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9596.  Don finley of MissouriJun 03, 2021
Hang all involved they are traitors like the constitution says
9595.  Samuel Callison of CaliforniaMar 01, 2019
Stop the "special council" and indict the entire corrupt DOJ, Senate, House, IRS, Hillary and Bill Clinton, all of fake Prez Obama and his appointees, George Soros, Chaney, Silverstein, all those involved in 9/11, ALL OF THEM NEED TO GO! The American people are sick and tired of the corruption. Also, A. Weiner's laptop contained enough videos to put them all away for life, we demand to see them, ALL of them including the one with Prince Andrew and James Comey engaged in anal sex while P.A. was dressed as Howdy Doody, the one with HRC and Huma Abedine skinning the face off the little girl, raping, sodomizing and torturing her to death!!!! DO SOMETHING! NOW!!! YES, REMOVE PUSSY SESSIONS TOO!
9594.  Barbara Peterson of CaliforniaJan 11, 2019
Don't trust this idiot...he's a back stabber
9593.  Stefanich of WisconsinJan 11, 2019
9592.  W A Klein of AlabamaJan 05, 2019
9591.  Ann Jacobs never to be seen again. Was never seen anyway! of New JerseyDec 31, 2018
Thank you for all you do!!
9590.  delores schmit of OregonDec 30, 2018
9589.  Karen M Gray of TexasDec 29, 2018
There will a uprising like no other this country has ever seen, many states will succeed I believe and without any ok form our government. I think we have more strength that they even dream of. I can not help money wise we barely make it.
9588.  Connie Sponheim of WashingtonDec 28, 2018
Sessions is the most disappointing govt official this year...end of story..
9587.  Ralph Ormsbee of FloridaDec 28, 2018
9586.  Duke Forster of OregonDec 27, 2018
Hey Mueller, from one old guy to another, come on out to Oregon as I know you can afford it. One of us are going to be hurting. It may be me but you are doing wrong to us Americans.
9585.  james treat of CaliforniaDec 17, 2018
It's time to Lock Them ALL UP! OR CITIZENS ARREST!
9584.  Robert Glenn of FloridaDec 13, 2018
9583.  carl jones of MarylandDec 08, 2018
9582.  Paul Strandrud of WashingtonDec 07, 2018
i have good reason to believe some of the worst organized crime is hiding in our nation's own government. Now is the most opportune time we have ever had to deal with that vast organized crime ring.
9581.  Thomas Powell of CaliforniaDec 05, 2018
9580.  Joseph Burnett of MinnesotaNov 30, 2018
Corruption at its highest level. Democratic operatives plant fake stories, plant spies in the party, The PRESIDENT at the time, Barack Hussein Obama endorses and has full knowledge of operation and corrupt FBI agents appoint Mueller to investigate the allegations of collusion when they planted them. This is SOCIALIST, COMMUNIST and RUSSIAN STYLE INVESTIGATION AS ITS FINEST.
9579.  Karen J Greeson of FloridaNov 25, 2018
9578.  DENNIS RODGERS of GeorgiaNov 25, 2018
9577.  RayBratcher of TennesseeNov 24, 2018
No option ; impeach Roberts for extreme misrepresentation of truths ( fake News)pat of rancid Deep State)
9576.  JarosÅ‚aw Judkiewicz of New YorkNov 23, 2018
9575.  GINETTE COHEN of CaliforniaNov 14, 2018
The President has to take executive orders to stop this machination against him. IT is enough. The Blue Wave is threatening our sovereignty and our Freedom. The new generation is indoctrinated by the globalism and big government with fake promises.
9574.  reino i wantin of CaliforniaNov 09, 2018
9573.  Betty Lou Gray of TexasNov 09, 2018
Please appoint Larry Klayman as the special prosecutor to help you get rid of the DOJ/FBI/CIA corruption. Good Luck!
9572.  Nancy Craddock of TexasNov 08, 2018
9571.  james & susan nuckolls of MichiganNov 07, 2018
9570.  Edward Garrison of CaliforniaNov 06, 2018
9569.  jim meredith of GeorgiaNov 06, 2018
9568.  Cynthia Tubbs of IndianaNov 06, 2018
Indict Mueller for all of his corruption. Give over $20 million back to Americans.
9567.  Steven J. Jacques of VirginiaNov 06, 2018
9566.  JOLINE COLE of GeorgiaNov 04, 2018
9565.  Linda Ezzard of ArizonaNov 03, 2018
9564.  John Doerrler of FloridaNov 03, 2018
Hillary Clinton needs to be prosecuted for her many criminal actions while Secretary of State- use of unauthorized email server, negligent handling of classified material, obstruction of justice, perjury, etc.
9563.  Karen Henson of ArizonaNov 03, 2018
9562.  Tom Kiker of TexasNov 02, 2018
9561.  Pamela kingsley of MinnesotaNov 02, 2018
9560.  Alysia Hargrave of TexasNov 02, 2018
9559.  Brian Walker of OregonNov 02, 2018
We the people demand justice, we demand the truth, we demand criminal activity be looked into!
9558.  Matthew Keller of TexasNov 02, 2018
9557.  Robert Christine of AlaskaNov 01, 2018
Mueller needs togo immediately!!!
9556.  Muriel Trefry of New HampshireOct 31, 2018
9555.  Nicole of IdahoOct 31, 2018
9554.  Roberta Eures of FloridaOct 30, 2018
All Of the problems the United States faces today are due to having an absent attorney general. Jeff sessions has let down the entire country and especially our dear President Donald Trump
9553.  Elsie Rose Wanstall of ConnecticutOct 30, 2018
About time to remove Sessions and Mueller! and we need other criminals like Clinton and Obama prosecutedo
9552.  oscar of TexasOct 30, 2018
9551.  Charles Momrow of New YorkOct 29, 2018
I was hopeful that Sessions and Trump had things secretly under way to bring the high level democrats to justice, but time is slipping away. Possibly they might lower the boom after the mid-terms. If nothing happens soon after the mid-terms I will assume There is no secret agreement between Trump and Sessions and a new prosecutor must be assigned. You would be my choice, Mr. Klayman.
9550.  Judith Jones of ColoradoOct 29, 2018
9549.  Sharleen wright of TexasOct 29, 2018
9548.  Millie Shropulos of TexasOct 29, 2018
9547.  Steve Roth of CaliforniaOct 29, 2018
9546.  Aaron of OregonOct 29, 2018
9545.  robert ripkey of FloridaOct 29, 2018
Sessions has done absolutely nothing for this Country, President Trump once said " I don't have an Attorney General" and that's right he doesn't it's time to have an AG that actually does something
9544.  Steven Matthew Hahn of FloridaOct 29, 2018
He should not have recused himself.
9543.  Lee Wisdomr of MissouriOct 29, 2018
9542.  Eileen Guthrie of FloridaOct 29, 2018
9541.  Lora V. Franklin of TennesseeOct 28, 2018
9540.  Marisa of PennsylvaniaOct 28, 2018
9539.  Alissa Christine Reid of WashingtonOct 28, 2018
9538.  David Duane Everist of OregonOct 28, 2018
Miner Dave Everist Report I support Rule of Constitution Law enforcement and
9537.  Peter Goodchild of Oct 27, 2018
9536.  Teresa Shaw of MinnesotaOct 27, 2018
Just looking into the eyes of Jeff Sessions, you can tell he is "not all there mentally" and is not mentally fit to hold the high position he is currently holding in this country.
9535.  gary lagerstrom of TexasOct 27, 2018
9534.  Joyce Dickerman of TennesseeOct 27, 2018
9533.  Debra Hood Grayley of CaliforniaOct 27, 2018
9532.  Glenn of WashingtonOct 27, 2018
9531.  Barbara of IdahoOct 27, 2018
This country needs those who will adhere to the law of the land. Rule of the law not law of the individual.
9530.  Christopher Harrell of TennesseeOct 27, 2018
9529.  Kathleen Aitken of FloridaOct 27, 2018
It’s time to have someone in that office to protect me from these politicians who do nothing but collect a paycheck
9528.  Susan Naftali of FloridaOct 27, 2018
9527.  Sandra Blythe of North DakotaOct 26, 2018
Thank God for people like you who care enough about our country to try to save it.
9526.  carol hyndman of West VirginiaOct 26, 2018
9525.  Sheila Bishop of CaliforniaOct 26, 2018
Finally, a place where I can feel good about donating to the causes that are important to American citizens. Our President Trump needs patriots now more than ever and I am proud to stand with him as a supporter of Law and Order.
9524.  Paul Williams of OregonOct 26, 2018
Yes, Please REMOVE Jeff Sessions - He is useless.
9523.  Rodney Kim of CaliforniaOct 26, 2018
9522.  Gary Moses of Oct 26, 2018
9521.  Tim Kuhner of AlabamaOct 26, 2018
Please keep fighting for the American People.
9520.  Chris of TexasOct 26, 2018
9519.  Gene Taylor of IndianaOct 25, 2018
9518.  Steven fernandez of FloridaOct 25, 2018
9517.  dave m. bukoski of PennsylvaniaOct 25, 2018
we need someone that will fight for our AMERICAN rights. stop the leftist machine against us.
9516.  stephen shalat of New YorkOct 25, 2018
9515.  Susan Drake of GeorgiaOct 25, 2018
9514.  Chris A.Curtis of VirginiaOct 25, 2018
I continue to wonder why the rule of law is pissed on by these criminal democrats and rinos as they refuse to protect the American people from the socialist, anti-American tyrannical one-world government scum.
9513.  Joshua B Blevins of AlabamaOct 25, 2018
9512.  James Nelson of TennesseeOct 25, 2018
Robert Mueller is maliciously attacking MY President and other people on his team. Hillary Clinton has broken more laws than anyone else ever has in the government over the years and has NEVER been indicted. It's time that traitor faces the long arm of the law just like anyone else would.
9511.  Ken Boike of MinnesotaOct 25, 2018
I'll be mailing a letter immediately after mid-term elections. I will include a ($) check and direct letter to Larry Klayman. I will include two letters which I have sent to President Donald J. Trump. I will request legal advice from Mr. Klayman. Thank you!
9510. of South CarolinaOct 24, 2018
A Obama hold over
9509.  William Maine Sr of North CarolinaOct 24, 2018
Mueller and ilk should be removed and , maybe prosecuted.
9508.  Dan of OhioOct 24, 2018
9507.  Deb Earley of MissouriOct 23, 2018
9506.  David Hilton of OhioOct 23, 2018
Get someone in this position who will NOT recuse themselves!
9505.  karen giorda of TexasOct 22, 2018
Remove mueller
9504.  Sam of OhioOct 20, 2018
9503.  Bob Bauer of PennsylvaniaOct 20, 2018
9502.  James P Dill of MissouriOct 19, 2018
I don't know who but he is protecting someone. Hillary Clinton and Bill for two. I believe he is also part of the Deep State.
9501.  Douglas Kerns of CaliforniaOct 19, 2018
9500.  Wendell Hawkins of TennesseeOct 18, 2018
9499.  Brianna Penny of AlabamaOct 18, 2018
9498.  MaryAnn Copeland of WashingtonOct 18, 2018
9497.  Barry Lairdu of IndianaOct 18, 2018
High time for this Charade to end!
9496.  LAWRENCE E WRIGHT of FloridaOct 18, 2018
9495.  Liz of FloridaOct 18, 2018
9494. of CaliforniaOct 18, 2018
9493.  Lisa Dowd of IllinoisOct 17, 2018
9492.  Christel Van Dyke of IllinoisOct 17, 2018
9491.  Solomon Baston of New JerseyOct 17, 2018
9490.  Eileen of MinnesotaOct 17, 2018
9489.  Cindy Tubbs of IndianaOct 17, 2018
This sham investigation should have been remedied long ago. The radical liberal Socialists are responsible for funding their lie. UnAmerican, treasonous, traitors to Capitalism.
9488.  Matt louder of CaliforniaOct 15, 2018
The Clinton criminal cartel is treasonous and Mueller of the deep state must face justice like every American.
9487.  Gene Mino of MinnesotaOct 15, 2018
9486.  John Mann of TexasOct 15, 2018
9485.  Floyd E. Ballard of KentuckyOct 15, 2018
It's not only Party affiliation and age discrimination, but violating our 1st. Amendment on a public forum site.
9484.  James P. Dilll of MissouriOct 14, 2018
I believe he is protecting Hillary, Bill Clinton and others in the Deep State
9483.  Jody Wells Paulson of AlabamaOct 14, 2018
9482.  Robert Pill of TexasOct 14, 2018
9481.  Tim McLaughlin of MinnesotaOct 13, 2018
9480.  orval(o.j.) focht of OklahomaOct 13, 2018
Time to remove Jeff Sessions,and get some real invg. going.
9479.  Don Freringg of FloridaOct 13, 2018
9478.  ronald halverson of WashingtonOct 13, 2018
9477.  Mark simmons of WashingtonOct 13, 2018
9476.  tom of FloridaOct 12, 2018
9475.  Paul Petree of TexasOct 11, 2018
9474.  Sandra Johnson of OhioOct 10, 2018
Mueller investigation isn't even legal. They had no real evidence of collusion to open investigation. Besides the phoney dossier & lying to FISA court. Then it's a group of Trump hating Democrats , save crooked Mueller. Muller is a dirty cop, & has a history of Gestapo tactics & prosecuting innocent people. He's a hit man. His only purpose is to get Trump put of office. We want this witch hunt stopped, last yr. Comey & Mueller planned him doing this before Comey was fired. Full of lies & criminal activity by Obama admin & Mueller himself covering for Hillary and URANIUM sale to Russia.
9473.  Debbrah Boilard of MaineOct 10, 2018
9472.  Gloria MooYoung of VirginiaOct 10, 2018
9471.  Marilyn of LouisianaOct 10, 2018
Remove Mueller and Rosenstein too!! Remove Sessions too!!
9470.  Bruce C. Perryman of WyomingOct 10, 2018
Time has been wasted with the appointment of Jeff Sessions as AG. He has demonstrated his collusion with the establishment side of both political parties and he should be replaced sooner rather than later for his abdication of the AG role in all matters but the mundane. Thus, he is enabling the establishment ANTIFA to proceed as part of the Deep State. White collar ANTIFA is equally as bad as those in Portland disrupting traffic. Jeff Sessions is truly an embarassment to the Trump Administration in more ways than one. Clearly, the republic has incrementally degenerated into a cesspool of government corruption and personal deceit and immorality. The lawlessness by government elite establishment types, and the leftist-Marxist folks as well, are pursuing a new revolution in the U.S. People fear the liberal leftist-progressives in government, there is tyranny in the wings of Congress and Jeff Sessions sits idly by. The ever growing tyranny must no longer be tolerated and getting ri...
9469.  JoAnn Fonzone, Esquire of PennsylvaniaOct 10, 2018
Hi, Im an avid fan and supporter of Judicial WAtch and enjoyed your article in the LV Commentaator. I strongly agree with you and many intelligent Americans that mueller should be removed for wasting tax money in his effort to help the deep state. Do you know any like minded lawyers in the area ? Im looking for some help with pending litigation. thank you.
9468.  Kimberley Cap of TexasOct 10, 2018
Please remove him He is blocking and not helping.
9467.  Charles Curtis of TennesseeOct 10, 2018
9466.  Larry Betts of OhioOct 10, 2018
what a disgrace
9465.  Edward Swisher hi of MissouriOct 09, 2018
9464.  David Milton of South CarolinaOct 09, 2018
Stop these crooks or they won't stop I would like to see Hillary AND Bill executed for murder because they are guilty You would have to be blind not to see it
9463.  Jeffery Moss of LouisianaOct 09, 2018
With the 2018 Mid-Terms Approaching…Tuesday, November 6 (in 28 days), when voters will decide who will control the House, the Senate and 36 governor's seats across the country. The long-anticipated 2018 midterm elections are rapidly approaching — a referendum on President Trump and the GOP majority, and a gauge of Americans' expectations of government. If the GOP loses control of the House and Senate, during the 2018 midterm elections, this COULD BE a VOTE of the TEA Party Conservatives to “Drain the Swamp” and Vote in a New Regime in 2020… As of TODAY October 09, 2018, this is: 1. 123,984,000 seconds 2. 2,066,400 minutes 3. 34,440 hours 4. 1435 Days 5. 205 weeks and 5 days 6. 3 years, 11 months, 5 days AND COUNTING, that THE RINO’S in the House and Senate have Basically Accomplished NOTHING. AND ESPECIALLY SINCE President Donald J. Trump was Elected President by the Electoral College. Some of the Objectives during his Campaign that President D...
9462.  Karen Yung of WashingtonOct 09, 2018
Recusal is refusal to perform honest services to the public. #Make Attorney General Accountable.
9461.  thomas rackley of FloridaOct 09, 2018
9460.  charles hinckle of New YorkOct 09, 2018
9459.  James Wilhelmi of CaliforniaOct 09, 2018
9458.  Cody McGarvey of PennsylvaniaOct 09, 2018
9457.  Michael Springer of ArkansasOct 09, 2018
9456.  Tanya Bushre of NevadaOct 09, 2018
Lock 'em up!
9455.  Raymond P Bell of MinnesotaOct 08, 2018
Mueller is a criminal of long standing. Now it is his time to be interrogated and allowed to lie before the interrogators, FBI, Doj, & hopefully a military ytribunal where he will be dealt with swiftly and justly for his treasonous and sedition coupe to take down a dully elected President elected by the people not him nor the ABC agencies!
9454.  Kelsie of UtahOct 08, 2018
9453.  Bob Woodson of CaliforniaOct 08, 2018
The Attorney General was a powerful position, until Sessions fell into the position
9452.  Calvin of LouisianaOct 08, 2018
9451.  Jack Armstrong of CaliforniaOct 08, 2018
9450.  Lars Aspenlind of CaliforniaOct 08, 2018
Sessions is missing in action and he has not yet gone after HC and on October 21 her crimes will be exposed by the other organization if Sesssions does not start doing his work.
9449.  Jeffrey Mcbride of TennesseeOct 08, 2018
9448.  john of IowaOct 08, 2018
9447.  Connie Silver of WashingtonOct 08, 2018
9446.  GENE WARNER of HawaiiOct 08, 2018
9445.  Mark Gogan of ArizonaOct 07, 2018
9444.  Guthrie Kushner of OregonOct 07, 2018
It’s about time we investigate some real crime! Sessions hasn’t even woke up yet!!
9443.  Warren Luch of CaliforniaOct 06, 2018
9442.  Brianna D Penny of AlabamaOct 05, 2018
9441.  Mindy of OhioOct 05, 2018
9440.  Tim H of ArizonaOct 05, 2018
Remove Sessions, he is doing nothing. Part of the Swamp.
9439.  Frank Ervin of North CarolinaOct 05, 2018
Every live ex-president of the U.S. SHOULD be charged with TREASON. Even I could make that case without any doubt. Each and everyone has failed to protect the citizens of this country as a sworn oath upon taking office!
9438.  Samuel McCutchan of TexasOct 05, 2018
It is time for some people to go to jail.
9437.  Mary of LouisianaOct 05, 2018
9436.  Larry of LouisianaOct 05, 2018
9435.  Rodney Sample of ArkansasOct 05, 2018
9434.  David Deakin of Puerto RicoOct 05, 2018
9433.  Max of CaliforniaOct 04, 2018
9432.  cheryl craven of TexasOct 04, 2018
9431. of LouisianaOct 04, 2018
Get someone with enough conviction and honesty in there to do the job honestly and correctly.
9430.  David Emmons of New JerseyOct 04, 2018
Senator Jeff Sessions has been MIA. Since being appointed Attorney General he has become invisible. Instead of helping the Republicans and the President he has become NULL and VOID. If he didn't want the job, he should not have accepted it. He should have reclused himself from being appointed Attorney General. He has done nothing to help the American citizen's choice.
9429.  Lester Lob of FloridaOct 04, 2018
Confirm this man NOW!!!
9428.  Ronald Motley of MarylandOct 04, 2018
9427.  Marylynn of VirginiaOct 04, 2018
Please keep praying for our country. Psalm 75: 10 “All the horns of the wicked I will cut off. But the horns of the righteous shall be exalted.” Thank you Mr.Klayman for trying to help America and may God bless you all.
9426.  Craig Stelck of CaliforniaOct 04, 2018
Why hasn't the president responded to you after all this time?
9425.  larry thompson of North DakotaOct 04, 2018
9424.  Nancy J. Raney of IowaOct 04, 2018
9423.  Dorette Philben of MinnesotaOct 04, 2018
9422.  David Brodeur of MissouriOct 04, 2018
Please don't call me!
9421.  Dale Matthews of CaliforniaOct 03, 2018
9420.  Phillip barnes of CaliforniaOct 03, 2018
A Junior law clerk can do a better job than Jeff sessions. I think he's part of the deep State and will probably get indicted anyway he has avoided Hillary Clinton issues like the plague In some way shape or form he's owned by Hillary
9419.  Ashley Brown of FloridaOct 03, 2018
Sessions’ outdated views are not at all what our country needs right now.
9418.  Joanna Benz of MontanaOct 02, 2018
Help President Trump DRAIN THE SWAMP !!!
9417.  Catherine Wark of New YorkOct 02, 2018
9416.  Sharee Ayotte of FloridaOct 02, 2018
Thank you for standing so strong on behalf of all true Americans. I’m so sick of the lies and and slanderous statements pouring out of the mouth holes of the left. This has gone on far to long. I say, no more patronizing!!!! and rewarding bad behavior!!! Make them accountable for their words and actions. Go get them Larry! And God be with you.
9415.  LINDA WEINSTEIN of TexasOct 01, 2018
9414.  Aurelia Dancel of CaliforniaOct 01, 2018
Sessions has not stepped up to the plate.
9413.  Charlene-Ann: von Schlesien of Oct 01, 2018
We are far beyond the most egregious wholesale crimes against the People of the world, in scale and principle. Grand JURIES required!!! to rid the unconstitutional DOJ and its franchised minions.
9412.  Lorne Wilson of Oct 01, 2018
Good work. Thank you and have a good day.
9411.  Donna Berger of PennsylvaniaOct 01, 2018
9410.  diane soule of Rhode IslandOct 01, 2018
9409. of TexasSep 30, 2018
He is obviously conflicted I just know that all the corruption needs to be weeded out We need a fair investigation into the investigators any election meddling by foreign actors We also need to investigate sen feinstein her 20 year Chinese spy the millions and millions of dollars sen feinstein and her husband has gotten over that 20 years something is just not right there Larry I am so thankful you are working on the side of the American people thank you so much
9408.  David Gignac of VirginiaSep 30, 2018
I thought Sessions was going to be a great Attorney General but he seems absent when needed. Shape up or ship out Jeff.
9407.  Beniamin Grama of IllinoisSep 30, 2018
9406.  Gabriela Grama of IllinoisSep 30, 2018
9405.  Michael Millard of ColoradoSep 30, 2018
9404.  Timothy Masters of WisconsinSep 30, 2018
9403.  James DePrato of New YorkSep 30, 2018
An Attorney General that can't fulfill his duties of the biggest scandals/crimes in America history should never have been appointed AG, SO WHY WAS HE
9402.  Ben of TennesseeSep 29, 2018
9401.  Katie Rhodes of MassachusettsSep 29, 2018
Has it occurred to anyone that Sessions was put in by the Deep State under the disguise of his unyielding loyalty to Trump. We will get nowhere with Justice as long as he and Rosenstein are in charge. They are both very dangerous. Fire them both ASAP.
9400.  Derek Langseth of CaliforniaSep 28, 2018
9399.  Gary Miller of WashingtonSep 28, 2018
9398.  LODENE HARRINGTON of UtahSep 28, 2018
9397.  Christian Olufsen of OregonSep 28, 2018
9396.  carol eckert of PennsylvaniaSep 28, 2018
9395.  Phyllis Jones of IdahoSep 27, 2018
9394.  John R. Meis of CaliforniaSep 27, 2018
9393.  Paul Sevieri of CaliforniaSep 27, 2018
Justice must be served!
9392.  Hilda and Eugene Stevens of FloridaSep 27, 2018
How much more evidence do you need??????????? Remove Sessions and Appoint Klayman as counsel. Let's get this over with. Hilda Stevens, Eugene Stevens
9391.  Raymond & Rose Holliday of IllinoisSep 27, 2018
The Democrats should be impeached!
9390.  Rachel of New HampshireSep 27, 2018
9389.  Roger of New HampshireSep 27, 2018
9388.  Veteran Pami of ArizonaSep 27, 2018
Larry- I applaud you! It appears no one is doing anything to serve Justice in America and to assist our President! Gulliani is an IDIOT and so is Sessions! God Bless You! America is waiting for DOJ to do something-Still nothing! I am appalled at "NO JUSTICE IN AMERICA" today! GOD Bless Trump and YOU Larry! True American Patriots are waiting for Justice! Go get em TIGER! America is with you!
9387.  Steven Bergh of WashingtonSep 27, 2018
9386.  James Wessling of ArizonaSep 27, 2018
9385.  mark clickett of PennsylvaniaSep 27, 2018
9384.  Eileen Riske of New YorkSep 27, 2018
9383.  Colin Basye of ColoradoSep 27, 2018
9382.  Ron of UtahSep 27, 2018
9381.  walter sahm of FloridaSep 27, 2018
9380.  Lawrence Wojcik of IllinoisSep 27, 2018
9379.  Bill of MinnesotaSep 27, 2018
9378.  HUY P LE of WashingtonSep 27, 2018
9377.  Ann-Marie Parker of AlaskaSep 27, 2018
9376.  Alvin of MontanaSep 27, 2018
Never should have been appointed!
