorgiaJan 16, 2019
30054.  v of MichiganJan 16, 2019
keep the swamp out of the white house
30053.  norma guzek of ColoradoJan 16, 2019
30052.  Stephen R Jacks of TennesseeJan 16, 2019
remove Mueller-product of the deep state Very dangerous William Barr is in bed with Mueller Bob Barr is our pic Mr Klayman is right on target.. God bless America and help us defeat our enemies Amen
30051.  Thomas W of CaliforniaJan 16, 2019
30050.  Wayne Powell of MarylandJan 16, 2019
30049.  Jim Yarbrough of GeorgiaJan 16, 2019
Please somebody, do something positive, kick ASS!
30048.  Michael J Goldapske of WisconsinJan 16, 2019
30047.  CARL GRIFFITHS REED of CaliforniaJan 15, 2019
The morals and character of the new US AG will be THE deciding factor on whether America lives or dies as a Christian republic. He must be courageous in defending the original intent of our Constitution and all laws not contradictory to it, against the vicious and violent attempts by the Marxist/Atheist NWO operators to destroy it. A very few are willing to bring to justice any and all government felons, no matter how high their office.
30046.  K E of CaliforniaJan 15, 2019
30045.  Craig Cosgray of TexasJan 15, 2019
30044.  L. of WashingtonJan 15, 2019
30043.  Kathy of MassachusettsJan 15, 2019
30042.  William Thompson of MissouriJan 15, 2019
30041.  John W Fry of CaliforniaJan 15, 2019
30040.  Jack DePinto of TexasJan 15, 2019
Larry Klayman isn't a Washington insider , Mr. President.
30039.  Alexander Tsvitun of PennsylvaniaJan 15, 2019
30038.  MSmith of AlabamaJan 15, 2019
30037.  Sharalee Sniff of CaliforniaJan 15, 2019
Thank you Larry Klayman. Your hard work and determination is greatly appreciated. I pray President Trump listens to you and selects you to replace Mueller and Bob Barr to replace William Barr.
30036.  R Kearney of New JerseyJan 15, 2019
Hi. Please President Trump take action. We are all stressed out to see another never Trump swamp rat move into the job of Attorney General.
30035.  Edwin Letts of MissouriJan 15, 2019
30034.  J Pavlick of New YorkJan 15, 2019
he is no lawyer as he doesnt follow his lawyers ethics agreement as well as he think he is a bull in a china shop. we should pull his bar license and never able to hold any form of public office ever !!!!
30033.  Daniel Wortman of NevadaJan 15, 2019
30032.  Denise Wortman of NevadaJan 15, 2019
Please please President Trump, for the sake and safety of our country and We the People, we plead with you to rectify this mess and give us hope that our judicial system can be one to protect us not harm us!
30031.  Annette Vandewerken of TexasJan 15, 2019
30030.  Sharlene Stewart of OklahomaJan 15, 2019
Where people fear their government there's tryanny. Where government fears the people there's liberty! We the people must stand together.
30029.  Betty Jo King of MassachusettsJan 15, 2019
Mr President please do our country a favor and listen to Larry Klayman and we the people.
30028.  Jean Bozell of FloridaJan 15, 2019
30027.  Steven Henson of KansasJan 15, 2019
I watched the Senate Confirmation Hearing today with William Barr and I am very concerned about his answers to several questions. 1) He said Mueller would not engage in any Witch Hunt, 2) He said he was long time friends with Robert Mueller, 3) He was involved with GHWB in Iran Contra and CIA Controversies. I am also concerned that he was welcomed by Democrats. Let's keep Whitaker onboard for now and select the right person!
30026.  Edmund Dunne of IdahoJan 15, 2019
President Trump, Get rid of those bums around you and drain the swswampDon't go swimming in it.
30025.  Marisela Magallanes of CaliforniaJan 15, 2019
Larry Klayman is a righteous attorney.
30023.  Ellen Rae Nickey of IowaJan 15, 2019
30022.  Lucy of MinnesotaJan 15, 2019
30021.  David Stonestreet of North CarolinaJan 15, 2019
It's time to get a bulldog in as the AG, not a puppy dog.
30020.  Walter of IndianaJan 15, 2019
30019.  Robin of GuamJan 15, 2019
Watching these adults waste our tax pennies fighting like kindergarten sandbox brats &or estate sibling greedy heirs does not Make American Great Again. We can vote every election. Elected employees, start behaving & start solving problems like innocent Christians.
30018.  John Patterson of ArkansasJan 15, 2019
30017.  Terrie Wooldridge of OklahomaJan 15, 2019
30016.  Mercedes Nunez of FloridaJan 15, 2019
30015.  Jay frye of CaliforniaJan 15, 2019
Deep state gallows
30014.  Gail Parmentier of MissouriJan 14, 2019
30013.  Roger George Daigle of MaineJan 14, 2019
I am a homeles forgotten Veteran and stil a homeless forgotten Veteran with a "Which Hunt Case of my own, likely associated to the pending Clinton Foundation Case", State Officials etc. have falsely begun lablling Me as mentally ill & Violent... for concealment purposes, of Estate Fraude by Design (and now Concealment!) while the State of Maine is liable for Federal investigation(s) into Murder for Money, they have not been doing said required Investigation(s), hence RICO as I do my own Investigation(s) as said last Heir and as Executor of said Estate! Estate of Dolores A Daigle, which I have left open by not cashing Coperate Bank Check, Etc.; Officials thereafter concealing said "questions of Murder" along with multiple Antitrust & other major Violations against my three deceased Family Members and myself, as Executor; this, all while I have stepped into my Mother's/Grandmother's Corperate Shoes as Executor, I have the Corperate Bank Check to prove Corperate standing while Estate rem...
30012.  Delbert Lemley of IowaJan 14, 2019
30011.  Gilbert Vik of WashingtonJan 14, 2019
30010.  Daniel J Kirby of New YorkJan 13, 2019
30009.  mary mcnulty of OhioJan 13, 2019
30008.  Monica Riggs of ColoradoJan 13, 2019
This Terrorism needs to be eliminated once and for all Thank you for all you do for the American People. Sadly we have rapidly deteriorated to Criminal Just Us Justice. Through out numerous courts across the nation. Mine was Colorado District Court 21 under DA Pete Hautzinger. Discriminating Obstruction for Public Corruption so hideous Lucifer would vomit. I attempted to under go a Title VII Activity 2012, that if it were allowed to run its Natural Course would have easily commanded $50 Million, Sexual Discrimination work place Violent Harassment. That in its self is motivation for Target Assassination, to Silence a Whistle Blower. Contacting Colorado Consumer Protection under AGs John Struthers and Cynthia Coffman was my fatal mistake. The Disease of these Criminals is a Reflection of Grand Junction Colorado City hall, and Corrupt Courts across the nation. My Targeting was Pin Pointed DEA under Special Agent in Charge Barbra Roach Centennial Colorado. However under OIG Michael Horwi...
30007.  steve ross strutz of OregonJan 13, 2019
Larry Klayman is the only one in the country who can go and clean out the FBI/DOJ
30006.  Apollo H Kollias of CaliforniaJan 13, 2019
30005.  Carlos Sierra of WisconsinJan 13, 2019
30004.  David Bell of TexasJan 13, 2019
30003.  Barb Anderson of WyomingJan 12, 2019
We truly need someone with some integrity...even if they only possessed 60% that would be 58% more than we have had for too many decades. We need counsel that will put those that have commited treason and sedition where they need to be - realizing that all that were in offices while Obama was in...along with him, they commited treason/sedition if they signed onto his legislation. They/he have really hurt this country.
30002.  Mark Vincent of OhioJan 12, 2019
30001.  Chuck Anselmi of OregonJan 12, 2019
30000.  DAVID NETHERTON of KentuckyJan 12, 2019
29999.  gary j bloom of IdahoJan 12, 2019
29998.  Carolyn Hecker of WashingtonJan 12, 2019
Although I trust President Trump, is it possible he could have confused Bill and Bob? I know he has a lot on his plate,and it wouldn’t surprise me if someone switched the names.My first thought was why hire a man who has said terrible things about you in the past? It doesn’t make any sense that the same man Bill Barr would recuse himself on a Mueller Investigation.
29997.  Gina Vinci of (Non-U.S.)Jan 12, 2019
Eager for justice to be restored to America and in its wake to Canada and the rest of the free world.
29996.  peter manbar of New HampshireJan 12, 2019
29995.  Andrew Chin of FloridaJan 12, 2019
29994.  James Wesslig of ArizonaJan 12, 2019
29993.  David Gingrich of MichiganJan 12, 2019
Don't need any more Deep State Actor Cronies in Trump's White House. We need to Progress back to our Constitutional republic as our Constitution MADATES.
29992.  Mark of Rhode IslandJan 12, 2019
When Rosenstein, Muelller and their ilk falsely target our duly elected President, they are not merely trying to restrain or remove President Trump but also they are attacking the American people- even those that did not vote for Trump. And we the people know it!
29991.  Donald Gabel of PennsylvaniaJan 12, 2019
I wish you the best of luck with this Larry Klayman. Someone needs to brings this Deep State to their knees.
29990.  Shannon VanDenBosch of MichiganJan 12, 2019
29989.  Tedd & Jodee Gassman of IowaJan 12, 2019
We agree totally.
29988.  zee Gnigler of IllinoisJan 12, 2019
Replace William Barr as the Next Attorney General With Bob Barr and to Appoint Larry Klayman as Special Counsel to Investigate the Clintons and Finally Bring Criminal Charges Against Them!
29987.  Dr. J. Hendershot of IndianaJan 12, 2019
The "Swamp" MUST be dismantled and DRAINED!
29986.  john warrren of TennesseeJan 11, 2019
Mueller is too biased in favour of the Democrats to be sitting in judgment over a Republican President.
29985.  david viera of TexasJan 11, 2019
29984.  Judy French of TexasJan 11, 2019
We need to drain the swamp!
29983.  Lisa D. Letto of PennsylvaniaJan 11, 2019
29982.  Klaus Becker of IowaJan 11, 2019
29981.  Kevin Haller of MissouriJan 11, 2019
We don't need another Jeff Sessions. If Bill goes to tea with Mueller, he should join Mueller's team. America wants somebody on their side, not Mueller's side.
29980.  John Martini of WisconsinJan 11, 2019
Please do not keep hiring swamp dwellers- Lets get Bob Barr for AG and more strength behind your back
29979.  Laura Rose Clayton of NevadaJan 11, 2019
29978.  Joe Mat of VirginiaJan 11, 2019
29977.  David of OregonJan 11, 2019
This is the issue: Do we believe in our capacity for self-government, or do we abandon the American Revolution and acknowledge that a few intellectual elites in a far distant capital can plan our lives for us better then we can ourselves? We are not ignorant citizen incapable of determining what is best for ourselves. Nor are we blind to the flagrant misuse by, and inappropriate conduct of our elected public leaders. All leaders must be held completely accountable for their actions that break the laws which we have established by our legislators and mandated by the will of the people. The moral and ethical corruption must not be allowed to continue and unchallenged and it must be punished to the fullest extent of our laws so that the world will see that the government of the United States is still responsible and answerable to, We the people! High crimes and misdemeanors Traders Of the United States The charge of high crimes and misdemeanors covers allegations of misconduct peculiar ...
29976.  Edward Foster of CaliforniaJan 11, 2019
29975.  Elizabeth J Sarwaryn-Klimas of CaliforniaJan 11, 2019
POTUS selected the wrong Barr for AG (William Barr vs Bob Barr) was it mistake, coincidence or intentional confusion?
29974.  Gen Sicat of NevadaJan 11, 2019
29973.  Paul of South CarolinaJan 11, 2019
Appoint Larry Klayman as Special Counsel to Investigate the Clintons and their personal slush fund foundation and bring the criminal actions to justice.
29972.  Keith Rees of GeorgiaJan 11, 2019
29971.  Sylvia Cole of ArizonaJan 11, 2019
29970.  Robert T. Bobar of New JerseyJan 11, 2019
Good luck Larry Klayman, I hope your appointed to the special council. However the choice of William Barr instead of Joe DiGenova, No Declassification (including on everything that smells, ALL JFK, ALL False Flags, elc), or any Frazzledrip investigation etc, doesn't look very hopeful for being picked but keep on swinging.
29969.  Malta of ArizonaJan 11, 2019
Mueller and this special council is a cancer to justice. He not only should be removed but charged with conspiracy, fraud, treason, perjury, extortion and a whole host of other crimes. This whole special council is nothing more than a disgraceful vendetta against a duly elected legal president and the people that elected him!
29968.  Brent of CaliforniaJan 10, 2019
29967.  Donna E Turner of New YorkJan 10, 2019
Robert Mueller is abusing the power of his office. No one should be above the law.
29966.  Richard Adam of (Non-U.S.)Jan 10, 2019
I pray that Mueller is actually investigating the Clinton-Bush-Obama crime syndicate.
29965.  Rochelle Susan Abramson of CaliforniaJan 10, 2019
29964.  James George of IowaJan 09, 2019
Please remove Mueller.
29963.  Robert Gillham of KentuckyJan 09, 2019
29962.  Norma Roberts of TennesseeJan 09, 2019
Trump should have the same right to have his own team rather than the residuals of the Obama regemine that have undermined him from the beginning. Maybe he should have demanded resignations from them all from the beginning and started with a fresh start - it would have made things much less stressful and is the Democrats hadn’t caused riots, terroristic behaviour and constant court fights at least he could have had an opportunity to something done instead of constantly battling to get anything done. Obama, who was the worst excuse for a President, and not eligible in the first place being Nigerian, was an embarrassment to the nation with his agenda to destroy the USA never had 10% of the opposition Trump has had but the press kept playing the race card in his defence - a liefr the start. There was no evidence of that one but there has been so much fake news against Trump it is pathetic. Granted Trump should not “tweet” like he do us, but he was elected and should b...
29961.  Stephen Anderson of OhioJan 09, 2019
29960.  David Boeker of LouisianaJan 09, 2019
29959.  Rudy L Hulinsky of UtahJan 08, 2019
29958.  Rosemary Orlando of MichiganJan 08, 2019
The waste of taxpayers money. Fake dossiers with false info to go after the people appointed President.
29957.  Alvin King U.S.M.M. Ret. of MinnesotaJan 08, 2019
ALL deep state corruption needs to be rooted out, prosecuted and sentences carried out!
29956.  John R. Prukop of WashingtonJan 08, 2019
This Trump witch hunt and trying to 'create' a crime needs to stop. Mueller was complicit in the criminal cover-up of 9/11 and needs to go bye-bye and be one of the FIRST residents of GITMO!
29955.  Laraine Abbey-Katzev of FloridaJan 07, 2019
That Uranium One deal stunk from the get-go! Our nation is in the middle of a highly organized soft coup by the now radical left. The goal: the destruction of national sovereignty, the promotion of Godless socialism and globalism, where freedom gives way to tyrannical government, implemented by force. Leave Mueller but appoint Klayman as another special prosecutor in charge of the Obama/Clinton crimes investigation.
29954.  Patricia M. Whitep of AlaskaJan 07, 2019
29953.  JAMES of WisconsinJan 07, 2019
29952.  Guy Chlupsa of FloridaJan 07, 2019
29951.  Anthony conrad of FloridaJan 07, 2019
29950.  Rob Girard Weitekamp of TexasJan 06, 2019
29949.  Mark W Norwood of FloridaJan 06, 2019
Please ADD Mueller to The Long List of Persons that SHOULD be in GITMO. As of Yesterday! Please Expedite. . .Treason & Sedition Charges as well.
29948.  LARRY of CaliforniaJan 06, 2019
29947.  Richard C Manetta of New YorkJan 06, 2019
29946.  Joseph Murphy of TexasJan 06, 2019
29945.  william chaffin of ArizonaJan 06, 2019
ok fine we all keep hearing of the corruption in Washington. NOW the important part. How can we defeat them and bring them to the justice that they deserve !!!!! America is heading for a fall a fatal fall.
29944.  Sandra Bens of New YorkJan 06, 2019
Mueller should be locked up for his treasonous acts. Larry do what you can to meet with President Trump to advise him, he's surrounded by these snakes who have their own agenda and definitely not for the benefit of we the people and our commander in chief. Thank you Larry Klayman for all you're doing for our Nation. God Bless you and your Family, God Bless our President, God Bless America and All the Patriots.
29943.  Sandra Bensliman of New YorkJan 06, 2019
29942.  Joseph W. of MontanaJan 06, 2019
Godspeed, Mr. Klayman. #LockThemAllUp
29941.  Luella K Vincent of IdahoJan 06, 2019
29940.  William Brian Killion of UtahJan 06, 2019
"suit" up!
29939.  William Furness of MassachusettsJan 06, 2019
Put up or shut down your investigation, after all this time your operation as been exposed as a fraud against the President and the American people. Living in Massachusetts frustrates conservatives that wants to advance public policy. Either expose the the crime for all to see or shut down the investigation, then let the American people decide in 2020, what type of government they want. We don't need partisan hacks continuing poisoning the accomplishments of the current administration.
29938.  Peter Zubek of New YorkJan 06, 2019
29937.  Adam SSB Graham of AlabamaJan 06, 2019
This petition should have 3 more zeros at the end if the people awoke from their slumber and counted the chickens.
29936.  Tammy R of PennsylvaniaJan 05, 2019
29935.  Brooke Asbury of FloridaJan 05, 2019
Worth a try. Too much background noise to make it happen. The liberals are basing their whole existence on this
29934.  Mary Morin of CaliforniaJan 05, 2019
29933.  michael david of OklahomaJan 05, 2019
29932.  John Aguero of CaliforniaJan 05, 2019
29931.  Richard Murvin of North CarolinaJan 05, 2019
its time for Mueller to go
29930.  John of IllinoisJan 05, 2019
The federal court system is very political Since Clinton Obama days. The Supreme Court is in denial and the president is giving in to the most pathetic lying stealing murdering democrat out right bragging machine
29929.  Matt johnson of WashingtonJan 05, 2019
29928.  Ron Mergler of OhioJan 05, 2019
Since Mr Mueller didn't fight the good fight as a younger man he shouldn't be given the privilege to fight for the Democrats who haven't either !
29927.  jamie schmitz of New YorkJan 05, 2019
We, THE PEOPLE, gotta do something. Its great to converse, but we need action and Larry is doing that... Thanks Larry.
29926.  Mark J Subowicz of VirginiaJan 04, 2019
What a waste of taxpayer dollars! Fire Mueller and turn the tables on him and his team - indict them all and return the rule of law to what the founders intended.
29925.  Kristen L Bellino of OhioJan 04, 2019
Long overdue
29924.  richard l selim of IowaJan 04, 2019
get rid of Mueller & prosecute him.
29923.  Gilbert of ColoradoJan 04, 2019
29922. of FloridaJan 04, 2019
29921.  Alan munder of CaliforniaJan 04, 2019
Muller by actions is not seeking truth but pursuing the DNC agenda. I want him indicted not fired.
29920.  Terri of ArizonaJan 04, 2019
#DrainTheSwamp #FakeFarceMuellerCrap
29919.  Matthew J Kearney Jr. of New JerseyJan 04, 2019
29918.  James Willis of West VirginiaJan 04, 2019
Obama oversaw the surveillance and unmasking of American citizens and he and his Justice Department ignored wrong doing by Clinton. Then they perjured themselves with the FISA Court. If the FISA Court may be abused in this manner it needs to be abolished.
29917.  Alvin Lange of TexasJan 04, 2019
29916.  John W King of ArkansasJan 04, 2019
29915.  Robert Pollard of AlabamaJan 04, 2019
29914.  Aaron Fuhrman of VirginiaJan 04, 2019
The treasonous Robert Mueller needs to pay.
29913.  Ronald L Athon of TennesseeJan 04, 2019
Absolute corruption! With over 2 years of harassment, blackmail, threats intimidation and millions of dollars and still virtually nothing to show for it. Please end the insanity!
29912.  Jeff Richardson of ArizonaJan 03, 2019
Mueller has had more than enough time to find any evidence, if there was any against Trump, and will not look at the obvious evidence within the Democrat party. Therefore he should be removed from this witch hunt of Trump, and a new investigator be assigned to start an investigation into the corruption of the Treasonous Democrats during the 2016 election.
29911.  Ad of OhioJan 03, 2019
Great news today re: your cross-claim, good work. If you need assistance that can be performed remotely, then let me know. I am a former civil litigation attorney who suffered for assisting others and willing to help you expose the evil occurring in this case as well. Ad
29910.  Sylvia O Ireland of NevadaJan 03, 2019
Thank you for all the work you and your people are doing to help all Americans. it's time to put Clinton's and Obama's and Mueller's Cabal behind Bars! Their crimes are Historical, and all done while in office! Especially the X President's! No more talking Jail time for Treason! God bless you, and thank you for helping our Great President and Country!
29909.  Cynthia Bowen of IdahoJan 03, 2019
Thank you for fighting for our freedom. My Prayer is that Larry Klayman will be appointed Special Counsel and fight for what is right. I love my Country and to what it being destoyed by these people is a disgrace.
29908.  Jesse Pettry of ArkansasJan 02, 2019
Go get um! I'm with you!
