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"Independence Day" by Martina McBride:

Special Guest: Joel Gilbert, Film Producer/Writer of the Trayvon Hoax

The Pelosi Project: Sign Petition to Lock Up Pelosi and Her Fellow Witch Hillary Clinton!
Nancy Pelosi, regrettably the Speaker of the House of Representatives, has predictably joined her sister witch, Hillary, as two of the most despicable and hateful politicians of the 21st Century. Pelosi, the "Wicked Witch of the West" has teamed up with the disgraced but dangerously only wounded "Wicked Witch of the East," Hillary Clinton, in calling for the indictment and imprisonment of our great President Donald J. Trump.
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Sign Petition to Prosecute Robert Mueller
We the People Call On President Trump to Appoint Larry Klayman as Special Counsel to Investigate the Clintons and Finally Bring Criminal Charges Against Them and to Prosecute Special Counsel Robert Mueller.
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Top Ten Successes of Larry Klayman
Conceived of and Founded Judicial Watch and Freedom Watch.

First to Uncover Chinagate and National Security Scandals During Clinton Administration.

Obtained a Court Ruling That President Clinton Committed a Crime.

C-SPAN Archive
Flowers v. Carville
February 14, 2002
Oral arguments were heard before the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in the case Flowers v. Carville. The case brought by Gennifer Flowers charges James Carville, George Stephanopoulos
Klayman v. Obama Oral Argument
November 4, 2014
The D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals heard oral argument in Klayman v. Obama about the constitutionality of the National Security Agency's bulk collection of telephone and Internet
Book Discussion on Whores: Why and How I Came to Fight the Establishment
October 19, 2009
Larry Klayman talked by video uplink from New York City about his book Whores: Why and How I Came to Fight the Establishment (New Chapter Publisher; October 15, 2009)...
About Larry Klayman
Larry with Sarah Palin and Sen. Mike Lee in Washington, D.C., Oct. 13, 2013
Larry Klayman, founder of Judicial Watch and Freedom Watch, is known for his strong public interest advocacy in furtherance of ethics in government and individual freedoms and liberties. During his tenure at Judicial Watch, he obtained a court ruling that Bill Clinton committed a crime, the first lawyer ever to have done so against an American president... (Read More)
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