9375.  Frank yurisic of ConnecticutSep 27, 2018
9374.  Harry of CaliforniaSep 26, 2018
9373.  STEVEN P JONES of OhioSep 26, 2018
9372.  Carel vandermerwe of OregonSep 25, 2018
9371.  John Schwarz of MinnesotaSep 25, 2018
9370.  Michael Rogers of Rhode IslandSep 25, 2018
9369.  Ana of CaliforniaSep 25, 2018
9368.  erik becker of New YorkSep 25, 2018
9367.  Robert Norwood of North CarolinaSep 25, 2018
9366.  Angela of ArkansasSep 24, 2018
9365.  Frances Van Oosten of IllinoisSep 24, 2018
9364.  Rudy Delgadillo of CaliforniaSep 24, 2018
9363.  Morris Hall of AlabamaSep 24, 2018
9362.  Steven Clayton of IllinoisSep 24, 2018
9361.  Carol Ann Hess of TexasSep 24, 2018
9360.  Jolie Soares of NevadaSep 24, 2018
9359.  Stan Frisbie of FloridaSep 24, 2018
9358.  Gregory Price of FloridaSep 24, 2018
9357.  DENNIS EDWARD RODGERS of GeorgiaSep 23, 2018
9356.  JOAN MATHEWS of ConnecticutSep 23, 2018
9355.  Ralph Emerson37r79 of VirginiaSep 23, 2018
He should have resigned a long time age. What a total disappointment.
9354.  Norris W Alexander of LouisianaSep 23, 2018
Muller has never been effective. I believe he is stalling for time to bring something up against President Trump. Klayman was successful against Bill Clinton, let's see what he can do against Sister Clinton.
9353.  Tim Allen Haase of OhioSep 23, 2018
Sessions said he refuses to deal in politics yet in politics is where the law is being broken, he is not doing his job!
9352.  Monte Stamper of OregonSep 23, 2018
If its not time yet to start cleaning out the Rosenstein's left overs of the obama regime, its real close to that time.
9351.  Laurie of TexasSep 22, 2018
9350.  Donna Fanning of South CarolinaSep 22, 2018
9349.  Dennis Dyckman of PennsylvaniaSep 22, 2018
Total establishment loser...can his butt now!!!
9348.  edison fowler of GeorgiaSep 22, 2018
9347.  Cheryl of ArizonaSep 22, 2018
9346.  Stacie Poyner of MinnesotaSep 22, 2018
I would love to see Trey Gowdy or someone of his ilk at the helm of the Department of Justice. Let's put the 'Justice' back in the Department; instead of the current modality of 'just us', the sold-out cowards and sycophants currently doing all they can to obstruct real justice in America.
9345.  michael williams of TexasSep 22, 2018
trump should act now remove them all.
9344.  Andrew Stinson of AlabamaSep 22, 2018
9343.  Gregg Stein of MarylandSep 22, 2018
9342.  Marilyn Chin of FloridaSep 22, 2018
9341.  Terri of CaliforniaSep 21, 2018
9340.  Earl of NevadaSep 21, 2018
This is the time to move all corrupt officials from office they have a lot of inconsederate push on the American people as well as the country itself . Lie Cheat and Steal is what is on they’re agenda Critical to the human race.we need remove Jeff sessions from AG he ain’t got what it takes to prosecute the Hillary JC Mueller to hold them accountable for the crimes they commited
9339.  Doug combs of AlabamaSep 21, 2018
9338.  Lowell Shifflet of UtahSep 21, 2018
9337.  Eric E of New HampshireSep 21, 2018
9336.  karl of Sep 21, 2018
9335.  Bryan christie of AlaskaSep 20, 2018
Remove sess! Drain the swamp! Free political prisoners like schaeffer cox. Charles dyer. On and on
9334.  charles Harris of South CarolinaSep 20, 2018
The A.J. Jeff Sessions has not showed any transparency to the average public Joe from middle earth. I have two Eng degrees and was a VP of Operations for an international pump company before retirement. Hard to build heavy engineering facility of 600 people in Washington DC. All of our personal are very intelligent and aware of the low bar set by the DOJ. Guilty people from any elite group should have equal justice. Sessions is very weak and with out equal justice. The State Dept. DOJ, and FBI are a disgrace.
9333.  Bonnie of FloridaSep 20, 2018
9332.  Jason Smith of FloridaSep 20, 2018
Remove the man whos morals are informed solely by religion. Reestablish the separation of church and state.
9331.  William Maine of North CarolinaSep 20, 2018
9330.  Tony Rosado of FloridaSep 20, 2018
Yes, yes he should of been removed when he first recused himself. He's not acting like a conservative at all. REMOVE HIM IMMEDIATELY. GOD BLESS TRUMP AND THE USA
9329.  jill sobol kerst of CaliforniaSep 20, 2018
9328.  joylene of CaliforniaSep 20, 2018
go for it now!!!!!!!
9327.  Thomas Johnston of OhioSep 20, 2018
9326.  Evelyn Altilio of TennesseeSep 20, 2018
9325.  Barbara Giargiari of MassachusettsSep 20, 2018
9324.  Charles Taylor of MichiganSep 20, 2018
9323.  Robert A Dicks of New YorkSep 20, 2018
9322.  Joe Cobl of IllinoisSep 20, 2018
Sessions should be permanently recused from Trumps cabinet for misfeasance of office!!
9321.  Barry Laird of IndianaSep 20, 2018
9320.  Howard White of FloridaSep 20, 2018
9319.  Daisy of FloridaSep 20, 2018
Too much money for nothing. Muller responds to Democrat Party. He is not impartial.
9318.  Harold P Adolph of FloridaSep 20, 2018
This is a very important thing to do as soon as possible to save our country!
9317.  Richard Odebralski of New YorkSep 20, 2018
Git rid of them ALL
9316.  Charles oldham of CaliforniaSep 20, 2018
Fight for justice and our freedoms! Lets get these political imposters out of our way and support those that fight for our rights to bear arms and religious freedom.
9315.  Ashley Payravi of Sep 19, 2018
9314.  HOWARD STAFFORD of FloridaSep 19, 2018
9313.  Josephine B Hernandez of CaliforniaSep 19, 2018
9312.  Terry Brace of OhioSep 19, 2018
9311.  Tim Pinkos of CaliforniaSep 19, 2018
9310.  Tim Pinkos of CaliforniaSep 19, 2018
9309.  Joan Swirsky of New YorkSep 19, 2018
9308.  Wayne Rollis of OregonSep 19, 2018
9307.  gerald huebner of IowaSep 19, 2018
9306.  josh gamberella of TennesseeSep 19, 2018
I’m tired of a two tier system like shown with Hillary compared to Trump (POTUS)
9305.  Viamae McKnight of OregonSep 19, 2018
Sessions should either remove himself from the Office of Attorney General or He should be fired and replaced with someone who will do the job. Sessions has let to many thing go by that should of been taken care of. Replace him!!!
9304.  Gaile Templin of CaliforniaSep 19, 2018
9303.  Todd Tomes of WyomingSep 19, 2018
9302.  Ted of CaliforniaSep 19, 2018
We need a bull dog in the DOJ AG
9301.  Joseph P. Giliberti of New YorkSep 19, 2018
Sessions is the wrong man for the job, he is asleep at the wheel!
9300.  Ted D Purvis of GeorgiaSep 19, 2018
Sessions must go and now !
9299.  Tenzin Wangdu of OregonSep 19, 2018
Jeff Session must be immediately removed after failing to get his job done justifiably. She has been found to be involved with other corrupt and criminal officials like Rod Rosenstein, Wray and many others. Again the removal of Session must be the foremost impoortant priority and then everything will follow soon like the removal of Mueller and prosecution of everyone who involved in seriouso crimes under Obama Administration.
9298.  Peter Bennett of Rhode IslandSep 19, 2018
Put him on the small bus and send him to California, New York, Conn. whoever will take him.
9297.  Gregg Phillips of CaliforniaSep 19, 2018
Sessions is no more than the Deep State personified. Worthless, but then again which head cop in the past has been any differnet? At least in the past they worked for and not against the sitting president. Someone somewhere has got something on him. A perfect representation of big government protecting their own. He knows the truth about all the curruption, but the truth, if told, would show his true colors.
9296.  Roger G Daogle of MaineSep 19, 2018
"Drain the Swamp" so my multiple Antitrust / RICO Case can proceed to Justice; Case is being Stonewalled from Federal Court by Democrats (via Obstruction of Justice / Concealment & Lies) and has ruined my Life!
9295.  jim and rose nashwinter of GeorgiaSep 19, 2018
he has to go?ok at state level but not at fed job?
9294.  george arnold of GeorgiaSep 19, 2018
get rid of the establishment.
9293.  Sandy of MassachusettsSep 19, 2018
9292.  donald box of PennsylvaniaSep 19, 2018
9291.  Marcelle Ceryes of MinnesotaSep 19, 2018
Native Americans 4Trump.
9290.  David Day of IowaSep 19, 2018
9289.  Bernard Ferry of MarylandSep 19, 2018
9288.  Aaron Collier of LouisianaSep 19, 2018
9287.  Ron Kuss of WashingtonSep 19, 2018
9286.  Helen wood of New MexicoSep 19, 2018
9285.  Chet- Suske of MaineSep 19, 2018
Time to end this poorly effective AGs term
9284.  Cynthia Rea of CaliforniaSep 19, 2018
Enough is Enough No one is above the law !!
9283.  gregory s beard of OregonSep 19, 2018
remove him soon
9282.  David Fafarman of CaliforniaSep 18, 2018
Little or no snail mail please.
9281.  Vernon Christopher of CaliforniaSep 18, 2018
I was aware of Larry Klayman when he took on the attorney profession in CA years ago. He gets things done for the American Citizens!
9280.  Valerie Farish of FloridaSep 18, 2018
9279.  Beverly Lee of TexasSep 18, 2018
9278.  Sue Cumming of FloridaSep 17, 2018
Remove Mueller Immediately. This Was A Total Witch Hunt Based On Lies ,Fake Dossier Paid For By Hillary Clinton ,Who Should Be In Prison All Lies & Made Up Dirt By Steele & GPS Fusion Nellie Ohr Wife Of Bruce Ohr , Mueller ,Rod Rosenstein All Knew This Was All Based On All Lies ,Shut This Witch Hunt Down ,All Should Be In Prison !!!
9277.  Jimmie Tubb of South CarolinaSep 17, 2018
9276.  Denise C. Johnson of VirginiaSep 17, 2018
Unfortunately, by "politely" recusing himself from the matter of alleged collusion with Russia by President Trump, Mr. Sessions has removed himself from the legal defense of a President who has committed no crime. In removing himself from the justified defense of the President, Mr. Sessions invites the current unlawful attacks against the President. Because the President has violated no statute, the attacks are unjustified. What type of justice does the Attorney General of the Justice Department uphold, when he presides over unlawful attacks of the Executive Office. Does someone have information on unlawful conduct of Mr. Sessions, whereby he has sworn himself to allow unlawful attacks on the Executive? Why does the Attorney General not uphold a President who has not violated any statutes? Mr. Sessions must resign or be fired.
9275.  Michael of NebraskaSep 17, 2018
Republicans unite behind Trump and be a political force like the successful demoncrats!
9274.  thamir yousif of TexasSep 17, 2018
9273.  Laurel Riley of VirginiaSep 17, 2018
9272.  J eff Meadows of OhioSep 17, 2018
9271.  BEVERLEY JORDAN of PennsylvaniaSep 17, 2018
9270.  Dawn Cody of WashingtonSep 17, 2018
9269.  Terry Harris of TexasSep 17, 2018
Sessions has been an Associate of the Clinton's for years preceding his appointment as Attorney General. He can not be an impartial party to any action regarding them.
9268.  Tony Marty of CaliforniaSep 17, 2018
9267.  Walter of OhioSep 17, 2018
9266.  Stephenmcgarrh of TennesseeSep 17, 2018
You need to go
9265.  Rebecca Goff of FloridaSep 17, 2018
9264.  Robert Childress of ArizonaSep 17, 2018
9263.  Mrs Evan Bowar of New YorkSep 17, 2018
9262.  Ryan Krafft of MichiganSep 16, 2018
9261.  Ken Roberts of North CarolinaSep 16, 2018
This witch hunt is over.
9260.  William Powell of MarylandSep 16, 2018
9259.  Gregory Roark of FloridaSep 15, 2018
9258.  Tim Halikas of CaliforniaSep 15, 2018
9257.  J R Buske of MinnesotaSep 15, 2018
9256.  Terry of CaliforniaSep 15, 2018
I do trust u freedom watch to protect our president and constitution rights and i have no money to donate at time when i can i will plz save our president and freedom
9255.  david hayden of CaliforniaSep 15, 2018
SIR, I'm a retired vietnam vet / construction supt. who has been pushed to the curb and sprayed with poison by chem trails then ignored by the va. The govnt. have SOLD US OUT I live on $900 a month I can't give you money but I offer you my life my soul you are our only HOPE , CALL US TO ARMS VETS WILL RISE TO YOUR SIDE AND WALK THRU FIRE FOR A LEADER! CALL ME
9254.  Tom Connor of PennsylvaniaSep 15, 2018
9253.  mary menendez of North CarolinaSep 15, 2018
9252.  Mary Rethmeier of IowaSep 15, 2018
The wheels of justice need to move forward. It is not fair to the American people that the real treasonous people are not brought to justice. It is hurting our country and Donald Trump's presidency for Jeff Sessions to not move forward on this investigation.
9251.  Mary Rethmeier of IowaSep 15, 2018
The wheels of justice need to move forward. It is not fair to the American people that the real treasonous people are not brought to justice. It is hurting our country and Donald Trump's presidency for Jeff Sessions to not move forward on this investigation.
9250.  Charles McFadden Jr of FloridaSep 15, 2018
not investigating the real criminals like Hillary Clinton & allowing the Russian collusion farce to continue. time to go Jeff.
9249.  Angela Stevenson of TexasSep 15, 2018
9248.  MANUEL B. ALCON of New MexicoSep 15, 2018
It is time that they let President do his job.
9247.  Bill Chambless of FloridaSep 15, 2018
9246.  Steve & Rachel Steele of TexasSep 15, 2018
9245.  Bill Codner of GeorgiaSep 14, 2018
It’s up to The Donald to declassify all those emails, texts, correspondence. Remove redactions so the people can see how complicit Rosenstein, Ohr, Comey, Baker, McCabe, Page and Mueller are with the Deep State, RINOS, and DemocRats as well as the corruption of the Obozo Administration.
9244.  Wallace of IdahoSep 14, 2018
Jeff Sessions must be removed and replaced with Larry Klayman. We need more law and order! We need more support to President Trump and American citizenry!
9243.  Margaret Brown of MissouriSep 14, 2018
9242. of New YorkSep 14, 2018
Hang them all. Already donated.
9241.  Dan Vandre of IndianaSep 14, 2018
9240.  Richard Keil of ArizonaSep 14, 2018
9239.  Susan Cooper of New MexicoSep 14, 2018
Sessions is a traitor. He has done nothing to clean the swamp and if anything is complicit in keeping the deep state working against the Trump Presidency.
9238.  Rev Jonathan Singleton of IllinoisSep 14, 2018
9237.  Robert McCormick of ColoradoSep 14, 2018
The pressure to "cooperate" is the modern equivalent of torture to get someone to "confess" or "inform" on other people that was the preferred method of interrogation during the Inquisition.
9236.  Harlie Deckard of ArizonaSep 14, 2018
The only collusion is with Hillery Clinton and the Russions
9235.  Ellen Wells of MarylandSep 14, 2018
9234.  james legare of MinnesotaSep 14, 2018
Sessions was hired to do a job. He hasn't fire him. Get somebody who will shut Mueller down now.
9233.  Larry Wriser of TexasSep 14, 2018
9232.  James Tebelskis of CaliforniaSep 14, 2018
9231.  Nancy Craddock of TexasSep 13, 2018
9230.  elisabeth of CaliforniaSep 13, 2018
9229.  Gail of CaliforniaSep 13, 2018
Remove Jeff Sessions!
9228.  William L. Maine Sr of North CarolinaSep 13, 2018
Robert Mueller for over 2 years has been using his position to try to tie up the Republican President so that not much can be accomplished to make the President look bad. This court is only a political ploy. Bill Maine
9227.  Robert of WashingtonSep 13, 2018
9226.  William Maine,Sr of North CarolinaSep 13, 2018
Remove Mueller because he has no evidence against the President and for the past two years he has just gone on a witch hunt. Also, his committee consists of mainly one party. His group is only pulling this Country apart. Also, this committee is only political. Nothing is being done about Hillary and he illegal doings,such as, open phone line & selling the USA uranium mines.
9225.  Kay of MinnesotaSep 13, 2018
Remove and jail that traitor now.
9224.  Danny Crawford of IndianaSep 13, 2018
9223.  John Berns of IndianaSep 13, 2018
Law and order also must be applied to Democrats, not just for the political enemies of leftist in power. Trump may not be squeaky clean but the real dirt can be found in the Democrat party.
9222.  michelle of FloridaSep 13, 2018
9221.  Nevin Harrison of TennesseeSep 13, 2018
9220.  lex schauer of North DakotaSep 13, 2018
9219.  Brian Rockett of MaineSep 13, 2018
9218.  mike of North CarolinaSep 12, 2018
I don't know who or what got to Mr sessions that has him so frightened to do his g-d job. I this isn't going to happen, get the heck out of the way and let someone with cajones do the job!!
9217.  charles Rodrick of CaliforniaSep 12, 2018
9216.  Jon Nordstrom of IndianaSep 12, 2018
9215.  Bob of NevadaSep 12, 2018
The Democrats are Prosecuting the Republicans, who have Done Nothing Wrong!!!! There are Many Democrats that have Broken Laws and they are Not being Prosecuted. This Entire Thing is BACKWARDS!!!!
9214.  Jaymes of ColoradoSep 12, 2018
Remove the SCUM from Washington we need the swamp drained not plugged up with half wits like Jeff Sessions!!!
9213.  Rose Maierle of South CarolinaSep 12, 2018
9212.  Donna of ArizonaSep 12, 2018
9211.  Kevin of Rhode IslandSep 12, 2018
9210.  Janie of FloridaSep 12, 2018
9209.  Kristin Love of WashingtonSep 12, 2018
9208.  Sue Horn of KentuckySep 12, 2018
Our country needs help with removing this "Third Government" who is fighting our President and trying to remove him from office.
9207.  Ray Heisler of ArizonaSep 11, 2018
Trump can take action if he chooses too. Start with releasing FISA documents and move right into firing Sessions, Mueller and down the line. If he doesn’t start taking action to save his presidency he’s done.
9206.  John Guidice of CaliforniaSep 11, 2018
9205.  PETER PLIKAS of IllinoisSep 11, 2018
Dear President Trump Larry Klayman is the man you need to replace the crooked Mueller. Big experience with Bill Clinton. Tough as nails. He will go after crooked politicians Clinton, her accomplices, Obama, Deep State, etc.
9204.  Nancy Williams of TexasSep 10, 2018
Sessions is part of the Deep State he was a plant from the beginning. It was a plan to help take down our President. This is sedition worse than treason. Hang them all. Americans have had enough of this evil corruption against us. If they are not stopped now they will bring on civil war but, that is there plan. They do not want to go to prison or worse. They will do anything at this point because nothing has worked. Wake up America.
9203.  William L. Maine of North CarolinaSep 10, 2018
9202.  Sharon Erdely of OhioSep 10, 2018
Sessions needs to be removed right now. I would never want him to defend me for anything.
9201.  Jodi Evans of NevadaSep 10, 2018
9200.  Jeff Heisler of FloridaSep 10, 2018
Sessions, if he wasn't a Deep State plant to begin with, has certainly been compromised which shouldn't surprise anyone given the way Obama used the national security agencies to spy on Americans for blackmail and other reasons. As such, Sessions is paralyzed and therefore obstructing justice and lending cover for the Mueller witch hunt as well as allowing the true criminals to continue to freely move about - Hilary, Obama, Loretta Lynch, Comey, McCabe, Strzok, Page, Brennan, Mueller, Rosenstein - just to name a few.
9199.  Robert Herring of GeorgiaSep 10, 2018
Attorney General Sessions, Deputy AG Rosenstein & FBI Director Wray are the greatest threat to President Trump. These individals must be fired an replaced with component individuals that will prosecute the crimes orchestrated within the Department of Justice, CIA, State Department and the FBI. Our Constitution & Rule of Law must stand at all cost.
9198.  Bernardo Cazares of ArizonaSep 09, 2018
9197.  Malinda A Haney of CaliforniaSep 09, 2018
Yes, Sessions and associates. Your lack of leadership must go! Mueller, Rosenstein, Comey and the whole group involved in the Russian Conspiracy Coup against Pres. Trump....and CIA head operatives should all be removed. DRAIN THE SWAMP AND HOLD THESE PEOPLE ACCOUNTABLE FOR THEIR CRIMES. This is War! They(evil greedy powerful people that want more power, control, and sexual abuse freedom) started it and may lawful, patriotic leadership step up in America and meet the challenge!! God is on your/our side. Also😱stop the destruction and death of the earth(people, flora, fauna) with Chem spraying, fire starting, and pushing of all toxins into our food, water, vaccinations, and weather control. Death is the goal of these agendas. It has worked! LET FREEDOM REIGN AND UPHOLD OUR God GIVEN CONSTITUTION. Thank you for all you do.
9196.  Anne B. Hajduk of CaliforniaSep 09, 2018
Thank you, Mr. Klayman, for your courage, tenacity, and integrity in the fight to save our beautiful America.
9195.  charles A Wilkins of New JerseySep 09, 2018
9194.  Natalie of TennesseeSep 09, 2018
9193.  Kimberly Fassett of KansasSep 09, 2018
9192.  Michael & LeeAnn Springer of ArkansasSep 09, 2018
9191.  Jerald Nott of IowaSep 08, 2018
9190.  Jerry Moyers of MissouriSep 08, 2018
Fire him and get one that will do the job!
9189.  Timothy Lucas of WashingtonSep 08, 2018
9188.  dan mahony of ConnecticutSep 08, 2018
9187.  diane strong of New YorkSep 08, 2018
Remove Mr Sessions our most in-effective AG in modern history. He has recussed himself from not some but ALL his duties as far as the american people are concerned and must be let go ASAP and replaced with a NEW "OUTSIDE of the SWAMP" Non- Obama hold over
9186.  Sharon Rochefort of FloridaSep 08, 2018
9185.  Johnny of TexasSep 08, 2018
Long due. Get rid of him and find someone else quilified.
9184.  James Beckwith of GeorgiaSep 08, 2018
9183.  Roy Merritt of IdahoSep 08, 2018
9182.  Rafael J Guastavino, Jr of MarylandSep 08, 2018
9181.  Suzanne Harrington of ArizonaSep 08, 2018
9180.  Jaylen of North CarolinaSep 08, 2018
Prayers for justice.
9179.  Michael Kronk of NevadaSep 08, 2018
9178.  stephen jacks of TennesseeSep 08, 2018
9177.  Patricia Weld of ArizonaSep 08, 2018
Need new Attorney GENERAL WHO SUPPORTS OUR PRESIDENT and willing prosecutes those traitors who are evil doers and trying to destroy our beloved country and constitution
9176.  Ethan Palethorpe of UtahSep 07, 2018
We the people have woken up and will no longer accept lies and illusions. It's time to do the right thing. Unveil the truth. The world deserves to know the extent of the Clinton Crime Spree and the decades of deep state activity. Unshelve those disruptive technology patents perhaps while we're at it.
9175.  Bradford D. Joyce of MassachusettsSep 07, 2018
In Larry Klayman we trust!!!
9174.  Paul Wilkie of MichiganSep 07, 2018
9173.  Gary Carrington of TexasSep 07, 2018
9172.  Patsy Milan of MississippiSep 07, 2018
9171.  Ralph Cosenza of New YorkSep 07, 2018
Defend the constitution
9170.  Keith Krabbenhoft of MinnesotaSep 07, 2018
9169.  Richard Stahl of North CarolinaSep 07, 2018
Indict Sessions and Rosenstein
9168.  Rodney Weichelt of ArizonaSep 07, 2018
Please make this happen! Wish I had a million dollars, I would donate it to you to facilitate this sick joke and the lies of the deep state losers! You got this!!!!
9167.  NicolePinto of CaliforniaSep 07, 2018
We need an A.G that will do their job.
9166.  Donna Lozada of FloridaSep 07, 2018
9165.  TP of FloridaSep 07, 2018
It;s obvious to those who are intelligent that Sessions has been compromised by the CIA/Mossad Deep State apparatus & this do nothing AG wimp needs to go back to his rocking chair in Alabama & commit himself to a nursing home. He is a weak worthless feckless old man who is incapable of performing his duties & tasks as AG in the office of D.O.J. Rosenstein & Mueller are running circles around him ('Sessions' the boss) & has him discombobulated & confounded where he is unable to do his job.
9164.  Butch Wells of IdahoSep 07, 2018
9163.  Jennifer of KansasSep 07, 2018
9162.  Rene Allertz of Sep 07, 2018
9161.  Susan Cabales of New YorkSep 07, 2018
9160.  Rodger Reed of CaliforniaSep 06, 2018
9159.  Sharon Craig of TexasSep 06, 2018
9158.  nancy hill of PennsylvaniaSep 06, 2018
9157.  Roger Bienvenu of LouisianaSep 06, 2018
Please do all possible to prosecute: Bill and Hillary Clinton B Hussein Obama All DOJ operatives especially Mueller
9156.  Reid Garrett of TexasSep 06, 2018
9155.  Stuart Andrus of LouisianaSep 06, 2018
Fire Sessions.
9154.  Ron Fournier of MissouriSep 06, 2018
Sessions is a career conman. He's a functionary for the DNC and the Clinton Crime Network. His legal and political career in Alabama mirrors that of the Clintons' in Arkansas. He manipulated his way into the Trump Admin.
9153.  William of FloridaSep 06, 2018
9152.  Linda Israel of KansasSep 06, 2018
Time to take the gloves off
9151.  FREDDIE SCARBROUGH of FloridaSep 06, 2018
9150.  Ken Gilbert of IdahoSep 06, 2018
Sessions is biased against President Trump and is protecting Mueller and the Clinton mob.