29907.  Jeffrey Deal of New JerseyJan 02, 2019
29906.  Paul R Albrecht of PennsylvaniaJan 02, 2019
29905.  Grady Sparks of TexasJan 01, 2019
29904.  Sean Flanagan of CaliforniaJan 01, 2019
End Mueller-Kampf. The Mueller witch hunt is not about right and wrong, corruption in government or protecting the country. It is a taxpayer funded fishing expedition, one in which if the data is tortured enough it will confess to anything. $28 million is enough and yet it has confessed to damn little.
29903.  Dan of OregonJan 01, 2019
The corruption needs to be dealt with, both in the Cranium and Uranium! To think my speeding ticket helps pay for this garbage.
29902.  raymond M fernandez of PennsylvaniaJan 01, 2019
29901.  Cheryl Joplin of ArizonaJan 01, 2019
Praying that Jerome Corsi's lawsuit against Mueller, DOJ, FBI, NSA, CIA will prove the defendants are engaging in illegal activities for seditious purposes.
29900.  Raul Arispe of TexasJan 01, 2019
29899.  Michael Greis of New YorkJan 01, 2019
29898.  Ron Siewert of CaliforniaJan 01, 2019
29897.  Candid France of MontanaDec 31, 2018
The do nothing Congress won't fix the insane immigration loopholes and allow invasions at our borders, won't find the wall, but allow this insane witch hunt to go on. I think they should be fired along with Mueller and all his minions.
29896.  Ann Jacobs of New JerseyDec 31, 2018
Thank you for all you do!!
29895.  Jim and Gloria of CaliforniaDec 31, 2018
Try touching the greatest President ever!!! See where that takes you Demwits. Warning.. don’t try it. You won’t like the outcome. Don’t try us patriots!!! You won’t win!!!! Not even close!!!!!
29894.  LeRoy of TexasDec 31, 2018
The Mueller investigation & the DEMONrats are both criminal entities , & need to be brought to JUSTICE !!!!~
29893.  Darins Mazzucchi of CaliforniaDec 31, 2018
29892.  susan harrington of New YorkDec 31, 2018
Mr Klayman,True US Patriot,Thank You.
29891.  jim nashwinter of GeorgiaDec 31, 2018
29890.  Ricardo of CaliforniaDec 31, 2018
Have someone to shoot mueller on site
29889.  Kirk Cramer SR of MichiganDec 31, 2018
POTUS Trump, fire criminal muller now !
29888.  Amy Hodgson of New YorkDec 30, 2018
29887.  Renny Curvers of (Non-U.S.)Dec 30, 2018
29886.  Judy Proli of FloridaDec 30, 2018
29885.  michael a potter of New YorkDec 30, 2018
29884.  delores schmit of OregonDec 30, 2018
29883.  Cr Hinckle of New YorkDec 30, 2018
29882.  bill stewart of MichiganDec 30, 2018
29881.  Col. Jim Miles of TexasDec 30, 2018
29880.  Ann Warwick of New JerseyDec 30, 2018
The whole investigation is illegal! And totally bias! We all know about the Clinton and Obama scandals, but Mueller and the left go after Trump for anything they can come up with.
29879.  Kevin Johnson of MinnesotaDec 30, 2018
29878.  George L Blickensderfer of ColoradoDec 30, 2018
29877.  MICHAEL ABOUD of NevadaDec 29, 2018
29876.  Laura Quilici of NevadaDec 29, 2018
Our government is so corrupt. Mueller should never have been appointed as he has a conflict of interest and has been busy hiding past tracks of his own corruption. The mid term voter fraud was rampant. The border wall will get funded by "go Fund me" before our "Representatives" ever do something for the American people. The American people want accountability and justice not more of their self serving same. Mueller, Pelosi, Feinstein, Waters, Graham & Rubio should be brought up on Treason and Sedition charges for starters.
29875.  James Howard of WashingtonDec 29, 2018
Sock it to Mueller!
29874.  Cheryl Adamson of South DakotaDec 29, 2018
29873.  Terry Molder of WisconsinDec 29, 2018
29872.  Rick E LaRue of ArizonaDec 29, 2018
29871.  Joann Vires of South CarolinaDec 29, 2018
There is a lot of people need to go Robert Muller First and also Pelosi, Schumer, Maxine. Build the wall, FREZZE congress pay until they are willing to work with you. Stop helping planned parent hood to kill babies with handouts make the handouts birth control for anyone over 18 You are in my eyes doing a wonderful job and with a little help from congress it would be a better USA. Thank You Joann Vires
29870.  Lloyd Stebbins of FloridaDec 29, 2018
29869.  Loretta of OklahomaDec 29, 2018
these democrats are all corrupt. They need to be rid of the US government now.
29868.  Jeffrey of FloridaDec 29, 2018
29867.  Mike Richey of AlabamaDec 29, 2018
29866.  James Kevin Whitt of FloridaDec 29, 2018
29865.  Marsha Whitt of FloridaDec 29, 2018
29864.  Vicky Spear of OregonDec 29, 2018
29863.  Linda Barber of OregonDec 29, 2018
29862.  Layne Dewlen of South CarolinaDec 29, 2018
29861.  Marcia Fox of IllinoisDec 29, 2018
29860.  Frances Deacon of MassachusettsDec 29, 2018
29859.  Cynthia Murphy of NevadaDec 29, 2018
29858.  Bill hub of ConnecticutDec 29, 2018
Why did you pick mueller anyway? He worked w the clintons for years!! Get rid of the guy who told you to hire bad guys I guess you did... Finally.
29857.  Sally Vaughn of WyomingDec 28, 2018
29856.  Donna McAleer of TexasDec 28, 2018
29855.  Linda Simmons of FloridaDec 28, 2018
This is precisely what I have been fearing they will try to do to President Trump. We definitely need the right people in the appropriate places to protect America and the People from such a coup. It is scary to many of us. Move quickly so that all of this will come as a huge surprise to Pelosi, Schumer and their socialist supporters!
29854.  John L. Wineinger of TexasDec 28, 2018
29853. of CaliforniaDec 28, 2018
I’m tired of elitists, globalists, communists, and socialists. Tired of phony journalism and corruption at all levels of government. God Bless Donald Trump, and a HANDFUL of true patriots in congress who ACTUALLY HONOR THEIR OATHES to support and defend the Constitution of these United States. Fire Mueller. They can’t censor us forever, and they can’t hide the truth forever. Eventually, good AMERICANS WILL BE HEARD! It will be deafening. Corruption will be defeated.
29852.  Lewis R. Isbell, Sr. of IdahoDec 28, 2018
I pray that you achieve honest verdicts for all your clients, and that you remove Mueller from his offfice.
29851.  Mark Subowicz of VirginiaDec 28, 2018
The millions of dollars spent on this Mueller farce could have been put to a more practical use - i.e., BUILD THE WALL. It sickens me that taxpayer money is enriching Mueller and his Democrat partisan team!
29850.  William C Homolka of New YorkDec 28, 2018
It is overtime to remove this phony political hake and start indicting the political RAT mafia in this country. All are guilty of treason!
29849.  Jess Tucker of PennsylvaniaDec 28, 2018
We have the best Judicial system that money can buy.
29848.  Thomas E. Hutchinson of FloridaDec 28, 2018
He was charged to find any Russian collusion NOT only Republican He has only focused on Republicans and Zero Democrats who did have Russian collusion
29847.  Ron Riddle of TexasDec 27, 2018
GATA Larry!
29846.  John Miller of NevadaDec 27, 2018
Mueller belongs behind bars in GITMO!
29845.  Star Ali Mistriel of NevadaDec 27, 2018
It is way past time to REMOVE Robert Mueller because he is in a position where he can not possibly be fair or just due to decades of prior service in agencies that present conflicts of interest, possible collusion to obstruct justice, even sedition. In his place, I respectfully submit that Larry Klayman be appointed. I am a public school teacher going on three decades, and am extremely concerned with Mueller and his associated past work dealings in historical events. He should have recused himself or not taken the task in recent years due to great conflicts. Thank you and GOD Bless America!
29844.  Michele Jones of CaliforniaDec 27, 2018
29843.  Dennis Burton of TexasDec 27, 2018
29842.  Victor Luisotti of CaliforniaDec 25, 2018
Stop all the injustice
29841.  Jonathon Rice of MarylandDec 25, 2018
Praying that President Trump will appoint you as Attorney General chillfire treasonous traitor Robert Mueller and Rod Rosenstein so you could truly drain the swamp and expose the Deep State Antichrist devils trying to destroy America to bring their Anti-God Antichrist United Nations world government with Obama as the Antichrist and Obama Pope Francis of the false prophet... Johnny Rice ☺🙏🇺🇸 Johnny Rice For Congress 5th District MD to retire 36-year Democrat Congressman Steny “The Puppet” Hoyer Campaign Office 240.241.2724
29840.  Robert L. Diamond of New YorkDec 25, 2018
Hillary Clinton gave Russia 20% of American uranium. The Russians poured millions of dollars into the ClintonFoundation, in payment. THE ACTUAL RUSSIAN COLLABERATION WAS BETWEEN HILLARY AND RUSSIA. Hillary violated security rules by keeping State Department business on a vulnerable and hackable computer. These are national security violations and should be prosecuted. The thugs Mueller, Rosenstein, and Comey acted in treasonous way by not prosecuting them. LARRY KLAYMAN SHOULD PROSECUTE CLINTON, MUELLER, ROSENSTEIN AND THE OTHER FBI THUGS FOR HIGH TREASON AND PUT THEM ALL IN JAIL.
29839.  Robert Domachowski of OhioDec 25, 2018
29838.  Richard Erens of OregonDec 25, 2018
Robert Mueller is a disgrace to all patriotic Americans who understand the scam Mueller is pulling. He has also disgraced himself as an ex-Marine! Ex as in no Marine I know would ever pull the crap that this man is getting away with.
29837.  ALPHONSE SCARANTINO of MichiganDec 24, 2018
29836.  Lynda Dentry of FloridaDec 23, 2018
29835.  Michael Mullenmaster of CaliforniaDec 23, 2018
29834.  William Tucker of IowaDec 22, 2018
29833.  Patricia A Bruce of OhioDec 21, 2018
29832.  Byron Coleman of TexasDec 21, 2018
29831.  Joseph A Casci of FloridaDec 20, 2018
29830.  Larry K. Koskela of OregonDec 20, 2018
29829. of TexasDec 19, 2018
29828.  Glen Hanisko of WisconsinDec 18, 2018
29827.  ROBERTA RENEE KELLY of WyomingDec 18, 2018
The witch hunt should never have happened. the fake Dossier should be invalid and all who accepted it for use should be prosecuted.
29826.  angeol pecorilla of NevadaDec 17, 2018
29825.  Barbara of PennsylvaniaDec 17, 2018
Hi,you are so far the only lawyer, that has set out to take on the Mueller team, as we know ,they are the most corrupt attorneys in the country. Why other lawyers do not it take on the Mueller team like you? Thank you for doing this for our country!
29824.  Rick Reese of MontanaDec 16, 2018
$25 MILLION plus and NADA, Another swamp rat on the dole
29823.  Jane Ralowicz of MassachusettsDec 16, 2018
29822.  Raymond D. Schall of PennsylvaniaDec 16, 2018
29821.  Kendall of South CarolinaDec 16, 2018
Kick some ass
29820.  Stephen of ConnecticutDec 15, 2018
29819.  Roger Hayward of PennsylvaniaDec 15, 2018
This investigation is illegal in which no crime occurred. Criminals should not be investigating no crime but is a coup and not a peaceful transition of power.
29818.  Laura Polk of TexasDec 15, 2018
29817.  MaryEllen Fox of TennesseeDec 15, 2018
29816.  Domenico Simone of ConnecticutDec 14, 2018
It's a disgrace the damage that Muller is doing to our country. To Muller directly, If in fact you do have evidence of Russian collusion, bring it on. Do your crap or get off the pot, instead of continuing to waste us tax payers money and leave the president alone to make America great again which he has already proven that he is doing. But for you socialist lovers that is no good, because you'll loose the grounds you had made over the past eight years to enslave and or destroy the middle class. Think of your grand kids, your family grand kids and so on, who because of you and people like you, will be denied the opportunities that this great country of ours afforded our generation and the many others before, if you have any sense of truth, principles and conscience left in you.
29815.  Nancy Brinkman of South CarolinaDec 14, 2018
29814.  Ken Hinnenkamp of FloridaDec 14, 2018
29813.  Arthur. D. Jacobs of PennsylvaniaDec 14, 2018
29812.  Rick Adam of (Non-U.S.)Dec 14, 2018
29811.  Joseph of IllinoisDec 14, 2018
29810.  David of New JerseyDec 13, 2018
Whatever happened to LAWYER/CLIENT priviledge. In the past, lawyers would never disclose what was told to them in confidence. Somewhat comparable to a Catholic priest in a confessional. Another comparison would be a NEWS REPORTER (the reputable ones) who would never disclose their sources, they use to go to jail? JUST SAYING???? Things certainly have changed?? Mueller has people turning against their own mother (just kidding!), but with all the lies that went on with Hillary's email and Weiner's computer and his wife?? Then there is the Ambassador of Benghazi who "BO!" OBAMA and HILLARY left there to be murdered by terrorist with no help forthcoming. That's not even mentioning the special forces troops who gave their lives trying to defend the Ambassador. SO MUCH TO INVESTIGATE, but EYES WIDE SHUT!!!! UNBELIEVABLE MUELLER??? Oh, and did I forget to mention the Uranium deal that Mueller and Comey were both involved in??? Let alone the American taxpayers cash money given to...
29809.  David Batteau of CaliforniaDec 13, 2018
29808.  mitch hull of KentuckyDec 13, 2018
29807.  michael of AlaskaDec 12, 2018
29806.  Steven Matthews of MarylandDec 12, 2018
29805.  Sharen K. Bunn of IllinoisDec 12, 2018
Mueller needs to be removed he is bias. This has cost a lot of tax payers money for nothing. The collusion was on the Dems. side Hillary.
29804.  Jim Farmer of LouisianaDec 12, 2018
29803.  Donald Trickey of PennsylvaniaDec 12, 2018
29802.  Terry of ArizonaDec 11, 2018
Mueller is a member of the DEEP STATE.put him in GIRMO!!!
29801.  Michael McNulty of NevadaDec 11, 2018
29800.  Kenneth Boyer of MichiganDec 11, 2018
29799.  Bryan Ford of AlaskaDec 11, 2018
29798.  Ruth Gray of New YorkDec 11, 2018
End the Mueller witch hunt.
29797.  michael JOSEPH maximovich of OhioDec 11, 2018
29796.  Robert Solomon of MarylandDec 11, 2018
29795.  Arietta Geisenheimer of LouisianaDec 11, 2018
I pray that these evil people such as Mueller are proved willfull criminals against the US and sentenanced to death for treason as well as all others connected with them. The United States fought to be free of oppression from England. Now, we are fighting for it again by domestic and foreign actors. GOD BLESS AND KEEP ALL PATRIOTS!
29794.  Toni Pahl of NevadaDec 10, 2018
We the People call on President Trump to Remove Robert Mueller as Special Counsel and to Appoint Larry Klayman !!! to Investigate the Clinton Email, Uranium One, and Fusion GPS Scandals! We also support Freedom Watch's LAWSUIT to REMOVE Mueller.
29793.  Bob White of AlaskaDec 10, 2018
29792.  Beniami Grama of IllinoisDec 09, 2018
29791.  Emory Goodrich of FloridaDec 08, 2018
29790.  Laura Tibbs of TexasDec 07, 2018
I, for the life of me -- do not know how Crooked Mueller is even involved in this to begin with. He should be in prison for putting innocent people in prison to die, knowing he is a list, trying to get even with our POTUS TRUMP, because Comey his best bud was fired. How can he even sleep at night knowing what he is...DIRTY!!! NO SOUL!
29789.  Rick Tassin of TexasDec 07, 2018
29788.  oswald dsouza (india) of (Non-U.S.)Dec 07, 2018
mr muller is a crooked lawyer, he be prosecuted for hsbc case, 911 case , uranium case carry the cake to moscow throw him out lock stock and barrel of usa
29787.  brenda of IllinoisDec 07, 2018
29786.  jody of MissouriDec 06, 2018
29785.  William of OregonDec 06, 2018
It is a gross shame American taxpayers have had to go through this shenanigan of a $30-40 million dollar scam against WE THE PEOPLE. Time to investigate Mueller & put this investigation into the highly capable hands of Larry Klayman. Let's give honesty a chance !...
29784.  Peggy Chamberlain of CaliforniaDec 06, 2018
Robert Mueller is a criminal. Denying innocent people their rights. He’ll do anything to keep himself out of prison and get trump even if only by swaying public opinion. Investigate Hilary and all the swamp rats!!!
29783.  Edward J McDonald of CaliforniaDec 06, 2018
29782.  Kent Whitcomb of TexasDec 06, 2018
Here's more hard earned funds to preserve our precious freedoms and bring these criminals to justice ! ! ! So we can have a very merry CHRIST MASS ! ! !
29781.  judy mckee of FloridaDec 06, 2018
It is not right that Robert Mueller, has the authority to be above our President. It is not suppose to be so but he is!! It is so obvious that he is prosecuting the good people and letting go the evil doers. It seem that, he is a legal mafia , paid by the tax payers. He is corrupt.
29780.  Charles Cox of ArkansasDec 06, 2018
29779.  James & Rosemary Anderson of ColoradoDec 06, 2018
29778.  Jeffrey Mortag of TexasDec 06, 2018
29777.  carol of North CarolinaDec 06, 2018
mueller is out of control, no collusion by our President so he is trying to make people lie in order to get anything on our President. we the people need to insist this stop now.
29776.  Dru Rosen of TexasDec 05, 2018
I am sick to death that our tax dollars have been wasted by the fraudulent witch hunt created by Obama & Hillary Clinton! I am sick to death in the unbalanced scales of justice. All of this wasted money could have helped build the wall that America desperately needs. I'm sick to death of being banned from Twitter or in Facebook jail because I'm a conservative with a voice pro-Trump and pro-America!
29775.  jody ann foster of MissouriDec 05, 2018
29774.  Robin Marquardt of GuamDec 05, 2018
The Mueller investigation is a one sided political farce to deflect the true criminals, HiLiary R. Clinton, Comey, BObama etal; who's acts if allowed should enter college text books so EVERYONE can commit such crimes as spying without warrant, pay to play (Uranium1) destroying subpoenaed evidence, and allowing FBI political bias as standard operating procedure. Do you agree that these acts/crimes are what we should teach our children as acceptable? [I say NOT]
29773.  Thomas Powell of CaliforniaDec 05, 2018
29772.  Tim Knoedler of MinnesotaDec 05, 2018
29771.  gene blockman of FloridaDec 05, 2018
29770.  Terry Mengle of WashingtonDec 05, 2018
29769.  Amos Kamau of DelawareDec 05, 2018
Send them all to it for our republic..
29768. of ArizonaDec 05, 2018
This corruption is the laughing stalk of the world all while muellers and clintons own absolutely sickening treasons crimes are being covered up all while framing out commander and chief the disgusting liberal media is working over time to mislead the american people while working in concert to cover all obamas on down crimes working hand and hand with the deep state on every level to frame president Trump and cover all there many serious crimes of treason tax evasion fraud pay to play all the real collusion with the uranium one deal hillary took 145 million illegally from russia for 20% of our urainium but again nothing to to see here right and worst part obama was leading it all framing donald all while illegally spying on a rival candidate to be honest i dont know any mob on earth thats ever committed more crimes at the very highest level and where talking billions of dollars here this should be who the fbi is raiding not the damn whistleblowers for Christ sake just shows how truly ...
29767.  Janice of FloridaDec 05, 2018
It is about time that this Witch Hunt stop. This is the USA and I believe that limits should be applied to all investigations by out government, my tax dollars are being wasted on this. Now we need to investigate Robert Mueller and his gang for their crimes, not looking for any crime made up or whatever Mueller likes so that he can impeach Trump.
29766.  john sherman of OhioDec 04, 2018
29765.  david frost of ArizonaDec 04, 2018
larry klayman is the smartest best looking attorney on tv today please appoint him special council because everything he says is spot on. everything larry klayman says is completely truthfull. smartest man i have every had the honor of listening to on tv
29764.  Barry Kalb of OhioDec 04, 2018
29763.  Michael Battey of CaliforniaDec 04, 2018
29762.  todddent of IowaDec 04, 2018
Larry Clayman for AG!!
29761.  Brenda of WisconsinDec 04, 2018
29760.  Alexa Ankeny of WashingtonDec 03, 2018
29759.  Ashley F Wilson III of ColoradoDec 03, 2018
Remove him NOW!!!!!
29758.  Thomas Beaty of TexasDec 03, 2018
End this Witch Hunt NOW
29757.  rose nashwinter of GeorgiaDec 03, 2018
29756.  Samuel Goldstein of New YorkDec 03, 2018
29755.  Brenda Harshe of OhioDec 03, 2018
29754.  MARY JANE KUCERA of OhioDec 03, 2018
29753.  Maryann Cassidy of WashingtonDec 03, 2018
Mueller should be jailed.