9149.  Jane Howard of FloridaSep 06, 2018
Thank you, Attorney Klayman for recognizing your role today as an advocate for us. We, individually, as Americans feel powerless to root out this pervasive corruption and deceit propagated in the mainstream media and Washington's spineless support for constituents. Your leadership and integrity -- speaking truth. -- gives me great hope that our voices will be heard.
9148.  Jerry of OregonSep 06, 2018
recuse yourself like you did about the Clinton investigation
9147.  BJ Becker of WisconsinSep 06, 2018
Traitors must be punished.
9146.  Mary Broussard of LouisianaSep 06, 2018
Mr. Sessions is not doing his job; this job.AG, is the most important position in President Trumps cabinet. He recused himself one day after seeking this position. Why? Either he has been compromised or the deep state has threatened his family. This circus to ultimately impeach our President must end now. If Mr. Sessions had done his job. all the criminals. would be undergoing trials for sedition and treason against our President.
9145.  clay of CaliforniaSep 06, 2018
9144.  Russell Clark of TexasSep 06, 2018
He has always been a part of the problem.
9143.  John Meaders of ColoradoSep 06, 2018
His weakness as an attorney general should be embarrassing for all Americans. Hopefully, it’s not criminal behavior showing its colors.
9142.  Ralph Heins of ArizonaSep 06, 2018
9141.  Jaime Diaz of CaliforniaSep 06, 2018
9140.  clyde hanes of OhioSep 06, 2018
9139.  Dereald L Millsap of TexasSep 06, 2018
I support a Class Action Law Suite against these Corrupt & Lying ZCompanys that are screwing the Americans Citizens. They are using our personal Private Information to make Zmoney & Control American slices. These company’s need to be broken up, prosecute these Top Company management, take their Billion of Dollars away from them. Have a Military Justice Tribunals Trials. Put them in Gimo Pridin With Comfinement 23 Hiurs, & 1 Hour of outside excerise! They sure start at 30 Years to life, $ if it’s murder they committed or Had People to commit, then it’s the Death Penalty, if it’s Treason give them the Death Pentalty!
9138.  Jerry W Barnes of CaliforniaSep 06, 2018
I have had many problems with Facebook removing my comments and posts,as well as removing the share options on my posts to the public. If Facebook can't be trusted anymore to be fair and nonbiased, They shouldn't be a Social Media Network.
9137.  Lyle Krych of MinnesotaSep 06, 2018
9136.  Alisa of KansasSep 06, 2018
9135.  Scott Holder of IndianaSep 06, 2018
9134.  Raymond Fauteux of GeorgiaSep 06, 2018
9133.  Thomasine Gibson of VirginiaSep 06, 2018
What in the world is he doing? Is he tied up in a closet?
9132.  Anthony Gunter of OklahomaSep 06, 2018
9131.  kay dewinter of New YorkSep 05, 2018
Mister klayman after you're done with this what can we do about the late night talk shows that slander mock ridicule our president
9130.  Jonathan C. Hurley of FloridaSep 05, 2018
We KNOW China has every email Hillary even dreamed of sending. Why can't we offer (yes a little Quid Pro Quo) China something they would find attractive in trade for the emails? Surely we have SOMETHING they want that we can actually give them (legally) in return for her (actually, the people's of America) emails, yes? Immunity, perhaps, for the "theft" in the first place. They have the information, and there ain't squat we can do about that, Hillary.
9129.  Beverly Cadwell of CaliforniaSep 05, 2018
9128.  Kevin Pastian of ArizonaSep 05, 2018
9127.  Robin Karr of OhioSep 05, 2018
Never in the history of our Republic has there been so much known corruption. Yet, AG Jeff Sessions is doing nothing. He recused himself from the Russia investigation and
9126.  Sharon Ranalli of TexasSep 05, 2018
9125.  Jimmy Urrutia of CaliforniaSep 05, 2018
Remove this gutless AG from office!
9124.  Jorge Castillo of HawaiiSep 05, 2018
AG Sessions needs to be prosecuted for obstruction of justice.
9123.  Richard Taylor of FloridaSep 05, 2018
9122.  Alison Taylor of VirginiaSep 05, 2018
I assumed Sessions had been threatened when I saw his body language at his first press conference with Rod Rosenstein.....looming next to him. After hearing Larry Klayman on CrowdSourcetheTruth, I'm convinced he's also part of the Washington, D.C. establishment.
9121.  Richard Barney of TexasSep 05, 2018
9120.  Susan Deantonis of FloridaSep 05, 2018
9119.  Gary West of MichiganSep 05, 2018
Great rid of this bum he hasn't done anything but collect a pay check
9118.  Anna Jones of ArizonaSep 05, 2018
yes,,,be gone..I would say he does nothing,, Sessions' Incompetence and "Disgraceful"
9117.  Aggie Zimmerman of PennsylvaniaSep 05, 2018
9116.  Carol Green of WashingtonSep 05, 2018
9115.  Erik Magelssen of ColoradoSep 05, 2018
9114.  Melvin J. Willms of WashingtonSep 05, 2018
9113.  Nancy of WisconsinSep 05, 2018
9112.  KENNETH MYERS of LouisianaSep 05, 2018
9111.  Tom of FloridaSep 05, 2018
9110.  Karla wolford of West VirginiaSep 05, 2018
9109.  susan of FloridaSep 05, 2018
9108.  Brian Hecht of TexasSep 05, 2018
9107.  Barbara of UtahSep 05, 2018
9106.  Anita Eicher of OhioSep 05, 2018
The sooner, the better.
9105.  Steve Angle of KansasSep 05, 2018
9104.  john haines of IowaSep 05, 2018
9103.  mary brown of KentuckySep 05, 2018
arrest Mueller
9102.  Franny Trincia of DelawareSep 05, 2018
9101.  Allan Prival of CaliforniaSep 05, 2018
9100.  Jane Hamilton of Sep 05, 2018
9099.  Kymmberly Arbiso of CaliforniaSep 05, 2018
This money taking long investigation and nothing but crap at an on with more crap needs to stop! Miller needs to go! The people want him out! Only ones who want him in a crooked get payoffs in bed with Soros/rhinos and more! Honest and real not to mention intelligent enough, will sign and fight for our rights ! #nuffSaid
9098.  George Dickinson of FloridaSep 05, 2018
9097.  Rudy Lopez of CaliforniaSep 05, 2018
9096.  Angela Baiers of MichiganSep 04, 2018
Where is the petition for corrupt Rosenstein too? The cabal is up. I have zero faith in DOJ or FBI currently under Sessions, Rosenstein, and Mueller. Where are the arrests for upper level coup members?
9095.  Deborah Romano of FloridaSep 04, 2018
9094.  Daniel Blair of MontanaSep 04, 2018
9093.  Beverly Reese of TexasSep 04, 2018
It seems to me that we need to see and hear how Sessions is helping to put an end to these ridiculous hearings!
9092.  Frank Stack of MichiganSep 04, 2018
This is only one part of "drain the swamp", but a very big part.
9091.  Kristine ODonnell of MarylandSep 04, 2018
9090.  Elvia Sanchez of New YorkSep 04, 2018
9089.  Arthur of PennsylvaniaSep 04, 2018
Your not doing the job. Get Out.
9088.  Chet Zoland of FloridaSep 04, 2018
9087.  Kay Levitan of MinnesotaSep 04, 2018
SESSIONS should resign immediately or be fired stat.
9086.  amante of WashingtonSep 04, 2018
9085.  i.m.jones of OregonSep 04, 2018
9084.  Barbara DeStasio of New JerseySep 04, 2018
9083.  Lowell Ellanson of PennsylvaniaSep 04, 2018
The only collusion to impact elections is being advanced by the globalist, deep state swamp creatures. They are aided and abetted by the secret weapon, Jeff Sessions. IMO he was part of the deep state insurance to thwart the will of the real patriots and constitutional Christian origionalist true Americans.
9082.  Stephen M. Sciscoe of IndianaSep 04, 2018
9081.  Leshundra Scott of TexasSep 04, 2018
9080.  Arthur Horton of TexasSep 04, 2018
A disgraceful lack of due diligence. Out of touch, an obvious deep state supporter.
9079.  Gregory Price of FloridaSep 04, 2018
9078.  david talbott of OhioSep 04, 2018
9077.  Daniel O'Neal of AlabamaSep 04, 2018
9076.  Barbara Ann of South CarolinaSep 04, 2018
Please remove him
9075.  Michael Ormesher of NebraskaSep 04, 2018
9074.  Shawn Dartez of LouisianaSep 04, 2018
9073.  Kyle Stevens of TexasSep 04, 2018
9072. of CaliforniaSep 04, 2018
9071.  Carl Pivonka of MontanaSep 04, 2018
Jeff Sessions is a wolf in sheep's clothing. There is no reason at all why he shouldn't have started an investigation against the Clinton Foundation. He is an angry DNC operative. There is no doubt.
9070.  GABRIEL GAY of TexasSep 04, 2018
9069.  Todd French of IdahoSep 04, 2018
Does Mueller have something on Sessions? is that why he is so unengaged?
9068.  Dean Smith of KentuckySep 04, 2018
I strongly urge the removal of Jeff Session from the Attorney Generals position. he has recused himself and refused to investigate the 0bama, Clinton, Holder, Lynch cartel. His recusal from the Russia Collusion investigation as one of if not the very first actions he showed that he has something to0 hide of feels somewhere involved. He should have been immediately fired. He is either one of them, being blackmailed by one of them or fearful of them.
9067.  Darrell of FloridaSep 04, 2018
9066.  Carolyn Bishop of New YorkSep 04, 2018
9065.  Donna of OhioSep 04, 2018
He has done NOTHING to protect President Trump from Mueller and his cronies. What a waste of a position and paycheck! Fire Him!
9064.  Jam es Dowling of MontanaSep 04, 2018
9063.  Milton S. Channdler of IllinoisSep 04, 2018
9062.  Angelina Mandlak of TexasSep 03, 2018
9061.  Ruben of ArizonaSep 03, 2018
9060.  Lori and Jim Downing of CaliforniaSep 03, 2018
9059.  Karla of CaliforniaSep 03, 2018
Shameful state of affairs
9058.  MirthaRust of FloridaSep 03, 2018
Why are you allowing this man to continue as DOJ? What or whom is holding you back from removing him?
9057.  USA of FloridaSep 03, 2018
Do it Mr. President. Drain the swamp! Fire Sessions. Klayman is your move. Larry Klayman would be fantastic as AG.
9056.  harv of ArizonaSep 03, 2018
Where are the crimes that the President? Mueller has had two years to get this done. Also why aren't the crimes of the democrats not being investigated?
9055.  gerald drown of ArizonaSep 03, 2018
9054.  Cynthia of New HampshireSep 03, 2018
Protect our President Trump
9053.  Ruth Hammons of ArizonaSep 03, 2018
President Trump is trying very hard to bring back the things that make our government stronger, instead of the results of people who want our governance to be global, socialist and of communistic ways...which are nothing like what this nation was founded to be. Mr Sessions is not thinking right and is protecting some of the very people that are causing the crumbling of a once strong and true belief in the truth of how America was founded and on WHAT she was meant to be. Some are just absolutely wrong in their thoughts in wanting America to fall as a free nation! It is not the nation that is not great, it is some people who are not great, nor stand for what is the truth of this nation and the people who found it. Now in history we are fighting once again for the firm belief in freedom, faith, truth, and the Constitution! ANYONE that is part of the take down of this nation ought to be brought to justice and ashamed beyond understanding in their evil stance. God Bless America again!...
9052.  Carolyn Spindler Kahn of North CarolinaSep 03, 2018
Sessions too conflicted to do his job. Of course, Mueller is illegal and is too conflicted to do his job also. Sessions has no balls to fire Mueller and Rosenstein. Mueller's inv is destroying our president and this nation. Fire Sessions unless he fires Mueller and Rosenstein. Sessions needs to grow a spine not a long nose.
9051.  Mark Lester ii of IowaSep 02, 2018
Time the American people find out Clinton body count define conspiracy all this media coverage it is media manipulation hogwash leaders conservatives should be doing all they can to prove disprove and bring truth to light.. truth about everything from obama spy gate too operation mockingbird the complete and total manipulation of the public via msm big 6 corporate American entertainment
9050.  David Stewart of ArizonaSep 02, 2018
A straw man getting a welfare check.He needs to go.
9049.  United States of New YorkSep 02, 2018
Toss him so hard he bounces !
9048.  Phyllis Knoll of OhioSep 02, 2018
In the real world, where the average American Citizen works hard for a living, people get fired for not doing their job properly. This is precisely what should happen to AG Sessions. How long will we continue to waste Taxpayer dollars on this man?
9047.  John L Buvelot 1st of IllinoisSep 02, 2018
9046.  Bev Zimmerman of CaliforniaSep 02, 2018
9045.  Vivian Warren of CaliforniaSep 02, 2018
9044.  Barbara Collins of FloridaSep 02, 2018
Get rid of the Liberal Judges and the likes. This country needs Trump to continue making America Great again. God Speed
9043.  Joseph Brogan of VirginiaSep 01, 2018
9042.  JM Campbell of ConnecticutSep 01, 2018
9041.  john of OhioSep 01, 2018
Sessions hand picks the small stuff to do, and ignores the BIG stuff, like Hillary, the deep state actors that should be behind bars.
9040.  Alexander Tsvitun of PennsylvaniaSep 01, 2018
He must go long time ago.
9039.  Earl Sonnier of LouisianaSep 01, 2018
9038.  Carol A. Eckert of PennsylvaniaSep 01, 2018
9037.  Sue sailer of IowaSep 01, 2018
9036.  john gifford of New HampshireSep 01, 2018
9035.  Ken of FloridaSep 01, 2018
9034.  Eric Duda of New YorkSep 01, 2018
Tired Of The Witch Hunt
9033.  Earl Hutchens of MarylandSep 01, 2018
9032.  Sharon Velenosi of CaliforniaSep 01, 2018
9031.  Dennis Anderson of UtahSep 01, 2018
9030.  Ben Groesbeck of OregonSep 01, 2018
9029.  JANET MIEDECKE of ArizonaSep 01, 2018
Please Mr President, remove this AG. He has done zero to help with your agenda.
9028.  Benjamin Pimenel of MarylandAug 31, 2018
The U.S. is as corrupt as Yemen.
9027.  Harry Laudig of MissouriAug 31, 2018
9026.  Sheila clark of AlabamaAug 31, 2018
9025.  Margaretta Sprinkle of TexasAug 31, 2018
9024.  LeRoy of TexasAug 31, 2018
It's about time one was appointed to find out what the HECK is going on !!
9023.  Carol of TennesseeAug 31, 2018
9022.  STEVE FLOWERS of AlaskaAug 31, 2018
9021.  Tony Dyer of TennesseeAug 31, 2018
9020.  Thomas Fach of CaliforniaAug 31, 2018
He is under attack by Unconventional Warfare.
9019.  Alphonse Janice of TexasAug 31, 2018
9018.  Nadine Blosat of ArizonaAug 31, 2018
Judge Jeanine or Gregg Jarrett would be a fantastic replacement, Probably either would be 1000% better. They would be on the job and not hidden as Sessions seems to be.
9017.  Sgt. Steven J. Sullivan of IllinoisAug 30, 2018
.....fighting tyranny from near or afar is a matter of minor adjustments...
9016.  scott macmillan of MinnesotaAug 30, 2018
hes done nothing but close his eyes to corruption
9015.  terry higham of TennesseeAug 30, 2018
9014.  Daniel Stewart of CaliforniaAug 30, 2018
FINALLY, action being taken against the instigators of the whole of the Russian Collusion affair breathed into existence by "the Deep State", the Democratic Party, the Barrack Obama Executive office and the Clinton Cabal. Please let there be more contributors to this whole affair to protect Clinton and indict President Trump to assure the American people of the Rule of Law in America IS ALIVE AND WELL!!
9013.  Gary Hornbuckle of AlabamaAug 30, 2018
9012.  Mark Laterza of New JerseyAug 30, 2018
Sessions, one big disappointment.
9011.  Leo Garr1y of MichiganAug 30, 2018
Lets get a real AG.
9010.  R of New YorkAug 30, 2018
Jeff Sessions should have never recused himself from all thins Hillary and all things Russia ! And because he did this he put himself into question as to what he stands for . " When in doubt, throw it out "
9009.  Randall Spaan of WashingtonAug 30, 2018
9008.  Ava Santa Maria of CaliforniaAug 30, 2018
9007.  derek johnson of IllinoisAug 30, 2018
9006.  Jeannie of AlabamaAug 30, 2018
9005.  Sinnie Kemp of CaliforniaAug 30, 2018
9004.  Aaron Barr of IndianaAug 30, 2018
9003.  Michael G Marsh of ColoradoAug 30, 2018
9002.  Van Tran of TexasAug 30, 2018
Drain the swamp, please
9001.  Karen Simmons of MontanaAug 30, 2018
9000.  Theresa.lytle of ArizonaAug 30, 2018
STOP harassing conservatives! Leave our President alone to do his job!
8999.  Karen Bennett of OhioAug 30, 2018
8998.  Corey Bittner of OhioAug 30, 2018
8997.  Janet Lee Meisinger of ColoradoAug 30, 2018
It is astounding that these traitorous degenerates have not been fired! They are wasting $millions of our money for their unfounded and vicious witch hunt.
8996.  William Hirte of TexasAug 30, 2018
8995.  Bob of TexasAug 30, 2018
Jeff Sessions' Incompetence and "Disgraceful" Dereliction of Duty Regarding His Inaction on Fusion GPS, the Phony Steele Dossier, and the Illegal and Unconstitutional Wiretapping of the President and His Associates Disqualify Him From the Office of Attorney General. It is the Will of the People that he Resign or Be Removed IMMEDIATELY!
8994.  Jeffrey Martin of New HampshireAug 30, 2018
Hillary for Prison!
8993.  Frank Detrixhe of TexasAug 30, 2018
8992.  hp of FloridaAug 30, 2018
8991.  OJ Eastwood of KentuckyAug 30, 2018
Making America Christian Again will allow for GOD to MAGA...
8990.  Janet Sale of TexasAug 30, 2018
8989.  scott of TexasAug 30, 2018
Sessions is SES and on the take he allowed Clinton to commit crimes and now stands down in his duty to perform and that is a crime called OBSTRUCTION.
8988.  Gary Pozniak of IllinoisAug 30, 2018
Jeffie is content with chasing Pot Growers and letting every big time criminal run amok. He ignored Eric Holder's Gun Running to the Mex. Drug Cartel. He was not attentive to the Hillary Server issue. He let most of the evidence on Pervert Weiner go to waste. Sessions may as well sit at home doing nothing.
8987.  Stephen Dufort of New JerseyAug 30, 2018
My problem is I am an American living in Euroupe, so how can I sign this????????
8986.  Tracy Smith of OhioAug 30, 2018
8985.  A. V. of FloridaAug 30, 2018
8984.  Nathan Cooper of WisconsinAug 30, 2018
8983.  Amy Gibbons of WashingtonAug 30, 2018
Clearly AG Sessions is SES and therefore his loyalties are to that group (see it on Wikileaks). It also indicates someone higher up in the SES echelon is directing Sessions and he is a disgrace to the country by betraying our President Trump and allowing these obvious crimes to go without any charges. I hope they all end up in Prison as traitors. This includes Comey, Mueller (who helped cover up 911 and was associated with Ur-1), Rosenstein, Yates, Peter and Lisa, Bruce and Nellie, Steele, the Cambridge Professor who made a few million off this dastardly plot, and most of all Clapper and Brennan. I think Brennan had a big hand in this and could be the one who dreamed it up. Why has no one been charged? Why has Mueller been able to waste the American tax payer money on this phony investigation? WHY HAS NO ONE BEEN CHARGED FOR LYING TO THE FISA COURT? WHY WAS MUELLER ALLOWED TO BE THE INVESTIGATOR WITH HIS CONFLICTS AND WHY WAS THAT SMUG WEASEL ROSENSTEIN ALLOWED TO MORE OR LESS ...
8982.  Daniel Nugent of TexasAug 30, 2018
He needs to let this country heal from all the corruption we've seen over the last decade.
8981.  Emery Harnan of IdahoAug 29, 2018
8980.  william of VirginiaAug 29, 2018
8979.  Norval Johnston of TexasAug 29, 2018
8978.  Ron Spence of UtahAug 29, 2018
8977.  Irene Quesada of CaliforniaAug 29, 2018
8976.  Robert E Cronin of TexasAug 29, 2018
8975.  R. Reese of MontanaAug 29, 2018
God's Will be done Go Larry Go
8974.  Patricia Page of MississippiAug 29, 2018
It’s way past time to make this change. Jeff sessions has been a big disappointment especially for people in the south.
8973.  DARYL KLINEDINST of ColoradoAug 29, 2018
8972.  Peggy Howells of FloridaAug 29, 2018
Robert Mueller has caused much dissension and unrest among the American people. We do not believe in our justice system any more due to his biased attempt to dismantle our form of government and disrespect our duly elected President Trump. Because of his actions we, the people have been able to see just how corrupt our system really is and teeming with swamp-like officials. I pray Pres. Trump does prevail and bring all these corrupt Clinton/ Obama controlled and paid off officials to their knees and out of office.
8971.  walter wright of ArizonaAug 29, 2018
8970.  Carmen Mesa of FloridaAug 29, 2018
8969.  Santina Dallacasa of MassachusettsAug 29, 2018
8968.  Nancy Levine of ArizonaAug 29, 2018
8967.  jill sobol-kerst of CaliforniaAug 29, 2018
8966.  Billy Greene851 of FloridaAug 29, 2018
8965.  Joe Hale of TennesseeAug 29, 2018
8964.  Ottis Reed of TexasAug 29, 2018
8963.  BOB SOLDIER of MichiganAug 29, 2018
8962.  Ricardo Roberts of TexasAug 29, 2018
8961.  Theresa of FloridaAug 29, 2018
Sessions, Ray,Rosenstein,mueller Obama Comey lynch Hillary and all the other corrupted democratic need to be in Jail for treason due to their actions to subvert the will of the people MAGA!!!
8960.  chard bryant of TennesseeAug 29, 2018
Sessions is either a deep state operative for all this time or....... He is scared to death of something that the deep state has hanging over his head
8959.  Justine of MichiganAug 29, 2018
Need some one do there job for president trump Jeff Sessions not doing anything need Fire Rosenstin he in all of this
8958.  Scott A Lagger of IllinoisAug 29, 2018
8957.  thomas H Burchett of CaliforniaAug 29, 2018
8956.  scott wadsworth of UtahAug 29, 2018
8955.  debbie of FloridaAug 29, 2018
8954.  william of New MexicoAug 29, 2018
The criminals have investigated the one trying to do what is right long it's their turn.
8953.  William Post of IllinoisAug 29, 2018
He an absentee Attorney General and he is delinquent in not defending the United States and the President.
8952.  Dr. Fred Maxwell of South CarolinaAug 29, 2018
8951.  gary tobin of CaliforniaAug 28, 2018
Jeff Sessions has been a disgrace to this country and the rule of law.
8950.  Lisette of WashingtonAug 28, 2018
I'm sick of Jeff Sessions; he needs to go. He has no respect or regard for the MANY MEDICINAL BENEFITS MARIJUANA PROVIDES. Get rid of Jeff Sessions.
8949.  Cheryl Farrell of New JerseyAug 28, 2018
8948.  john of WisconsinAug 28, 2018
sessions is gutless and full of the swamp! should have been gone long ago!!! he new from the beginning what he was doing to disrupt the president
8947.  Barbara Giargiari of MassachusettsAug 28, 2018
Dear Mr President - Please do not delay this necessary firing of AG Sessions any longer. We your deplorables will have your back! Best, Barbara Giargiari Natick, MA 01760
8946.  Jan of MissouriAug 28, 2018
8945.  robert of New YorkAug 28, 2018
get rosenstein
8944.  Matthew Szyszkiewicz of New HampshireAug 28, 2018
8943.  Sherri of ArizonaAug 28, 2018
8942.  Steve Kelly of CaliforniaAug 28, 2018
8941.  JoanMathews of ConnecticutAug 27, 2018
The whole country is sick and tired of muller . He has already said there was nothing about Russia, he just wants to unseat Trump!
8940.  Gregg Ohillips of CaliforniaAug 27, 2018
8939.  Danieljkirby of New YorkAug 27, 2018
Sad to see he doesn't support our president he needs to go
8938.  Rodger D. Chambers of UtahAug 27, 2018
8937.  Glenda Parrott of FloridaAug 27, 2018
8936.  Susan Edmondson of TennesseeAug 27, 2018
Save our country from this Deep State coup.
8935.  ken hayward of PennsylvaniaAug 27, 2018
8934.  Andrea of TennesseeAug 27, 2018
8933.  Emil Leum of South CarolinaAug 26, 2018
8932.  Roger W. Helmer of New YorkAug 26, 2018
It makes no sense; the Democrats are the ones who violated laws on a daily basis during the 2016 Presidential Election, talked to secret agents from foreign nations, and failed to follow campaign law routinely, as well as enacted the dossier' to be written against Trump. Think about it, no Republican sold Putin uranium. No Republican traveled around the globe talking with World leaders for the sole purpose of bringing millions of dollars home to Special Foundation that you and your husband have dreamed up. Only the Democrats are so scheming and conniving. Violating law after law after law is in their blood and it doesn't bother them a bit! Democrats work closely together and will not hesitate to run rough shod over law whenever it suits their needs; like having to take hammers to government computers damaging the files via the hard drive and who knows what else. If it needed to be done to better the chances of winning the election DO IT! No problem. It's all illegal. Your not supposed ...
8931.  Ernest Hood of NevadaAug 26, 2018
Step down now
8930.  Jose Escobar of CaliforniaAug 26, 2018
8929.  William Anson of CaliforniaAug 26, 2018
8928.  Mike Travis of TexasAug 26, 2018
Mr. Klayman, Given the tyranny of our own government, I cannot run the risk of disclosing my personal information for fear of retribution from some LEO agency that could arrest me then send me to some unknown camp, holding me using unlawful yet "legal" means as they have done to many others. I pray the traitors in government can be stopped before they become so powerful that they cannot be stopped. God Bless you.
8927.  Johnnie Cagle of TennesseeAug 26, 2018
He isn't doing anything to the clintons are stopping the devil mueller .He's either being threatened, or that the people they know are are always commiting sucide ..President Trump needs someone better than him !
8926.  billy fillmore sr of MaineAug 26, 2018
its time to end the deepstate mueller and the obummer gang
8925.  don turner of New YorkAug 26, 2018
8924.  Linda Weaver of OhioAug 26, 2018
After two years it is time to stop this investigation. No investigations are underway into Hillary or Obama for the illegal and unconstitutional things they did but still this goes on and on. Stop it now. Sessions has been a complete failure to do anything.
8923.  Raysutton of UtahAug 26, 2018
8922.  Dion Pezzimenti of New YorkAug 26, 2018
8921.  Marian Scirrotto of FloridaAug 26, 2018
8920.  Richard Polanco of New JerseyAug 26, 2018
8919.  Jeffery Reightler of West VirginiaAug 26, 2018
8918.  Martin L. Eng of CaliforniaAug 26, 2018
Resign or be fired. RINO, traitor, coverups for Mueller, Comes, Clintons...
8917.  Dan Evert of HawaiiAug 25, 2018
8916.  Cristina Shoman of ColoradoAug 25, 2018
8915.  James Shoman of ColoradoAug 25, 2018
8914.  Sharon St. John of KansasAug 25, 2018
8913.  Larry of ArizonaAug 25, 2018
8912.  Yale Wishnick of ArizonaAug 25, 2018
8911.  Rodney Gaylor of TexasAug 25, 2018
If any contestant on The Apprentice had handled themselves on that show the way AG Jeff Sessions has handled his duties at the DOJ, they would have been the first one to hear, "You're Fired!" His job is infinitely more important than that of anyone on a TV show, and Jeff Sessions MUST GO NOW!
8910.  Jean Shaffer of ArizonaAug 25, 2018
drain the swamp ...protect our President Tump from these evil people .. remove all them so much corruption
8909.  David A Wissler of MissouriAug 25, 2018
8908.  Eric Sanson of VirginiaAug 25, 2018
8907.  M. Christensen of FloridaAug 25, 2018
How about address Title 18, Sec. 1001, an all of those who have committed fraud, as they claim under there own statements about our President in Office!!!!! Like those on TV and those in Congress, who use free speech to discriminate against people. Its time to put an end to thinking free speech over-trumps discrimination on what people think. Period!
8906.  Kelly Mohr of WashingtonAug 25, 2018
Oh please, the least I can do is sign a petition! Id do anything to get these crooks out of office! Keep sending these petitions!😊
8905.  Mary Jochim of KentuckyAug 25, 2018
8904.  tom gildea of FloridaAug 25, 2018
This clown is an absolute disgrace to the country.
8903.  Dino J. Bliablias of CaliforniaAug 25, 2018
8902.  Robert of New JerseyAug 25, 2018
It's either this guy is a complete coward or part of the establishment/elite and deep state
8901.  Alejandro of FloridaAug 25, 2018
8900.  Mary L of TexasAug 25, 2018
8899.  Franklin Cox of KentuckyAug 25, 2018
Sessions is part of the deep state.
8898.  William D. Ethredge Jr of LouisianaAug 25, 2018
8897.  Joseph Bronge of IllinoisAug 25, 2018
8896.  Donald Raymus of WisconsinAug 25, 2018
Sessions is deep state mole. There to stop the President.
8895.  Robert L. West of ColoradoAug 25, 2018
8894.  Leonard Hadovski of WisconsinAug 25, 2018
Jeff Sessions claims he does not want this to be political, but it is. Everyone knows it, except for him? We all also know the left has committed crimes, where are you Jeff Sessions? I am so disgusted with this so called investigation and Jeff Sessions I can hardly stand it. President Trump, please move forward to remove the individuals that are not loyal to this administration, the conservatives or Republications. We will support you. Len Hadovski
8893.  Joseph of PennsylvaniaAug 25, 2018
President Trump should have done a "clean house" of all the previous holdovers and started with true conservatives in all offices. Being hard-nosed at the start would have aborted much of the undermining that has continued throughout his term. Trying to "reach across the aisle" only got him bitten by the venomous vipers of both parties. The loyal public elected him to do what needed to be done, but obstruction has pursued him since the commencement of the duties of the presidency.
8892.  Cj Konstantinos of FloridaAug 25, 2018
Mr. President, you NEED Larry Klayman on your side or you will continue to be surrounded by gutless non-Americana people who will lead you failure through lies and deceit
8891.  nancy barberis of CaliforniaAug 25, 2018
8890.  m. of TexasAug 25, 2018
8889.  constance faustman of MichiganAug 25, 2018
Please, please someone clean up this evil cesspool of America haters!
8888.  John E Lockett of New YorkAug 25, 2018
Very sad to see how Session turned out.
8887.  Ivan of CaliforniaAug 25, 2018
8886.  Kevin Elliott of KansasAug 25, 2018
There it’s be equal justice under the law to have rule of law Jeff Sessions is undermining this and must be replaced
8885.  Greg Johnson of CaliforniaAug 25, 2018
8884.  leroy of DelawareAug 25, 2018
mueller is a very bad man
8883.  David Counts of New MexicoAug 24, 2018
Insubordination is a foul thing. Sessions needs to go now!
8882.  Lisa Solis of MichiganAug 24, 2018
I believe Sessions is one of "the bought" and "paid for" men that Strzok mentioned to his lover Page. These agencies have been working against Trump and the AMERICAN PEOPLE. We want justice for the crimes and corruption of Hillary Clinton, Lynch, Comey, Baker, McCabe, Mueller, Strzok, Page, Ohr, Brennan, Clapper, Sessions, Rosenstein and others in the Deep Dark Evil State that have been trying to take out OUR ELECTED PRESIDENT. We are so sick of seeing the many different layers of Law and Justice. President Trump, PLEASE SIR, FIRE SESSIONS WORTHLESS ASS!
8881.  Roberta of TexasAug 24, 2018
Sessions should have been gone a long time ago. Trump needs to start FIRING people ASAP.
8880.  Mr. John E. Sparre of IndianaAug 24, 2018
Impeach "Judge" Navarro-Clivan Bundy case and other constitutional traitor jurrist
8879.  Debbie Warnock of TexasAug 24, 2018
I totally agree! The Steele Dossier is a fake and yet this circus with Mueller continues. Mueller should be in jail himself along with Comey, Rosentstein, Hilary, etc. Trump may not be a moral person with women, but it is not illegal. He is just not cracking down on too many things right now. We have judges making law from the bench. That belongs to Congress. Last time I checked, they do not have the power to reinstitute laws.
8878.  Julie Gildea of FloridaAug 24, 2018
8877.  William Mackenzie of New HampshireAug 24, 2018
How about prosecuting Lois Lerner and the complicit Eric Holder.
8876.  Jean Gear of TexasAug 24, 2018
Jeff Sessions is clearly not doing his job. This is not what tax payers are paying him for. He should never have accepted that position if he felt that he would need to recuse himself.
8875.  Barbara of South CarolinaAug 24, 2018
8874.  William Hodges of OklahomaAug 24, 2018
If he doesn't support POTUS remove him.
8873.  scott R of TexasAug 24, 2018
Sessions is SES complicit with Clinton put his ass in jail
8872.  Wayne Daigle of TexasAug 24, 2018
8871.  kevin n of ArkansasAug 24, 2018
8870.  Karen Turner of TexasAug 24, 2018
This whole disgusting DOJ situation with the impotence of Sessions, backed by the psychopathic, narcissist Rosenstein and the crook, Mueller.. all tell me that the dirt on all of them must be so thick it's mud! The entire US "Justice" system is a mockery, with most Americans not yet realizing that the Probate Court will also steal all of your assets, same dynamics as the DOJ! Thank you, Klayman and Freedom Watch.. We, the people, have to reclaim and radically restore our justice system!!
8869.  Arthur LaPlante of MassachusettsAug 24, 2018
Replace Him With a Competent Attorney Who Has the Guts to Prosecute Hillary Clinton, James Comey, Robert Mueller, and Others That Were Part of the Corrupt, Even Treasonous, Obama Administration and Hold Them Accountable for Their Crimes!
8868.  Mark Green of CaliforniaAug 24, 2018
Sessions needs to go so the actual criminals can face justice. Only until then will the trust in our Justice system can heal.
8867.  Brevely of ColoradoAug 24, 2018
I'm very upset about what is going on in this country, as we all are. Something has to give. Mr. Klayman give-em hell...
8866.  J Conner of TexasAug 24, 2018
8865.  Joe of ArkansasAug 24, 2018
8864.  Marilyn long of CaliforniaAug 24, 2018
8863.  Linda Prince of ArizonaAug 24, 2018
Our president needs to get rid of Jeff Sessions. Where has Jeff been hiding?
8862.  Steve Denny of CaliforniaAug 24, 2018
8861.  Art of FloridaAug 24, 2018
Dump this Corrupt Establishment Swamp Creature POS Posing as an AG.
8860.  Rachelle of New YorkAug 24, 2018
A Government For The People , By The People
8859.  CR MORGAN of North CarolinaAug 24, 2018
8858.  Jasper C. Draper of WashingtonAug 24, 2018
We have to stop these renegades. They can do it to anyone. Even old Charles Shumer is scared to death of them. He said the Intelligence Community can get you six ways from Sunday. Are the citizens supposed to fear the government or should it be the other way around. Right now the Justice Department and the FBI are terrorist organizations.
8857.  George newman of CaliforniaAug 24, 2018
Should have been long ago.
8856.  e w Burt of TexasAug 24, 2018
8855.  Jacqueline Goughnour of MarylandAug 24, 2018
Lots of Republicans-lawmakers- should go to Sessions and tell him to resign himself NOW for the good of our Country, people, and Rep.Party. Then Trump can appoint new AG who will clean house of Mueller and Rosenstein, et. all.
8854.  CAROL PEARSON of ColoradoAug 24, 2018
8853.  Ron of VirginiaAug 24, 2018
Won't do his job. Wrong people being prosecuted.
8852.  David Carter of TexasAug 24, 2018
8851.  Jeannette Aratare of FloridaAug 24, 2018
8850.  Herbert W. Clark of TexasAug 24, 2018
8849.  Kevin Duffy of New JerseyAug 24, 2018
Clean house Sessions Rosenstein and Mueller. Sessions is a spineless POC.
8848.  Jarred Cooper of CaliforniaAug 24, 2018
8847.  Ted of GeorgiaAug 24, 2018
8846.  Bruce Truman of TexasAug 24, 2018
Fire this POS. What a joke for the DOJ to even have this guy in office.
8845.  Meda Tharalson of NevadaAug 24, 2018
Q asked we trust the plan. Is Sessions just working behind the sceens to prep the inditements for the deep state/HRC et all for military tribunals for Treason on down. Including Obama. (GITMO)?
8844.  Richard. Gorman of PennsylvaniaAug 24, 2018
There is a 1 % chance Sessions is " playing possum". ONE PER CENT. If Sessions is not swinging at evil corrupt crazed SWAMP CREATURES ( D and R) by Nov.11th 2018 , then the citizens grand jury should be ready to deliberate and ACT by Nov. 14th. He should be HUNG DEAD BY Christmas. Philly Special.
8843.  Brian Lesnikowski of New JerseyAug 24, 2018
8842.  Nancy of VirginiaAug 24, 2018
8841.  Robert of MichiganAug 24, 2018
Tired of incompetence from Sessions , Mueller and Rodstein get rid of all three of them
8840.  Steven J Silva of New JerseyAug 24, 2018
Jeff Sessions has been a tremendous disappointment! He MUST be removed.
8839.  Charlotte Sciola of MassachusettsAug 24, 2018
Should have been done a long time ago.
8838.  Kirk Dennis of IdahoAug 24, 2018
8837.  Dan of TexasAug 24, 2018
8836.  valiere of ConnecticutAug 24, 2018
8835.  Kathleen Stricchiola of New JerseyAug 24, 2018
I find it hard to believe Jeff Sessions still has a job of top opposite of what we need and I am surprised Pres Trump hasn't fired him.. This witch hunt is gonna go on & try to destroy anyone it can...Want to hear "you're fired" ...
8834.  salvador of ArizonaAug 24, 2018
8833.  Harry Hagelbarger of OhioAug 24, 2018
8832.  Eugene Goetsch of TennesseeAug 24, 2018
Jeff Sessons was deep state before day one and knew he would be a turncoat and recuse himself. We want justice get rid of that fraud ASAP, please!
8831.  Randi Gerber of ArizonaAug 24, 2018
sessions is worthless. Get someone in there who will actually do something and arrest the deep state destroying our country and world.
8830.  Gerard Robins of TexasAug 24, 2018
Jeff Session always looks like a deer caught in the headlights - and while we thought he was a patriot - he has become a monumental disgrace. He needs to be removed as Attorney General so that Americans can continue to be protected by the Laws which protect all of us under the Constitution.
8829.  Steven Verkovich of MinnesotaAug 24, 2018
8828.  Susan Miller of TexasAug 24, 2018
8827.  Ginger Burlison of TexasAug 24, 2018
8826.  Robyn O'Donnell of New JerseyAug 24, 2018
As an American Citizen of the United States of America. I want the Attorney General replaced with a Competent Tough Attorney who will pursue the facts of this Collusion on the Part of Hillary Clinton and her associates. Also, an investigation into the FBI, Mueller, CIA, and other affiliates in Washington, DC. This is the worst corruption regarding the FISA Warrant which was obtained unethically if not illegally. Robyn O'Donnell
8825.  John Leonard of TennesseeAug 24, 2018
Session is waaaay over his head - both from an intellectual and leadership standpoint. The timidity in his face belies it. But Trump, with his public harangues of Session, may now have created an enemy of Sessions. Trump needs to replace him pronto. Our side needs a warrior who fully recognizes these as extraordinarily perilous times for this republic.
8824.  WAYNE GARNER of TexasAug 24, 2018
“Because you abdicated your responsibility as the Attorney General, you left the job in the hands of Rosenstein who chose his buddy Mueller to conduct the Special Counsel "witch hunt. We taxpayers are now having to pay some $20 Million for the totally out-of-control, anti-Trump/Russian "collusion" when there is nothing to find. You are an ineffectual AG who has done a terrible job as "boss" of the DOJ/FBI leadership, allowing them to run wild. Instead of their protecting the American people, they are spending their time creating false narratives and sending love notes on office time. If you had done your job right, this graft and corruption would have been ferreted out, Hillary Clinton would already be in jail, and Pres. Trump would be able to focus his full time and attention on the issues that matter to the American people. You need to step aside right now which is what you should have done when Pres. Trump first decided to choose you as AG, and you decided to be deceitfu...
8823.  JOHN GORMAN of PennsylvaniaAug 24, 2018
He's being used to set up Donald. The opposition has some kind of a plan. Donald unwittingly installed him and then the Democrats want to work on Donald using sessions and sessions deputies very bad very sad Donald was really busy and all caught up in the moment I'm surprised the rest of the family didn't help them he picked the wrong guy , he fooled him, we love Donald God bless him and he needs some help really good strategy is not getting it the rest of the family should've figured someone is going on they should outmaneuver Jeff, now it's kinda too late he should never pay these females they were extorting him he should have trapped them into an extortion charge he couldn't for some reason that was the way to handle it instead of paying them trap them into a extortion charge God bless you Donald we love you you need some better strategy man
8822.  DONNA GARNER of TexasAug 24, 2018
Because you abdicated your responsibility as the Attorney General, you left the job in the hands of Rosenstein who chose his buddy Mueller to conduct the Special Counsel "witch hunt. We taxpayers are now having to pay some $20 Million for the totally out-of-control, anti-Trump/Russian "collusion" when there is nothing to find. You are an ineffectual AG who has done a terrible job as "boss" of the DOJ/FBI leadership, allowing them to run wild. Instead of their protecting the American people, they are spending their time creating false narratives and sending love notes on office time. If you had done your job right, this graft and corruption would have been ferreted out, Hillary Clinton would already be in jail, and Pres. Trump would be able to focus his time and attention on the issues that matter to the American people. You need to step aside right now which is what you should have done when Pres. Trump first decided to choose you. We live out here in the "real world," and the sentimen...
8821.  Novella Barnes of OhioAug 24, 2018
8820. of New JerseyAug 23, 2018
The only thing worse than doing a bad job is doing nothing at all. From the way our justice department has handled itself in the last 2 years it’s past criminal, it’s just %\€|~*ing embarrassing.
8819.  Paula Goodman of New YorkAug 23, 2018
8818.  william henry of OklahomaAug 23, 2018
8817.  Bill Manuel of WashingtonAug 23, 2018
8816.  Angel Murillo of CaliforniaAug 23, 2018
We need a professional that knows how to do his job. To be protecting The American people. For Him not being fair to the American people as we should all have equal rights but no double standards.
8815.  Randy Perry of NebraskaAug 23, 2018
Sessions needs to go. He's an idiot not doing his job and never has! Hillary needs to be investigated along with Comey and Muller!
8814.  Mickey Shreve of IowaAug 23, 2018
Sessions is NOT DOING HIS JOB. He needs to be impeached.
8813.  Steve Gibble of PennsylvaniaAug 23, 2018
Sessions is a disgrace! He's letting criminals in our government feed off the American people and undermine President Trump and the rule of law. His is a clear case of dereliction of duty which in the position he holds should be a crime.
8812.  Durward Parks of GeorgiaAug 23, 2018
8811.  Herman furlong of MissouriAug 23, 2018
Fire that traitor bastard Jeff Sessions
8810.  Bill Raley of ArizonaAug 23, 2018
Should have replaced him the day je recused himself.
8809.  Rumen of AlabamaAug 23, 2018
8808.  lafayette claiborne of TennesseeAug 23, 2018
8807.  Denise Marzullo of MissouriAug 23, 2018
You never hear anything from him No statements or working with the president just fire him hire a loyal American! Get rid of Sessions!
8806.  Ramon of FloridaAug 23, 2018
8805.  Larry Phillips of KansasAug 23, 2018
Sessions has disgraced his office worse than Eric Holder and Loretta Lynch did. Who could guess. He's a traitor and should be treated as such.
8804.  Nathan of MissouriAug 23, 2018
Surely the ethics department would have cleared him by now. If you can't do the job, get out of the way!
8803.  Gilda cervantes of TexasAug 23, 2018
hes art of the swamp
8802.  Reynette of CaliforniaAug 23, 2018
Remove Jeff Sessions. He's part of the swamp!
8801.  Robert of CaliforniaAug 23, 2018
Sessions has got to go!
8800.  Danny of TexasAug 23, 2018
8799.  Eddie Horton of UtahAug 23, 2018
Jeff Sessions you have harmed our Country by failing to except the responsibilities of running the Department Of Justice. You are a disgrace & puppet for the Deep State.
8798.  Rob Weitekamp of TexasAug 23, 2018
8797.  Laura March of FloridaAug 23, 2018
What a sellout coward, I wonder how much Clinton paid him
8796.  Wendell Burdick of AlabamaAug 23, 2018
What are you doing? What have you been doing? And what are you doing about all the corruption in the DOJ and FBI among others that the average person doesn't know about!!!!!
8795.  Brett pandelo of New JerseyAug 23, 2018
He is a disgrace. Where is a second special council?
8794.  Bobbie Grant of TexasAug 23, 2018
Jeff Sessions is huge disappoint mentioned and should be fired immediately. What boss puts up with employee who refuses to do his job. I the taxpayer am just one of his bosses and I say hit the door and don't come back Jeff
8793.  Carl of MichiganAug 23, 2018
8792.  DOREEN LONGO of ConnecticutAug 23, 2018
8791.  Chris of MinnesotaAug 23, 2018
This mess is sessions fault! He never told the president he would recuse until after the president appointed him!
8790.  Linda Johnson of CaliforniaAug 23, 2018
8789.  Frank of MichiganAug 23, 2018
Useless, spineless, swamp dwelling, establishment AG
8788.  Chris warden of IllinoisAug 23, 2018
Get someone that is not attached to the deep state!!!
8787.  Regis Zapatka of PennsylvaniaAug 22, 2018
President Trump Drain the swamp.....get out of office Ryana, Murtch McCornell, Sissy Sessions, Your politicians....Rand Paul, and Freedom Caucus....are your well as he elite. The elite are those who love and serve God, work , sacrifice, have families, and love Our Country. Get rid of sessions....not sure how you could have chosen such a wimpy he helping you with Cock roach Muller or the creeps from Ny...Nj... Regis Zapatka.
8786.  Preston Von Irvin of AlabamaAug 22, 2018
Jeff is the swamp! The Weasel will not represent the Alabama public ever again! He chose the wrong portion of the nation to represent, we want him gone!
8785.  Patricia Conley of CaliforniaAug 22, 2018
8784.  Patricia Gleichmann of FloridaAug 22, 2018
Robert Mueller and Rob Rosenstein need to go. Trump needs to get better advise then he seems to be getting. This whole investigation was a set up from the very beginning. If they follow the money they will find bank accounts with deposits from people who paid them off to attack Trump. Sessions should go too, the Dems must have something on him to let this go on.
8783.  Reaves of OhioAug 22, 2018
8782.  Vikki Brandyberry of PennsylvaniaAug 22, 2018
8781.  Jon Smith of OhioAug 22, 2018
8780.  Kathie Rose of OregonAug 22, 2018
8779.  Cherie of ArizonaAug 21, 2018
He's worthless, hope he goes.
8778.  Dennis of PennsylvaniaAug 21, 2018
What about Hillary too!!!!!!!!!!
8777.  Ben Tucker of CaliforniaAug 21, 2018
8776.  samuel crisp of New YorkAug 21, 2018
Hillary for Penatentory, 2020 !!!!!!! Sessions go home!
8775.  Frederick Beihold of MassachusettsAug 21, 2018
8774.  thomas allen of NevadaAug 21, 2018
8773.  david leitch of CaliforniaAug 20, 2018
8772.  yolanda russell of Aug 20, 2018
I am concern for the President he has very little support and Jeff is not doing his job he has let the President and the American people down
8771.  Valerie of FloridaAug 20, 2018
Remove this coward
8770.  mike emdy of TexasAug 20, 2018
8769.  Vincent Orton of ArkansasAug 19, 2018
8768.  Laurie Dipietro of CaliforniaAug 19, 2018
I can’t believe there hasn’t been one peep from Sessions unless he’s actually making headway in his side investigation.
8767.  mable i herzmark of North CarolinaAug 19, 2018
oh my God tonight i prayed, and there you were klay man, brushing earth from your lapels ready for work God bless you brother
8766.  raymond Davis of KentuckyAug 19, 2018
what a joke this whole thing is a waste of money I should be taken out of the Demorat pay
8765.  Bryant Vandrake of ColoradoAug 19, 2018
Let the love and light of Liberty be your sword of righteousness and destroy the evil that is trying to enslave this great country and the world!
8764.  George K Toombs of VirginiaAug 19, 2018
8763.  Rebecca Herring of KentuckyAug 19, 2018
8762.  Kahmaal Autman of TexasAug 19, 2018
America has been deceived and lied to for too long, if President Trump wants help from the people, he's got it.
8761.  o.j.focht of OklahomaAug 19, 2018
time for special councel to start cleaning this mess up !!
8760.  stan wasserman of FloridaAug 19, 2018
He is no better than the worst Mullah, or Bibi, The most dangerous person in America
8759.  Lee Holub of AlabamaAug 19, 2018
Please fire Jeff Sessions now. I am from Alabama and I am ashamed of Sessions. He has done nothing. He must go. We the people want, deserve, and demand justice. Sessions has given us nothing.
8758.  Michele of MassachusettsAug 19, 2018
8757.  Johnnymills of GeorgiaAug 19, 2018
Lock hillary and obama up
8756.  ric of Aug 19, 2018
8755. of OklahomaAug 18, 2018
8754.  Wiliam L Brice of FloridaAug 18, 2018
Drain the swamp please!
8753.  Craig Sydney of MissouriAug 18, 2018
8752.  Tom Willis of GeorgiaAug 18, 2018
8751.  Galen ford of KansasAug 18, 2018
8750.  Elizabeth-Faye Zorn of North DakotaAug 18, 2018
8749.  Francisco Garcia of CaliforniaAug 18, 2018
Sessions is more concerned with Reefer madness than with real enemies of the American people and humanity!
8748.  Susan of South CarolinaAug 18, 2018
8747.  rich gallardo of CaliforniaAug 18, 2018
8746.  Jeff Ott of IowaAug 18, 2018
8745.  Jay Geraldi of NevadaAug 18, 2018
Remove Sessions and hire someone like Klayman or Clark. Imagine what could get done.
8744.  david moody of CaliforniaAug 18, 2018
8743.  Malinda Ann Haney of CaliforniaAug 17, 2018
Fantastic plan of action Freedomwatchusa. I support your political action, starting with a Grand Jury to hold the powerful elite criminals in high places accountable for their crimes/atrocities!! There are millions of Californians like me. We are the silent majority. Living quietly and lawfully we get no press in the late great state....just know. Stay brave and courageous. We are at war and if we don’t fight back, we lose everything.
8742.  maurice of CaliforniaAug 17, 2018
8741.  larry maggard of CaliforniaAug 17, 2018 sick of you disgraceful cowards. do you job or resign!!
8740.  Joe Ligori of FloridaAug 17, 2018
He cause the problem the President is in at this time.
8739.  Nick DeVincentis of IllinoisAug 17, 2018
I believe our President's lawyers are wrong for making him wait.... Wait for what the house to flip in the mid-term
8738.  Sherman Potvin of FloridaAug 17, 2018
Thank you for persisting...
8737.  earl of IllinoisAug 16, 2018
this is beautiful if it happens. How come Trump doesn't support this?