29752.  Brian D. Lange of OhioDec 02, 2018
Mueller along with Hillary, and Obama are just a few that should be in jail for TREASON. Many others as well that were with, and around Obama. I.e. Holder, Rice, Lynch, Clapper etc... All should be in jail.
29751.  susan friis of IndianaDec 02, 2018
Mueller needs to go along with every last one of his minion headhunters. Fire them all. A special investigator totally outside of the DC swamp.
29750.  Richard Bole of MichiganDec 02, 2018
29749.  Samuel J. Crisp of New YorkDec 01, 2018
Mueller the extortionest!
29748.  Kim Lamson of MichiganDec 01, 2018
I am sick and F****** tired of these treasonous S.O.B's trying to overthrow our election, undermine our president, and destroy our republic. It needs to stop!!!!
29747.  terry lamond of ColoradoDec 01, 2018
29746.  flip chacon of FloridaDec 01, 2018
MAGA ! restore our constitution rule of law !
29745.  walt lentz of FloridaDec 01, 2018
It seems we have learned nothing from the past.... WELCOME TO THE NEW INQUISITION !!!!!
29744.  Lisbeth Rytlewski of FloridaDec 01, 2018
Time for Sessions to go. He does not have the President’s or this country’s best interest at heart. Enough is enough. A year and a half of wasting tax payer’s money. There was no Rusia colusion. They know it and we know it. Sessions has no back bone and he’s allowing Muller to dig and dig for crap that has nothing to do with the ‘Russia colussion”.
29743.  gregory pietrowski of MichiganDec 01, 2018
When the first American colonists were being oppressed by thier government(British) they tried to avoid conflicts until they had no choice. These brave men and women banded together to fight for thier family, God and homeland. They sacrificed everything and stood shoulder to shoulder with thier nieghbors to fight. When we have enough who's going to fight for us? When we loose everthing including our dignity we will have to do it the same way as our founders did. That's why we have the 2nd amendment. It was established especially for this reason. Don't tread on us!
29742.  John Ortiz of FloridaDec 01, 2018
Please use every effort you have available to remove Robert Muller who is nothing but a political Democrat liberal special investigator.
29741.  Bill Jamerson of VirginiaDec 01, 2018
29740.  David O. Fields of IndianaNov 30, 2018
29739.  Samuel Fifield of VirginiaNov 30, 2018
29738.  Richard Bright of PennsylvaniaNov 30, 2018
Mueller is going out of his bounds. What does Dr. Corsie have to do with any of this ? He read a e-mail ? He talked to Mr. Stone ? Mueller needs a lean placed on him ! We the People want our $40,000,000 back !
29737.  sharon collins of CaliforniaNov 30, 2018
You are putting the cart before the horse. Trump must announce loud and clear to the nation that he is stopping all abortions and gay rights. Then God will be behind him. Until then, he is pushing a heavy stone up a hill. God won't help until then. If he starts by taking a stand shouting it from the rooftops, and even getting Franklin Graham and others to make a big noise from the white house, though all the demons in hell be against him, God will help supernaturally. We are praying for Trump.
29736.  Lisi McElrath of TexasNov 30, 2018
Great to see someone finally taking action against Mueller's dog and pony fishing expedition show; more power to anyone with legitimate standing to formally come against their ridiculous charade. Go Corsi!! Go Atty Klayman! I so admire their calm resolve.
29735.  Daniel Migliarese of New YorkNov 30, 2018
All roads lead to Obama. I've been saying this a year or more ago. They really don't care about HC, the DEMS want to and need to save Obama. Why doesn't Trump declassify the dox asap? What the hell is he waiting for?
29734.  Hilda Naranjo of WashingtonNov 30, 2018
29733.  James E. Bowen of CaliforniaNov 30, 2018
29732.  Dana of New MexicoNov 30, 2018
29731.  Gene C Valentine of NevadaNov 30, 2018
29730.  Rosemarie Dorn of TennesseeNov 30, 2018
Get rid of the criminal Robert Mueller as Special Counsel. Also, Impeach Chief Justice Roberts!
29729.  Susan of North CarolinaNov 30, 2018
29728.  Anthony Cacao of CaliforniaNov 30, 2018
29727.  JM Donovan of ColoradoNov 30, 2018
Why is the FBI not properly investigating Democrat corruption???
29726.  Diane of FloridaNov 30, 2018
29725.  Susan Miller of New YorkNov 30, 2018
This has gone on long enough. Why isnt anyone investigating Muekers criminal background !!!! God Bless J.W
29724.  Tim of OhioNov 29, 2018
29723.  Irene of MinnesotaNov 29, 2018
29722.  Katie Mehall of ArizonaNov 29, 2018
29721.  Cece of MinnesotaNov 29, 2018
Get rid of mueller and his coupe of anti-American criminals who use the law to destroy their political enemies.
29720.  Autumn Rimi of New YorkNov 29, 2018
29719.  Cerdan Abellira of HawaiiNov 29, 2018
This witch hunt has gone on long enough! Stop wasting our tax dollars on nothing but a deep state political Demonrats agenda to hide the real curuption!
29718.  John Burris of PennsylvaniaNov 29, 2018
29717.  MR& MRS BILL WINN of CaliforniaNov 28, 2018
29716.  Anne of New YorkNov 28, 2018
29715.  Barbie lee Du Pree of PennsylvaniaNov 27, 2018
Muellers appt is illegitimate and he should made to resign!
29714.  David Couch of OhioNov 27, 2018
This entire special council is nothing but Global Elitists of both parties that desire this great nation to indoctrinate the socialist movement! Electing Hillary Clinton as Potus would have the end of the peoples' US Constitution & Bill of Rights. I truly believe the socialist agenda would have gone "Full Steam Ahead" with that anti-American at the helm! Instead of one hurdle to overcome, now the Elitists have three hurdles to overcome: the US Constitution, the conservative American-First, God- following President Trump, and the American loving Patriots across this great nation. This socialist puppet Mueller is 'bought and paid for' and using the tax-payers money to aid in the movement discredit all three factors standing in the Elitists success. This witch-hunt of an investigation is a vise to work against America's best interests!
29713.  robert spencer of GeorgiaNov 27, 2018
good luck
29712.  Karen of North CarolinaNov 27, 2018
29711.  Nannette of NevadaNov 26, 2018
29710.  Peter Meis of ArizonaNov 26, 2018
29709.  Aurelia of CaliforniaNov 25, 2018
29708.  Cheryl of UtahNov 25, 2018
29707.  Asana Beckem of NevadaNov 25, 2018
he should be indicted for leaks and subverting people rights in previous dealings with the public (investigations)
29706.  Karen J Greeson of FloridaNov 25, 2018
29705.  charles ellem of (Non-U.S.)Nov 24, 2018
It is difficult to comprehend the reasoning of people attempting to frustrate the will of a large percentage of the population and a President who is doing his best to resurrect America's world leader status.
29704.  Frank D Materia of PennsylvaniaNov 24, 2018
I really think Mueller is a very -very BAD person -- one of Soros's punk - enough is enough we have way too many things need fixing in our country and President Trump is trying to fix them and these very very bad people keep doing very bad things to obstruct getting these things done--- Not one of these dirty low lives work 90 hours a week -- do not take a salary -not going to get a pension--70 years and people are release from N K - we are getting things made in America and many more things are being done for the good of we the people of America- and these were all done by PRESIDENT Trump --what have the rest of people in government done for we American -- Nancy -Chuck - and all the low live democrats -- GOD Bless every one to do THE RIGHT THING _ WORK WITH PRESIDENT TRUMP
29703.  Yvette D.Hooper of OhioNov 24, 2018
29702.  Edward of North CarolinaNov 24, 2018
29701.  RayBratcher of TennesseeNov 24, 2018
No option ; impeach Roberts for extreme misrepresentation of truths ( fake News)pat of rancid Deep State)
29700.  Ronald Brosius of New JerseyNov 23, 2018
They should all be thrown in jail, for the injustice that they have done to our country.
29699.  Dwight Bakker of IowaNov 23, 2018
29698.  Hany of OregonNov 23, 2018
Stop this disgraceful fiasco investigation led by the rotten Mueller and his rotten team of corrupt prosecutors and let them know that neither them nor millions like them can even shake The Great American President Trump.
29697.  Eileen of FloridaNov 23, 2018
29696.  Suzy Ravitch of TennesseeNov 23, 2018
29695.  Michael of TexasNov 23, 2018
Mueller is too biased to be in this role.
29694.  Kevin Caldon of ConnecticutNov 23, 2018
Matthew 12:25 King James Version (KJV) 25 And Jesus knew their thoughts, and said unto them, Every kingdom divided against itself is brought to desolation; and every city or house divided against itself shall not stand: God Bless.
29693.  Lee Potter of IllinoisNov 23, 2018
29692.  Lyn of North CarolinaNov 23, 2018
29691.  Judy W. Proli of FloridaNov 22, 2018
29690.  Michael of New HampshireNov 21, 2018
Long overdue!!
29689.  Michael & LeeAnn Springer of ArkansasNov 21, 2018
29688.  Jim Hudson of WashingtonNov 21, 2018
29687.  Sheila of CaliforniaNov 21, 2018
Enough is Enough....end this stupidity!
29686.  Jim Hayes of IllinoisNov 21, 2018
Mueller is a parasite on our government He’s got nothing and is destroying our President
29685.  Glenn of UtahNov 21, 2018
29684.  Andy of WisconsinNov 21, 2018
29683.  Michael P Castro of FloridaNov 21, 2018
Make balls out of brass again. Let's go!
29682.  Dr and Mrs. Eddie White of OklahomaNov 21, 2018
29681.  mike ryan of TexasNov 21, 2018
29680.  Theodore D Anderson of MichiganNov 21, 2018
Please appoint Mr. Klayman to take care of business PLEASE
29679.  Daniel of TexasNov 21, 2018
29678. of TexasNov 21, 2018
29677.  Michael Richards of New YorkNov 21, 2018
Bane Enough Mueller Deep State Witch Hunt
29676.  Grady Deal PhD DC of North CarolinaNov 21, 2018
remove the traitor
29675.  Karla golbaharnewbill of CaliforniaNov 20, 2018
29674.  Mary of AlabamaNov 20, 2018
29673.  Jason Murphy of ColoradoNov 20, 2018
29672.  Teresa Radsick of CaliforniaNov 20, 2018
29671.  Kenneth of FloridaNov 20, 2018
29670.  gina mindock of MassachusettsNov 20, 2018
29669.  Benjamin C Wolfe of New MexicoNov 20, 2018
29668.  Hany Nagib of OregonNov 20, 2018
End this Mueller witch hunt
29667.  Janet Hurst of MissouriNov 19, 2018
29666.  Mike of WisconsinNov 19, 2018
Waste of tax dollars, investigate a real crime, Hitlary with money for uranium from Russia.
29665.  phyllis brown of WashingtonNov 18, 2018
Why can't Trump go to the Supreme Court (Kavanaugh) rather than to this lame judge?
29664.  Judy of FloridaNov 18, 2018
29663. of TexasNov 18, 2018
29662.  Steve jarvis of Rhode IslandNov 18, 2018
29661.  James Jackson of IndianaNov 17, 2018
29660.  Sharon of CaliforniaNov 17, 2018
Larry is right. This country is on a downward spiral. I live in Orange County, Calfornia and it used to be a Republican stronghold. Not one Republican won in this last election. That has not happened in more than 75 years. We need to pray for the strong leaders that are trying to do the right thing. I'm really sorry that Jim Jordan didn't get minority leader. I don't trust "phony McCarthy". He's a Swamper. GOD HELP US!!!
29659.  Daniel Kiaser of WashingtonNov 17, 2018
Mueller's special Counsel is being used to stop Our President from exposing all the crimes and evil that they (the swamp) have orchestrated to kill America and our Constitution. Mueller is part of the Evil Globalist agenda, and is controlled / directed by the Traitors of the Clinton and Soro's Criminal Cartel to bring down President Trump (at all cost) too prevent exposing zall those who are involved in the overthrow of the United State Constitution and America. We the People Call On President Trump to Remove Robert Mueller as Special Counsel and to Appoint Larry Klayman to Investigate the Clinton Email, Uranium One, and Fusion GPS Scandals! We Also Support Freedom Watch's Lawsuit to Remove Mueller
29658.  stan frisbie of FloridaNov 17, 2018
If they are guilty give them 30 days in the electric chair.
29657.  Mark of New YorkNov 17, 2018
Mueller is an SES beaurocrat - a swamp creature and a disease to the Republic. Can't wait to see why he stonewalled the investigation of 911. The death tolls in California seem to be more than mother nature. 911 was not an insurgency of terrorists from abroad. The terrorists came from a small conclave of Government officials whos primary objective is gold, power, and godless killing. Mueller will eventually meet my master. What to do, what to do - life is so short.
29656.  Josh Birbari of WashingtonNov 17, 2018
29655.  Dino of TexasNov 17, 2018
29654.  Joseph of PennsylvaniaNov 17, 2018
29653.  Herman furlong of MissouriNov 17, 2018
Why is no one in congress attempting to have the communist control law of 1954 enforced against the communist in our congress!this law signed by President Eisenhower on aug 24 1954 prohibits communist or members of affialite groups such as the democrat socialist party from sitting in congress!
29652.  Franklin R.Perez of GuamNov 17, 2018
This convoluted circus of a special prosecutor, Mueller, with conflicted background with deep state operatives Comey, Rosenstein, Page, Lynch, Mills, HRC, etal., is anethema to justice and the rule of law.
29651. of IndianaNov 16, 2018
Can’t depend on the Deep State to investigate or indict one of their own!
29650.  Jose Rosario of FloridaNov 16, 2018
We the People Call On President Trump and Attorney General Sessions to Appoint Larry Klayman as Special Counsel to Investigate the Clinton Email, Uranium One, and Fusion GPS Scandals! We Also Support Freedom Watch's Suit to Remove Robert Mueller as Special Counsel
29649.  Norman Taylor of FloridaNov 16, 2018
29648. of FloridaNov 16, 2018
They are taken our country over right in front of us and we sit around doing nothing. Our President is helping thousand of children and no one knows it. He is doing a great job for all in the country and we buy the newsprint and media that totally disrespect our choice and his ability. It’s one man against the whole world.
29647.  Renee of PennsylvaniaNov 15, 2018
29646.  David Raphael of GeorgiaNov 14, 2018
29645.  Alan Spinks of TexasNov 14, 2018
Actually surprised and livid my tax dollars are paying for this fraudulent witch hunt led by Mueller. I am angry the law does not apply equally to the Clintons, Obamas & Bushes for many provable crimes! This is all about the NWO (huge threat) which hijacked the Democratic Party & is hell bent on a One World Government & Agenda21
29644.  Gabriela grama of IllinoisNov 14, 2018
29643.  Laurel of VirginiaNov 14, 2018
29642.  michelle of FloridaNov 14, 2018
29641.  GINETTE COHEN of CaliforniaNov 14, 2018
The President has to take executive orders to stop this machination against him. IT is enough. The Blue Wave is threatening our sovereignty and our Freedom. The new generation is indoctrinated by the globalism and big government with fake promises.
29640.  Joan wentworthe of TennesseeNov 14, 2018
29639.  Mark of PennsylvaniaNov 14, 2018
God speed.
29638.  Tank Silat of UtahNov 13, 2018
Although anonymous, I adore you I am a genuine citizen of the USA. Mueller should have been revised for his previous Isometrics with Russia and Uranium One. Get him out and put this legitimate attorney in and let's start draining the swamp of the real rats trying to steer this country!
29637.  Alfred Heyer of PennsylvaniaNov 13, 2018
29636.  Irene Richeson of FloridaNov 13, 2018
May God bless you and this nation
29635.  Dawn DeSmedt of IllinoisNov 12, 2018
29634.  Silke of (Non-U.S.)Nov 12, 2018
29633.  Reynard E Martin of TennesseeNov 11, 2018
29632.  Jesse Brandenburger of MichiganNov 11, 2018
If Hillary Clinton can and does get away with Treason, with, "I didn't know I was doing anything wrong", after Cable Gate, as her only defense. Then it is okay for me or any other American to go rob a bank, steal a car, commit fraud, or any other illegal act and just claim ignorance! The Government is there to protect the People not corrupt government officials!!!
29631.  Kenneth Hester of North CarolinaNov 10, 2018
29630.  Brian Keith Arnold Jr of North CarolinaNov 10, 2018
It’s time to stop the Clintons
29629.  Ruth E. Ward of FloridaNov 10, 2018
29628.  Mike B of MichiganNov 10, 2018
29627.  reino i wantin of CaliforniaNov 09, 2018
29626.  Suezen kindler of FloridaNov 09, 2018
Yes, Larry Klayman should replace Mueller as Special Counsel. He is the RIGHT man for the job.
29625.  Dennis Malloy of PennsylvaniaNov 09, 2018
Stop wasting our tax money on phony Russia investigation.
29624.  Linda of GeorgiaNov 09, 2018
I would like for the people’s voices be heard that our President is doing everything he can for the better of our country and he can’t doing it as th Resistance want stop. They care nothing about our country or the people only power and money they should be charged with treason....... The enemy of the people the left are bad for our country. Have more to say but not enough room. Please help our President and our Country. Obama was a racist and divider of our country makes it week. So much corruption and is SORO’S bad for our country freeze his assets and his family as well as kick him out of the country other countries he broke he is not allowed back there...... calling people ( The White people) identity is a racist remark isn’t it. Seems to me we need to have a Civil rights for White people!
29623.  Calvin Schmidt of LouisianaNov 09, 2018
29622.  Paula Rintye of CaliforniaNov 09, 2018
It's time to clean house! You want the job done, appoint Larry Klayman as the special counsel.
29621.  Jacqques of FloridaNov 09, 2018
29620.  Jessica Vasquez of New YorkNov 08, 2018
29619.  Susan OLeary of IndianaNov 08, 2018
29618.  Wands Rutherford of TexasNov 08, 2018
29617.  Joyce Solar of FloridaNov 08, 2018
29616.  Keith C Westbrook of FloridaNov 08, 2018
Enough with this illegal and immoral farce, remove the interloper or we remove YOU!
29615.  Nancy Craddock of TexasNov 08, 2018
29614.  Eva Smathers of CaliforniaNov 08, 2018
29613.  Malka Finkel of (Non-U.S.)Nov 07, 2018
29612.  Dr. Tom Lawson of PennsylvaniaNov 07, 2018
29611.  Ralph of TexasNov 07, 2018
It's a waste of tax payers money, only being carried on to keep the attention off the true criminals, the criminalized democrap party member.
29610.  anne varghese of ArizonaNov 07, 2018
Larry Klayman as special counsel
29609.  audrey of MichiganNov 07, 2018
29608.  Arthur Jacobs of PennsylvaniaNov 06, 2018
There was NO CRIME commited to started this investigation.END IT
29607.  Arlen Bright of MichiganNov 06, 2018
Mueller should be investigating the real Russian Collusion of Hillary Clinton and those involved in getting FISA documents, illegally! Strange, the FISA Judges havn't complained about deception. This is why we need Klayman to do the job
29606.  John Kominos of New YorkNov 06, 2018
Total Sham... illegal "special counsel"... all part of the Crossfire Hurricane coup to destroy legally elected, sitting President Donald Trump. Mueller is the real criminal here... along with the rogue DOJ, FBI and CIA and all actors in Obama administration who spied on Trump campaign with help of Five eyes agents. Deep State has its weapons/drug ratlines running for decades. Hillary was supposed to win and carry out plan to destroy the Republic.
29605.  Andrew Lawson of North CarolinaNov 06, 2018
29604.  Sharon of LouisianaNov 06, 2018
29603.  Dale W Robonson of ColoradoNov 05, 2018
29602.  earl newborn of New MexicoNov 05, 2018
29601.  Billy Franklin of TexasNov 05, 2018
29600.  Dentz ito of WisconsinNov 05, 2018
29599.  JOLINE COLE of GeorgiaNov 04, 2018
29598.  Sandra Carson of New YorkNov 04, 2018
This remarkable republic will cease to endure should responsible citizens and patriots resign to the greed and corruption by these clearly craven criminals. In order for this republic to rightfully remedy this blight Larry Klayman MUST be named Special Council.
29597.  Victoria of OregonNov 03, 2018
29596.  Lisa D. of FloridaNov 03, 2018
Get rid of that clown from the White House put him in a Circus where he belongs. Muller is an embarrassment to the USA. He should be forced to pay the Millions he stole from the taxpayers for investigating a false conclusion. And if he values his soul he should ask God to forgive him siding with God's enemy!!!
29595.  Roger Bryant of FloridaNov 03, 2018
29594.  Olga Hollister of LouisianaNov 03, 2018
29593.  Laura of TexasNov 02, 2018
This was an illegally started investigation. There is no evidence to date, because there is none. This was a set up coup! Muler is the criminal. Not our President.
29592.  M. Claire of CaliforniaNov 02, 2018
Shabbat Shalom Ha'Yah
29591.  Tom Kiker of TexasNov 02, 2018
29590.  Pamela kingsley of MinnesotaNov 02, 2018
29589.  Alysia Hargrave of TexasNov 02, 2018
29588.  Rebecca of FloridaNov 02, 2018
This Nation has to pull together especially the Jewish People. I'm not religious my parents were Sephardic Jews out of Greece.