8736.  Barbara Miller of PennsylvaniaAug 16, 2018
I feel all the Dems are dangerous because they don’t respect the rule of law which is our constitution,and it said to ta.
8735.  Tim McKinney of MichiganAug 16, 2018
Jeff Sessions needs to do his job. Since is not doing so. Our President Donald Trump should fire him. Replace him with someone like Judge Jeanine. We must stop the deep state and swamp now!
8734.  Paul Mumford of OregonAug 16, 2018
8733.  julie of OhioAug 16, 2018
Complete utter corruption in DC, but is it any wonder considering the act of 1791. Reestablish our Constitutional Republic!..Not a Democracy!
8732.  S. Dillon of VirginiaAug 16, 2018
8731.  TONI LYONS of TexasAug 15, 2018
I have never seen such blatant corruption in my life , fully exposed, and nothing being done to resolve it. Complete lawlessness and no consequences. What has happened to our great nation would be a TOTAL DISGRACE to our Forefathers.
8730.  Edward Belcher of MassachusettsAug 15, 2018
8729.  George & Christine Russell of West VirginiaAug 15, 2018
Sessions is either a member of the Deep State or he is being blackmailed or threatened.
8728. of FloridaAug 15, 2018
8727.  Greg Rambo of MississippiAug 15, 2018
Sessions should resign or be fired immediately. If he is not complicit , he is at the very least incompetent. We The People are not going to stand for much more of this abuse, physically , mentally or the horrific censorship of good honest Patriot alternative press outlets such as Info Wars. The Radical Communist Marxist Globalist Antifa BLM BAM etc Left is destroying Our America daily on all fronts and if We cannot get the results thru the courts and legal system of laws, then We The People will have to resort to historic means to regain control of Our Republic of the United States of America. The answer to 1984 , is 1776. God bless America!
8726.  Darrell March of FloridaAug 15, 2018
I like Jeff but some how he has missed his way.
8725.  Robert C Giargiari of MassachusettsAug 15, 2018
8724.  frank pietroski of MassachusettsAug 15, 2018
8723.  Fred of KentuckyAug 15, 2018
Tell sessions he needs to find another place to nap!
8722.  Arthur Galley of CaliforniaAug 15, 2018
Trump's biggest mistake, Sessions
8721. of New YorkAug 15, 2018
8720.  Marshall Long of FloridaAug 15, 2018
He needs to do his job. What is is afraid of?
8719.  Dr. Bruce R Weber of CaliforniaAug 15, 2018
8718.  Robert mitcham of WashingtonAug 15, 2018
8717.  Chad Womack of IndianaAug 15, 2018
8716.  Pamela Mingauw of KansasAug 14, 2018
8715.  Donald of TennesseeAug 14, 2018
8714.  Mark Macias of CaliforniaAug 14, 2018
8713.  Debbie Stoetzel of WisconsinAug 14, 2018
8712.  Ted. Pert of New YorkAug 14, 2018
8711.  Arthur Miller of FloridaAug 14, 2018
8710.  ron gandee of OhioAug 14, 2018
jeff sessions is a very good man and a patriot,,,, but he is an absolutely worthless AG!! get someone in there thats never worked in the swamp and CLEAN IT OUT! WE ALL KNOW 80% OF CONGRESS ON BOTH SIDES ARE CORRUPT BUT EQUAL JUSTICE UNDER THE LAW! THE AMERICAN PPL ARE SICK OF SEEING THE EVIDENCE PILE UP AND NOTHING EVER HAPPENS!!
8709.  jimmy of TexasAug 14, 2018
Fire Sessions Now Mr. President, he is a traitor SOB.
8708.  Larry Wahl of MissouriAug 14, 2018
8707.  Jerry Vicars of OregonAug 14, 2018
Mueller should be investigated for high crime to America. Sessions should also be removed from office and investigated.
8706.  Tom Verpooten of CaliforniaAug 14, 2018
8705.  Don Guttery of OregonAug 14, 2018
8704.  Kevin S.L. Burke of WashingtonAug 14, 2018
8703.  Carol of New YorkAug 14, 2018
8702.  Ron Loeffel of TexasAug 14, 2018
8701.  John Brooks of New HampshireAug 14, 2018
8700.  Sharon of South CarolinaAug 14, 2018
Time to drain the swamp, especially this bottom feeder.
8699.  jere santa cruz of CaliforniaAug 14, 2018
8698.  Leonard Volodarsky of New YorkAug 14, 2018
Hello, It is long overdue to remove Sessions from his position, for dereliction of duties and appoint Mr. Klayman instead. Our Country is in desperate need for a REAL Attorney General. The one that will uphold our Constitution
8697.  Linda Landroche of ArizonaAug 14, 2018
8696.  Mark L Fiorino of CaliforniaAug 14, 2018
8695.  Lisa of MaineAug 14, 2018
Come on! He's either doing a bunch of things behind the scene or he should be OUT!
8694.  William Brice of FloridaAug 14, 2018
Wake up Jeffie, time to go!
8693.  Barbara Atwell of South CarolinaAug 14, 2018
8692.  Rosemary of TennesseeAug 14, 2018
8691.  Steve of IndianaAug 14, 2018
8690.  Brian Hilt of CaliforniaAug 14, 2018
Get Sessions Out Drain the swamp of zombie behavior! We can't afford people who do nothing!
8689.  Joe Bolton of OhioAug 14, 2018
8688.  Jim Benak of ArizonaAug 14, 2018
8687.  Jo of ArizonaAug 14, 2018
8686.  John Cubbage of North CarolinaAug 14, 2018
After more than a year and a half, Mr. Muller has not found anything throughout his investigation that confirms what the President is suspected of, the supposed purpose of his investigation Mr. Muller wants to continue and expand his investigation. I believe that he should be prevented from further grandstanding, stop his limitless spending, and be shut down. As all this goes on, those for whom there is much evidence of criminal behavior continue unscathed and free in our society. Please consider Mr. Larry Klayman as an investigator to uncover the real crimes.
8685.  Doug scott of North CarolinaAug 14, 2018
8684.  Cobra Monroe of New YorkAug 14, 2018
8683.  Erika of AlaskaAug 14, 2018
8682.  Terry Cox of New HampshireAug 14, 2018
8681.  Jon Grimaldi of HawaiiAug 14, 2018
Prosecute and convict all involved Especially Hillary Clinton and her Husband
8680.  John Barron of MinnesotaAug 14, 2018
8679.  Larry Ward of North CarolinaAug 13, 2018
8678.  Steven Fredericks of PennsylvaniaAug 13, 2018
This jackass, has no spine!
8677.  Tim Hewitt of CaliforniaAug 13, 2018
8676.  Mike conklin of CaliforniaAug 13, 2018
Sessions is an obvious shill!
8675.  Dustin Napple of ColoradoAug 13, 2018
We the people want and demand justice.
8674.  Steven Tibbetts of MaineAug 13, 2018
He was put in office to help clean up the DOJ. By immediately recusing himself he betrayed the principle of the appointment he accepted.
8673.  W.G. Singleton of New MexicoAug 13, 2018
Klayman is a much more trusted lawyer than Mueller. Let's get some legitimate lawyer following the real trail of crime.
8672.  Monserrate Diaz of Puerto RicoAug 13, 2018
8671.  Mary Nyquist of TexasAug 13, 2018
8670.  JAMES A. KRUSE of TexasAug 13, 2018
help drain the swamp
8669.  THOMAS DENT of ColoradoAug 13, 2018
Rip Van Jeff Sessions Winkle, is still asleep in the forest with Herr Heinrich Rod Rosenstein Himmler, totally oblivious to President Trumps agenda of making this Great Nation number one in the World...the rest of the world is jealous of our Constitutional Republic ,of ,for and by the people of the last true bastion of freedom....
8668.  Susan Sipes of OregonAug 13, 2018
8667.  chris of MissouriAug 13, 2018
8666.  Phil L. Sipes of OregonAug 13, 2018
Jeff Sessions is a member of the Senior Executive Service. The Senior Executive Service is the vanguard of the deep state. Jeff Sessions is not incompetent it's worse than that, He is trying to protect the Clinton crime machine. He and all SES members need to be removed from government service immeadiatly.
8665.  Ken Welch of UtahAug 13, 2018
8664.  Ric Bowman of IdahoAug 13, 2018
Sessions, such a huge disapointment. Include that bastard to the list to put him and as many of these traitors in prison as possible ASAP.
8663.  Colt Riefenberg of ColoradoAug 13, 2018
8662.  Shanna of CaliforniaAug 13, 2018
We need more people like Larry To protect our country!!
8661.  Mike Kronk of NevadaAug 13, 2018
8660.  Justin Griffith of ArizonaAug 13, 2018
8659.  Samuel Spurlock of TexasAug 13, 2018
8658.  Annamarie Capaldi of New JerseyAug 13, 2018
8657.  Daniel Fanolla of CaliforniaAug 13, 2018
8656.  David Rogers of New YorkAug 13, 2018
We the people have had enough of a two teir Justice system.Why isn't Muller,Brenan,Rosenstein ,Clapper arrested, they go to bed every night laughing at us,the lower peons, for even thinking that they would face Justice. I personally have my doubts anything will happen to the traitors that have sold their souls. I pray every night that Larry Klayman will be able to bring these corrupt , evil people too Justice..and end this corruption too an end
8655.  Robert Jurgensen of TexasAug 13, 2018
This has been a witch hunt from the very start and us the American people are so sick and tired of this going on it's been a mockery of our Court system along with our political system and I just can't understand why its going on! Where is our republican party where the hell is it? The Republican party will take all the good the President has made but will not back him up! This is some of the worst I've seen in my lifetime and I'am 50 something old. I just can't believe what the democrats have been getting away with it makes me sick and that's why I didn't capitalize the d on democrats! Like I say this is both sides of the isle! I believe 3/4 of congress and senate need to be let go!
8654.  B Dresden Shealey Sr of South CarolinaAug 13, 2018
8653.  STEPHEN KASEMAN of North CarolinaAug 13, 2018
8652.  Kim Opperman of OhioAug 13, 2018
I would really love to believe that Jeff sessions is somehow working something so secretive and under cover that the American people do not know about to bring the shadow government to justice. That is what I hope is going on behind the scenes. But I fear he has either been bought and paid for, blackmailed or cowering in fear to do what’s necessary to get our country back on track.
8651.  Kathleen Dickinson of OklahomaAug 13, 2018
8650.  M P Costello of New JerseyAug 13, 2018
Sessions is totally inept !!!
8649.  John Keen of MinnesotaAug 13, 2018
8648.  Stepehn Shover of ColoradoAug 13, 2018
8647.  Philip of New YorkAug 13, 2018
8646.  coleen applegate of KansasAug 13, 2018
Just get it done! This circus has went on far toooo long
8645.  Doris Beale of MassachusettsAug 13, 2018
8644.  Tracey Culbertson of OklahomaAug 13, 2018
8643.  Danny ONeal of CaliforniaAug 13, 2018
Sessions is compromised and was one of the people who signed off on the Uranium1 deal! He needs to go!!
8642.  Dan of MissouriAug 13, 2018
8641.  Kirby Foster of TexasAug 13, 2018
Get rid of him. Now.
8640.  Judy Proli of FloridaAug 13, 2018
8639.  Sonja Fincher of ArizonaAug 13, 2018
He is a Democrat or he was paid off to give power to Rosenstein He is a weak Weak Man with NO Ethics for Trump and the Country!
8638.  fred skinkis of CaliforniaAug 13, 2018
8637.  jimmy avalos of TexasAug 13, 2018
8636.  Serafin J Arellano of New MexicoAug 13, 2018
8635.  kenneth hodges of FloridaAug 13, 2018
8634.  Amanda Morrisson of MichiganAug 13, 2018
8633.  Ron Renneberg of MinnesotaAug 13, 2018
8632.  Eduardo Bracamonte of ArizonaAug 13, 2018
8631.  wayne woods of KentuckyAug 13, 2018
8630.  Robert Eargle of TexasAug 13, 2018
Sessions has been an utter disappointment. I have always said, never trust ANYONE who has served in the US Senate to do what they say. Hopefully, someday I will be able to change my view on our Senate. No time soon.
8629.  John Hodges of FloridaAug 12, 2018
8628.  Jeremiah of CaliforniaAug 12, 2018
8627.  Suki Gross of FloridaAug 12, 2018
8626.  Robert Smith of FloridaAug 12, 2018
Sessions aught to resign and Robert Mueller needs to be prosecuted for crimes of abuse of power. I am not a lawyer but I know he has far exceeded the reason he was appointed. And intimidation is not part of interviewing witnesses.
8625.  Rosemary Garity of NevadaAug 12, 2018
8624.  Elizabeth A. Mares of ArizonaAug 12, 2018
This corruption will end with WE THE PEOPLE!
8623.  Kenneth Dutton of CaliforniaAug 12, 2018
Talk minus action equals zero. The only war worth fighting is on our own soil. Let justice finally be meted out by the people.
8622.  Terri voe of ArizonaAug 12, 2018
8621.  Jackie Strubhart of TexasAug 12, 2018
Mueller and Sessions need to go immediately.!!!!
8620.  Andrew Gagnier of MissouriAug 12, 2018
8619.  Andrea Humphries of UtahAug 12, 2018
8618.  Laura Anderson of MissouriAug 12, 2018
Remove Mueller he’s as corrupt as FBI DEA Secret Service ...these agencies have been given way too much power...they are bigger criminals than the ones they watch or supposed to investigate...with leaders of these agencies,,,well as u read or watch on TV it’s similar to the old saying a FOX watching the hen house....
8617.  Luis of FloridaAug 12, 2018
enough petitions, we demand action...
8616.  Chris of MarylandAug 12, 2018
Robert Mueller is focusing on an innocent man who has not committed any crime but, instead looking for a crime to nail him. Mueller is covering up for The Clinton’s,Comey, Session’s, Wray, Rosenstein, etc., and yes HIMSELF. Mueller was directly involved with the Uranium One deal, botched 911,botched every investigation he has worked on. Remove Mueller and his clonies and put them behind BARS
8615.  Gerry Victor of ArizonaAug 12, 2018
8614.  Dianne Hook of MichiganAug 12, 2018
8613.  Carl Worden of OregonAug 12, 2018
Sessions was always part of the, "Insurance Policy", Peter Strzok tweeted about. He joined the campaign, acting like a Trump supporter, only 2 weeks after Trump announced for president. He was placed there in case Trump won, and he's hurt Trump ever since being confirmed as AG.
8612. of CaliforniaAug 12, 2018
Get sessions out! corrupt!
8611.  Joseph Ciancarelli of FloridaAug 12, 2018
8610.  keith of PennsylvaniaAug 12, 2018
why is he still there?
8609.  gleita k of ArizonaAug 12, 2018
8608.  LarryWalker of CaliforniaAug 12, 2018
8607.  Steve Henderson of FloridaAug 12, 2018
Are you kidding me , for a thousand reasons get rid of that loser already. WTF anti progress and anti american criminals are still draining our system of progress . Lets get to working on fixing our future important problems already !! We are wasting time letting these thugs that will NEVER stop obstructing and protecting their own run the country into the ground.
8606.  Yvonne Stone of GeorgiaAug 12, 2018
8605.  Daniel of South CarolinaAug 12, 2018
8604.  Terri O'Connor of New HampshireAug 12, 2018
8603. of New YorkAug 12, 2018
worthless piece of deep state swamp sludge!
8602.  Jeffrey A Harrington of MontanaAug 12, 2018
8601.  Helena of WisconsinAug 12, 2018
8600.  Paul Kieken of IllinoisAug 12, 2018
8599.  Don C Carter of North CarolinaAug 12, 2018
8598.  Rick White of UtahAug 12, 2018
He is missing in action
8597.  David of TennesseeAug 12, 2018
Jeff Sessions is part and parcel of the corrupt and criminal DOJ.
8596.  Asana of NevadaAug 12, 2018
Mr Klayman should be appointed Special Counsel to do the right job against the Deep State actors and all the crimes that are being ignored by the Justice Dept and FBI
8595.  Kim of CaliforniaAug 12, 2018
8594.  Kha Pham of South CarolinaAug 12, 2018
Please remove Robert Mueller as Special Counsel and Appoint other to Investigate the Clinton Email, Uraniumn One and Fusion GPS Scandals.
8593.  David of IndianaAug 12, 2018
8592.  William Brice of FloridaAug 12, 2018
Dump Sessions--Drain the Swamp!
8591.  Steven nye of OhioAug 12, 2018
8590.  john of TexasAug 12, 2018
trump would fix more if we could get rid of all the back stabbing traders. trump needs help , if ag just sets on his ass he needs to go./////////////////
8589.  Dean of ArkansasAug 12, 2018
Bye bye Yoda.
8588.  james koberstein of MissouriAug 12, 2018
8587.  Carol Tulick of PennsylvaniaAug 12, 2018
8586.  Howard Diaz of WashingtonAug 12, 2018
8585.  Tonia of PennsylvaniaAug 12, 2018
8584.  Roger Logan of PennsylvaniaAug 12, 2018
8583.  Kathy of TexasAug 12, 2018
He has deeply disappointed me to the extent that he is being blackmailed!
8582.  S of MassachusettsAug 12, 2018
8581.  Jim Oksen of ArizonaAug 12, 2018
8580.  Terry Thompson said of OklahomaAug 12, 2018
8579.  Jim Matthews of North CarolinaAug 12, 2018
He is a dud!
8578.  Mark Moore of TexasAug 12, 2018
8577.  Aaron Twitchell of UtahAug 12, 2018
I’m hopeful there is going to be a polor change in our country and culture to follow constitution once again
8576.  Jesse Pettry of ArkansasAug 12, 2018
8575.  Wesley Trammel of TexasAug 12, 2018
8574.  michael of TexasAug 12, 2018
8573.  Jefferson Infante of New YorkAug 12, 2018
8572.  LIVIUS PFEIFFER of FloridaAug 12, 2018
8571.  Phillip Carrillo of New YorkAug 12, 2018
8570.  Matt Clark of North CarolinaAug 12, 2018
8569.  Patrick Finley of North CarolinaAug 12, 2018
8568.  Lucas Helmer of Aug 12, 2018
8567.  Regina Panzieri of TexasAug 12, 2018
Mr. President stop the lawlessness in washington. Fier Sessions and Muller all how have committed treason against our Country. Prosecute them all !! The buck stops with you Mr. President. We the American people are behind you. The Lawlessness must stop! Make America Great Again!!
8566.  Brandon of TennesseeAug 12, 2018
8565.  Ronald Brosius of New JerseyAug 12, 2018
He is a Jackass dressed in a elephant suit.
8564.  Dennis Duprey of West VirginiaAug 12, 2018
8563.  Sherry Botana of FloridaAug 12, 2018
8562.  Ty Mimbs of GeorgiaAug 12, 2018
8561.  John Berkheimer of FloridaAug 12, 2018
8560.  Jason Christ of New YorkAug 12, 2018
8559.  JIM TODD of IllinoisAug 12, 2018
8558.  Nicole A. Bellino of FloridaAug 12, 2018
I chose Trump because I believed in him having the cohones to set Gov't right like a tough guy as he did in the election and he kindly tried in the 90s. I remember seeing him on TV in school because they showed us congressional hearings that were important to the fundamentals of why we needed to know what was going on. That's what OG Quaker School was: Independent Thought I see this only one way. If President Trump is sincere in his campaign selling points, he has to show his rallying of the masses wasn't just rhetoric, that it was sincere. And to show the truth in the sincerity, he must clean house and not have Sessions there ruining our Country and Spirit. He needs to get rid Of Mueller. How doesn't he know keeping Christie around shows us he isn't in it for us. Christie and Sessions are too intertwined with the Liquid Asset Forfeiture. And it's a slap in the face to every parent who has lost a child to drug addiction to 1. Have Christie lead the War on Drugs 2. Continue the War on D...
8557.  Mark of OregonAug 11, 2018
8556.  James of North DakotaAug 11, 2018
Larry. President Trump NEEDS YOU on his team and have YOU LEADING THE CHARGE.
8555.  David Hall of FloridaAug 11, 2018
It is time to stop cowtowing to what the Left wants, and start playing hardball against the corrupt ones in high places who want to maneuver Trump into a box and nail the box shut. He also needs real criminal-law lawyers, not these well-meaning but misguided, wishy washy lawyers he's getting now.
8554.  Brad Hershey of TexasAug 11, 2018
8553.  Nathan of CaliforniaAug 11, 2018
8552.  marc tait of Aug 11, 2018
Please remove Sessions from attorney general. He is compromised and a coward and needs to be replaced. Hire Klayman and have much of the Obama and many of his henchman charged and incarcerated.
8551.  Stacy of MissouriAug 11, 2018
8550.  Joy Larson of ArizonaAug 11, 2018
8549.  Tony Sgarlatti of ArizonaAug 11, 2018
Keep up the great work, and NEVER GIVE UP!
8548.  James White of Rhode IslandAug 11, 2018
8547.  Ms. Paul of CaliforniaAug 11, 2018
8546.  Seanable of ArkansasAug 11, 2018
Fire Sessions now.
8545.  Vivien Tintner of TexasAug 11, 2018
8544.  Brad Frederick of New YorkAug 11, 2018
Please, Just do it!
8543.  Tim Bickford of MaineAug 11, 2018
8542.  Gail Schuler of FloridaAug 11, 2018
8541.  Jay Hawk of CaliforniaAug 11, 2018
8540.  DONNA AND WAYNE GARNER of TexasAug 11, 2018
Because you abdicated your responsibility as the Attorney General, you left the job in the hands of Rosenstein who chose his buddy Mueller to conduct the Special Counsel "witch hunt. We taxpayers are now having to pay some $20 Million for the totally out-of-control, anti-Trump/Russian "collusion" when there is nothing to find. You are an ineffectual AG who has done a terrible job as "boss" of the DOJ/FBI leadership, allowing them to run wild. Instead of their protecting the American people, they are spending their time creating false narratives and sending love notes on office time. If you had done your job right, this graft and corruption would have been ferreted out, Hillary Clinton would already be in jail, and Pres. Trump would be able to focus his time and attention on the issues that matter to the American people. You need to step aside right now which is what you should have done when Pres. Trump first decided to choose you. We live out here in the "real world," and the sentimen...
8539.  Aaron Acosta of TexasAug 11, 2018
Godspeed, do not let the censorship networks have a say in this. I've gone to length in my tweets & replies to stop this buffoonery! @HeroesBeatZeros Keep America Great Again!
8538.  Steven Sulko of New YorkAug 11, 2018
Where is the DNC server? Go to Infowars and view these DVDs: "Police State 1 through 4" "Shadow government" "The Deep State" These were all released early 2000"s. George Soros needs to be indicted on treasonous insurrection and his assets frozen. until after his trial.
8537.  Angelo Figueroa of CaliforniaAug 11, 2018
8536.  Billy Richardson of KansasAug 11, 2018
Please DJT. Fire this ripe turd.
8535.  Darryl C. Paul of Armed Forces Middle EastAug 11, 2018
Restore the USA we have to do our part for Freedom
8534.  Mary Ann Tabone of TexasAug 11, 2018
He does nothing except collect a paycheck on the backs of the taxpayers. He is totally useless and needs to go.
8533.  jameslnuckolls of MichiganAug 11, 2018
yes. remove Mueller and appoint Kl;ayman to do the the investigations.
8532.  JEANETTE D. FLORES of ArizonaAug 11, 2018
8531.  Michael Goldapske of WisconsinAug 11, 2018
8530.  Kathy of TexasAug 11, 2018
8529.  Deborah of PennsylvaniaAug 11, 2018
8528.  Neville Robeson of FloridaAug 11, 2018
8527.  Chris Carey of IndianaAug 11, 2018
Please remove Sessions immediately what an incredible disappointment!!!
8526.  Joshua Gaddis of CaliforniaAug 11, 2018
8525.  Alice Sotelo of CaliforniaAug 11, 2018
8524.  Patricia pierce of FloridaAug 11, 2018
These people are the enemy of our country and need to be taken out of Congress now.They are against our PRESIDENT and do not care about the American people.The faster they are prosecuted and thrown out of office the better.
8523.  William Copeland of OregonAug 11, 2018
Mr President..I voted for you for one single referred to yourself as the Law and Order President.. then have the guts to say I keep my promises..stop being distracted by everything happening on the Globe and start making America great again by cleaning up your own Executive everyone from sessions to mueller and replace with special council Larry Klayman
8522.  anthony of GeorgiaAug 11, 2018
8521.  Joy Barnett of TexasAug 11, 2018
8520.  John Barnett of TexasAug 11, 2018
8519.  Jim Furr of VirginiaAug 11, 2018
8518.  Richard Banzet of OklahomaAug 11, 2018
8517.  Lauren Horton of TexasAug 11, 2018
Jeff Sessions has not used his authority to stop wasting taxpayer money on this fraudulent attempt to discredit President Trump & hide the crimes of the Clinton's, Obama, Mueller, Comey, etc.
8516.  Eric Echevarria of FloridaAug 11, 2018
8515.  Kalena of TexasAug 11, 2018
8514.  geffrey junn of FloridaAug 11, 2018
8513.  Dawn Anderson of CaliforniaAug 11, 2018
Maybe he's arresting pedophiles or maybe he thinks his only job is border security . We demand justice for HRC and stop the tax dollars drained in a baseless investigation stacked with collusion of HRC supporters against our President !
8512.  Robert Bloss of New YorkAug 11, 2018
Sessions has shown he is unqualified for this position
8511.  Kamau hines of New YorkAug 11, 2018
8510.  Pat Woods of ColoradoAug 11, 2018
8509.  Carlson Hall of TexasAug 11, 2018
Jeff Sessions has turned out to be a huge disappointment.
8508.  Jane of Aug 11, 2018
Totally useless he can’t do his job Trator
8507.  Alex Leyton of New YorkAug 11, 2018
So disappointing :(
8506.  Stan Hall of TexasAug 11, 2018
Sessions has been a huge disappointment!
8505.  Joseph Mumme of TexasAug 11, 2018
8504.  Gina Maslin of New YorkAug 11, 2018
Who has their hand up your ass Jeff? Fess up and we can forgive you but get out of the way, you're not doing your job. Thanks for your work exposing the TPP. It awoke many citizens but what have you done for us lately?
8503.  James Schiefer of FloridaAug 11, 2018
8502.  Marianela Afridi MI of New YorkAug 11, 2018
8501.  Richard Cairns of PennsylvaniaAug 11, 2018
Put an end to the illegal Mueller Witch Hunt !!! Hire Attorney Klayman to investigate the true Russian Collusion by the Clinton Regeme, their Fake Foundation money laundering scheme, Uranium One, and the corruption of the Federal Justice system, including the Justice Department, State Department, FBI, and the Intelligence Agencies. We must have "Equal Justice for All" !!!!!!
8500.  Ben Haynes of CaliforniaAug 11, 2018
No email. Using roommate's email address
8499.  Amanda Batchelor of GeorgiaAug 11, 2018
8498.  Luri Gemora of CaliforniaAug 11, 2018
No email. Borrowing daughter's email address
8497.  Dennis Batchelor Jr. of GeorgiaAug 11, 2018
8496.  Roy of WashingtonAug 10, 2018
8495.  Vickie Cianciolo of MichiganAug 10, 2018
8494.  Charles May of CaliforniaAug 10, 2018
8493.  Peter Andreatas of FloridaAug 10, 2018
8492.  Glenda Hobbs of ArizonaAug 10, 2018
8491.  John Cole of Northern Mariana IslandsAug 10, 2018
Some people say "missinng in action" I say "missing in IN-action". Get rid of him now!
8490.  Dan Shepherd of VermontAug 10, 2018
8489.  carven angel of FloridaAug 10, 2018
8488.  GRACE A GOLLING of FloridaAug 10, 2018
8487.  nina of New YorkAug 10, 2018
8486.  Alexandra Parks of PennsylvaniaAug 10, 2018
Take a hard look at the Lawyers representing you. Are they serving you in your best interest? Are they advising you for your benefit? You have the ability to fire Sessions and replace him with an AG that will fight for you and the people of America!
8485.  Scott Eakins of IowaAug 10, 2018
We demand equal justice!
8484.  Kevin Irwin of CaliforniaAug 10, 2018
8483.  dan rose of IowaAug 10, 2018
8482.  Scott Johnson of North CarolinaAug 10, 2018
Fire Sessions now!!
8481.  Russ George of CaliforniaAug 10, 2018
I pray for such a justice to be done. Go Larry!
8480.  CAROL GILLIG of FloridaAug 10, 2018
8479.  Bradley Hobbs of ArizonaAug 10, 2018
8478.  WAYNE CLEVERLEY of MichiganAug 10, 2018
FOR THE LOVE OF GOD !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
8477.  Mikala Baker of CaliforniaAug 10, 2018
Just remove Sessions already!
8476.  Matthew svolos of CaliforniaAug 10, 2018
8475.  karen hunt of ArizonaAug 10, 2018
Please remove Sessions and Mueller and apoint Larry Clayman as special council.
8474.  Fr. Samuel M. Waters of PennsylvaniaAug 10, 2018
8473.  Betsy pickerill of ArizonaAug 10, 2018
8472.  James R. Robinson of IndianaAug 10, 2018
8471.  Bob Walker of North CarolinaAug 10, 2018
8470.  Cindy Turner of CaliforniaAug 10, 2018
8469.  Mark Creamer of PennsylvaniaAug 10, 2018
8468.  Jade Carder of LouisianaAug 10, 2018
8467.  Jeremy Levee of MarylandAug 10, 2018
Go get em Larry!
8466.  Douglas Atkins of TexasAug 10, 2018
Fire Sessions
8465.  Larry Stevens of TexasAug 10, 2018
He is feckless, cowardly, and MIA
8464.  Crystal Pettigrew of TexasAug 10, 2018
I’ve been assaulted by darpa! I’ve been brutalized by hpd and hcso. I’ve also been sexually assaulted by ambulance and Memorial Herman NE! I’ve been cyberstalked and stalked! Please help me potus MAGA asap! The torture is killing me slowly!
8463.  rick wisniewski of TexasAug 09, 2018
8462.  Richard Authement of CaliforniaAug 09, 2018
Please LORD , Help US in our times of need! The Best Possible Future needs US to Make the Best Things Happen ASAP! WE Can not afford to wait any longer.
8461.  Lisa Barrow of TexasAug 08, 2018
8460.  Jeri F Burch of South CarolinaAug 08, 2018
Trump should never have appointed him Sessions is not friend of trump.
8459.  jimmyavalos of TexasAug 08, 2018
8458.  john of OhioAug 08, 2018
Ya gotta go, do your job or GO. Ya gotta go!!
8457.  sebastian Galletta of FloridaAug 08, 2018
It's about time.
8456.  Carol Burch of CaliforniaAug 08, 2018
8455.  Tony Parker of CaliforniaAug 08, 2018
8454.  jeffrey l crosby of MichiganAug 08, 2018
8453.  Mishawn Roach of NevadaAug 07, 2018
The corruption is out of control. Mueller hasnt even been chosen by the people of this Country. He was appointed to complete the Globalist Agenda. The entire DOJ is covering for themselves and the FBI and CIA. Any regular American would already be in jail for less than these Criminals have done and are doing. I want Justice and Equality. Sessions is a joke.
8452.  Margery Hursky of MinnesotaAug 07, 2018
8451.  Karl Koenigs of NevadaAug 07, 2018
8450.  Lani Joanne Tachera of HawaiiAug 07, 2018
Mueller and Rosenstein and others in DOJ, NSA, FBI, and CIA are the enemy within -- are part of he occupying enemy that General Wesley Clark spoke about after 9/11. Never never meet with the Nazi enemy. They will manufacture anything against him to impeach him. The Nazis have no morals.
8449.  Kenneth E. Crider of MissouriAug 07, 2018
8448.  James Daley of CaliforniaAug 07, 2018
8447.  Darrell Heath of ArizonaAug 07, 2018
I am very happy I have found your website I totally agree with your comments about the media I really like Hannity but it is becoming a soap box opera It is sad that the Government has become so corrupt I want to do what I can to help I am retired and live on SS so can't donate a lot but I appreciate what you are doing!!
8446.  Christina McLaughlin of IndianaAug 07, 2018
8445.  Ed Mitchell of MissouriAug 07, 2018
TREASON is what it is called, all need to rounded up and placed in chains given a one day field trial. Sessions you are a traitor to America.
8444.  Barbara Platt of North CarolinaAug 07, 2018
Remove AG Jeff Sessions because he’s not doing his job! He needs to prosecute several members of the Obama administration including Obama. He also needs to prosecute Mueller and his team for their crimes. So many things have not been done.
8443.  Elaine Young of ArizonaAug 07, 2018
8442.  WG Singleton of New MexicoAug 06, 2018
8441.  Samuel Orandle of NevadaAug 06, 2018
8440.  Paul Mitchell of OklahomaAug 06, 2018
8439.  Janice Barton of NevadaAug 06, 2018
This corruption must be eliminated. Mueller is grandstanding and wasting money and congress' time. There are so many other problems in our country that must be addressed.
8438.  Wayne Lemcke of New YorkAug 06, 2018
8437.  Jeff Bowling of ColoradoAug 06, 2018
8436.  Lathlena McWhirter of CaliforniaAug 06, 2018
There should be more true, not deception after all, we all get paid back for what we do did they forget🤔🧐🕵️‍♀️
8435.  Bruce of ArizonaAug 06, 2018
Sessions has not been doing his job, refuses to prosecute the guilty, and is acting as a Enemy of America by his Inaction.
8434.  J. Conner of TexasAug 06, 2018
8433.  William A. Wickham of FloridaAug 06, 2018
Freedom Works!!!!! We need to make it happen...
8432.  Donald R. Prince of OhioAug 05, 2018
He has been invisible on all the critical issues facing the President and the nation. The Acting A/G Rod R. is a disgrace and only remains in place because of Sessions' failure to lead. A/G Sessions must be released from his recusal or removed!
8431.  steve thompson of MichiganAug 05, 2018
We need to take this country back from the criminals. Sessions is either with us or against us. It seems from what I see he is against us. Time for him to go and to get a real American, who wants to bring this country together and DRAIN THE SWAMP.
8430.  art palmer of NevadaAug 05, 2018
8429.  Sheila Vasicek of MichiganAug 05, 2018
President Trump should have let him stay in Alabama and picked someone else to be Attorney General. Totally worthless.
8428.  Billy Allen of FloridaAug 05, 2018
8427.  Ruben Garza of TexasAug 05, 2018
Kavanaugh sounds good to me but I'm curious what are your reasons against him; also against Shapiro? I honestly don't have any idea. I agree with you on Sessions, however.
8426.  Doris of OklahomaAug 05, 2018
We need a Attorney general who works for the people of this country our justice department is totally destroyed and corrupt and they all should be fired even rosenstine they do nothing. They even break the laws their selves and get by with it instead of these people working to take criminals out of our country and their failed tipped off mash shootings that could have been prevented is totally wrong
8425.  Linda Taylor of OregonAug 05, 2018
8424.  Diane Brody of PennsylvaniaAug 05, 2018
8423.  Henry J Brennfleck of PennsylvaniaAug 05, 2018
8422.  Harold Scott of TexasAug 05, 2018
8421.  Denise Neal of TexasAug 05, 2018
8420.  Earl Kahanu of NevadaAug 05, 2018
These inconsiderate individuals need to be in Guantanamo for life no justice no mercy treat them the way they have treaded this USA
8419.  Dale Winegarden of OregonAug 05, 2018
Justice needs to be brought to the political thugs who have betrayed the American people.
8418.  Irene puga del valle of FloridaAug 05, 2018
8417.  Geepa of TennesseeAug 05, 2018
So disappointed in Sessions. I keep waiting for him to appear but it’s too late.
8416.  James L Kennedy of MinnesotaAug 05, 2018
8415.  Robert Schmucker of GeorgiaAug 05, 2018
When will Justice be served?
8414.  pam donhauser of PennsylvaniaAug 05, 2018
8413.  Jacqueline Peterson of CaliforniaAug 05, 2018
8412.  Clare Sequeira of MissouriAug 04, 2018
8411.  Thomas E Dorazil of North CarolinaAug 04, 2018
8410.  Robert Cronin of TexasAug 04, 2018
Remove him, he has failed to perform his duties.
8409.  Angela Scarborough of WashingtonAug 04, 2018
8408.  Jeannie Barron of AlabamaAug 04, 2018
The Mueller witch hunt needs to be closed. Jeff Sessions needs to be protecting the American people. Meaning our tax dollars need to be used in another way.
8407.  Frank Netti of New YorkAug 04, 2018
8406.  Linda Linebaugh of MissouriAug 04, 2018
8405.  michael zinna of GeorgiaAug 04, 2018
8404.  Vickie Browning of North CarolinaAug 04, 2018
8403.  Tom Schock of MinnesotaAug 04, 2018
8402.  JimHester of TexasAug 04, 2018
8401.  Ralph Cosenza of New YorkAug 04, 2018
Follow the Constitution .Remove all enemies of the United States.
8400.  Larry Smith of North CarolinaAug 04, 2018
8399.  T Taylor of ArkansasAug 04, 2018
8398.  Edward Bernhoft of CaliforniaAug 04, 2018
8397.  Marianne Sinacore of New YorkAug 04, 2018
End witch hunt now
8396.  Thomas Coats of IllinoisAug 04, 2018
8395.  Sandra Johnson of North CarolinaAug 04, 2018
Sessions has authority to prosecute Manafort if he finds reason to do so. Why is Mueller involved...this has nothing to do with Russians interfering in our elections? If Mueller is doing Sessions entire need for 2 people to be double dipping in our tax money. Enough is enough! Sessions needs to go!
8394.  Jeff M. Hall of WashingtonAug 04, 2018
Mueller's Investigation exists because of downright fraud and clear intent to deceive and confuse the American People denying them the truth about the treasonous conspiracy of the Clinton Lynch Comey Rosenstein, Mueller Obama Conspiracy. Sessions is obstructing US Justice!
8393.  Kenneth Crider of MissouriAug 04, 2018
Jeff Sessions is protecting these criminals obviously because he is hiding something and rescuing himself or, he is being paid off. He does not represent America or our president. He is an embarrassment and he needs to be replaced immediately. His actions tell who and what he is really for.
8392.  Elizabeth Gates of WashingtonAug 04, 2018
8391.  Ed Matthews of North CarolinaAug 04, 2018
8390.  Kenneth Wiles of MichiganAug 04, 2018
8389.  laura of CaliforniaAug 04, 2018
8388.  Lance Aldrich of MassachusettsAug 04, 2018
8387.  William Stapleton of GeorgiaAug 04, 2018
8386.  Al Tirnadi of ConnecticutAug 04, 2018
It is time to get rid of this totally wasteful investigation and have the president launch a Supreme Court into corruption investigation on Mueller, Inc and use a New justice department to Sessions is part of the problem we need a justice department that works for the president and the people
8385.  Nader of ArizonaAug 04, 2018
8384.  Mike Travis of TexasAug 04, 2018
Mr. Klayman, Few if any do the stellar work you do as you produce results. PLEASE put that experience to work to advise POTUS Trump that Sessions is a disaster and MUST GO! He is hurting the President's entire Administration with his mealy mouthed, inability to make a firm decision, unlike you who always makes you stance crystal clear. So tell Sessions YOU'RE FIRED!
8383.  Kirt Barton of MichiganAug 04, 2018
why is he even there ?
8382.  Joe Fain SR of LouisianaAug 04, 2018
Remove Jeff Sessions and Rosenstein
8381.  Clark Boriack of PennsylvaniaAug 04, 2018
Sessions is not worthy to lead and ensure justice for the American people. We deserve FAR better!! Replace him with Gowdy!
8380.  David Blair of CaliforniaAug 04, 2018
Sessions is a big disappointment
8379.  Russell Brown of MissouriAug 04, 2018
never ever see him. so what doe's he even do.besides help rod keep mueller going.hes scared of them.get someone who will go do the job we are paying this man to hide under his desk.
8378.  Timothy Combs of NevadaAug 04, 2018
Sessions is ether corrupt or senile and should be removed for his in-action. His desision to refuse himself from his sworn duty is a descrace to the American people and it's President
8377.  marlin adams of TexasAug 04, 2018
8376.  Joey Cauthen of South CarolinaAug 04, 2018
8375.  Harvey of North CarolinaAug 04, 2018
WE need justice and we need it now tired of the crooks in Washington getting away with every crime in the world but the rest of the Country follows the law or else no breaks for us
8374.  JohnSTANZ of New YorkAug 04, 2018
8373.  Lawrence Wright of FloridaAug 04, 2018
8372.  Clarence T Appleby of PennsylvaniaAug 04, 2018
It is quite apparent much money is being donated but very little resulting in prosecution of all these corrupt individuals. Is it only a money thing and not for justice for the American people?
8371.  Jason Weber of LouisianaAug 04, 2018
Remove immediately. Hasn't done the job he swore an oath to.
8370.  Jeff of ColoradoAug 04, 2018
8369.  Neva Grandinetti of ArizonaAug 04, 2018
America needs healing from the Obama Mafia listed above and our AG seems to have left the building on these matters. Small issues has become his "oath of office", not the leftover criminality of the previous administration.
8368.  Mark Young of ColoradoAug 04, 2018
Now it is time for American patriots to answer the minuteman call to action.
8367.  Duane Jones of MichiganAug 04, 2018
8366.  Narda Matteson of CaliforniaAug 04, 2018
8365.  Felix of New YorkAug 04, 2018
We keep thinking that he’ll pull a rabbit out of the hat! But not one Politician on the hill give 2 sh*ts Of him!
8364.  John Randolph of DelawareAug 04, 2018
8363.  Charles Frost of MichiganAug 04, 2018
Sessions is no AG,he covers up the Corruption,a Slug moves faster,President Trump`s biggest Mistake
8362.  James Price of GeorgiaAug 04, 2018
8361.  JIm Hester of TexasAug 03, 2018
Can Freedom Watch and Judicial Watch team up to have a better chance of getting the DOJ to take legal action against Hillary, etc. ?
8360.  Lynn Waldrop of South CarolinaAug 03, 2018
Useless and worthless politician taking up valuable White House real estate. Get rid of him or somebody wake him up because he is asleep at the switch.
8359.  patricia withers of IllinoisAug 03, 2018
Thank you, Larry, for motivating us to action and providing the means to hold these scumbags accountable.
8358.  Ralph Knowlden of UtahAug 03, 2018
This is Getting out of Hand these People need to pay for the Crimes they've committed against our Nation I'm not Surprised that I didn't see others from Utah sign this as most of the People here are Brainwashed by the Media or Church.
8357.  Judy cordero of ArkansasAug 03, 2018
8356.  David Ramorez of AlaskaAug 03, 2018
Let’s take back our Republic.
8355.  Joyce Kessler of North CarolinaAug 03, 2018
8354.  ME of PennsylvaniaAug 03, 2018
The U.S. Department of Justice is acting like a profit making law firm serving corporate America. Many corporations do not pay federal income taxes to support this department, but somehow they reap the benefits of never being prosecuted and jailed. This department is "ours - the American people" There is no "yours." The USDJ needs a complete overhaul to serve all federal taxpaying Americans - NOW!
8353.  Ruth Mark of IndianaAug 03, 2018
Remove Sessions now, President Trump!
8352.  Jim Wheeler of IdahoAug 03, 2018
Time for bill and h to go to jail with Obama I am sure he has crimes in his background I am tired of x presidents getting all of there crimes forgiven when they retire.
8351.  Ruth Ann Crow of TexasAug 03, 2018
Please remove Mueller and Rosenstein and investigate Obama, the Clintons and Debbie Wasserman Schultz and the Awans.
8350.  Theodore J. Krause of MichiganAug 03, 2018
Perhaps Sessions should go also.
8349. of TexasAug 03, 2018
Remove Mueller Immediately!! Prosecute the Clintons, Obama, Lynch, Holder for treason!! Fire Jess Sessions and remove Rosenstein immediately!!
8348.  jason of Aug 02, 2018
Good luck Freedom Watch!!
8347.  Joan of OregonAug 02, 2018
8346.  Gregor P. Savoy of LouisianaAug 02, 2018
Lock them up!
8345.  Hubert Poetschke of GeorgiaAug 02, 2018
I am for removing Jeff Sessions as AG because of his lack of actions pertaining to Robert Mueller as Special Counsel. Robert Mueller himself is part of the Swamp and should be investigated for criminal activities. Hubert Poetschke
8344.  Joan Mathews of ConnecticutAug 02, 2018
8343.  B Collins of TexasAug 02, 2018
WHO bribed Sessions & for WHAT; what corruption is on "his record"?? We Americans want his slimy ass REMOVED with NO retirement NOR pay & PROSECUTED IF he's guilty.
8342.  Matt Williams of IdahoAug 02, 2018
8341.  Ann Dowling of South CarolinaAug 02, 2018
8340.  Remi Abellira of HawaiiAug 02, 2018
Let’s Drain The Swamp Creatures Once And For All !
8339.  David Landi of Rhode IslandAug 02, 2018
Sessions has to go now.. From what I can see right now the Department of Justice is Closed for Business, and We have a seditious traitor running a wide ranging investigation with no function other than to either embarrass or take down the President. How did we end up like this??
8338.  Wane Boon of GeorgiaAug 02, 2018
Is the whole investigation illegal? Seems to me that FIRST there has to be a crime...then an investigation ! If there is no crime then there should be no investigation. That is truly the definition of a "witch hunt". If this can be done to a sitting President, then what rights do any of us have??...none..
8337.  Jerry Teague of North CarolinaAug 02, 2018
8336.  Mike Perry of KentuckyAug 02, 2018
8335.  Alfonso Canez of ArizonaAug 02, 2018
8334.  Loretta Fry of PennsylvaniaAug 02, 2018
i am very disappointed with Jeff Sessions, for over a year now people keep saying hes playing 4d chess but day after day he shows his true colors, i believe he was compromised the minute he recused himself, he needs to go because at this point he is obstructing justice for the american people, and quite frankly as a tax paying american i"m sick of seeing my $$ going to this useless AG.
8333.  George Carlton of North CarolinaAug 02, 2018
8332.  Marilyn Campbell of IdahoAug 02, 2018
8331.  Alex Wertz of PennsylvaniaAug 02, 2018
Remove Sessions, prosecute Hillary, legalize marijuana= Lots of republican votes gained
8330.  Ynez Trunzo of CaliforniaAug 02, 2018
Our nation is in peril.
8329.  Alma of FloridaAug 02, 2018
8328.  Ted D Purvis of GeorgiaAug 02, 2018
8327.  Oliver Douglass of NevadaAug 01, 2018
Mueller and his royal band of Trump hating thieves should never have been to begin with! They are every one Trump hating dumbocrats! Their is NOTHING fair or impartial about any part of Meuller's so called investigation! It is nothing more than a "witch hunt"!
8326.  Kathy Thomas of New JerseyAug 01, 2018
Please remove Jeff Sessions for Dereliction of Duty for his many failures of inaction to up hold the law.
8325.  Aquilla Yoder of PennsylvaniaAug 01, 2018
8324.  Rev. J. DeLucia of PennsylvaniaAug 01, 2018
We are in full support of OUR President Donald J. Trump. Put an end to this fraudulent and corrupt investigation or get the hell out. We have had enough. We Stand with HIM.
8323.  Gill Fitzgerald of ArizonaAug 01, 2018
8322.  Allen of IllinoisAug 01, 2018
Remove Mueller investigate & hold him Rosenstein, their ilk accountable for their misdeeds!!!
8321.  Kaye Sartin of MississippiAug 01, 2018
8320.  Helen Foster of AlabamaAug 01, 2018
Remove the ALL Obama appointees! Also get rid Sessions, Rosenstein, and Mueller. Just SAY "YOU'RE FIRED". PRESDIDENT TRUMP WE HAVE YOUR BACK!
8319.  rita williams of CaliforniaAug 01, 2018
8318.  Jamie Martin of PennsylvaniaAug 01, 2018
8317.  roger of OhioAug 01, 2018
sessions was DOA, time for him to find somewhere else to take day time naps
8316.  steven milano of New YorkAug 01, 2018
Jeff Sessions is a DISGRACE to our nation!
8315.  Robert fish of IdahoAug 01, 2018
8314.  JOHN C. HALE of OhioAug 01, 2018
8313.  Brian M of New MexicoAug 01, 2018
8312.  Jane Trautmann of NevadaAug 01, 2018
8311.  joany wentworthe of TennesseeAug 01, 2018
Sessions should explain how Rodney Rosenstein came to expand Mueller's scope of pursuit to include I.R.S. violations and Facebook ads placed by unreachable Russians&said to have been in the Russian language- not likely to affect most Americans. What have these to do with the original idea sold to the public- the need to investigate possible collusion with Putin? To date, the only one's found to be working with foreign agents are the F.B.I, C.I.A. and D.O.J. as they structured a frame-up of un- wary campaign affialliates. SHOW US THE UNREDACTED FISA APPLICATION !
8310.  Clinton of CaliforniaAug 01, 2018
8309.  Patricia Chuchian of FloridaAug 01, 2018
8308.  David of MichiganAug 01, 2018
8307.  Carrie Shepherd of MissouriAug 01, 2018
Jeff Sessions has shown he is incapable of performing his duties as Attorney General. Once it was proven there were no American's involved in the Russian election innerferment, and collusion is NOT a CRIME. Jeff Sessions should have reclaimed his position. Instead he hides himself away from the Job and his responsibility.
8306.  Daniel Thewlis of ConnecticutAug 01, 2018
We Want Jeff Sessions, Rosenstein,And Mueller Fired Now!!!!Lots Of My Tax Dollars Are Going To Waste and Also This Is Hurting Us Americans Big Time!!!!We Need To Protect Our President Trump At All Cost!!;
8305.  KENNETH FARLEY of CaliforniaAug 01, 2018
8304.  Darlene Bradford of IndianaAug 01, 2018
This Mueller investigation is ruining our country. It is dividing our country Trump has succeeded in so much just imagine what he could do without smaller hanging over his neck. Get rid of Mueller and Rosenstein and Jeff sessions and find someone like Judge Jeanine to take Jeff sessions place
8303.  DARYL L KLINEDINST of ColoradoAug 01, 2018
8302.  Damon Duval of CaliforniaAug 01, 2018
8301.  Julia Allgood of TexasAug 01, 2018
8300.  David & Karin Young of TennesseeAug 01, 2018
Sessions is a rotten egg obstructing justice!
8299.  Robert Vaillancourt of MaineAug 01, 2018
8298.  herb of IowaAug 01, 2018
get rid of him
8297.  Richarh Holcomb of MichiganAug 01, 2018
Larry Klaymann for Attorney General!
8296.  Sheri Kurtzworth of New YorkAug 01, 2018
Remove Sessions!
8295.  phil hukill of OregonAug 01, 2018
We need to get rid of all deep state parasites, democrat and republican !
8294.  Laurie Tupper of TexasAug 01, 2018
8293.  Barry Tatar of MarylandAug 01, 2018
8292.  Peter Johnson of ColoradoAug 01, 2018
I tried to make a donation but you only take Paypal !!! Did it occur to you that the founder of Paypal is the founder of Twitter who is restricting conservative Tweets. A lot of people aren't going to use Paypal. Take credit cards directly.
8291.  Michael Mau of Aug 01, 2018
I am a native born American working overseas and am appalled at the corrupt state of our FBI and DOJ and how they let obvious criminals, such as Clinton and the whole cabal around her, run free! Instead the world's attention is directed toward the circus that is the Mueller probe, and what a sham that is! Sessions' true colors have emerged, a tool of the deep state.
8290.  james hewette of CaliforniaJul 31, 2018
8289.  Walter T Johnston of OklahomaJul 31, 2018
He has joined the swamp, he has done nothing to bring charges against anyone involved in the Trumph conspiracy. No grand jury, no special prosecutor. This alone justifies his removal.