29587.  Helene of New YorkNov 02, 2018
29586.  Sue of ArizonaNov 02, 2018
29585.  Sal vitale of MarylandNov 02, 2018
29584.  Brian Walker of OregonNov 02, 2018
29583.  Vada Martin of VirginiaNov 02, 2018
29582.  Matthew Keller of TexasNov 02, 2018
29581.  Robert Christine of AlaskaNov 01, 2018
Mueller needs togo immediately!!!
29580.  a. caballero of (Non-U.S.)Nov 01, 2018
I support EVERY legal & lawful means to indict all the criminal former and current public servants who have continuously violated their oath of office and breach the public Trust and their fiduciary duties to We the American People. By their criminal behavior(s) they have advocated the overthrow of this Nation with international plans to enslave us all. They should be hung for treason and sedition!!! Thanx Larry for your continuous work!! a:)
29579.  Yvette salinas of New MexicoNov 01, 2018
29578.  Brian K Arnold JR of North CarolinaOct 31, 2018
29577.  Paul M Caudill of GeorgiaOct 31, 2018
29576.  Russell E. Stoner of OklahomaOct 31, 2018
we need your help
29575.  Micael Watland of IowaOct 31, 2018
Clintons and those associated with them need to be brought to justice as I believe their actions are Treasonous.
29574.  Anthony Kenney of MichiganOct 31, 2018
29573.  Jill Lewis of North CarolinaOct 31, 2018
29572.  Mona K Blamires-Weeks of IdahoOct 30, 2018
29571.  Lyn Akers of OregonOct 30, 2018
Our country allowed our gov't to stray from it's duty's and responsibilities allowed by the States who created it. It is time for the States to be put this gov't back where the founders intended.
29570.  Ramona of UtahOct 30, 2018
What Clinton is a crime and it’s time is is held accountable for her actions. Remove Muller and appoint some one who is not corrupt
29569.  Patricia Edwards of ColoradoOct 30, 2018
29568.  Paul T. Williams of OregonOct 30, 2018
I would love to donate some money but since I am homeless and only receive $723 a month I can't.
29567.  Sandy Amick of ArkansasOct 30, 2018
29566.  Elsie Rose Wanstall of ConnecticutOct 30, 2018
About time to remove Sessions and Mueller! and we need other criminals like Clinton and Obama prosecutedo
29565.  RobertS. Mac Bride of CaliforniaOct 30, 2018
Hello. Happy to join!
29564.  oscar of TexasOct 30, 2018
29563.  Kevin Hagus of North CarolinaOct 29, 2018
Remove Mueller immediately!
29562.  Judith Jones of ColoradoOct 29, 2018
29561.  Tom Woods of FloridaOct 29, 2018
29560.  Debra Grayley of CaliforniaOct 29, 2018
29559.  Jan Rogerson Waters of FloridaOct 29, 2018
Don't call me for junk or junk in my mailbox either! Remove Mueller
29558.  PHYLLIS C.MANESS of FloridaOct 29, 2018
29557.  Gregory McAdams of OregonOct 29, 2018
29556.  Randy of TexasOct 28, 2018
29555.  Alexandra Lattas of (Non-U.S.)Oct 28, 2018
29554.  William Jordan of North CarolinaOct 28, 2018
29553.  Tina Dempter of PennsylvaniaOct 28, 2018
29552.  Alissa Christine Reid of WashingtonOct 28, 2018
29551.  Rick Ryan of VirginiaOct 28, 2018
Replace Sukalow and Julianni.
29550.  Kim Allsop of South DakotaOct 28, 2018
Remove the Clowns and make them repay all the wasted money they have stolen from the tax-payers..My gosh what the heck has happened to our country?
29549.  Edgar Reyes of Puerto RicoOct 28, 2018
29548.  Peter Goodchild of (Non-U.S.)Oct 27, 2018
29547.  Teresa Shaw of MinnesotaOct 27, 2018
Mueller and his band of leftist clowns are WASTING OUR MONEY, dragging their circus on so they can line their pockets, and it needs to stop, and all tax-paying citizens deserve apologies and refunds for the waste.
29546.  Elaine Hanna of (Non-U.S.)Oct 27, 2018
29545.  gary lagerstrom of TexasOct 27, 2018
29544.  Joyce Dickerman of TennesseeOct 27, 2018
29543.  Debra Hood Grayley of CaliforniaOct 27, 2018
29542.  Joseph Rodrigo of VirginiaOct 27, 2018
This whole investigation needs an investigation of its own to see how constitutional it is in the first place.
29541.  Glenn of WashingtonOct 27, 2018
29540.  Jim Paulson of MinnesotaOct 27, 2018
The Mueller witch hunt ("investigation") has served only the Left and Deep State and has been painfully obvious that evidence and investigations of members on the Left, namely Hillary Clinton and others, have been simply ignored and suppressed.
29539.  Christopher Harrell of TennesseeOct 27, 2018
29538.  Gloria Mckenzie of CaliforniaOct 27, 2018
I no longer use Facebook. I have had pages suspended, and sort of a public mobbing type of behavior from probably the Left that I did not fully understand what was happening at the time. I was just using Facebook as a platform to connect with family and friends, as a social platform for opinions, conversation and to share photos. This was a couple of years after Facebook started. People were mysteriously added on as friends on my facebook page even when I had my page set on private and friends only. I believe my public announcement of political and social views as a christian and Republican on my facebook account had been frozen or suspended for a day or two without warning if pages were passed on or views shared that probably Facebook did not find "acceptable." I believe at the time we were being censored and highly criticized and hence the mobbing type of behavior we noticed as well from people unknown. I do not use Facebook currently which is sad in a way. Why do they ask what your...
29537.  Timothy Johnson of WashingtonOct 27, 2018
29536.  Nicole Dausman of IdahoOct 27, 2018
Robert Mueller needs to be removed now! By continuing the investigation of President Trump for the so-called Russia collusion, Mueller is furthering the agenda of the deep state that want to remove Trump. The deep state consists of lawless individuals that need to be eliminated. End the investigation! End the deep state!
29535.  Susan Naftali of FloridaOct 27, 2018
29534.  Daniel Bollhoefer of IndianaOct 27, 2018
29533.  Sandra Blythe of North DakotaOct 26, 2018
Thank God for people like you who care enough about our country to try to save it.
29532.  David Hamm of IndianaOct 26, 2018
29531.  David of OregonOct 26, 2018
yes we need rule of law enforcement and and enforcement of Public Trust as TRUSTEE
29530.  Sheila Bishop of CaliforniaOct 26, 2018
Finally, a place where I can feel good about donating to the causes that are important to American citizens.
29529.  Lisa of CaliforniaOct 26, 2018
Deuteronomy 20:1 “When you go out to battle against your enemies and see horses and chariots and people more numerous than you, do not be afraid of them; for the LORD your God, who brought you up from the land of Egypt, is with you. AMEN!!
29528.  Dawn of AlabamaOct 26, 2018
29527.  Paul Duperron of KentuckyOct 26, 2018
29526.  Nancy mcclosky of MichiganOct 26, 2018
29525.  Paul Williams of OregonOct 26, 2018
I support removing Robert Mueller from the special Councils position.
29524.  Vee arus of FloridaOct 26, 2018
29523.  Cyndi Veator of FloridaOct 26, 2018
29522.  Karen of MinnesotaOct 26, 2018
29521.  James Haensgen of WisconsinOct 26, 2018
29520.  Clinton Lucas of GeorgiaOct 26, 2018
29519.  Tim Kuhner of AlabamaOct 26, 2018
Please keep fighting for the American People.
29518.  Ruth Moller of CaliforniaOct 25, 2018
29517.  Steven fernandez of FloridaOct 25, 2018
29516.  Irene of CaliforniaOct 25, 2018
29515.  stephen shalat of New YorkOct 25, 2018
29514.  Donna of MontanaOct 25, 2018
So thankful for President Trump! He doesn't deserve this onslaught at every turn! BUT GOD...
29513.  Anthony Worley of OklahomaOct 25, 2018
I've never really understood politics and frankly I hate politics. I wish we could just discuss issues like professionals and let people know if they want to do something then it's generally fine as long as they do not infringe on the rights and liberties of others! I will support this effort to FIRE Mueller, because he is doing nothing but pussy footing around the issues to try and catch some dirt on President Trump, which there is none BTW.
29512.  Doreen Callaghan of OhioOct 25, 2018
29511.  Charyl Burley of New JerseyOct 25, 2018
29510.  Susan Drake of GeorgiaOct 25, 2018
29509.  Joseph Palladino of FloridaOct 25, 2018
Robert Mueller needs to go away. There has not been any Russian Collusion involving President Trump. The real Russian Collusion is with Robert Mueller for delivering Uranium to Russia in part of Uranium One. The real collusion is with the Democrats.
29508.  Souhaila El-souki of CaliforniaOct 25, 2018
It's time to put a stop to this criminal witch-hunt and prosecute those who are the REAL colludes and criminals. This is an exposition of the most deplorable and foul level of corruption ever seen in this country. It is an effort to weaponize our Federal gov't to unseat OUR duly elected President-their 'Plan B' -because they cannot accept their swamp being DRAINED and our America First Policy. This investigation would never hold up in any courtroom even if it were 'legitimate' because of the disgusting conflict of interest with Rosenstein(trying to wire tap our President) They are trying to usurp the power of the Executive. Bruce Orr and everyone involved with that filthy dossier and the Fisa court abuse(falsifying information before a court that is supposed to be used ONLY to protect us from terrorists!) It's like a Twilight zone-you have Hilary and Uranium one and they are talking about OUR President. They have found absolutely nothing and this is being used as a never ending democra...
29507.  Joshua B Blevins of AlabamaOct 25, 2018
29506.  Chris A.Curtis of VirginiaOct 25, 2018
I continue to wonder why the rule of law is pissed on by these criminal democrats and rinos as they refuse to protect the American people from the socialist, anti-American tyrannical one-world government scum.
29505.  James Nelson of TennesseeOct 25, 2018
Robert Mueller is maliciously attacking MY President and other people on his team. Hillary Clinton has broken more laws than anyone else ever has in the government over the years and has NEVER been indicted. It's time that traitor faces the long arm of the law just like anyone else would.
29504.  Rodney Kim of CaliforniaOct 25, 2018
29503.  Jonathan Hooks of FloridaOct 25, 2018
29502.  Simon Tejada of CaliforniaOct 24, 2018
29501. of South CarolinaOct 24, 2018
29500.  Dan of OhioOct 24, 2018
29499.  William G. Singleton of New MexicoOct 23, 2018
Klayman is a famous, honorable lawyer of outstanding ability.
29498.  Deb Earley of MissouriOct 23, 2018
29497.  David Hilton of OhioOct 23, 2018
Enough already! Quit wasting our taxpayer money on this frivolous investigation!
29496.  Roger of OhioOct 22, 2018
29495.  Dan Heckerman of CaliforniaOct 22, 2018
29494.  William Maine Sr of North CarolinaOct 21, 2018
29493.  Douglas Kerns of CaliforniaOct 19, 2018
29492.  steven of WashingtonOct 19, 2018
29491.  Lindsay Brown of DelawareOct 19, 2018
President Trump has done so much for America. Then he did the most amazing thing for us. This Christmas I heard ‘Merry Christmas and god bless you”. It was heart felt and people meant it. Thank you President Trump and god bless you. I know he did us.
29490. of TennesseeOct 18, 2018
29489.  stevie rimer of CaliforniaOct 18, 2018
What a great pair these two are....opponenets won't have a chance!!!
29488.  Priscilla Halverson of VirginiaOct 18, 2018
29487.  Mario Lopez of FloridaOct 18, 2018
29486.  Eleanor charbonneu of MassachusettsOct 18, 2018
Time for Robert Mueller to go he has spent enough of our money on nothing but a witch hunt shame on us for allowing him to do this
29485. of VirginiaOct 18, 2018
29484.  Theresa of FloridaOct 18, 2018
Get rid of him he’s as corrupt and involved with the obama and Clinton cartel! I can’t believe people can’t see through them they are awful! Oh yeah u go Tom Finton ❤️ What u have done!
29483.  Christel Van Dyke of IllinoisOct 17, 2018
29482.  Therese Nickell of (Non-U.S.)Oct 17, 2018
29481.  James Abel of WashingtonOct 17, 2018
29480.  Dennis William Ruiz of NevadaOct 17, 2018
29479. of MichiganOct 17, 2018
29478.  Greg of TexasOct 17, 2018
29477.  Ed of TexasOct 17, 2018
29476.  Eileen of MinnesotaOct 17, 2018
29475.  Cindy Tubbs of IndianaOct 17, 2018
This sham investigation should have been remedied long ago. The radical liberal Socialists are responsible for funding their lie. UnAmerican, treasonous, traitors to Capitalism.
29474.  Simona of NevadaOct 17, 2018
I agreed to remove mueller and appoint Lårry Layman as special counsel to end this scandals from the top to the bottom of all these happenings in our government that makes Pres. Trump they said is not doing right for America.
29473.  Juanita Dombroski of OhioOct 16, 2018
This should have been done a long time ago. The Clintons need to be investigated and prosecuted.
29472.  Kim Tierney of FloridaOct 16, 2018
29471.  Matt louder of CaliforniaOct 15, 2018
The Clinton criminal cartel is treasonous and Mueller of the deep state must face justice like every American.
29470.  John Mann of TexasOct 15, 2018
29469.  Robert Koneval of ColoradoOct 15, 2018
29468.  Robert Pill of TexasOct 14, 2018
29467. of CaliforniaOct 14, 2018
29466.  Gary young of CaliforniaOct 14, 2018
29465.  Martin Stiltz of IllinoisOct 14, 2018
Thou shall not kill/murder ... Thou shall not steal... Thou shall not bear false witness... Thou shall not covet... Meuller does almost all these things openly. Imagine the things he does in the dark.
29464.  orval(o.j.) focht of OklahomaOct 13, 2018
Time to remove Jeff Sessions,and get some real invg. going.
29463.  Carol Hess of TexasOct 13, 2018
I am all for it!
29462.  Beverly Burton of MichiganOct 12, 2018
29461.  Darrell Kerns of NevadaOct 12, 2018
Yes, Get Rid of the Sinister, Evil, Disgusting, Thorn in the Side of Liberty & Put Him in Prison where he Belongs. He Doesn't Deserve to be in the Free World.
29460.  stephen of IdahoOct 11, 2018
Time for the witch trials to end.
29459.  CHaim M. Schechter of New YorkOct 10, 2018
Lary, how about running for POTUS in 2026 / 2030 ?
29458.  Bob O'Campo of TexasOct 10, 2018
29457.  Dale Best of WashingtonOct 10, 2018
29456.  David R. Scott of MontanaOct 10, 2018
29455.  JoAnn Fonzone, Esquire of PennsylvaniaOct 10, 2018
Hi, Im an avid fan and supporter of Judicial WAtch and enjoyed your article in the LV Commentaator. I strongly agree with you and many intelligent Americans that mueller should be removed for wasting tax money in his effort to help the deep state. Do you know any like minded lawyers in the area ? Im looking for some help with pending litigation. thank you.
29454.  William Maine of North CarolinaOct 09, 2018
It is my opinion that Mueller;s Court is a set up by the Democrats and run by the Democrats to find a way to get rid of many Republican's but mainly President Trump. It's purpose is not Legal in any way.
29453.  Donald of PennsylvaniaOct 09, 2018
29452.  Linda Law of VirginiaOct 09, 2018
29451.  SHERRY of IdahoOct 09, 2018
29450.  thomas rackley of FloridaOct 09, 2018
29449.  James Wilhelmi of CaliforniaOct 09, 2018
29448.  Cody McGarvey of PennsylvaniaOct 09, 2018
29447.  Michael Springer of ArkansasOct 09, 2018
29446.  Tanya Bushre of NevadaOct 09, 2018
Lock 'em up!
29445.  David Huber of WashingtonOct 08, 2018
You need to understand what the deep state actually is. Look at the Trilateral, CFR, Bilderberg. Our intel agencies have for over 40 years been headed by Trilateral people. If you control those institutions, you control everything. This is our greatest danger: trilateral and our intel agencies that are controlled by Trilateral.
29444.  Aletha of CaliforniaOct 08, 2018
I do not understand why Muleface is still in there. Doesn't the president have the right to remove him?
29443.  Michael R. Whisman of TexasOct 08, 2018
I call for an end to the corrupt shadow government! Mueller appears to be on a mission to overthrow the duly elected President of the USA and I add my name to those calling for a thorough investigation! I would recommend Larry Klayman for this task due to his initiating it and his knowledge of what is going on! He seems to have superb experience in such matters.
29442.  ron martin of West VirginiaOct 08, 2018
29441.  Raymond P Bell of MinnesotaOct 08, 2018
Mueller is a criminal of long standing. Now it is his time to be interrogated and allowed to lie before the interrogators, FBI, Doj, & hopefully a military ytribunal where he will be dealt with swiftly and justly for his treasonous and sedition coupe to take down a dully elected President elected by the people not him nor the ABC agencies!
29440.  Kelsie of UtahOct 08, 2018
29439.  Calvin of LouisianaOct 08, 2018
29438.  Lars Aspenlind of CaliforniaOct 08, 2018
Robert Mueller has covered up crimes for HC etc. and it is false for him to be in charge with all the wrong people going after DT when it is a nothing burger.
29437.  Philip A Reid of New YorkOct 08, 2018
29436.  Connie Silver of WashingtonOct 08, 2018
29435.  GENE WARNER of HawaiiOct 08, 2018
29434.  BOB SOLDIER of MichiganOct 07, 2018
29433.  Jamie of North CarolinaOct 07, 2018
29432.  Aquilla Yoder of PennsylvaniaOct 06, 2018
29431.  David Gignac of VirginiaOct 06, 2018
If you go after H. Clinton you better increase your security detail from what I've heard
29430. of CaliforniaOct 06, 2018
29429.  marc kee of AlabamaOct 06, 2018
29428.  Anthony Simmons of (Non-U.S.)Oct 06, 2018
29427.  Kathy Schweigert of FloridaOct 06, 2018
Muller can not be trusted and he working for the Liberals. Not for the Country.
29426.  Dennis Allen Jr of MichiganOct 06, 2018
29425.  Ray Marshall of CaliforniaOct 06, 2018
29424.  Brianna D Penny of AlabamaOct 05, 2018
29423.  Wendy Jameson of CaliforniaOct 05, 2018
29422.  Mindy of OhioOct 05, 2018
29421.  Tim H of ArizonaOct 05, 2018
Remove Mueller, Investigate Clinton, Uranium One and Fusion GPS.
29420.  D 'n G Matthews of CaliforniaOct 05, 2018
29419.  Leslie Wilson of CaliforniaOct 05, 2018
29418.  David Milton of South CarolinaOct 05, 2018
It is past time to lock up those in Washington who think the Clintons can keep them out of jail
29417.  Barbara Herath of VirginiaOct 05, 2018
29416.  Rodney Sample of ArkansasOct 05, 2018
29415.  Pamela Zettler of OklahomaOct 05, 2018
29414.  David J Silbernagel of OregonOct 05, 2018
We must prosecute the government officials that have broken the law and our trust or we really have no justice system in this country that the people can trust and support !!!
29413.  max of CaliforniaOct 04, 2018
29412. of LouisianaOct 04, 2018
Get someone with enough conviction and honesty in there to do the job honestly and correctly.
29411.  Christa of MinnesotaOct 04, 2018
Get rid of this criminal scumbag!
29410.  James Jefferis of CaliforniaOct 04, 2018
29409.  Susan of WashingtonOct 04, 2018
29408.  Charles (Mike) Magden of IllinoisOct 04, 2018
29407.  Robert l Simpson sr of PennsylvaniaOct 04, 2018
29406.  Hal Kennedy of South CarolinaOct 04, 2018
29405.  Justin of CaliforniaOct 04, 2018
29404.  Nancy J. Raney of IowaOct 04, 2018
29403.  Arland C. Eilert of MississippiOct 04, 2018
29402.  Sonia of WashingtonOct 04, 2018
29401.  Octavio De La Rosa of CaliforniaOct 04, 2018
Octavio E De La Rosa
29400.  Caroline Peale of ColoradoOct 04, 2018
29399.  Bruce Strand of ArizonaOct 04, 2018
29398.  Eloise Lengyel of CaliforniaOct 04, 2018
29397.  Earl J. Wiesen of CaliforniaOct 04, 2018
I do not want to make this recommendation, unless our great President, Donald J. Trump, agrees with my recommendation, to remove Robert Mueller.
29396.  margaret h.magee of LouisianaOct 04, 2018
29395.  Joanna Benz of MontanaOct 02, 2018
Help President Trump DRAIN THE SWAMP !!!
29394.  Catherine Wark of New YorkOct 02, 2018
29393.  Linda Urick of IowaOct 01, 2018
The Dems have done a grave injustice, to this man and this woman. I believe something happen to her, but it was not him, and she was talked into believing it was him. The facts don't add up. Shame of on the Dems this is an all time low. They don't care who they destroy as long as they get in power. They need to be very afraid of the future. Karma is not good..........