8288.  Robert Galasso of New JerseyJul 31, 2018
This man is useless!
8287.  Larry of FloridaJul 31, 2018
I hope Hillary is put in Jail. As president Trump promised her that he would have her there when he is President. Sessions should let the people Know what he is doing as Attorney General. I will never forget Janet Reno had a penis on her desk. Nothing from the desk of Jeff Sessions. Not even Balls. what do you say Jeff.
8286.  David Hunt of MichiganJul 31, 2018
8285.  steven abitz of WashingtonJul 31, 2018
8284.  bob wittman of MassachusettsJul 31, 2018
8283.  joan of TennesseeJul 31, 2018
8282.  Gerard Briggs of MassachusettsJul 31, 2018
Sessions is a wolf in sheeps clothing, backstabbing Trump the day he was confirmed by recusing himself and allowing Rosenstein to take control of the Justice department. He looks scared out of his mind. They must have some serious dirt on him of he's been threatened. My take is that he's alway been a Communist traitor waiting for the moment he could do the most damage. Allan West said 80% of Congress are Communist's and I believe him. He got out of the swamp fast. Mueller is doing the dirty work for the liberal and GOP commie's. It's plain to see if the direction of our Country continues on this course nothing will be done as far as arrests and prosecutions. I mean how much evidence do we need? There is more than enough to indict Hillary and her cabal and that includes obama.
8281.  Diana McDonald of MichiganJul 31, 2018
I am free to be on this trial row. This needs to be done ! Love you!
8280.  STEVE HUNTER of GeorgiaJul 31, 2018
8279.  Diana Peterlin of New MexicoJul 31, 2018
Sessions a danger to America. Seems he protects coverups to true facts.
8278.  Kevin O'Mara of MarylandJul 31, 2018
For a while I thought Sessions must just be playing 4d chess and will drop the hammer anytime. His recent comments supporting Rosenstein against Impeachment efforts shows his ream motive. He is a swamper.
8277.  Kanda Thacker of OklahomaJul 31, 2018
8276.  Tony Helms of FloridaJul 31, 2018
He’s been useless from day one. We need someone to enforce the law equally.
8275.  Bruce Widener of South CarolinaJul 31, 2018
8274.  Rex Watkinson of OklahomaJul 31, 2018
remove sessions
8273.  philip gill of FloridaJul 31, 2018
Also, find a way to revoke some of the MSM companies who are not journalists, yet use their platforms as a propaganda device, to deceive the American People !
8272.  Euler Falcao of FloridaJul 31, 2018
8271.  Marty Neilson of ColoradoJul 31, 2018
Unfortunately, Jeff Sessions is an embarrassment as US AG. Put a tiger in his place!
8270.  Alan Prather of LouisianaJul 31, 2018
Way past time ,for these people to be in jail. We the people will have to make arrest ,or they will never be brought to justice
8269.  Jacquelyn pinkham of ColoradoJul 31, 2018
The people are waiting to see them brought to justice!!!!!!!
8268.  Linda Hickox of GeorgiaJul 31, 2018
8267.  Kati of FloridaJul 31, 2018
8266.  Arlen Bright of MichiganJul 31, 2018
All sound reason to replace him in this position. Managing an organization is totally different than being a good Senator, which he was. Trump just promoted a good man to the wrong position for his skills.
8265.  Harry newman of New HampshireJul 31, 2018
8264.  LOUIS MAZZUCCHELLI of FloridaJul 31, 2018
8263.  Juan perez of TexasJul 31, 2018
Thanks for what you do i will donate.
8262.  Stan weeks of OklahomaJul 31, 2018
8261.  Karl M Welin of NebraskaJul 31, 2018
If the head of a department is inactive, why have the department?
8260.  James Berg of FloridaJul 31, 2018
This is my home phone number. I don't give out cell number.
8259.  Desiree davis of OhioJul 31, 2018
8258.  Ellen McGuffie of New JerseyJul 31, 2018
8257.  Randy of TennesseeJul 31, 2018
8256.  Martha Calloway of North CarolinaJul 31, 2018
8255.  Jay Geraldi of NevadaJul 30, 2018
8254.  William D Ethredge Jr of LouisianaJul 30, 2018
8253.  K Kane of ColoradoJul 30, 2018
8252.  Jon P Hendrickson of IllinoisJul 30, 2018
I hope you are honest and have a good plan mr sessions. If you are corrupt prison.
8251.  mary jobst of IllinoisJul 30, 2018
8250.  Karen lindberg of CaliforniaJul 30, 2018
holder protected the corrupt Obama. Trump is honest. if sessions has no backbone, get out .
8249.  Artie Glenn of South CarolinaJul 30, 2018
8248.  Madelon Genin of IllinoisJul 30, 2018
8247. of CaliforniaJul 30, 2018
8246.  Joseph McKean of FloridaJul 30, 2018
Need to put Hillary Clinton on trial for treason!
8245.  Grace Ziem of PennsylvaniaJul 30, 2018
Mr Session fails to enforce the law adequately.
8244.  Luke Barnhart of OhioJul 30, 2018
8243.  Henry Cembrola of UtahJul 30, 2018
8242.  Benjamin Varga of PennsylvaniaJul 30, 2018
Get him out of our government ASAP!
8241.  Ralphi Rosario of PennsylvaniaJul 30, 2018
Please start a campaign to have the President declassify declassify all documents concerning THE FBI and DOJ Thank
8240.  Lola Staples of VirginiaJul 30, 2018
8239.  jeff of ArizonaJul 30, 2018
8238.  Ken Harants of CaliforniaJul 30, 2018
8237.  CHARLES DOUGLAS of VirginiaJul 30, 2018
8236.  Eric Arredondo of CaliforniaJul 30, 2018
Sessions where are you sir. Unless you have been working behind the scenes , it’s time to go . We need a second counsel.
8235.  John R Thoren of IllinoisJul 30, 2018
8234.  Brian of MissouriJul 30, 2018
I am tired of seeing obvious criminal activity in the upper echelons of government with no repercussions. If I violate any laws, I am convicted with no recourse. Lady justice seems to be wearing an eye patch instead of a blindfold these days; selectively choosing who will or will not be prosecuted. Accordingly, I join with my fellow Americans to call on Attorney General Jeff Sessions to resign or be removed from this post, lest it prove to be fatal to our nation.
8233.  Richard Morris of TexasJul 30, 2018
I have been calling the RNC weekly for over a year calling for President Trump to do exactly what Mr. Klayman's open letter says. Hope the President will listen before the "Creatures From The Swamp Lagoon" get the President.
8232.  Suzette DeBarros of LouisianaJul 30, 2018
8231.  Thomas Hyler of LouisianaJul 30, 2018
8230.  Bonnie Suppé of FloridaJul 30, 2018
I'm a patriot, an Army veteran and I want my country back and the oath I took stands today. I will do whatever I have to, to protect President Trump and uphold the Constitution. My freedom is not negotiable.
8229.  Bonnie Suppe of FloridaJul 30, 2018
Sessions has failed to do his job. I have no faith in him. I want him out!
8228.  William O'Gorman of ArizonaJul 30, 2018
Mueller is a Demwit puppet. It's time to take him and the rest of the Demwits down. Reassert the constitution and equal justice for all. It's past time to file charges against the real Russian colluders/criminals Clintons, Obama, Rosenstein, Mueller, Comey, Page, Stzrok, Fusion GPS twosome, and many more. They all conspired to plant phony charges against Pres. Trump to take him down. Not payback, but 'JUSTICE'!!!
8227.  Malta O'Gorman of ArizonaJul 30, 2018
It's time to remove the feckless, incompetent and inept Sessions now. The worst appointee of Pres. Trump. I urge congress to urge the President to remove him and appoint someone with temerity, grit, courage, and boldness to takedown the deep state bringing back constitutionality and equal justice for all!!!
8226.  James R. House of FloridaJul 30, 2018
8225.  John Ferreira of MaineJul 30, 2018
8224.  Michael Spiller of TexasJul 30, 2018
I would love to see,him gone.
8223.  Gary Heckwine of IllinoisJul 30, 2018
8222.  Susie of NevadaJul 30, 2018
8221.  tony lopez of CaliforniaJul 29, 2018
8220.  sue bush of ArizonaJul 29, 2018
Sessions is an embarrassment to freedom loving intelligent people.
8219.  William Bremer of MissouriJul 29, 2018
8218. of New YorkJul 29, 2018
8217.  Rodney Frey of MissouriJul 29, 2018
8216.  Carla Jurgensen of TexasJul 29, 2018
He has been making a complete ass of himself and is just wasting time money and my patience! He is making a joke of are legal system! What about the Clinton's!!! They really have been involved in murders an cover up there tracks' These two have pulled off so many things it makes me sick!
8215.  Jeremiah Nettifee of IllinoisJul 29, 2018
8214.  raymond smith of FloridaJul 29, 2018
8213.  Michael Watts of WashingtonJul 29, 2018
8212.  DiaNE almsted of MinnesotaJul 29, 2018
8211.  Obie Miller of TennesseeJul 29, 2018
8210. of New YorkJul 29, 2018
8209.  Thomas De Coro of ArizonaJul 29, 2018
Sooner than later please..
8208.  elodie buck of CaliforniaJul 29, 2018
we need closure
8207.  William W. Hall of FloridaJul 29, 2018
Sessions is a weak sissy and I think he is part of the Deep State. What a perfect set up for the corruption of FBI and DOJ. Have the AG on your side.
8206.  Frank Harshman of IllinoisJul 29, 2018
8205.  Dorothy Kettle of ArkansasJul 29, 2018
8204.  Brandon Baxter of CaliforniaJul 29, 2018
8203.  David A. Marks of MichiganJul 29, 2018
8202.  mike of WashingtonJul 29, 2018
8201.  Rhonda Richardson of TexasJul 29, 2018
Cannot. donate right now waiting 4 months for retirement pay. Good luck praying for you.
8200.  Scott Thomas of OhioJul 29, 2018
8199.  Mark Sauer of FloridaJul 29, 2018
America and Trump need to see these people indicted.
8198.  Cherie Baning of OregonJul 29, 2018
8197.  Wesley Mason of FloridaJul 29, 2018
If we don’t take back the country now, it will get bloody and cause so much unnecessary violence. We are not going to allow this attempt to take the country. The People are just uninformed, comfortable, waiting for someone else to handle things. But if the deep state rocks that comfort boat and The People start to get wet, look out deep state, you are in for a world of hurt. I believe The People are finally starting to get wet. Petition this removal and form a citizen grand jury. Justice has to served!
8196.  Kristy Miller of ArkansasJul 29, 2018
I am APPALLED by the actions and crimes that were committed by the previous administration. There is blatant corruption from high level people and we the people want them held accountable. The evidence is as plain as the nose on their faces. I stand United with this effort to panel a GRAND JURY.
8195.  William Yoder of FloridaJul 29, 2018
8194.  Phil Trovillo of FloridaJul 29, 2018
other reasons for removal of Sessions: as head of the Justice Department he has allowed searches/warrants of Trump's offices without just cause and without a search warrant; and, he has allowed Mueller to venture beyond the bounds of the 2016 election and even to bring criminal actions for matters dating as far back as 2006. Such is beyond Mueller's jurisdiction. Recent leaks (against Trump) had to come from the Justice Department and Sessions seems powerless to stop them.
8193.  gary dean of WyomingJul 29, 2018
I want MY country back.
8192.  Christopher rivherson of FloridaJul 29, 2018
8191.  Pennie Shelton of GeorgiaJul 29, 2018
Justice for all of us!
8190.  Lynn Henze of FloridaJul 29, 2018
8189.  Charmaine of AlabamaJul 29, 2018
8188.  Kurt McClain of WisconsinJul 29, 2018
Embarrassing to Country and World to have so called justice system that over looks all the evidence. Banana Republic!
8187.  Eugene Pickering of OklahomaJul 29, 2018
8186.  Judy Bennett of FloridaJul 29, 2018
8185.  BOB CRAIG of CaliforniaJul 29, 2018
8184.  Dale Anderson of KansasJul 29, 2018
It is time that the people, the 4th branch of our government rise up to remove those who appear to be denying "We the People", peace of mind from the lack of action to bring justice forward! There appears to be no concrete actions of all the wrong doings of our representatives in Washington, D.C. and justice must be brought forward! Mr. Sessions must be held accountable for his lack of actions!
8183.  Daniel Pyles of West VirginiaJul 29, 2018
Let's move on to where the real corruption lies.
8182.  Jerry sypek of PennsylvaniaJul 29, 2018
8181.  Evan Gaylor of OklahomaJul 29, 2018
8180.  Burton Bellinger of New YorkJul 29, 2018
8179.  Gentry Rocha of CaliforniaJul 29, 2018
8178.  Michael Gidley of CaliforniaJul 28, 2018
8177.  Vaughn McCamy of TexasJul 28, 2018
8176.  Mary Ann Scott of North CarolinaJul 28, 2018
8175.  Doug Chambers of FloridaJul 28, 2018
I am fet up with the evil deep state. We need to lock up Soros too!!!
8174.  Daniel Ponce of TexasJul 28, 2018
8173.  Deirdre Evavold of MinnesotaJul 28, 2018
8172.  Patricia Anders of MissouriJul 28, 2018
8171.  Jerry Barnes of CaliforniaJul 28, 2018
We have to get back to reality again @ Mueller is as dirty as the rest of the corrupt liberals in office ! We want true justice prevailing in our country again! Mueller and Comey and so many others in the FBI,Are corrupt!
8170.  Kathleen Redman of ArizonaJul 28, 2018
8169.  Steve Pohlit of FloridaJul 28, 2018
8168.  Michael D. Lucas of IowaJul 28, 2018
8167.  Roger N Anderson of UtahJul 28, 2018
Just charge them all for treason and get it over with!!!
8166.  Lawrence Robles of CaliforniaJul 28, 2018
8165.  Thomas McCarthy of New JerseyJul 28, 2018
8164.  Dan Becker of ArizonaJul 28, 2018
Our ancestors bled on foreign lands for our liberty, let’s honor them. If we don’t return to equal law for all, America will go the way of the Socilialists if not worse
8163.  Nue Vuksanaj of New YorkJul 28, 2018
A part time attorney general with no roots in the swamp. Fire Rosenstein too.
8162.  Ken Becker of TexasJul 28, 2018
8161.  Kevin Guerrero of FloridaJul 28, 2018
8160.  William Preston of KentuckyJul 28, 2018
8159.  Tonya Morris of North CarolinaJul 28, 2018
We need to have equal justice for all in this country. It is clear that Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, Lortetta Lynch, Susan Rice, James Comey, Bob Mueller and many more have broken our laws in a HUGE way.... let's get the record straight - let all Americans see the proof and put them away so they cannot harm this country any further!
8158.  johnny block of North CarolinaJul 28, 2018
8157.  Deborah Steel of TexasJul 28, 2018
8156.  Paul Massey of FloridaJul 28, 2018
8155.  Maria Silmaro of CaliforniaJul 28, 2018
8154.  Sharron of WashingtonJul 28, 2018
8153.  kenny waldvogel of WisconsinJul 28, 2018
8152.  Richard Ricks of TexasJul 28, 2018
8151.  Jeremy Ballance of North CarolinaJul 28, 2018
8150.  John Guy of CaliforniaJul 28, 2018
I am sick and tired of seeing these corrupt politicians get away with murder anything I can do to help sign me up
8149.  Matthew N. and Sheila R. of WashingtonJul 28, 2018
8148.  marykecxon of UtahJul 28, 2018
it is about time
8147.  James Laverick of PennsylvaniaJul 28, 2018
8146.  Frank D Materia of PennsylvaniaJul 28, 2018
for what they have done to we the peopelPLEASE do not stop till both are in jail
8145.  Aaron E of CaliforniaJul 28, 2018
8144.  Judy Flaherty of MassachusettsJul 28, 2018
8143.  Pamela Griffiths of MichiganJul 28, 2018
8142.  JONATHAN MCCLURE of CaliforniaJul 28, 2018
The People Will Be Served!
8141.  Rick Prevallet of MissouriJul 28, 2018
8140.  Diann of OhioJul 28, 2018
It doesn't seem like we the people are being heard. How can we speak to the president directly?
8139.  Evelyn Hernandez of TexasJul 28, 2018
We are " The People ". How can I help? The time is now. Thanks all of you.
8138.  Larry Kruletz of TexasJul 28, 2018
Jeff sessions is probably the worst attorney general since Lynch and Eric Holder who were even worse. I am totally dumbfounded by his non-action he must be up to his neck in crimes and they are blackmailing him that is the only logical explanation for his cowardice
8137.  Terry Payne of North CarolinaJul 28, 2018
It’s time to fire corruptly arrogant swamp creature Rod Rosenstein.
8136.  Bruce Baney of OhioJul 28, 2018
8135.  Robert F of CaliforniaJul 28, 2018
8134.  Harold Allen Townley of North CarolinaJul 28, 2018
It is all a witch hunt anyway. Also all evidence points to the Democratic Party not to the President.
8133.  Mary A. Jochim of KentuckyJul 28, 2018
8132.  David Howard of MichiganJul 28, 2018
8131.  Alexander James Gratton of MontanaJul 28, 2018
8130.  Joseph Davidian of CaliforniaJul 28, 2018
A patriot.
8129.  Tim of ArizonaJul 28, 2018
8128.  dan riley of CaliforniaJul 28, 2018
It is time for justice
8127.  terri whiting of CaliforniaJul 28, 2018
8126.  Charles (Mike) Magden of IllinoisJul 28, 2018
8125.  ELSIE of GeorgiaJul 28, 2018
8124.  Jo Ann Zavala of KansasJul 28, 2018
8123.  Joshua of CaliforniaJul 28, 2018
He has gotta go.
8122.  Kent Parker of TexasJul 28, 2018
No comment needed. Way overdue!
8121.  Carolyn of North CarolinaJul 28, 2018
8120.  Kenneth Lizotte of VermontJul 28, 2018
AG Sessions has been compromised, obvious in hi failure to counter DoJ and FBI corruption.
8119.  Todd Michael Wyngarden of MichiganJul 28, 2018
8118.  Harry Deakins of West VirginiaJul 28, 2018
It time for real justice instead of the fake justice of our corrupt injustice legal system
8117.  Burnet D. Shealey, Sr. of South CarolinaJul 28, 2018
8116.  kristina garland of OhioJul 28, 2018
8115.  mark hopkins of IndianaJul 28, 2018
8114.  Katrina Sanford of CaliforniaJul 28, 2018
8113.  Holly Campbell of TexasJul 28, 2018
8112.  Elisabeth Haagen of PennsylvaniaJul 28, 2018
8111.  Francine jakob of New YorkJul 28, 2018
Rosenstein impeached or fired and Mueller witch hunt, distraction bS gone!!
8110.  Thomas A. DeLong of GeorgiaJul 28, 2018
Enough is enough, it's is time to hold them accountable and Larry Clayman is the one to get this moving.
8109.  Timothy aldridge of IndianaJul 28, 2018
8108.  Toni malycky of FloridaJul 28, 2018
8107.  Stephen Howell of MississippiJul 28, 2018
Please Remove Robert Muller!
8106.  Ed Brackeen of TexasJul 28, 2018
Jeff Sessions is a useless political hack and should be expelled from being paid by the taxpayer because of his lack of doing the job he is paid to do. If he had a job in the private sector and didn't do his job he wouldn't have one.
8105.  Catherine Hughes of CaliforniaJul 28, 2018
8104.  Phil Huneycutt of North CarolinaJul 28, 2018
I'm tired of our elected President not getting any help in Washington. Our government isn't above The People Of The Republic. The People Of The Republic are ABOVE government. It's time we the people took this nation back under the constitution. The constitution IS law for all, INCLUDING (ESPECIALLY) GOVERNMENT!
8103.  Jeffrey of ColoradoJul 28, 2018
8102.  ronald crumpley of CaliforniaJul 28, 2018
8101.  Kurt Lang of ConnecticutJul 28, 2018
8100.  Michael Lee of CaliforniaJul 28, 2018
Lock her up and osama too,...!!!!
8099.  Jeannie A Griffin of CaliforniaJul 28, 2018
8098.  James of ArizonaJul 27, 2018
8097.  Gene C Valentine of NevadaJul 27, 2018
Lead, Follow or get out of the way!
8096.  Jo Eaton of MontanaJul 27, 2018
8095.  Frank Kostlevy of WisconsinJul 27, 2018
8094.  Peggy Melton of TexasJul 27, 2018
8093.  David Mosig of TexasJul 27, 2018
I believe Jeff Sessions is a very honorable man and in a different time he would be my first choice as AG. This particular exigency threatens the existence of our government and the legitimacy of our Constitutional Republic and requires great courage and great resolve to actually do what is required to achieve justice when the enemies of America are empowered by their wealth and ability to corrupt their minions with their great wealth and thereby to corrupt America. America has been a captured nation since the passage of the Federal Reserve Act before WWI and the Coup de e'tat and conspiracy that murdered JFK in 1963.
8092.  Ed Parise of ArizonaJul 27, 2018
8091.  Dennis Chivis of MichiganJul 27, 2018
8090.  Bradley Millett of ArizonaJul 27, 2018
8089.  Robin De La Fuente of TexasJul 27, 2018
8088.  Thomas Burns of CaliforniaJul 27, 2018
8087.  Robert Newcomb Jr. of HawaiiJul 27, 2018
8086.  Steven T Plummer of CaliforniaJul 27, 2018
get it correct do not misunderstand be upright forthwith
8085.  William Harr of IdahoJul 27, 2018
8084.  Morgan parrish of ArizonaJul 27, 2018
8083.  Dan of WashingtonJul 27, 2018
8082.  connie ross of OhioJul 27, 2018
Dear Mr President, We the people and your base are demanding that Jeff Sessions resign or be removed. He is incompetent and the worst AG ever. Almost all of the base are fed up with his inaction & recusing himself. He has to be Deep State.
8081.  Vernon Otero of FloridaJul 27, 2018
he has not done his job. where are the arrests, Hillary Clinton, James Comey, Peter Strauss, the acting Attorney General, and all the others,
8080.  Anthony of Jul 27, 2018
Great work Mr Klayman. USA will get behind you as should the scandal entertainment networks for actually doing something about it. They all need to go!
8079.  Ronaldspears of CaliforniaJul 27, 2018
8078.  Will Callery of KentuckyJul 27, 2018
8077.  Stephanie Bickham of TexasJul 27, 2018
AG Sessions has been so terribly disappointing and ineffective. He has now become part of the SWAMP by standing for Deputy AG Rosenstein and doing Nothing to stop this outrageous witch hunt!! He needs to be replaced with someone with courage and guts!!!! A total disgrace!!
8076.  Paul cormier of MichiganJul 27, 2018
8075.  robert spaulding of ArkansasJul 27, 2018
8074.  Taylor Young of ArizonaJul 27, 2018
We are sick of the Criminals running the show. We are sick of the lunatics screwing up America. Mueller must go!! And, we sick of he bumbling stooges getting paid for wasting our time.
8073.  james eason of TexasJul 27, 2018
reenstate the hidden 13 th amendment
8072.  Frank Diaz de Leon of CaliforniaJul 27, 2018
Sessions is a slacker and a disgrace to the DOJ and the country.
8071.  Kathleen Struyk of CaliforniaJul 27, 2018
8070.  Robert Winston of ArizonaJul 27, 2018
8069. of FloridaJul 27, 2018
Mueller has shown no evidence to date and is forcing taxpayers to fund it. If congress wants to continue then those members who vote yes should fund out of their own pockets or use their campaign funds. Mueller is not honest for the fact that he did not give sufficient evidence and is not investigating the real collusion. Also, he brought samples of our uranium to Russia so is covering himself. Thank you
8068.  Laurie Calamici of FloridaJul 27, 2018
8067.  John Groothoff of ConnecticutJul 27, 2018
8066.  Mike of IdahoJul 27, 2018
You have been in office almost 2 YEARS, and I cannot understand why you have not removed the lying, back stabbing, two faced parasites obstructing YOUR presidency and YOUR goals to MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN. I know that you know how to fire incompetent, lying, back stabbing, two faced parasites, so what is stopping you? GET WITH THE PROGRAM AND GET FOCUSED--- FIRE THEIR ASSES!!!
8065.  Elvina Dumoulin of Jul 27, 2018
I am canadian and I want true justice for americans and canadians!I hope that this will find its way right to the President and let him know that he needs to act NOW to bring true justice to America and elsewhere!
8064.  Glen of NevadaJul 27, 2018
Congress is out, it's time for Trump to Pony Up and Fire these scumbags! Let's go Trump! WHAT IS TAKING SO LONG?
8063.  William Baker of WisconsinJul 27, 2018
Sessions is deep state. We have no justice with Sessions.
8062.  Christopher Pankowski of South CarolinaJul 27, 2018
These people need to go away to jail forever. We are sick and tired of all the bullcrap. Why they can think that they can do whatever they want. Please stop them before something bad happens.
8061.  david jackson of TexasJul 27, 2018
8060.  Paris Rodriguez of FloridaJul 27, 2018
8059.  Barbara J Moore of New YorkJul 27, 2018
Thank Goodness & Grace someone has made the motion to start at the top, the root of this Cancer and cut it out!!
8058.  katherine of KentuckyJul 27, 2018
please, my President, get rid of Mueller an all his group that has been on a witch hunt we the American people know who worked with the Russians an everybody else they could as long as they paid money to Hillary. he is wasting our money an we are paying Hillary's group to come after to you an we want it stop
8057.  Ray Bowles of KentuckyJul 27, 2018
I want to see justice in our government.
8056.  Gina of NevadaJul 27, 2018
Sorry Sessions but you have been a HUGE disappointment!!!!!!!! How can you say with a straight face that Rosenstien has been doing a good job. WTF!!!!! As someone great once said "Your Fired"! If Sessions would investigate Seth Rich then we would know that he is actually NOT compromised!