29392.  Joanie Fowler of GeorgiaOct 01, 2018
29391.  Charlene-Ann: von Schlesien of (Non-U.S.)Oct 01, 2018
We are far beyond the most egregious wholesale crimes against the People of the world, in scale and principle. Grand JURIES required!!!
29390.  Donna Berger of PennsylvaniaOct 01, 2018
29389.  Colleen Sanchez of CaliforniaSep 30, 2018
29388.  RHONDA of FloridaSep 30, 2018
29387.  Karen Mueller of MontanaSep 30, 2018
29386. of WisconsinSep 30, 2018
Thanks. Lock her up. MAGA.
29385.  John Chambers of NebraskaSep 30, 2018
29384.  Jack Armstrong of CaliforniaSep 30, 2018
29383.  John Otradovec of MarylandSep 30, 2018
29382.  Robin Howland of CaliforniaSep 30, 2018
I’m so worried for our country, you are our only hope! Do NOT stop! I will continue to pray for you & all you do!
29381.  Victor Bond of TexasSep 30, 2018
29380.  Duane Huravitch of MontanaSep 29, 2018
This government Direction must stop. Investigate the Clintons and fire Muller
29379.  Colby Standing of UtahSep 29, 2018
Sessions, Rosenstein and Mueller all need to go. So Larry Klayman, you have my full backing in this matter. I hope you do get appointed as special counsel. And good luck with your citezen's grand juries as well. Since the DOJ or the FBI won't do anything, then we the people need to rise up and do something about it ourselves. And frankly I think congress is getting to be just as bad. If congress is above the DOJ and the FBI then they should definitely do something about the situation. What point is there in even having a congress if they won't do anything? So I definitely support Freedom Watch's efforts in restoring this country in the way envisioned by our founding fathers.
29378.  Lane of KansasSep 28, 2018
29377.  LODENE HARRINGTON of UtahSep 28, 2018
29376.  Russ of North CarolinaSep 28, 2018
Senator Feinstein is a Khazarian!
29375.  Allen Ose of WisconsinSep 28, 2018
29374.  Dennis Smith of AlabamaSep 28, 2018
I have written the White House and asked them to Fire Wormy Sessions and name Larry Klayman AG. Of course they won't do it because Trump is obviously scared to death of something. Dennis W Smith Disabled Veteran2055941136
29373.  Ross Chapman of CaliforniaSep 28, 2018
29372.  John R. Meis of CaliforniaSep 27, 2018
29371.  sandy acosta of ColoradoSep 27, 2018
29370.  Brenda Gaston of WashingtonSep 27, 2018
29369.  Dean Mettlen of MissouriSep 27, 2018
Sessions must go, he hasn't helped our President at all.
29368.  Michael Vaughan of ColoradoSep 27, 2018
How much evidence do we need? There is enough already to stop this witch hunt. Clean up the DOJ now.
29367.  James Wessling of ArizonaSep 27, 2018
29366.  Eileen Riske of New YorkSep 27, 2018
29365.  jack kennedy of ArkansasSep 27, 2018
fire sessions and get on with the investigation into the clinton foundation and all their treason
29364.  Kim Opperman of OhioSep 27, 2018
Praying for you to have the wisdom of King Solomon. Stop Mueller. Fire Rosenstein and bring charges of treason against him and 50 others. America needs to see swift justice. Kim
29363.  Rachel of New HampshireSep 27, 2018
Anyone against Trump and the American people must go down!
29362.  Roger of New HampshireSep 27, 2018
We need a better class of people in our system that help the American people who built our country.
29361.  Ann-Marie Parker of AlaskaSep 27, 2018
29360.  chester of ConnecticutSep 27, 2018
29359.  Frank yurisic of ConnecticutSep 27, 2018
29358.  CHaim Shefer of New YorkSep 27, 2018
29357.  Margaret Khan of OklahomaSep 26, 2018
29356.  Dana of IndianaSep 26, 2018
29355.  Debora Lee of South DakotaSep 25, 2018
29354.  Carel vandermerwe of OregonSep 25, 2018
29353.  Robert Emmet of MarylandSep 25, 2018
Mueller was fraudulently appointed as continuation of Obama Corruption which needs to be exposed.
29352.  David Brown of ColoradoSep 25, 2018
Mueller is shown himself and his crew to be against our president and our country. Time to end this!
29351.  Frances Van Oosten of IllinoisSep 24, 2018
29350.  Joe R. Anaya of TexasSep 24, 2018
Lock the traitors up!
29349.  Rudy Delgadillo of CaliforniaSep 24, 2018
29348.  Morris Hall of AlabamaSep 24, 2018
29347.  Steven Clayton of IllinoisSep 24, 2018
29346.  Robert Kimmel of PennsylvaniaSep 24, 2018
Preserve us O God for in You we do place our trust ! Psalms 16:1 As prayed by our founding father George Washington, so now we as a nation must Pray work and give in all sincerity and truth In His Great Name we pray !!! R . Scott Kimmel
29345.  Gregory Price of FloridaSep 24, 2018
29344.  robert kircherkir of GeorgiaSep 23, 2018
29343.  DENNIS EDWARD RODGERS of GeorgiaSep 23, 2018
29342.  JOAN MATHEWS of ConnecticutSep 23, 2018
29341.  Norris W Alexander of LouisianaSep 23, 2018
Muller has never been effective. I believe he is stalling for time to bring something up against President Trump. Klayman was successful against Bill Clinton, let's see what he can do against Sister Clinton.
29340.  Shirley Napier of GeorgiaSep 23, 2018
29339.  Sandy mclane of PennsylvaniaSep 22, 2018
All the collusion is on the democrats side of the aisle. They need to be brought to justice for all of their corruption.
29338.  ck stevenson of TexasSep 22, 2018
Fire all the dumarats
29337.  edison fowler of GeorgiaSep 22, 2018
29336.  Cheryl of ArizonaSep 22, 2018
29335.  Stacie Poyner of MinnesotaSep 22, 2018
It is easy to simply react to every negative and hypocritical story out of Washington D.C. It is difficult to actually try to do something about it. My deepest respect and gratitude to Larry Klayman for all of his efforts.
29334.  michael williams of TexasSep 22, 2018
trump should act now remove them all.
29333.  Rodolfo Delgadillo of CaliforniaSep 22, 2018
29332.  Marilyn Chin of FloridaSep 22, 2018
Enough of this nonsense, this witch hunt, this attempted coup, this attack on our democracy!
29331.  Ruth Olden of TexasSep 21, 2018
Drain the Swamp!!!
29330.  Earl of NevadaSep 21, 2018
This is the time to move all corrupt officials from office they have a lot of inconsederate push on the American people as well as the country itself . Lie Cheat and Steal is what is on they’re agenda Critical to the human race.
29329.  Mary Naik of OklahomaSep 21, 2018
29328.  terrence s o'rourke of ArizonaSep 21, 2018
29327.  fred maxwell of South CarolinaSep 21, 2018
29326.  Michael Henkle of IllinoisSep 21, 2018
I'm no lawyer but I do believe I'm more than clear on the definitions of treason, sedition, & the Hatch act, therefore I'm sure you'll understand why I'm having a real hard time understanding why Barry Soetoro, Bill & Hillary Clinton, John Kerry, John Brennan, Robert Mueller, James Comey, Peter Strzok, Rod Rosenstein, etc. etc. etc. aren't being arrested and charged for their crimes against the United States of America! Anything less will only serve to prove there's no such thing as equal justice under the law! What say you?
29325.  Stephen Simmons of PennsylvaniaSep 21, 2018
Deport all democrats or put them behind bars where they belong. If I committed those crimes, I would never see the light of day again ! ! !
29324.  Art Jacobs of PennsylvaniaSep 21, 2018
Mueller is a traitor to the U.S.
29323. of TexasSep 21, 2018
29322.  Donald Ahlers of IllinoisSep 21, 2018
29321.  Eric E of New HampshireSep 21, 2018
29320.  HOWARD STAFFORD of FloridaSep 20, 2018
29319.  Steven Nue of OhioSep 20, 2018
29318.  Diana Rosado of FloridaSep 20, 2018
29317.  Joe of LouisianaSep 20, 2018
29316.  ROBERT E ARMOUR of MichiganSep 20, 2018
29315.  John Guncsaga of FloridaSep 20, 2018
The Clinton administration destroyed businesses and decimated mine in 97'. Reno' s Gestapo trampled my hardwork and harassed even my disabled mother. Please show them the graybar hotel.
29314.  Roger G. Daigle of MaineSep 20, 2018
I am a Homeless USMC Forgot on Veteran due to multiple Antitrust Violations & long-term Racketeerin from Estate Fraud by Design; involved in RICO are many State of Maine Officials, including Sen. Susan Collins who had me Arrested for asking for help in my Estate Problems, and former Secretary of State John Kerry who was Treasurer for re-Election of former Seen. Barry J Hobbins, AG Janet Mills and others too. These People/Officials have been concealing Questions of Murder for Money; As Executor, I have not closed Probate, leaving me with a "Uncashed Corperate Bank Check as Evidence of Antitrist"... Democrats in So. Maine are doing everything, including mental Abuse against me to Conceal, Stonewall, and Obstruct Justice by keeping Case from Transparency and Lying about me... They are essentially doing everything to keep my Case out of Federal Court; I am being denied proper Due Process through massive amounts of Abuse of Power. & Process, Attorney Janet Mills fails to due any type of muc...
29313.  Thomas Johnston of OhioSep 20, 2018
It's time to lock up all that has betrayed our country
29312.  jill sobol kerst of CaliforniaSep 20, 2018
The corruption in Washington is out of control. Please remove Mueller and all of his cronies!
29311.  Robert F. Rubio of GeorgiaSep 20, 2018
This partisan inquisition has got to stop. It has to be done with enough punishment so that this type of treasonous exploitation will not be repeated.
29310.  Brenda Brantley of TexasSep 20, 2018
29309.  dave ronning of MinnesotaSep 20, 2018
29308.  Michael Kaiser of FloridaSep 20, 2018
I am disgusted with this corruption!!!! This is The United States of America and WE THE PEOPLE will NOT be used and lied to anymore!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
29307.  Helen of OhioSep 20, 2018
We should not dread paying our taxes because they are being drained out the hole in the boat that is made by Mueller and gang for personal interests of himself and his buds, manipulation and control of others, and profiteering by theft and lying. Our checks and balances do not work if we utilize outside counsel with no control or oversight by the people of our country. Hes stolen and lied long enough. Remove him and all of his tentacles and associates. Time to pull the plug on Mueller.
29306.  Jerrol Taylor of TennesseeSep 20, 2018
Replace Sessions. Replace Mueller. Appoint Larry Klayman to investigate the real issues...high treason. Do it now. This is the hotbed of treason from my perspective.
29305.  Jose of New YorkSep 20, 2018
Get rid of corrupt officials in sheep's clothing as an Educated Lawyer of USA turns to lifetime Debased politicians,who fills their pockets of hard working Americans tax payers. Who also supports elligal alien invasion that clog our judicial system and law enforcement. Too much resources and time are waisted with our tax $.
29304.  Daniel Pushies of MichiganSep 20, 2018
DOJ: the man hours, $$$’s, have been wasted. Pres. Trump, is distracted from running the USA and accomplishing more things, he knows will help the country.
29303.  Robert A Dicks of New YorkSep 20, 2018
29302. of CaliforniaSep 20, 2018
29301.  Robert of CaliforniaSep 20, 2018
29300.  Jody of WashingtonSep 20, 2018
29299.  Ashley Payravi of (Non-U.S.)Sep 19, 2018
29298.  HOWARD ALEXANDER STAFFORD of FloridaSep 19, 2018
29297.  Josephine B Hernandez of CaliforniaSep 19, 2018
29296.  Terry Brace of OhioSep 19, 2018
29295.  Grorge of TexasSep 19, 2018
29294.  john lahm of MarylandSep 19, 2018
29293.  Larry Chase of CaliforniaSep 19, 2018
as your at it get rid of Mueller !!
29292.  rich of North CarolinaSep 19, 2018
29291.  Matthew H. Martin of AlabamaSep 19, 2018
29290.  Celeste Rix of CaliforniaSep 19, 2018
29289.  John of TennesseeSep 19, 2018
It appears the majority of Americans have little or no regard for themselves their government, the country, their future or anything else. Are there not enough Americans left that have the integrity, honesty. and truthfulness to clean out the demoncrats, swamp rats and the belt way bandits that have infested Washington D C? Come on Americans let us get the messes; this Mueller travesty, the Supreme Court selection process, and as they say DRAIN THE SWAMP. Clean out D C lock stock and barrel and start over before the corrupt, self serving sorry excuses for the peoples representatives destroy everything they touch. Search all the land from one end to the other to see if one righteous perfect human can be found. If just one can be found then tell the present nominee to get lost. Go pound sand. We want a perfect human being for the job. If we can't find someone that can walk on water that will agree to take the job then shut the hell up all the complainers and cry babes and get on with...
29288.  Joseph P. Giliberti of New YorkSep 19, 2018
Mueller is the wrong man for the job, he has disgraced this country one too many times!
29287.  Quintino jones of MichiganSep 19, 2018
29286.  Gregg Phillips of CaliforniaSep 19, 2018
29285.  Roger G Daogle of MaineSep 19, 2018
"Drain the Swamp" so my multiple Antitrust / RICO Case can proceed to Justice; Case is being Stonewalled from Federal Court by Democrats (via Obstruction of Justice / Concealment & Lies) and has ruined my Life!
29284.  Billy Medford of North CarolinaSep 19, 2018
29283.  Sherry Resh of ArizonaSep 19, 2018
29282.  Judy Campbell of MassachusettsSep 19, 2018
29281.  john botte of New YorkSep 19, 2018
29280.  Glenda Ally of FloridaSep 19, 2018
President Trump Please Remove Robert Mueller as Special Counsel and Appoint Larry Klayman to Investigate the Clinton Email, Uranium One, and Fusion GPS Scandals! I Also Support Freedom Watch's Lawsuit to Remove Mueller ASAP
29279.  Robert of VirginiaSep 19, 2018
29278.  Andrew Looez of TexasSep 19, 2018
Get rid of Sessions and Mueller out of Trumps way so we can get on with our nations problems.
29277.  Christina of New JerseySep 19, 2018
Restore the public trust. When Lois Lerner, Loretta Lynch, the Clinton crime family, Lisa Page, Peter Strzok, ALL WALK FREE there is a two-tier system of justice. WHEN will there be active prosecution?
29276.  Mike Schaad of OhioSep 19, 2018
29275.  Priscilla Espinoza of CaliforniaSep 19, 2018
Your time is up Robert Mueller---No Collusion AND YOU KNOW IT!
29274. of TexasSep 19, 2018
I request that ROBERT Mueller be fired as Special Councel and Larry Klayman be appointed to a long overdue investigation into all the Clinton’s emails, obstruction of justice, and the Clinton Foundation.
29273.  Chet- Suske of MaineSep 19, 2018
Time to end this expensive charade & witch hunt!
29272.  Theresa of CaliforniaSep 19, 2018
29271.  Dianne McPherson of GeorgiaSep 19, 2018
29270.  Mark Hollister of CaliforniaSep 19, 2018
29269.  Dayan Noble of IowaSep 19, 2018
Remove Mueller!!
29268.  Kathy of New YorkSep 18, 2018
Politicians shouldn’t be above the law. Jeff Sessions is on the wrong side of history.
29267.  john stringer of IowaSep 18, 2018
29266.  JOHN DAVIS of MississippiSep 18, 2018
29265.  Pam Carpenter of MarylandSep 18, 2018
This all must end...tearing this wonderful nation apart. Get the real truth out to the public.
29264.  Valerie Farish of FloridaSep 18, 2018
29263.  Bradley Rust of WashingtonSep 18, 2018
Thanks for your work against this gangster and his cronies!
29262.  Beverly Lee of TexasSep 18, 2018
29261.  Sue Cumming of FloridaSep 17, 2018
Remove Mueller Immediately. This Was A Total Witch Hunt Based On Lies ,Fake Dossier Paid For By Hillary Clinton ,Who Should Be In Prison All Lies & Made Up Dirt By Steele & GPS Fusion Nellie Ohr Wife Of Bruce Ohr , Mueller ,Rod Rosenstein All Knew This Was All Based On All Lies ,Shut This Witch Hunt Down ,All Should Be In Prison !!!
29260.  Denise C. Johnson of VirginiaSep 17, 2018
Robert Muller continues to provide a non-pursuit of justice. He claims the President has obstructed justice, but he cites no statue violated. This procedure he has continued since the President's election. Conclusion: Robert Muller seeks to defame a duly elected president, against the will of those who elected the President. Robert Muller must cease and desist these unlawful proceedings.
29259.  Casey of CaliforniaSep 17, 2018
Independent Counsel is suppose to be appointed to investigate a crime ... there was no crime at the time of Mueller's appointment, and still none to this day. Mueller must go!!!
29258.  B. Alfeld of IllinoisSep 17, 2018
29257.  Laurel Riley of VirginiaSep 17, 2018
29256.  Heri of TennesseeSep 17, 2018
Get rid of the mueller team. All against trump. They need to go. It’s wasting our money
29255.  J eff Meadows of OhioSep 17, 2018
29254.  Fran Scott of New YorkSep 17, 2018
29253.  Dave of TexasSep 17, 2018
29252.  Terry Harris of TexasSep 17, 2018
Mueller helped orchestrate the sale of our nation's uranium to the Russians which resulted in massive funds being deposited into the Clinton's Foundation. Any court which tolerates this situation is a corrupt Court.
29251.  Robert Childress of ArizonaSep 17, 2018
29250.  Keeli Brock of South CarolinaSep 16, 2018
29249.  Lynda L. Korbel of ArizonaSep 16, 2018
Removing compromised Mueller is long overdue.
29248.  Abdul H. Muhammad of IllinoisSep 16, 2018
Clinton/Obama regime change in Libya illegal. Cointelpro exist in the twenty-first century. Clapper lies. Comey lies . Brennan lies. Larry klayman tells the truth!
29247.  Nelson Hogquist of TexasSep 16, 2018
29246.  Ken Roberts of North CarolinaSep 16, 2018
This witch hunt is over.
29245.  Richard Carter of TexasSep 16, 2018
Stop this witch hunt now!
29244.  Bryan Buchanan of South CarolinaSep 16, 2018
29243.  Kristi LaBiche of LouisianaSep 16, 2018
29242.  William Powell of MarylandSep 16, 2018
29241.  Kevin of FloridaSep 16, 2018
29240.  John Chadwick of ArizonaSep 16, 2018
Why is it that the political elites are not prosecuted for serious federal crimes and American people are prosecuted, convicted and jailed for much lesser crimes.
29239.  Ryan Krafft of MichiganSep 15, 2018
29238.  Gregory Roark of FloridaSep 15, 2018
29237.  Suzann of TexasSep 15, 2018
As we say in Texas. Get r done
29236.  Carl Goldberg of ArizonaSep 15, 2018
Robert Mueller needs to be removed from the position of Special Counsel. He is leading a collusion with the FBI and the DOJ in order to reverse the results of the election and the will of the American people. In addition, Mueller has a sordid history of supporting our Muslim Brotherhood enemies.
29235.  Jeff of VirginiaSep 15, 2018
We The People will not stand by while our hijacked demacrat and liberal partys of their Deep State Criminal Organizations continue to harm our and Gods Chosen man for our Freedom. We will go to the max to save our God, Country and Families from my Demoncrat Party
29234.  Dorota Wielogorska of ArizonaSep 15, 2018
29233.  David of WashingtonSep 15, 2018
29232.  CH of IllinoisSep 15, 2018
Please remove Mueller and Sessions and have Larry Klayman appointed as Special Counsel to investigate the Clintons and finally bring criminal charges. If we are to be a nation of law and order then EVERYONE, must be held accountable, even previous Presidents. Mueller like Sessions ARE part of the problem. Both men are corrupted. Neither of them are honest.
29231.  Scott E. Faulkner of ColoradoSep 15, 2018
29230.  Louanna Davis of KansasSep 15, 2018
29229.  Kenneth Rhoades of MichiganSep 15, 2018
I hope you get the job for Trump
29228.  Terry of CaliforniaSep 15, 2018
I do trust u freedom watch to protect our president and constitution rights and i have no money to donate at time when i can i will plz save our president and freedom
29227.  Tom Connor of PennsylvaniaSep 15, 2018
29226.  Howard Mancha of CaliforniaSep 15, 2018
The "justice "dep't needs a vast cleanup.starting with Mr. Sessions whoo has already outlived his usefulness ,. Sad to see , as I envisioned good things from him. Where are all the qualified leaders hiding ???
29225.  Edward Wolford of CaliforniaSep 15, 2018
29224.  Kenneth Castleberry of PennsylvaniaSep 15, 2018
29223.  James R Tabone of TexasSep 15, 2018
Mueller must go! He is badly conflicted in regards to the Steele Dossier, and close proximity to Rosenstein and Comey.
29222.  Sharon of IndianaSep 15, 2018
It is time to remove mueller, unleash Trump and let him manage the FBI and DOj as the founders intended. Clean it out and get on with investigating the real mess!
29221.  Trish Shultz of FloridaSep 15, 2018
This ACTOR for Comey, Obama/AKA Barry Soetoro/ and Clintons, as well as acting in behalf of the Democrat Senate Needs to be remove immediately and America REIMBURSED For the wasred tax payers money used.
29220.  Terry Cole of GeorgiaSep 15, 2018
Replace all of the FBI with good honest Constitutionalist .
29219.  Robert Durocher of LouisianaSep 15, 2018
29218.  Michael Hagan of NebraskaSep 15, 2018
29217.  MANUEL B. ALCON of New MexicoSep 15, 2018
It is time that they let President do his job.
29216.  Debra Neff of MichiganSep 15, 2018
The Clintons should have been rotting in prison for some time now. Mueller?.. Should be in the prison line-up along with all the other “players” once Klayman completes his own investigation. It’s time.
29215.  James Baillargeron of Rhode IslandSep 15, 2018
29214.  James Jenkins of MichiganSep 15, 2018
29213.  Steve & Rachel Steele of TexasSep 15, 2018
29212.  Rosemary of TennesseeSep 15, 2018
29211.  Thomas Mears of MinnesotaSep 15, 2018
29210.  John Frederic of OregonSep 15, 2018
29209.  Tim Campbell of IndianaSep 14, 2018
29208.  Susan Onorio of North CarolinaSep 14, 2018
29207.  James Johnson of OregonSep 14, 2018
29206.  JIM HALL of TexasSep 14, 2018
29205.  Ralph of ArizonaSep 14, 2018
Let’s get it done.
29204.  Pamela Grimm of TexasSep 14, 2018
29203.  Bill Shadowens of TennesseeSep 14, 2018
May Justice Prevail
29202.  Rodney Bentley of NevadaSep 14, 2018
End the witch Hunt stop spending my money on garbage!!
29201.  Douglas Brady of MichiganSep 14, 2018
Muddler is corrupt, deep state tool. Ignoring the source of the Steel dossier and turning a blind eye to the corruption of the left should make that obvio.
29200.  Anna Wood of AlabamaSep 14, 2018
29199.  Peter Marechal of CaliforniaSep 14, 2018
Let's charge the real villians...the Democrats!
29198.  Richard of PennsylvaniaSep 14, 2018
Re-Elect 45
29197.  John C. Harris of VirginiaSep 14, 2018
29196.  Mark Miller of NebraskaSep 14, 2018
29195.  Joe Cariola of MarylandSep 14, 2018
Go Fer it, but do what you are saying.
29194.  Ray Sears of IdahoSep 14, 2018
29193.  Diane McCann of WashingtonSep 14, 2018
29192.  Ann Heins of ArizonaSep 14, 2018
29191.  Paul Perkins of AlaskaSep 14, 2018
29190.  Michael mccann of WashingtonSep 14, 2018
29189.  Dan of IllinoisSep 14, 2018
Very tired of all the crimes the last administration committed and nothing is being done. Get rid of Mueller who is nothing more than Obama puppet.
29188.  Raisa Rabinovich of MassachusettsSep 14, 2018
29187.  John Ilko of WisconsinSep 14, 2018
as the petition states and remove the cancerous mueller
29186.  Mike of VirginiaSep 14, 2018
The law must be applied to everyone
29185.  Marilyn Crawford of OregonSep 14, 2018
This mess needs cleaned up today. There is so much evil in the Obama group, it oozes around the world.
29184.  Adele Schmid of GeorgiaSep 14, 2018
29183.  gabe of TexasSep 14, 2018
29182.  Donald McCrimmon of OregonSep 14, 2018
29181.  Robert Hibbard of WashingtonSep 14, 2018
and asst atty gen
29180.  Robert Wagner of MichiganSep 14, 2018
Enough is this BS going to continue on for the next 6 years?
29179.  Harvey Henning of AlabamaSep 14, 2018
29178.  Kathi Jesse of CaliforniaSep 14, 2018
We need to prosecute the Clintons before there is a statute of limitations issue!!
29177.  Vanita of ArizonaSep 14, 2018
I have never like the present lawyer Trump has too much mouth and camera attention not enough education or something. Lot of nothing and makes it sound like something.
29176.  Toribio Abella of CaliforniaSep 14, 2018
29175.  William Castro of FloridaSep 14, 2018
29174. of MichiganSep 14, 2018
He needs be Removed now and pay back the Taxes payers Money need some one to look at him
29173.  Lowell Parlow of WisconsinSep 14, 2018
And please hurry before it is too late. Demonrats are just stalling till it's too late for anyone to be prosecuted for their crimes.
29172.  R. Reese of MontanaSep 14, 2018
29171.  Scott Gilbert of CaliforniaSep 14, 2018
29170.  Roger Mullins of ColoradoSep 14, 2018
29169.  Elsworth Turner of KentuckySep 14, 2018
Equal Justice Under the Law, NOW1
29168.  Carol Fisher of CaliforniaSep 14, 2018
PLEASE HELP US PROSECUTE THE CRIMINALS! We support President Trump completely. How he is able to stand in the face of the globalist traitors is amazing.
29167.  William Harris of ColoradoSep 14, 2018
29166.  Craig Johnson of ColoradoSep 14, 2018
ONE LAW... This is a nation of applies to everyone. It is inappropriate that the DNC and the Clintons, as well as the minions they put in place at various Federal institutions be allowed to go free without prosecution after blatantly violating their oath of office, AND FEDERAL LAW "GROSS NEGLIGENCE" is how it read!
29165.  Elvina Dumoulin of (Non-U.S.)Sep 14, 2018
We urge you to please remove Robert Mueller right NOW because he is not conducting a legitimate investigation and so,he needs to be tossed aside!And please do not pay his wages because of this.Also please remove Rosenstein and Sessions who are both behind all this!Those three are all partners in crime!
29164.  brian demmers of New YorkSep 14, 2018
29163.  Robert Smith of MinnesotaSep 14, 2018
President Trump needs to call a State Of Emergency within Washington DC; Bring in the Military and Mid West Federal Marshall's for seize, assisted, and arrest of any Deep State Shadow Government treasonous criminals. Including Barack Obama, Hillary & Bill Clinton. That's just for starters. It's GITMO for them! John Kerry is and has been a long time Communist criminal for the cause for the New World Order!Time to clean up this corrupted country before We The People start Civil War II; As it has well started by the NWO Dem's and some of the Republican turn coats that linger in the halls of our Congress.
29162.  Caleb montgomery of ArkansasSep 14, 2018
29161.  Ronald Mittlebeeler of VirginiaSep 14, 2018
29160.  Steve of WisconsinSep 14, 2018
29159.  Gene of PennsylvaniaSep 14, 2018
The time for accountability is long since passed! The real criminals must be prosecuted! DO IT!
29158.  Hugh E. Jackson of OregonSep 14, 2018
The endless attacks upon a president who was legitimately elected just stop. No crime was ever put forth as the reason for this investigation, and yet this ridiculous search for a crime merely for the purposes of removing the President goes on. Everyone with a brain or a conscience knows this.
29157.  john lawrence of VermontSep 14, 2018
29156.  Alan O'Neill of CaliforniaSep 14, 2018
29155.  Jacqueline Daigle of MassachusettsSep 14, 2018
This has got to stop. Our country voted the person that would stand for us. He is doing that and the left has gone completely off the rails. Stop the insanity! The witch hunt has gone on way too long.
29154.  Frank Graham of TennesseeSep 14, 2018
29153.  Stella A. Felix-Villarreal of CaliforniaSep 14, 2018
21953- I believe the Rule of Law needs enforcing! I voted for President Donald J Trump to do a job that our electected Policitians have failed to do, therefore, failing America, the American people, and our Constitution! God Bless America. Stella Felix-Villarreal 🇱🇷
29152.  Brian Vallotton of CaliforniaSep 14, 2018
Stop this ongoing madness. When has it ever been legal to have a special counsel search for a crime that was never confirmed to exist?
29151.  Thomas of TexasSep 14, 2018
29150.  Barry Williams of North CarolinaSep 14, 2018
Stop wasting tax payers money!
29149.  Dawn Widmayer of ArizonaSep 14, 2018
29148.  Joe Holmes of TennesseeSep 14, 2018
29147.  Michael of LouisianaSep 14, 2018
This obvious abuse of federal power should shake every citizen to their core. We, the governed, are our government.
29146.  Brad Williams of KansasSep 14, 2018
29145.  Jeff Holmes of IowaSep 14, 2018
29144.  Bobby V. Berry, Jr. of ColoradoSep 14, 2018
29143.  Deborah Smith of PennsylvaniaSep 14, 2018
Please end this investigation with Mueller Rod Rosenstein the witch hunt.
29142.  deborah nagle of Rhode IslandSep 14, 2018
The people deserve to know the truth.
29141.  Ed of FloridaSep 14, 2018
29140.  Chris Moffatt of GeorgiaSep 14, 2018
Almost 2 years of looking for a crime and still NOTHING! End this WITCH HUNT now!
29139.  Michael A Calvert of OklahomaSep 14, 2018
We must stop this lawlessness. Democrats accusing Trump of the very things they of which they are guilty. Enough, enough.
29138.  Scott of IllinoisSep 14, 2018
29137.  Joe of TexasSep 14, 2018
29136.  Chris Gorman of VirginiaSep 14, 2018
This is criminal.
29135.  ohn summers of TexasSep 14, 2018
this has been the biggest charade in our history snf we need to force bob mueller to reveal what he has found or remove hisself
29134.  mike gantt of GeorgiaSep 14, 2018
The entire investigation has from the beginning deviated from the mandate to "investigate Russian Collusion by Trump." All evidence not pertaining to mandate is non-admissible. Special Counsel, present the evidence, or withdraw. Mike Gantt
29133.  Chris zabawski of GeorgiaSep 14, 2018
This is eating up to many resources and a farce by far
29132.  Connie O'Neill of MassachusettsSep 14, 2018
29131.  Ivan T Vincent of OhioSep 14, 2018
I have lost a lot of faith in the justice system and Congress over this entire debacle. Enough is enough!
29130.  James Tebelskis of CaliforniaSep 14, 2018
29129.  Nancy Craddock of TexasSep 13, 2018
29128.  Irene Quesada of CaliforniaSep 13, 2018
29127.  Oliver B Miller of TennesseeSep 13, 2018
We MUST drain the swamp!......starting here!
29126.  elisabeth of CaliforniaSep 13, 2018
29125.  William L. Maine Sr of North CarolinaSep 13, 2018
Robert Mueller for over 2 years has been using his position to try to tie up the Republican President so that not much can be accomplished to make the President look bad. This court is only a political ploy. Bill Maine
29124.  Edward Soucek of MissouriSep 13, 2018
29123. of CaliforniaSep 13, 2018
29122.  Wayne Rollis of OregonSep 13, 2018
29121.  Robert of WashingtonSep 13, 2018
29120.  Kathy of FloridaSep 13, 2018
29119.  William Maine,Sr of North CarolinaSep 13, 2018
Remove Mueller because he has no evidence against the President and for the past two years he has just gone on a witch hunt. Also, his committee consists of mainly one party. His group is only pulling this Country apart. Also, this committee is only political. Nothing is being done about Hillary and he illegal doings,such as, open phone line & selling the USA uranium mines.
29118.  Kay of MinnesotaSep 13, 2018
Remove and jail that traitor now.
29117.  Mike Ormesher of NebraskaSep 13, 2018
29116.  michelle of FloridaSep 13, 2018
29115.  Darlas Hildreth of ArizonaSep 13, 2018
29114.  Ray Smith of WisconsinSep 13, 2018
Never in my life could I imagine that Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama would go so far, and now they are lying about Judge Kavanaugh. Enough is enough! I am so damn angry with these people! They must be brought to trial and then throw them in jail where they all belong! If anyone can throw these criminals in prison, I know Larry Klayman can! We can't wait any longer!
29113.  lex schauer of North DakotaSep 13, 2018
Kill the Deep State!
29112.  mike of North CarolinaSep 12, 2018
This partisan witch-hunting S.O.B. has got to go. Ray Charles can even see his agenda is to take down President Trump. Cut this nut-case loose and answer for the consequences.
29111.  charles Rodrick of CaliforniaSep 12, 2018
29110.  Jon Nordstrom of IndianaSep 12, 2018
29109.  Bob of NevadaSep 12, 2018
The Democrats are Prosecuting the Republicans, who have Done Nothing Wrong!!!! There are Many Democrats that have Broken Laws and they are Not being Prosecuted. This Entire Thing is BACKWARDS!!!!
29108.  Rose Maierle of South CarolinaSep 12, 2018
29107.  Donna of ArizonaSep 12, 2018
29106.  Kevin of Rhode IslandSep 12, 2018
29105.  Elizabeth Alvarez of TexasSep 12, 2018
I believe Robert Mueller has conflicts of interest that make him unacceptable as a special counsel. I also believe that the reasons for creating this special counsel are illegal.
29104.  Janie of FloridaSep 12, 2018
Have you contacted the white house regarding your offer? President's a busy man & probably can't follow all websites.
29103.  joany wentworthe of FloridaSep 12, 2018
29102.  Kristin Love of WashingtonSep 12, 2018
29101.  Daniel of MontanaSep 12, 2018
29100.  Mathew Autry of ColoradoSep 12, 2018
29099.  Debra Downey of New YorkSep 12, 2018
29098.  Marisa of PennsylvaniaSep 11, 2018
29097.  ed of MissouriSep 11, 2018
29096.  Robert Teter of WashingtonSep 11, 2018
Find a tall tree on the mall and get a rope for this treasonous failed abortion.
29095.  PETER PLIKAS of IllinoisSep 11, 2018
Dear President Trump Larry Klayman is the man you need to replace the crooked Mueller. Big experience with Bill Clinton. Tough as nails. He will go after crooked politicians Clinton, her accomplices, Obama, Deep State, etc.
29094.  William L. Maine of North CarolinaSep 10, 2018
29093.  Anne Whitley of KansasSep 10, 2018
29092.  SUSAN SEILER of WisconsinSep 10, 2018
29091.  Marco Ramos of New YorkSep 09, 2018
Stop the leftistsNWO Democrats
29090.  Robert Hibberd of NevadaSep 09, 2018
29089.  Robert Fisher of ArizonaSep 09, 2018
29088.  Natalie of TennesseeSep 09, 2018
29087.  Barb of WyomingSep 09, 2018
Yep what is going on is exactly that..elite take us over and we are their slaves..yet, Trump could have indicted HRC and her cabal; he could have charged O and HRC with at least 22 counts of treason and they would be on their way to Gitmo..yet, he did not do any of this nor did the Justice Department under the snake Rosenstein of which Trump would not he is making his own bed of thorns...Trump is way out in left field on this one..all the Tweeting and slurs do him no good...Mueller is a felon himself and doing this investigation, racking up millions of dollars from We the People...yet he does nothing.
29086.  Michael Roberts of LouisianaSep 08, 2018
29085.  Robyn O'Donnell of New JerseySep 08, 2018
29084.  Dale Eisenacher of West VirginiaSep 08, 2018
We are sick and tired on our tax money being spent on a criminally fabricated BS claim by the criminal Democrats and it needs to end now!
29083.  James Beckwith of GeorgiaSep 08, 2018
29082.  Roy of IdahoSep 08, 2018
29081. of ArizonaSep 08, 2018
The Left is in a desperate effort to destroy the work President Donald Trump is DOING to MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN. They are desperate because they know that HE KNOWS what they are up to, and the crimes they have committed over the past decades! MAKE IT STOP!!!
29080.  Russell of MinnesotaSep 08, 2018
Make America Great!
29079.  Jeanne Campbell of IndianaSep 08, 2018
29078.  Richard W Aldrich of IndianaSep 08, 2018
29077.  stephen jacks of TennesseeSep 08, 2018
29076.  Ethan Palethorpe of UtahSep 07, 2018
We the people have woken up and will no longer accept lies and illusions. It's time to do the right thing. Unveil the truth. The world deserves to know the extent of the Clinton Crime Spree and the decades of deep state activity. Unshelve those disruptive technology patents perhaps while we're at it.
29075.  Kathy L Claus of OhioSep 07, 2018
Our taxes are paying those worthless bottem feeders on Capital Hill billions to do nothing but push their own agenda rather than what the people want. Only Freedom Watch and Judicial Watch are getting anything done. On a lot less from donations. You both have my financial support.
29074.  Darryl of Armed Forces Middle EastSep 07, 2018
29073.  John of GeorgiaSep 07, 2018
VERY interested in what I and many in our community can do on a different level, other than vote of course, and contribute in the fight against an unprecedented blatantly open attack on suppressing speech among other dictatorial, radical and marxist/socialist agendas. This is not being pushed through by the "old guard" socialist/progressive/communist "fringe" parties of decades past but directly and openly injected into one of ONLY two traditionally recognized American political parties. It is no longer a debate of differences or occasional disagreements not even the old agree to disagree open town halls and panels. It'd be scary enough if this was an insidious and subversive "underground" conspiracy plot but this movement is right before us in the light not the shadows and as the great Winston Churchill said of early communism "it must be strangled in its cradle" well it's here and maybe it always was to a degree but NOT like this and I believe this is what he meant whether it was 191...
29072.  elizabeth hudson of FloridaSep 07, 2018
Mr President, YOU r the head of the Justice Dept. Not firing mueller is making you look weak. Do not let him continue. He has finished with Russia. Fire him then Investigate him and jail him. he preocured the uranium deal for 1. he was in on 911. he is dirty and a criminal. unite the nation. kick mueller to the curb.
29071.  Richard Stahl of North CarolinaSep 07, 2018
Indict Sessions and Rosenstein
29070.  Deborah L Tipton of WashingtonSep 07, 2018
Mueller should of went after Hillary and Obama for their crimes. He is one sided must be a criminal his self.
29069.  larry priest of WashingtonSep 07, 2018
How about Larry Klayman for AG?
29068.  NicolePinto of CaliforniaSep 07, 2018
Stop this witch hunt.
29067.  Barbara Keever of KansasSep 07, 2018
29066.  Rex of ArkansasSep 07, 2018
AGREED!! A GOOD LAWYER WOULD HAVE FOUND "RUSSIAN COLLUSION" BY NOW (but there wasn't any) all Mueller has now is a terrible track record AND egg on his face....SHAME ON MUELLER FOR CONTINUING THE CHARADE !!!!!
29065.  Susan Harrar of FloridaSep 07, 2018
29064.  TP of FloridaSep 07, 2018
let's get rid of this bias scandalous disreputable discredited operative of the Marxist shadow government. Must fire & put on trial this Deep State thug.
29063.  daniel of South CarolinaSep 07, 2018
29062.  Jennifer of KansasSep 07, 2018
29061.  H of South CarolinaSep 07, 2018
29060.  Jessie M Shelley of FloridaSep 07, 2018
29059.  Bob Walker of North CarolinaSep 07, 2018
29058.  James Demuth of WashingtonSep 07, 2018
29057.  Emily French of (Non-U.S.)Sep 06, 2018
We need someone like Larry Klayman, who isn't compromised, to take on the corruption that is so deeply entrenched in the USA.
29056.  Donald Nacoli of MichiganSep 06, 2018
I believe they are out to get Trump. Mueller actions prove it.
29055.  Rodger Reed of CaliforniaSep 06, 2018
29054.  Kurt B King of FloridaSep 06, 2018
It is time to clean out the DOJ. Too much justice being blocked by too many sabateurs, and very little time to save the mid-term election.
29053.  S STEPHENS of CaliforniaSep 06, 2018
A GOOD LAWYER WOULD HAVE FOUND "RUSSIAN COLLUSION" BY NOW (but there wasn't any) all Mueller has now is a terrible track record AND egg on his face....SHAME ON MUELLER FOR CONTINUING THE CHARADE !!!!!
29052.  Sharon Craig of TexasSep 06, 2018
29051.  Susan Cabales of New YorkSep 06, 2018
29050.  Roger Bienvenu of LouisianaSep 06, 2018
Please do all possible to prosecute: Bill and Hillary Clinton B Hussein Obama All DOJ operatives especially Mueller
29049.  Reid Garrett of TexasSep 06, 2018
29048.  David H O'Neill Jr of FloridaSep 06, 2018
29047.  Harold Workman of KentuckySep 06, 2018
The United States citizens need to know, that when powerful and political people break laws and conduct treasonous deals with our enemies, or try to rig our elections...they will be prosecuted to the utmost fullest extent of the law... Since there has been no proof of collusion on President Trumps behalf, lets get rid of Mueller and go after the powerful and political people that we know broke the law.
29046.  D.Shell of (Non-U.S.)Sep 06, 2018
Remove this clown before he brings down America.
29045.  Linda Israel of KansasSep 06, 2018
Time to take the gloves off
29044.  Rudy of CaliforniaSep 06, 2018
29043.  Carol Herndon of GeorgiaSep 06, 2018
29042.  DANA CORONA of TexasSep 06, 2018
Thank You Mr Klayman for taking on these challenges for the American people. These Giants must be brought to their knees for the illegal actions they have colluded in accomplishing. I was able to donate via paypal. GOD BLESS YOU!
29041.  Daniel Wolfe of VirginiaSep 06, 2018
The garbage in DC needs to be cleaned up ASAP! We are tired of the BS... lies, lies and more lies. Nobody can be trusted. Remove Mueller and replace him with a real, honest independent counsel - Larry Klayman - immediately!
29040.  Mary Broussard of LouisianaSep 06, 2018
29039.  John Meaders of ColoradoSep 06, 2018
I am embarrassed he has not been arrested yet and, instead, is touted as a figure promoting truth and justice for our legal system. Our country is becoming a “banana republic” due to the likes of this buffoon.
29038.  Ralph Heins of ArizonaSep 06, 2018
29037.  Terry Rude of OregonSep 06, 2018
Stop this ridiculous witch hunt. Start serving those you serve. Drain the swamp. God speed.
29036.  Roberta Eures of FloridaSep 06, 2018
Jeff Sessions is not protecting the Country nor doing his job. He is a total disgrace and should have not taken this position as AG. We demand he resign because he put our President in a position that he can’t be fired.
29035.  Dereald L Millsap of TexasSep 06, 2018
I support a Class Action Law Suite against these Corrupt & Lying ZCompanys that are screwing the Americans Citizens. They are using our personal Private Information to make Zmoney & Control American slices. These company’s need to be broken up, prosecute these Top Company management, take their Billion of Dollars away from them. Have a Military Justice Tribunals Trials. Put them in Gimo Pridin With Comfinement 23 Hiurs, & 1 Hour of outside excerise! They sure start at 30 Years to life, $ if it’s murder they committed or Had People to commit, then it’s the Death Penalty, if it’s Treason give them the Death Pentalty!
29034.  Jerry W Barnes of CaliforniaSep 06, 2018
I have had many problems with Facebook removing my comments and posts,as well as removing the share options on my posts to the public. If Facebook can't be trusted anymore to be fair and nonbiased, They shouldn't be a Social Media Network.
29033.  Phillip Booher of TennesseeSep 06, 2018
29032.  Melvin J. Willms of WashingtonSep 06, 2018
29031.  Drew P Weenur of NevadaSep 06, 2018
My name is Drew P Weenur and I support this message
29030.  john calman of New MexicoSep 06, 2018
29029.  kay dewinter of New YorkSep 05, 2018
Mister klayman after you're done with this what can we do about the late night talk shows that slander mock ridicule our president
29028.  Gary Hornbuckle of AlabamaSep 05, 2018
Drain the swamp so that people can have faith in this country once again!
29027.  Tim Halikas of CaliforniaSep 05, 2018
29026.  Richard Taylor of FloridaSep 05, 2018
29025.  Melvin Willms of WashingtonSep 05, 2018
29024.  Alison Taylor of VirginiaSep 05, 2018
I assumed Sessions had been threatened when I saw his body language at his first press conference with Rod Rosenstein.....looming next to him. After hearing Larry Klayman on CrowdSourcetheTruth, I'm convinced he's also part of the Washington, D.C. establishment.
29023.  Joseph F. Mitsch Jr. of OhioSep 05, 2018
Mueller is tainted by the Uranium One Scandal and may well become a defendant soon. Mueller is not fit to prosecute anyone, until he explains his role in "Uranium One" and his known collusion with the Russians. Mueller has a very long history with the Clinton Family and is not a fair and impartial party able to discern in a fair and just manor who is guilty of espionage or Russian collusion. Mueller is not impartial regarding the involvement of Hillary Clinton's collusion, espionage with Russian agents. Mueller refuses to investigate others known to have committed espionage with the Russians and is fixed on the spies inserted into the Trump campaign by the FBI which itself was infiltrated by the CIA and then manipulated to prosecute President Trump or members of his presidential campaign.
29022.  Robert Fernandez Rubio of GeorgiaSep 05, 2018
29021.  Karen of PennsylvaniaSep 05, 2018
Witch hunt has been over since start! If we are to trust the plan.....then bring it out !
29020.  Brian Hecht of TexasSep 05, 2018
29019.  Anita Eicher of OhioSep 05, 2018
29018.  Brian Mora of MissouriSep 05, 2018
29017.  john haines of IowaSep 05, 2018
29016.  Patricia Ann of New JerseySep 05, 2018
29015.  Sebastian Isabella of PennsylvaniaSep 05, 2018
29014.  Kathy Cooper of FloridaSep 05, 2018
29013.  Dale Freeman of CaliforniaSep 05, 2018
29012.  Tim Aaron of North CarolinaSep 05, 2018
29011.  mary brown of KentuckySep 05, 2018
arrest Mueller
29010. of New YorkSep 05, 2018
29009.  Steve Henderson of FloridaSep 05, 2018
29008.  Jane Hamilton of (Non-U.S.)Sep 05, 2018
29007.  Kymmberly Arbiso of CaliforniaSep 05, 2018
29006.  Robin Flatt Homa of ColoradoSep 04, 2018
29005.  Angela Baiers of MichiganSep 04, 2018
29004. of TexasSep 04, 2018
Robert Mulluer is Corrupt, Criminal & Dirty Scoundrel! He’s Connected in the Uranium One Deal, make making Money with his FBI Security Clearances, To Northup-Grumman & others. Put him on Trial, he’s Connected With Tge deep Swamp Coup, to overthrow An election, he hired only Corrupt Democrats, Lawyers. Have him face a Mikirary Court Mallshall For Treason, Snd him to Gitmo!
29003.  Don Tompkins of IdahoSep 04, 2018
Mueller needs to be removed and then investigated.
29002.  Jim of LouisianaSep 04, 2018
29001.  Gina Reddin of TexasSep 04, 2018
29000.  Vicente Guerrero of TexasSep 04, 2018
28999.  Erin Kelly of CaliforniaSep 04, 2018
28998.  Chet Zoland of FloridaSep 04, 2018
28997.  Joshua Roundy of ArizonaSep 04, 2018
Drain the damn swamp already! Best of luck Larry, go get em!
28996.  amante of WashingtonSep 04, 2018
28995.  Russell Wyant of MinnesotaSep 04, 2018
28994.  Mary Lou Miller of OhioSep 04, 2018
28993.  i.m.jones of OregonSep 04, 2018
28992.  Tim Dilley of WisconsinSep 04, 2018
28991.  Alan Patrick of OhioSep 04, 2018
28990.  Peter Schaps of MinnesotaSep 04, 2018
28989.  Mark Hermanns Sr. of FloridaSep 04, 2018
28988.  John of MassachusettsSep 04, 2018
28987.  Rolando Mata of TexasSep 04, 2018
Muller needs to go. DOJ needs to investigate his collusion with the Clintons and him being the bag man of a uranium sample to the Russians.
28986.  Daniel O'Neal of AlabamaSep 04, 2018
28985.  Barbara Ann of South CarolinaSep 04, 2018
Please do what we the people want and remove him
28984.  Arthur Horton of TexasSep 04, 2018
28983.  Mary of NevadaSep 04, 2018
28982.  Diane Tarbutton of TexasSep 04, 2018
There was NO collusion with President Trump and his campaign. The real investigation should be of the Democratic Party, FISA abuese and Hilary Clinton. Quit wasting tax payer money.
28981.  Bill Kays of (Non-U.S.)Sep 04, 2018
I am a proud Canadian that believes in personal freedom and liberty.
28980.  Barbara DeStasio of New JerseySep 04, 2018
28979.  Tim Myers of NevadaSep 04, 2018
28978.  William Tarpein of ArizonaSep 04, 2018
28977.  Shawn Dartez of LouisianaSep 04, 2018
28976.  Gail Martin of CaliforniaSep 04, 2018
28975.  Gail Harmon of FloridaSep 04, 2018
28974.  Laura Pivonka of MontanaSep 04, 2018
Why can't Trump fire Mueller? According to Judge Napolitano, he can.
28973. of CaliforniaSep 04, 2018
28972.  Mark Kelley of VermontSep 04, 2018
28971.  Teresa Phipps of IowaSep 04, 2018
28970.  Gregory Pace of OklahomaSep 04, 2018
28969.  Josiah of WashingtonSep 04, 2018
I fully support the routing of ALL DOMESTIC TRAITORS.
28968.  GABRIEL GAY of TexasSep 04, 2018
28967.  thomas Mahoney of FloridaSep 04, 2018
28966.  Todd French of IdahoSep 04, 2018
Is there anything we can do to recoup the money spent on this false narrative?
28965.  John Amari of IllinoisSep 04, 2018
28964.  Curt Cull of MichiganSep 04, 2018
28963.  Dean Smith of KentuckySep 04, 2018
This is a politically motivated witch hunt intended to keep our POTUS of balance and used as resistance by the Leftist democRAT party. I strongly urge the removal of Jeff Session from the Attorney Generals position. he has recused himself and refused to investigate the 0bama, Clinton, Holder, Lynch cartel. His recusal from the Russia Collusion investigation as one of if not the very first actions he showed that he has something to0 hide of feels somewhere involved. He should have been immediately fired. He is either one of them, being blackmailed by one of them or fearful of them.
28962.  David S. McBurnett of TexasSep 04, 2018
28961.  Darrell of FloridaSep 04, 2018
28960.  Carolyn Bishop of New YorkSep 04, 2018
28959.  Jan James of MissouriSep 04, 2018
28958.  Ruben of ArizonaSep 03, 2018
28957.  RIch J of NevadaSep 03, 2018
We need Klayman now!!
28956.  Treva Foster of ArkansasSep 03, 2018
28955.  ron zacharias of UtahSep 03, 2018
why no investigation against Hillery? The IRS? Fast and ATF gun running? Etc Why double standards?
28954.  harv of ArizonaSep 03, 2018
Where are the crimes that the President? Mueller has had two years to get this done. Also why aren't the crimes of the democrats not being investigated?
28953.  Rose of South CarolinaSep 03, 2018
28952.  Steve of ArizonaSep 03, 2018
your wright the clintons have been criminals for 50 years, they should be indicted for their past crimes and mueller should be removed.
28951.  ron rubalcaba of TexasSep 03, 2018
28950.  Philip of TennesseeSep 03, 2018
Remove Muller from his witch Hunt NOW. Wasting Milloons. Time to get rid of him NOW, not later. Muller belongs in Prison, he is a crook, and a lier and a crook.
28949.  Edward Garcia of TexasSep 02, 2018
It time to fire Muller a waste of taxes payer money.
28948.  Nathan of CaliforniaSep 02, 2018
Drain the Swamp!!!! Drain CALIFORNIA’s SWAMP
28947.  David of ArizonaSep 02, 2018
28946.  Mark Foundas of New YorkSep 02, 2018
Off to GITMO with him !
28945. of New YorkSep 02, 2018
Send him to GITMO !
28944.  PAUL D KENDALL of AlaskaSep 02, 2018
the publics business should be conducted in public view and access. God Bless D J Trump . We are going to have to reconstruct in some if not many sectors of our society,,, in order to do this we need public formats with unhurried, open, fearless, and freedom of speach dialogues or arguments... we need the discussions. Our bureaucrats and public employees are failing us and are becoming communists at our and our childrens expense and impact.. ie ( we need to term limit all public employees in wages, benefits, and means of financing them )
28943.  Jeff Wittenbrink of LouisianaSep 02, 2018
Robert Mueller's investigation has been compromised by illegal leaks and the deceptive FISA applications and warrants issued without a hearing. He needs to be removed. Larry Klayman is indefatigable, and will effectively prosecute the many crimes overlooked by this and the previous administration.
28942.  Mike of FloridaSep 02, 2018
Lock her up. Retire him.
28941.  Edward Benhart of VirginiaSep 02, 2018
The country has suffered too long!
28940.  Richard Cavagnaro of New YorkSep 02, 2018
Time for Obama's fraud, treason & crimes against children to be exposed & prosecuted. LifeSentance
28939.  Cindy Tubbs of IndianaSep 02, 2018
Interesting Sessions is clearly the work of a traitor and should be fired and indicted. The same with Mueller. This perpetual liar has way to many felonies and must be indicted for his crimes.
28938.  Elizabeth B of New MexicoSep 02, 2018
28937.  Marisa Elskamp of PennsylvaniaSep 02, 2018
Mueller has displayed contempt for our country and has a used his authority.
28936.  John of New JerseySep 01, 2018
28935.  JM Campbell of ConnecticutSep 01, 2018
28934.  john of OhioSep 01, 2018
President Trump has kept open Guantanamo, now lets fill it with enemies of the state, no trials.
28933.  Thomas C Wholley of MassachusettsSep 01, 2018
28932.  John norris of OregonSep 01, 2018
28931.  Earl Sonnier of LouisianaSep 01, 2018
28930.  Sam Yoder of PennsylvaniaSep 01, 2018
I urge President Trump to fire Jeff Sessions, Rod Rosenstein, and Robert Mueller immediately and appoint Larry Klayman as special counsel to investigate all of the criminal actions of former President Obama, Obama's administration, the illegal and criminal private email server of Hillary Clinton, the Clinton Family Foundation, Uranium One, the IRS, and any other illegal activities related to these issues.
28929.  Dena uhl of OklahomaSep 01, 2018
28928.  Carol A. Eckert of PennsylvaniaSep 01, 2018
28927.  Robert Reynolds of ArkansasSep 01, 2018
If the "Declaration of Independence" and the Constitution means anything to you please sign the petition. Here is a quote from the Declaration. It is the "duty" of every American to sign and support this effort. "That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness. Prudence, indeed, will dictate that Governments long established should not be changed for light and transient causes; and accordingly, all experience hath shewn that mankind are more disposed to suffer, while evils are sufferable than to right themselves by abolishing the forms to which they are accustomed. But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right...
28926.  Andrew Lopez of TexasSep 01, 2018
Get rid of sessions and mueller please please please!!!!!!
28925.  Ellen Wells of MichiganSep 01, 2018
28924.  Ken of FloridaSep 01, 2018
28923.  Marshall of FloridaSep 01, 2018
28922.  Cindy Allen of TexasSep 01, 2018
Leave our President alone! Lock the corrupt Clintons up!
28921.  Sharon Velenosi of CaliforniaSep 01, 2018
28920.  Dennis Anderson of UtahSep 01, 2018
28919.  Michael Barker of PennsylvaniaSep 01, 2018
28918.  Julian Gio of CaliforniaSep 01, 2018
Enough of these old bastards ruining the Country undermining our elected President!
28917.  William Piacentini of PennsylvaniaSep 01, 2018
I agree, both Mueller and Sessions should be removed immediately. Both men should be investigated and brought up on charges, if warranted. Mueller should be brought up on charges for the role he played in the uranium one debacle.
28916.  Joseph Brogan of VirginiaSep 01, 2018
28915.  Benjamin Pimenel of MarylandAug 31, 2018
28914.  Harold Scott of TexasAug 31, 2018
28913.  Harry Laudig of MissouriAug 31, 2018
28912.  ben benjamin of IllinoisAug 31, 2018
28911.  Troy Parker of UtahAug 31, 2018
Robert Mueller has used intimidation and violates the will of the people election processes. He's not found anything after more than a years worth of investigating our rightfully elected president. He's not only unproductive with his investigation, but he's a waste of taxpayers money. Mueller is an unelected side show that is a mockery of American justice and liberty. Robert Mueller has become a nuisance and impedance to what "we as a nation" are expecting from our government. Please remove and prosecute Robert Mueller.
28910.  David M Barron of FloridaAug 31, 2018
End the With Hunt, Shit or get off the pot. Prosecute those who "Really Committed Crimes against the State-Hillary Clinton at the top of the list" and work down. Respect the Office of the POTUS and thank the fact that HE is actually doing a tremendous amount of work FOR the Citizens of THIS Country and not taking bribes, playing slippery shell games with foundations, and spilling our nations secrets to our enemies to use against us. Get these extremely bias people out of DOJ, FBI and any other part of the Federal Government once and for all, follow up with charges and prosecutions, and if found guilty at trial, sentenced appropriately.
28909.  Dianne Brown of GeorgiaAug 31, 2018
28908.  Thomas M Snarski of IllinoisAug 31, 2018
28907.  Lee Floyd of UtahAug 31, 2018
Lock her up! Lock her up!
28906.  Kevin of PennsylvaniaAug 31, 2018
28905.  STEVE FLOWERS of AlaskaAug 31, 2018
28904.  Barry Udcoff of CaliforniaAug 31, 2018
28903.  Tony Dyer of TennesseeAug 31, 2018
28902.  Thomas Fach of CaliforniaAug 31, 2018
MUELLER is covering up the 9-11 attacks!
28901.  Lynn A. Foldhazi of IowaAug 31, 2018
28900.  Amber Green of TexasAug 31, 2018
I am a true patriot and will do as much as possible to support the Grand Jury initiative, the petitions to drain the swamp and bring justice for the future of my country and the country of my children's children.
28899.  Mike McDermott of CaliforniaAug 31, 2018
28898.  David Barton of CaliforniaAug 31, 2018
28897.  Nadine Blosat of ArizonaAug 31, 2018
Yes I want to support your efforts here as well as appreciate you current lawsuit of $1B Suit.
28896.  Jeaneene Wallace of ColoradoAug 31, 2018
Free Speech!!! We have to endure countless advertising on social media platforms, so this is not a Free Platform! What these entities are doing is equivalent to book burning. If the powers that be had confidence in their narrative then they wouldn't feel the need to control dialogue between adults. I don't need a brainwashing bot deciding what I'm allowed to read!
28895.  Nikki Streng of ArizonaAug 30, 2018
28894.  Kathryn Jesse of CaliforniaAug 30, 2018
go get em!!!
28893.  Sgt. Steven J. Sullivan of IllinoisAug 30, 2018
.....fighting tyranny from near or afar is a matter of minor adjustments...
28892.  Craig Schmidt of NevadaAug 30, 2018
28891.  terry higham of TennesseeAug 30, 2018
28890.  Michael J Mousseau of CaliforniaAug 30, 2018
Clean up the swamp!!!!!!!!!!!!!
28889.  Mj Smith of TexasAug 30, 2018
28888.  Ken Boike of MinnesotaAug 30, 2018
The American people are literally 'fed up' with the millions of tax-payer dollars spent on some furciferous investigation. The American people that voted for Donald J. Trump are much smarter than the 'Fake News Media' propaganda machine. ENOUGH!!!
28887.  R of New YorkAug 30, 2018
Mueller is no friend to this USA and he's simply fishing and hanging out for anything at all that he can slam our President Trump with. The taxpayers have waited long enough and spent enough money on this sham . It's time for Mueller and his team to go !
28886.  Jonathan Fazio of WashingtonAug 30, 2018
28885.  Ed Wachtel of New YorkAug 30, 2018
Americans chose President Trump. We see a positive change. We deserve our vote!
28884.  Bob Reid of LouisianaAug 30, 2018
28883.  Jeannie Barron of AlabamaAug 30, 2018
28882.  Louise of OregonAug 30, 2018
Go with God! Mr. Klayman and He will protect you and the evil will be exposed and we will become a great nation again.
28881.  Ava Santa Maria of CaliforniaAug 30, 2018
This corruption and attacks on our elected President Trump need to stop. Fire Mueller and assign Larry Klayman as special council.
28880.  Jeannie of AlabamaAug 30, 2018
28879.  Pam Letbetter of TexasAug 30, 2018
I have lost all faith in our fbi, doj, St. Dept. fisa. "Justice System" has failed us from AG on down. (Shameful) The deep state must be quickly cut out like a cancer so the country can heal. Lady Justice must be blind but we have dems, never Trumpers, rinos, media standing on the scale. Where is the support for oversight!
28878.  Paul Letbetter of TexasAug 30, 2018
I have lost all faith in our fbi, doj, St. Dept. fisa. "Justice System" has failed us from AG on down. (Shameful) The deep state must be quickly cut out like a cancer so the country can heal. Lady Justice must be blind but we have dems, never Trumpers, rinos, media standing on the scale. Where is the support for oversight!
28877.  Abram Gin of MaineAug 30, 2018
28876.  Thomas mears of South CarolinaAug 30, 2018
28875.  Kenneth Gregg of TexasAug 30, 2018
A true example of the corrupt mentality prevalent in DC.
28874.  Ray of UtahAug 30, 2018
Something has got to happen you have all the reasons now just finish it.
28873.  Theresa.lytle of ArizonaAug 30, 2018
STOP harassing conservatives! Leave our President alone to do his job!
28872.  Karen Bennett of OhioAug 30, 2018
28871.  elaine bradford of IndianaAug 30, 2018
We must get rid of Mueller and this witchhunt so the president that we chose can do the job we chose him to do.
28870.  elaine bradford of IndianaAug 30, 2018
We must get rid of Mueller and this witchhunt so the president that we chose can do the job we chose him to do.
28869.  David Gunther of OregonAug 30, 2018
Remove all heavily conflicted individuals connected to this investigation. Muller has to be stopped, he is destroying our country and this investigation is completely illegitimate based on deception from Obama down. Indict, Obama, Clintons, and the rest of his cabinet and all underlings connected.
28868.  fred skinki of CaliforniaAug 30, 2018
mueller is a criminal, he needs to be removed from office. what he did to those people in boston is criminal. he is a discusting human being. he should have been out on his ass a long time ago.
28867.  Billie Cowden of ColoradoAug 30, 2018
28866.  John Doe of VirginiaAug 30, 2018
28865.  Margaret mcdowell of New JerseyAug 30, 2018
28864.  scott darwin lawrence of NevadaAug 30, 2018
Drain The Swamp
28863.  Jimmy R Smith of FloridaAug 30, 2018
He is also an enemy of the people!!!!
28862.  Alan & Tammy White of VirginiaAug 30, 2018
28861.  Tammy White of VirginiaAug 30, 2018
28860.  Gary Pozniak of IllinoisAug 30, 2018
On Sep. 21, 2009 Mueller went to Moscow with a Uranium Ore Sample. You could say Mueller was a 'Mule" of the Nuclear Type. He and the Clinton's are the the people that Colluded with the 'Russkies" . They all need time in Gitmo .
28859.  WAYNE of KentuckyAug 30, 2018
He has no control. Fire him.
28858.  Lance of CaliforniaAug 29, 2018
AG Session is not effective or aggressive in doing his job.
28857.  Mary Pheanis of TexasAug 29, 2018
28856.  Emery Harnan of IdahoAug 29, 2018
28855.  Peggy Howells of FloridaAug 29, 2018
Robert Mueller has caused much dissension and unrest among the American people. We do not believe in our justice system any more due to his biased attempt to dismantle our form of government and disrespect our duly elected President Trump. Because of his actions we, the people have been able to see just how corrupt our system really is and teeming with swamp-like officials. I pray Pres. Trump does prevail and bring all these corrupt Clinton/ Obama controlled and paid off officials to their knees and out of office.
28854.  Sandra B. of CaliforniaAug 29, 2018
28853.  Santina Dallacasa of MassachusettsAug 29, 2018
28852.  Ruth Hara of FloridaAug 29, 2018
28851.  Randy Goodman of IndianaAug 29, 2018
Mueller is obviously not conducting a fair and unbiased investigation. This should be stopped right now. I think he is corrupt and totally in the Democrats pocket. The next investigation should be into Mulleur!!!
28850.  jill sobol-kerst of CaliforniaAug 29, 2018
28849.  Joe Hale of TennesseeAug 29, 2018
28848.  Charmaine Helton of AlabamaAug 29, 2018
So sick of the Democrat corruption and no one doing anything about it. What is going on in the US today.
28847.  mark good of MichiganAug 29, 2018
28846.  Claudia of North CarolinaAug 29, 2018
This investigation is total hypocrisy Let Clinton go free - persecute President Trump
28845.  mary menendez of FloridaAug 29, 2018
28844.  thomas H Burchett of CaliforniaAug 29, 2018
28843.  Rosemarie of ConnecticutAug 29, 2018
Muller must be stopped. There is no evidence of wrong doing.
28842.  Deb Netti of New YorkAug 29, 2018
28841.  Sharon Webb of New HampshireAug 29, 2018
28840.  Dr Fred Maxwell of South CarolinaAug 29, 2018
Pleas put an end to the witch hunt to bring down President Trump
28839.  Scott of MissouriAug 28, 2018
What will it take to prosecute Hillary? Please tell me it will happen. Thanks
28838.  Donald of MichiganAug 28, 2018
Mueller is not looking for justice, he is looking to get Trump.
28837.  David T. of MaineAug 28, 2018
28836.  kimberley Reed of CaliforniaAug 28, 2018
28835.  Jan of MissouriAug 28, 2018
28834.  Heather Bouhan of GeorgiaAug 28, 2018
28833.  Matthew Szyszkiewicz of New HampshireAug 28, 2018
28832.  Harriet of North DakotaAug 28, 2018
28831.  Steve Kelly of CaliforniaAug 28, 2018
28830.  JoanMathews of ConnecticutAug 27, 2018
The whole country is sick and tired of muller . He has already said there was nothing about Russia, he just wants to unseat Trump!
28829.  Debbie of FloridaAug 27, 2018
I think congress needs to investigate Robert Muller. If you look into his back ground it's pretty shady. Certain Presidents use him to ruin people lives so dirt would not come out on him.
28828.  John of GeorgiaAug 27, 2018
Get rid of him he has overstepped his purpose of investing for Collusion. There never was any and none will ever be found. All he is doing is hunting for somethin to impeach the President of the USA.
28827.  Kathryn Mimms of ConnecticutAug 27, 2018
28826.  James Bowers of MarylandAug 27, 2018
Stop the farce, that is the Muller investigation. He is ruining people's lives only because they are associated with the President and producing no evidence of Russian collusion.
28825.  Brenden of IndianaAug 27, 2018
28824.  Jimmie C Jones of TexasAug 26, 2018
28823.  Brandon of WashingtonAug 26, 2018
Mueller and all the cronies need to be brought to Justice
28822.  Jose Escobar of CaliforniaAug 26, 2018
28821.  Mike Travis of TexasAug 26, 2018
Mr. Klayman, Given the tyranny of our own government, I cannot run the risk of disclosing my personal information for fear of retribution from some LEO agency that could arrest me then send me to some unknown camp, holding me using unlawful yet "legal" means as they have done to many others. I pray the traitors in government can be stopped before they become so powerful that they cannot be stopped. God Bless you.
28820.  James of FloridaAug 26, 2018
28819.  Shelly Southwick of WashingtonAug 26, 2018
28818.  James Hanrahan of New YorkAug 26, 2018
Mueller is a crook!
28817.  don turner of New YorkAug 26, 2018
28816.  Kathleen of New MexicoAug 26, 2018
Drain the swamp!
28815.  J Aaron-Alexis of WashingtonAug 26, 2018
It is the citizens of the US that are essentially being placed under extreme duress having to fight to retain their choice of leader of this great nation. It is time to stop protecting these criminals and start supporting the citizens of this country and stop this outrageous coup against our president and unseat the deep state and shadow government before it's too late.
28814.  Jonny of New YorkAug 26, 2018
28813.  tom gildea of FloridaAug 26, 2018
28812.  Arnold Chudej of TexasAug 26, 2018
It is "Time" for "We The People" to CLEAN our House! All Of It!!! President Trump, We give you the Brooms, Brushes, Acid Wash, Whatever You Need , Sir!
28811.  Jeffery Reightler of West VirginiaAug 26, 2018
28810.  Donna Bryson of ArizonaAug 26, 2018
28809.  Deb Burgess of (Non-U.S.)Aug 26, 2018
We are tired of sitting by and seeing the cabal get away with crimes. Please fire Mueller and get Klayman in to clean up this mess.
28808.  Vlad of (Non-U.S.)Aug 25, 2018
28807.  Robert Williams of ColoradoAug 25, 2018
28806.  James Shoman of ColoradoAug 25, 2018
28805.  joe rennish of New YorkAug 25, 2018
jeff sessions and rosenstein , muller and the rest of that crew should all be fired and investigated and sent to jail they are all corrupt. when you see there faces it reads (look how corrupt i am) . It is so obvious how corrupt and dishonest everyone involved in this witch hunt is. God help us if we loose president trump.
28804.  Larry of ArizonaAug 25, 2018
28803.  Gil Tavares of HawaiiAug 25, 2018
Robert Mueller is definitely conflict of interest since he was appointed by someone who also a conflict of interest to this whole shenanigan scene taken place.
28802.  Jean Shaffer of ArizonaAug 25, 2018
drain the swamp ...protect our President Tump from these evil people .. remove all them so much corruption
28801.  Marc Henderson of NevadaAug 25, 2018
28800.  John of ArizonaAug 25, 2018
28799.  Laura March of FloridaAug 25, 2018
Please! Flush the toilet!
28798.  Florence Quigley of ConnecticutAug 25, 2018
Good, we need action. clean the corruption.
28797.  Mary L of TexasAug 25, 2018
28796.  Lui Pestana of HawaiiAug 25, 2018
We need to protect our sovereign laws, enforce it all equally.
28795.  Paul of TexasAug 25, 2018
28794.  Donald Raymus of WisconsinAug 25, 2018
Mueller is evil.
28793.  Daniel C. Dorsey of CaliforniaAug 25, 2018
The time has come to clean house of all the traitors to the Republic !
28792.  Tim of ArizonaAug 25, 2018
Yes, we need someone who will do what is right for our country. Remove Mueller, Sessions and all the others. Clean up the mess for the good of our country.
28791.  Karina Pettinger of NevadaAug 25, 2018
It's obvious Mueller is just out to get our President. He has veered off investigating the 'Russia collusion' claim, and has been going after folks associated with Pres. Trump, and digging into THEIR business as well. This is a witch hunt, plain and simple. This has gone on for over 2 years now and he has come up with NOTHING! It's time to end this investigation NOW!
28790.  constance faustman of MichiganAug 25, 2018
Please, please someone clean up this evil cesspool of America haters!
28789.  kathy cronin of MassachusettsAug 25, 2018
Godspeed Larry Klayman. I'm tired of two different Justice Systems in this Country.
28788.  James McCabe of MissouriAug 25, 2018
28787. of New JerseyAug 25, 2018
Sessions is useless!
28786.  Marianne Sinacore of New YorkAug 25, 2018
I don’t watch fox anymore, especially cavuto, smith and the other trump hating cabal ! They have been taken over by the left.
28785.  Cindy of South CarolinaAug 25, 2018
Peter Strzok was the person who opened this investigation into Russia collusion. As a taxpayer, I want to see what evidence they had that WASN'T tainted or false to make President Trump endure this witchunt for almost 2 years.
28784.  Taylor Young of ArizonaAug 25, 2018
Mueller must be removed. This was an unlawful investigation to begin with and he has taken his personal partisan agenda far beyond what the investigation was for and needs to be stopped!! Sessions won't do it, the DOJ won't do it, so whether he wants to or not, the President must step up to the plate and remove Mueller. Mueller needs to be under investigation as he has broken SO MANY laws during his long nefarious career and thought he would never be caught or prosecuted as long as his cronies were in charge. He is going after Trump because he knows it is just a matter of time before he is exposed unless he can find something on him or someone to lie about him to save their own skin. No matter what Mueller does from this point on, no one will believe the results as they know just how desperate he is. MUELLER MUST BE REMOVED!!
28783.  leroy of DelawareAug 25, 2018
mueller is a very bad man
28782.  Karel Sahanaja of CaliforniaAug 25, 2018
28781.  David Counts of New MexicoAug 24, 2018
28780.  DENNIS MILLS of UtahAug 24, 2018
28779.  Carolyn of ArizonaAug 24, 2018
28778.  Mary ruth kieffer-Buchman of CaliforniaAug 24, 2018
Remove mueller and Jeff Sessions
28777.  Sabrina Rosario of FloridaAug 24, 2018
It’s time to stand up for truth, and morality. Money and power has denigrated our society long enough.
28776.  Bill Mellen of CaliforniaAug 24, 2018
There is no need for phone number or street address.
28775.  Darrell of TexasAug 24, 2018
28774.  James Hudson of WashingtonAug 24, 2018
He needs to go!
28773.  Robin Cotten of MississippiAug 24, 2018
Why does Jeff Sessions let the democrats break the law but not let the Republicans break the law? We need someone with some balls to run the DOJ.
28772.  Florence of ConnecticutAug 24, 2018
Mueller should be removed as soon as possible, before it is too late. That is the reason they want Tromp out before the head of the snake is going to be exposed. Is he still in Kenya?
28771.  J Conner of TexasAug 24, 2018
28770.  Bob Larvick of FloridaAug 24, 2018
28769.  Ben Powell of MichiganAug 24, 2018
Justice must be done, those who perverted justice must be investigated, tried, convicted and punished.
28768.  Art of FloridaAug 24, 2018
Dump this Corrupt Lying Swamp Creature POS Posing as an (Undefined Illegal) 'Special Counsel' but actually a Marxist Globalist Water Boy.
28767.  Kevin gilmore of VirginiaAug 24, 2018
28766.  Anne Roberts of CaliforniaAug 24, 2018
There is no need for phone number nor street address.
28765.  Eric Sanson of VirginiaAug 24, 2018
28764.  CR MORGAN of North CarolinaAug 24, 2018
28763.  dallas lopes of CaliforniaAug 24, 2018
Yes please remove all the criminals & Obama Hold-outs from the Trump Administration...
28762.  Joe Ligori of FloridaAug 24, 2018
28761.  Barb DuPree Miller of PennsylvaniaAug 24, 2018
28760.  AmyBeth Lael of FloridaAug 24, 2018
28759.  Donald E Chantry of UtahAug 24, 2018
28758.  REVKENNETH JENSEN of FloridaAug 24, 2018
28757.  Elena M Borkland of VirginiaAug 24, 2018
28756.  Nate shaffer of UtahAug 24, 2018
28755.  Ted of GeorgiaAug 24, 2018
28754.  Jack Hickman of TennesseeAug 24, 2018
Sessions was the first spy.
28753.  Cindy Boulware of TexasAug 24, 2018
This witch hunt needs to end NOW!!!
28752.  Rex Torrinello of WashingtonAug 24, 2018
I do not see any justice, rules of law, ethical, moral justice being done to ANYONE, ie Hillary, Obama, there staff, or past executive offices for lies, treasonous acts, allowing Bengazi to play out as it did, the Twin Towers(it's no Consp theory, get demo experts,odds all corner pillars to collapse same time, don't be stupid.who gained?) By Mr. Trump winning the election it screwed up the works for really big money people, corporate giants pharma and the shadow govt that's been brewing for decades,. I am ecstatic! that Pres. Trump is President and that he doesn't use a convertible Cadillac. Is it not obvious that lies, untruthful stories, comments are being made up to destroy our last stand. I pray to Almighty God that Mr. President Trump overcomes all of this. I pray for these liars untruthful politicians to get their morals ethics back, Hell does not sound like a nice place to be and forever is a long time.
28751.  Christiasn Olufsen of OregonAug 24, 2018
Was he ever a friend? I think he is part of the dead wood in the government. Too bad we cannot fire all of them. Maybe we could get some results.
28750.  rosemary landry of New HampshireAug 24, 2018
28749.  Machelle Brungart of LouisianaAug 24, 2018
28748.  Nancy of VirginiaAug 24, 2018
28747.  Kenneth D.Keith of TennesseeAug 24, 2018
28746.  Steven Verkovich of MinnesotaAug 24, 2018
28745.  Vince Iorii of NevadaAug 24, 2018
Second special counsel needed to investigate the corruptors.
28744.  Kathy of TexasAug 24, 2018
This entire investigation is corrupt and the media is a willing accomplice. It needs to end or no one in this country is safe from malicious prosecution, removal of freedom of speech and illegal search and seizure. It’s Orwellian but Orwellian with the behavior of federal law enforcement and not Donald Trump. It all comes down to chronyism and big time money. Trump is upsetting the Applecarts of both sides of the aisles and they don’t want the money flow to end. It’s all out war for them and Trump fights back. The people need to stand with the Disrupter and Chief.
28743.  Tracy Smith of OhioAug 23, 2018
Mueller is corrupt
28742.  Denise Marzullo of MissouriAug 23, 2018
It’s like fighting Satan himself I think we are!
28741.  Durward Parks of GeorgiaAug 23, 2018
Enough of the shenanigans, let's investigate the real crimes which exist. everything from the DOJ to the Hillary e-mails to the Obama administration where we already know crimes were committed. Time to use equal justice and enforce the constitution not let it be trampled on like those in D.C. decided to do with our flag!!!
28740.  Barbara Sanders of OregonAug 23, 2018
28739.  Robert of CaliforniaAug 23, 2018
28738.  Danny of TexasAug 23, 2018
28737.  rich sexton of North CarolinaAug 23, 2018
It is almost beyond belief the corruption that exists in DEMOCRATIC PARTY,CLINTON FOUNDATION.D.O.J..FBI CIA,and most notably in the U.S. Senate.This is still evident with:Rosenstein,Ohr and the lead weasel Sessions .He is solely responsible for facilitating this on going hoax,he is a threat to our Republic,he and the deputy A.G.have let Mueller run wild .Remember this is the prosecutor who along with Weinstein convicted 5 innocent men to cover for his buddy the notorious Whitey Bulger!!!
28736.  Carl of MichiganAug 23, 2018
28735.  Douglas Ally of FloridaAug 23, 2018
Appoint Larry Klayman as Special Counsel!
28734.  Chris of MinnesotaAug 23, 2018
Get the criminal coupe, all of them! all criminals, all guilty of treason! All part of the plan to stop the president!
28733.  Deborah Revell of IllinoisAug 23, 2018
Muller once said, and I quote: Find me a man and I'll find a crime". Maybe he should look into Jesus' past? This is not a justified investigation, so fat in a little over 1 year, it has cost the American tax payer over 25 Million. It's time to stop.
28732.  Daniela of MissouriAug 23, 2018
28731.  Cecil Sligh of South CarolinaAug 23, 2018
The Mueller probe is corruption at it's finest.This can be stopped with a lawsuit.Everyone knows Mueller is a Democrat crook and let's look up his butt and see what happens.
28730.  Sara of MinnesotaAug 22, 2018
28729.  barry of MassachusettsAug 22, 2018
28728.  Patricia Culver of MichiganAug 22, 2018
28727.  Lesley Harrington of New JerseyAug 22, 2018
28726.  Ralph Haak of ArizonaAug 22, 2018
The Federal Government is soooo corrupted by both Parties. The return of EQUAL JUSTICE under the LAW would be a giant step forward to help make this country GREAT AGAIN!!!
28725.  Vikki Brandyberry of PennsylvaniaAug 22, 2018
28724.  Kathie Rose of OregonAug 22, 2018
28723.  Cherie of ArizonaAug 21, 2018
Always agree with exactly what you talk about. Sure would like to see action on any of this.
28722.  Angel Terrazas of CaliforniaAug 21, 2018
" nation under God, indivisable, with liberty and justice for all."
28721.  Anthony Cota of ConnecticutAug 21, 2018
Drain the Swamp!!!
28720.  Gary Fox of ConnecticutAug 21, 2018
Mueller is conducting an illegal investigation of the President instead of investigating Russian interference in the Presidential election. Appoint a special counsel to investigate Mueller, Comey, Brennan, Clinton, Clapper, Ohr, Lynch, Rice, Strzok, Rosenstein, and Obama.
28719.  Mr.John E. Sparre of IndianaAug 21, 2018
Thank you Mr.Klayman
28718.  robert kircher of GeorgiaAug 21, 2018
28717.  lawrence fiman of WashingtonAug 21, 2018
28716.  mary boyce of MissouriAug 21, 2018
28715.  Denise Marphis of IdahoAug 21, 2018
28714.  Meda Tharalson of NevadaAug 21, 2018
28713.  Florence Biefra of New JerseyAug 21, 2018
28712.  Dallas of ArizonaAug 20, 2018
28711.  Yochana Wankmueller of TexasAug 20, 2018
28710.  William Bremer of MissouriAug 20, 2018
28709.  Lynn of IdahoAug 20, 2018
28708.  Craig Moss of FloridaAug 20, 2018
It is time to end this worthless investigation, and start an investigation into Uranuim One and the real Russian collusion. Taxpayers have paid Mueller and his left leaning cronies millions of dollars for an investigation that serves no better purpose but to make a mockery of the USA.
28707.  Rodney of NevadaAug 20, 2018
End this bullshit and start the real investigation!
28706.  Carl Finger of PennsylvaniaAug 19, 2018
Drain the swamp ! He is nothing more than a" No Trumper" Democrat in a not too good disguise.
28705.  Laurie Dipietro of CaliforniaAug 19, 2018
What the left has done is so obvious. They should be made to repay the taxpayers for this sham. Absolutely disgusting. Pull the texts from a Comey, Brennan and Clapper.
28704.  Elaine Langbehn of AlabamaAug 19, 2018
28703.  Dannie of CaliforniaAug 19, 2018
28702.  Kirk of ArizonaAug 19, 2018
28701.  raymond Davis of KentuckyAug 19, 2018
what a joke this whole thing is a waste of money I should be taken out of the Demorat pay
28700.  Rebecca Herring of KentuckyAug 19, 2018
28699.  Kelly Roiz of TexasAug 19, 2018
Please Arrest these creeps we the people are behind you and the President to please drain the swamp and give us our country back God Bless!!
28698.  Kahmaal Autman of TexasAug 19, 2018
America has been deceived and lied to for too long, if President Trump wants help from the people, he's got it.
28697.  David Martin of FloridaAug 19, 2018
Enough is enough. This sham has to be stopped with a lack of any evidence. Mueller has spent enough money to cost each man, woman and child a fortune and stolen from our future, and for what reason? Self gratification and stroking the damaged Democratic Ego's.
28696.  mike frobenius of KansasAug 19, 2018
we need to spend time and our tax dollar on something better
28695.  stan wasserman of FloridaAug 19, 2018
28694.  Lee Holub of AlabamaAug 19, 2018
28693.  Michele of MassachusettsAug 19, 2018
28692.  Judith Tovey of IllinoisAug 19, 2018
28691.  ric of (Non-U.S.)Aug 19, 2018
28690.  Brad Meadows of OhioAug 19, 2018
28689.  Wiliam L Brice of Florida