8055.  Andy Fontanez of FloridaJul 27, 2018
8054.  Connie Stringer of GeorgiaJul 27, 2018
We, Patriots, are going to stop a corrupt government which is filled with Satanist, Pedophiles, Murderers, Traitors, Reprobates, Thieves, Liars, and all other kinds of morally bankrupt thugs.
8053.  Charles W Flowers Jr of CaliforniaJul 27, 2018
8052.  William Bergman of ArizonaJul 27, 2018
8051.  Johnny Morales of GeorgiaJul 27, 2018
8050.  James of FloridaJul 27, 2018
8049.  Patrick Boaz of IllinoisJul 27, 2018
8048.  Linda of CaliforniaJul 27, 2018
8047.  MICHAEL T POWERS of ArizonaJul 27, 2018
hang em high
8046.  Marchelle ceryes of MinnesotaJul 27, 2018
8045.  Suad Julevic of New JerseyJul 27, 2018
Something needs to be done!!! we cant take it anymore!
8044.  Jose of CaliforniaJul 27, 2018
8043.  Steven Smith of ColoradoJul 27, 2018
Remove him for dereliction of duty and incompetence...
8042.  john perkins of MinnesotaJul 27, 2018
feed up with these criminal not in prison, lock these treasons up. nothing like a civil wars to make this happen. enough is enough
8041.  Kathy of TexasJul 27, 2018
8040.  KAGAN JOHNSON of CaliforniaJul 27, 2018
8039.  Celia Goodfellow of TexasJul 27, 2018
Sessions refuses to do his job. Should have been removed a long time ago. Get him out! Make America Great Again!
8038.  David Carlson of WisconsinJul 27, 2018
8037.  Linda Luck of South CarolinaJul 27, 2018
It's long over due that Sessions be removed from office. He has failed the People of our Country and our Greatest President.
8036.  Jean stott of UtahJul 27, 2018
I want my God and Country back.
8035.  Jane Voisine of MassachusettsJul 27, 2018
We can defeat this evil in the world By doing our part to fight it, through prayer, believing in God and Jesus Christ. May Jesus Christ and God bless this world for the future Generations.
8034.  Stanley burford of KentuckyJul 27, 2018
8033.  Nathan Lench of IowaJul 27, 2018
8032.  JESSE JARAMILLO of CaliforniaJul 27, 2018
8031.  Michael Boyd of MichiganJul 27, 2018
He is a waste of taxpayers money. He's M.I.A. we need someone who will keep these people honest and doing their jobs! Judge Jeanine Pirro, would keep them all in line! So give the job to someone who is not afraid to fight the fight.
8030.  Darlene Boyd of MichiganJul 27, 2018
8029.  Carolyn Emmons of ArizonaJul 27, 2018
Thank you for getting justice in this country. Talking about it is cheap, we need action.
8028.  Julie Cole of CaliforniaJul 26, 2018
Not only Sessions to be removed but Rosenstein should be out as well. Don't trust the jerk! He and that smerk on his face must means he his hiding something from us. Sessions is ranked above Rosenstein and he thinks he's above the law and it's ok to hide the truth from the American people!!! I say Impeach them!!!
8027.  walter clyne of CaliforniaJul 26, 2018
8026.  Todd of CaliforniaJul 26, 2018
8025.  Robert Livingston of CaliforniaJul 26, 2018
8024.  Dr Charles Hopkins of IndianaJul 26, 2018
The time has come to take action against those who would destroy our great nation.
8023.  James Severson of IllinoisJul 26, 2018
8022.  Aileen Sullivan of New YorkJul 26, 2018
Let's make one thing Clear - this FBI, DOJ, Obama, Hillary Clinton "Deep State" is Criminal Activity. Make no mistake - a lot of American People are Fed Up and Angry and want all of them held accountable in a Court of Law. We have got to get rid of Sessions and Rosenstein and get an Attorney General who will move things forward and prosecute these people.
8021.  Mark Vallad of OklahomaJul 26, 2018
Lets get someone who will administer the law and justest.
8020.  Jeff Berg of CaliforniaJul 26, 2018
Sessions must be Deep State. He took the job and recused himself from the Mueller investigation how incredibly disrespectful to President Trump and the people of the United States. We the People of the United States of America want a fair and equal justice system!
8019.  Richard Armagost of PennsylvaniaJul 26, 2018
8018.  John Kirchman of IllinoisJul 26, 2018
8017.  Shirley Jean Oyer of KansasJul 26, 2018
8016.  Martin Espinoza of ArizonaJul 26, 2018
8015.  john of TexasJul 26, 2018
8014.  John Jackson of ArizonaJul 26, 2018
It is time to take action on these high profile people that seem to be above the law. It's time for "We The People"!
8013.  Peggy Golden Ewbank of CaliforniaJul 26, 2018
Jeff Sessions should have resigned instead of recusing himself. He is just an empty shell filling a seat that should be occupied with a "real" human being.
8012.  Elizabeth Till of North CarolinaJul 26, 2018
We the people must stand up to the criminal elite political scammers. Mueller and Sessions need to go... now. Go.. be arrested and publish whatever they have obviously done. This cover up is disgusting to say the least.
8011.  Margierhein of OhioJul 26, 2018
8010.  George of CaliforniaJul 26, 2018
Sessions is just another to be added to the long list of RINO's in the Republican Party. Fire his A$$. ASAP.
8009.  Tim Grant of CaliforniaJul 26, 2018
8008.  Logan James of TennesseeJul 26, 2018
The American patriots want him out now!
8007.  Richard Klinck of CaliforniaJul 26, 2018
8006.  Brian of NebraskaJul 26, 2018
Remove Him Now
8005.  Gwynn Klinck of CaliforniaJul 26, 2018
Sessions is NOT working in the best interest of the American people, or America. Remove Sessions.
8004.  Brad Bross of MissouriJul 26, 2018
8003.  Russ of WashingtonJul 26, 2018
8002.  Cecelia Moore of TexasJul 26, 2018
8001.  David Carruthers of TexasJul 26, 2018
Sessions is ineffective and probably compromised as Perot was.
8000.  Sherry Morton of ArizonaJul 26, 2018
7999.  Brian Haas of ArkansasJul 26, 2018
Godspeed! God Help us engage and Defeat this evil! All of us need to pray and get in the game! God Bless Larry and his team. I will be sharing this right away.
7998.  Joe Gomez of CaliforniaJul 26, 2018
I want Justice For America and to support president Donald Trump.
7997.  Patrick Johnson of FloridaJul 26, 2018
7996.  Glen Burdue of KansasJul 26, 2018
Jeff Sessions has a miserable record of not investigating very obvious and troubling appearances of high crimes by high level government people. If laws are not enforced equally, this will eventually lead to vigilante justice. Inaction is extremely dangerous.
7995.  Kevin Melfi of Rhode IslandJul 26, 2018
7994.  Keith Reed of LouisianaJul 26, 2018
We need an active "non-deep state" US Attorney General that backs the President and the US citizens rather than all his CRONIES in DC. Get this sorry US AG out of his position and replace him asap. We the US citizens have to do all of these actions ourselves, we have no representation in DC.
7993.  Memory Pando of OhioJul 26, 2018
We The People Demand Justice!!
7992.  John Cairns of VirginiaJul 26, 2018
Don’t worry Mr President the 3% is coming.
7991.  Lee Brown of TexasJul 26, 2018
It seems that the criminal cabal is holding something over sessions. His deeds need to be brought to the light of day also. We need outstanding members of our communities to represent us. Willfully committing crimes to enrich their selves or taking advantage of others is not to be tolerated.
7990.  James A. Lauck of IllinoisJul 26, 2018
A do nothing AG is an obstacle. Replace him.
7989.  Wendell Hawkins of TennesseeJul 26, 2018
7988.  Dannylori Croley of KentuckyJul 26, 2018
7987.  laurene faulkner of CaliforniaJul 26, 2018
7986.  Doug Adams of AlabamaJul 26, 2018
7985.  Patricia Costello of New YorkJul 26, 2018
Jeff you're not pulling your weight. Time to exit "stage left".
7984.  Matt Pearson of TexasJul 26, 2018
7983.  Julie McArthur of UtahJul 26, 2018
what a useless piece of !!!!
7982.  Joe Ferrara of PennsylvaniaJul 26, 2018
I would like to know how it will end with these organized criminals.... it's been all talk for years.
7981.  Rachel Black of FloridaJul 26, 2018
7980.  Dennis Mitchell of New JerseyJul 26, 2018
Former Senator Sessions has been a real disappointment at the DOJ. He has not cleaned it up, he has allowed too much of the old team to run the DOJ.
7979.  Andrea Davis of OhioJul 26, 2018
7978.  Nick of MissouriJul 26, 2018
7977.  Cameron of ArizonaJul 26, 2018
The Keebler Elf must GO! What a sell out not to just the President, but he is STOMPING on all us American's. I am DISGUSTED..........ENOUGH!
7976.  Kevin McCawley of TexasJul 26, 2018
7975.  Manuel Martinez of OklahomaJul 26, 2018
7974.  mark of AlaskaJul 26, 2018
7973.  kenneth farley of CaliforniaJul 26, 2018
7972.  Bryan Walker of CaliforniaJul 26, 2018
Please remove him and do what is right and just for the people. We are completely disgusted watching this criminal activity going on and MUST BE CHANGED with protection for our people! Thank you
7971.  Jerry T of Jul 26, 2018
Yes Yes Yes! Please REMOVE limp dick jeffy. Let a real Alfa male do the job.
7970.  philip faustman of MichiganJul 26, 2018
lso evil.
7969.  Victor montoya of TexasJul 26, 2018
Take away sessions man card. Absolute Coward!
7968.  Jon Kehrer of WashingtonJul 25, 2018
Time to clean up the corrupt DOJ and FBI. Also, clean up the spy agencies that are spying on US citizens on a daily basis and lying about their activties.
7967.  Mary Pheanis of TexasJul 25, 2018
7966.  Harold Mueller of Jul 25, 2018
7965.  Robert White of New YorkJul 25, 2018
7964.  Gregory Scales of OregonJul 25, 2018
This is a great idea lets mobilize.
7963.  David of CaliforniaJul 25, 2018
May Jesus Christ bless Donald Trump and America!
7962.  nancy chisholm of MassachusettsJul 25, 2018
7961.  Mary Ann Kent of MissouriJul 25, 2018
7960.  Forbes Dennis of TexasJul 25, 2018
7959.  Gloria Gomez of CaliforniaJul 25, 2018
Please keep praying for predident Trump. Lets get these criminals out of the government.
7958.  Todd Jones of IndianaJul 25, 2018
It's way past time to send Sessions on his way.
7957.  Rose Drown of New JerseyJul 25, 2018
Mueller stuff is very expense nonsense and treason.Rosenstein should have sense to stop it.Sessions could fire Rosenstein but hasnt.Very expensive smelly waste of American taxpayers money.Get rid of them. I am grateful for Sessions work canning pedophiles but not happy that Mueller stuff so nothing and long going.Nor am I happy that traitors going free.
7956.  Oliver Miller of TennesseeJul 25, 2018
7955.  Mary of CaliforniaJul 25, 2018
7954.  Joan Kramer of ColoradoJul 25, 2018
7953.  David Griffin of TexasJul 25, 2018
Let's do this.
7952.  Jordan Miller of CaliforniaJul 25, 2018
sessions must go
7951.  Michael of CaliforniaJul 25, 2018
7950.  TERRY LESS of CaliforniaJul 25, 2018
He is not doing his job properly and needs to be removed NOW.
7949.  Keith Kyle of New YorkJul 25, 2018
7948.  Ralph Keek of North CarolinaJul 25, 2018
7947.  paul lipman of CaliforniaJul 25, 2018
where is trump on this
7946.  Chris McPhail of TexasJul 25, 2018
7945.  Kelly L Roiz of TexasJul 25, 2018
Jeff Sessions needs to go if he won't take out the trash in Washington DC and get rid of the obvious corrupt criminals destroying America then he needs to be flushed down the swamp drain with the rest of the swamp creatures in DC ASAP!!!
7944.  Carl Radon of OhioJul 25, 2018
There is no justice in the justice dept. Hasn't been in 10 years. Changes are needed!
7943.  Robert C. Baird of NevadaJul 25, 2018
Sessions has had an opportunity to lead, and even follow...NOW IT IS TIME FOR HIM TO GET OUT OF THE WAY.
7942.  Nathan shaffer of UtahJul 25, 2018
Another insider that snuck in....when WE said Lock her up we ment it!
7941.  alThor of CaliforniaJul 25, 2018
7940.  Marta Tarasova of ColoradoJul 25, 2018
7939.  Marie Halbrook of CaliforniaJul 25, 2018
7938.  Marie Anna Swihart of MichiganJul 25, 2018
7937.  Cindy of IdahoJul 25, 2018
7936.  Jody Merritt of VirginiaJul 25, 2018
7935.  Gordon Smiley of Jul 25, 2018
7934.  Richard Olsson of ArizonaJul 25, 2018
Not only does this crook need to lose his current job; he needs to be indicted and convicted for his collusive treason against our constitution and our government.
7933.  Jeanne R.Shaffer of ArizonaJul 25, 2018
We the People need to take our county Back. God is in control, lets Back our President Trump help him drain the swamp. and whoever broke the law no matter who even in high offices need to go to jail for our country to heal.
7932.  Eddie Cannon of OklahomaJul 25, 2018
7931.  Frank of MontanaJul 25, 2018
7930.  Kristine Elliott of MinnesotaJul 25, 2018
7929.  David Bitzer of CaliforniaJul 25, 2018
We must remain be compromised Sessions and bring Ocwen Loan Servicing to justice for its financial white collar crimes.
7928.  Juanita of MarylandJul 25, 2018
7927.  Thomas B Rackley of FloridaJul 25, 2018
7926.  Charles Bustin of TexasJul 25, 2018
7925.  Darya Hunt of CaliforniaJul 25, 2018
7924.  mel dunham of CaliforniaJul 25, 2018
7923.  Heather Bryant of PennsylvaniaJul 25, 2018
7922.  Ryan of CaliforniaJul 25, 2018
7921.  Kirvin Hodges of KansasJul 25, 2018
7920.  John Pfeffer III of MissouriJul 25, 2018
Sessions needs to be gone today and replaced with a hard nosed bulldog of and Attorney General that is honest, ethical, and a lover of Righteousness.
7919.  Michael T. McKibben of OhioJul 25, 2018
7918.  Jason Avilla of CaliforniaJul 25, 2018
Time's up Jeff...
7917.  joseph johnson of TennesseeJul 25, 2018
Sessions must be sleeping on the job or compromised!
7916.  Aaron Willmot of OregonJul 25, 2018
7915.  Stanley Eberhard of IndianaJul 25, 2018
7914.  james of KansasJul 25, 2018
lock up all traitors to the NATION
7913.  Karen Hunt of ArizonaJul 25, 2018
Remove Sessions.
7912.  Luis Areas of GeorgiaJul 25, 2018
7911.  thomas cushin of ConnecticutJul 25, 2018
7910.  Diane Alex-Brody of PennsylvaniaJul 25, 2018
7909.  David Heard of LouisianaJul 25, 2018
7908.  Brian McHenry of OhioJul 25, 2018
7907.  Thomas Tamburello of ColoradoJul 25, 2018
Jeff Sessions must be compromised!
7906.  Samantha of South CarolinaJul 25, 2018
Yes! Please remove Jeff Sessions! He is clearly compromised and his priorities are out of whack. Larry Klayman can replace him or either Clinton-corrupt Mueller. Mueller is no counsel and neither is he special! He's clearly part of the stinking D.C. swamp! #DrainTheSwamp #LockHerUp
7905.  Carolyn W Graham of TexasJul 25, 2018
7904.  Chad Hartkopf of ColoradoJul 25, 2018
7903.  WILLIAM PELFREY of GeorgiaJul 25, 2018
Trump needs a REAL Attorney General!
7902.  John Doseff of North CarolinaJul 25, 2018
Remove the NWO Slime
7901.  Kirk Grames of MichiganJul 25, 2018
7900.  Deborah Swanson of ArizonaJul 25, 2018
7899.  James Snyder of ArizonaJul 25, 2018
7898.  Joyce Nelson of KansasJul 25, 2018
Our family supports your efforts Mr. Klayman. There is incompetence in the Attorney General's office.
7897.  Kathryn McCandless of FloridaJul 25, 2018
7896.  Mike Barker of PennsylvaniaJul 25, 2018
7895.  David Leonard of TexasJul 25, 2018
The only way for evil to continue is for good people to sit back and do nothing. I only hope you are successful.After hearing what you are going to do and bring these charges made my day, I have been hoping for this for a long time.
7894.  Damon Desild of IowaJul 25, 2018
7893.  Christian Lyle of KansasJul 25, 2018
How can I get in this citizens grand jury?
7892.  Cody Parrott of OklahomaJul 25, 2018
I would like to serve on the citizens grand jury against the deep state.
7891.  Linda Blaha of OhioJul 25, 2018
7890.  Robert Walker of North CarolinaJul 25, 2018
7889.  Joshua Zeek of WashingtonJul 25, 2018
7888.  Cynthia Skyles of AlabamaJul 25, 2018
7887.  Mickey of TexasJul 25, 2018
7886.  Janie Fore of MississippiJul 25, 2018
7885.  Alex of TexasJul 25, 2018
7884.  travis of South CarolinaJul 25, 2018
7883.  Steve Allen of ColoradoJul 25, 2018
Finally an Intelligent process that empowers WE THE PEOPLE to do what WE must. If the government will not do what is Right! We must!
7882.  barbara whelan of South CarolinaJul 25, 2018
He seems to be impotent in his position as Attorney General, has done nothing during his time in this position simply remains under the radar.
7881.  Walter J Settimio of South CarolinaJul 25, 2018
Jeff Sessions must be owned by the deep state. The Elite Washington crowd should be held to the same laws as the rest of the American People, but their not!
7880.  Henry Medina of New YorkJul 25, 2018
7879.  KENNETH E MYERS JR of LouisianaJul 24, 2018
7878.  Richard Kenney of TexasJul 24, 2018
Jeff Sessions is not doing his job. His leadership is non-existent and he has allowed the Mueller investigation to get completely out of hand. Mueller needs to go also as his investigation is comprised of partisan political hacks.
7877.  Teresa of New YorkJul 24, 2018
7876.  Nick Ungar of MichiganJul 24, 2018
Jeff Sessions isn't the right man for the job, he needs to be fired.
7875.  Jessica Ungar of MichiganJul 24, 2018
7874.  Adela Sison of CaliforniaJul 24, 2018
Republicans should fight back hard. Session should be removed.
7873.  Dorothy Wilson of GeorgiaJul 24, 2018
7872.  Jocelyn Kim of CaliforniaJul 24, 2018
7871.  LaVerne Catanzarite of ArizonaJul 24, 2018
7870.  Mildred Roadarmel of FloridaJul 24, 2018
I have been paying close attention to this matter since it’s inception and am completely disgusted that none of these intelligence agencies have been held accountable for their corruption. Mueller should be fired along with all his cohorts and appoint Mr. Klayman as Special Counsel. I am ashamed of our congressmen and do believe it is all a dog and pony show.
7869.  Paul of ColoradoJul 24, 2018
Robert Mueller must go!
7868.  Robert Bailei of CaliforniaJul 24, 2018
7867.  Augustus Hipp of MinnesotaJul 24, 2018
Time has run out for this investigation, It should be concluded promptly.
7866.  James Nelson of OhioJul 24, 2018
Remove the phantom AG now!
7865.  Hale MacIntyre of MassachusettsJul 24, 2018
good luck im all for it
7864.  James Smith of VirginiaJul 24, 2018
Sessions Is Not Doing His Job And Should Be Replaced With Someone That Would Put The Criminals In Prison
7863.  Soraya Seifts of TexasJul 24, 2018
I am an American citizen , as such I demand President Trump to remove AG Jeff Sessions and assign a competent non-political honest and decent person unlike a swamp rat such as Sessions to one of the highest office in the land, so that we can finally see justice been serve against the domestic criminal traitors including Obama who had infiltrated and infested our justice system and society. The time is now!!!! No more cheap talking!!!
7862.  Lori carson of TexasJul 24, 2018
7861.  Brian Leyh of ConnecticutJul 24, 2018
Get rid of Jeff Sessions. He is letting Rosenstine run the DOJ.
7860.  Colleen Cottingham of MassachusettsJul 24, 2018
7859.  Herbert Newman of New JerseyJul 24, 2018
7858.  Edgar of GeorgiaJul 24, 2018
Get someone who is willing to do the job they took an oath to do .
7857.  max henry of IdahoJul 24, 2018
7856.  Chester Gilbert of MichiganJul 24, 2018
7855.  Jeanine Nostrame of New YorkJul 24, 2018
Please remove Jeff Sessions for failure to take actions required of his job.
7854.  Tonia Troutwine of FloridaJul 24, 2018
The public underestimates the true value of an ethical lawyer and judiciary, we speak directly for the people and maintain justice in the country. We can not continue to allow our judicial system to be overrun by corrupt individuals with agendas to cover for criminals for their personal economic wealth.
7853.  Gina SKORKA of WisconsinJul 23, 2018
7852.  gary kindlund of CaliforniaJul 23, 2018
7851.  Alexander Shankle of ColoradoJul 23, 2018
Sessions - what a disappointment.
7850.  Shaloe Putnam of OregonJul 23, 2018
7849.  Kimberly Caudill of OhioJul 23, 2018
7848.  jerome t brodle of OregonJul 23, 2018
7847.  Susan Hunt of NevadaJul 23, 2018
7846.  william confoy of FloridaJul 23, 2018
7845.  Linda Mercer of South CarolinaJul 23, 2018
7844.  ROSA COPPOLA of FloridaJul 23, 2018
7843.  Ruth Barker of New MexicoJul 23, 2018
7842.  Sue of ArizonaJul 23, 2018
7841.  Robert Eastman of ArizonaJul 23, 2018
7840.  B. Dresden Shealey, Sr. of South CarolinaJul 23, 2018
7839.  Christine Carey of CaliforniaJul 23, 2018
Thank you!!
7838.  Shari galvez of FloridaJul 23, 2018
7837.  Rich Gorman of PennsylvaniaJul 23, 2018
Sessions has knowingly , willfully ignored proven felony crimes to the extent that he is complicit in same crimes. He took an Oath. He failed to follow the oath.
7836.  Holly Klein of New JerseyJul 23, 2018
7835.  Susan Croft of WisconsinJul 23, 2018
You ought to hook up with Freedom Force International. and the Red Pill University with Edward Griffin. WE HAVE THE MEMBERS GlOBALLY and joining forces is the only one to get the job done. All you'd have to do is contact Mr Griffin, get something going with this fantastic organization. He has the people already that would back up and support your efforts. I get Judical Watch updates and stay informed with many others so decline your updates at this point. Limited in time but definitely would like to see you hook up with Mr Griffins and our efforts, that is what it will take, MASSES all on the same wave length to turn things around..
7834.  Lois of OhioJul 23, 2018
7833.  Benjamin lowe of VirginiaJul 23, 2018
7832.  Lloyd Fleck of WashingtonJul 23, 2018
7831.  cynthia leach of TexasJul 23, 2018
7830.  cynthia leach of TexasJul 23, 2018
7829.  Jamie Willard of North CarolinaJul 23, 2018
7828.  Jeff Morgan of New YorkJul 22, 2018
7827.  Don Wood of PennsylvaniaJul 22, 2018
Glad to have learned about you tonight. CHARGE! I am so eager to get rid of Mueller! Get RID of Jeff Sessions.
7826.  Fred Carter of MissouriJul 22, 2018
This MUST be done
7825.  Ginger Herman of ConnecticutJul 22, 2018
Please call if there is anything or anyway i can help.
7824.  Craig Waggoner of ColoradoJul 22, 2018
7823.  Catherine Bowles of North CarolinaJul 22, 2018
7822.  R Johnson of GeorgiaJul 22, 2018
We need an attorney general to make sure the law and constitution is carried out. This is the worse example of the criminals running the govt against a president he was selected to change . The swamp needs cleaning by a hands on AG.
7821.  Debra Curry of WashingtonJul 22, 2018
Concerned this will start a civil war, but not seeing any other choice to hold these criminals accountable.
7820.  Rhonda Johnson of CaliforniaJul 22, 2018
AG Sessions is part of the Swamp. He is a disgrace and a Coward!
7819.  Mary Lou Saracino of ConnecticutJul 22, 2018
7818.  Michael Price of WashingtonJul 22, 2018
7817.  Judy Cody of GeorgiaJul 22, 2018
Mueller & all his assistant Attorney's must be fired now! Mueller has conflict of interest in the Russian investigation! He was to involved with the case, including fake evidence to get FISA warrants! Please fire Rosenstein also! Mr. Klayman has the experience of Special Prosecution! He will have the Confidence of We the People to get to the Truth! Sessions must be fired also!
7816.  dumi of New JerseyJul 22, 2018
were is he ?is stel working or retaierd,he is stupid or incompetent ,need to be faierd and RATSONSTAIN hang
7815.  Michael Braden of MissouriJul 22, 2018
7814.  Ron of TennesseeJul 22, 2018
7813.  william readling of North CarolinaJul 22, 2018
I volunteer to be a member of a grand jury empaneled in the greater Charlotte, NC area.
7812.  Samuel A. Orandle of NevadaJul 22, 2018
Jeff Sessions was an early supporter of Pres. Trump and was rewarded with the job of his choice. He then recused himself from the job and allowed an Obama appointee to take charge of the Mueller investigation seeking to remove Trump from office. How two faced can you get. He needs to resign or be fired immediately.
7811.  James Carpenter of FloridaJul 22, 2018
7810.  Carol Kaiser of VirginiaJul 22, 2018
7809.  Rosemary Andrews of MissouriJul 22, 2018
I have been praying for Jeff Sessions to get his sorry self OUT OF OUR NATION'S MOST IMPORTANT JOB instead of his becoming our worst betrayer of all!!!! THANK YOU! Rosemary
7808.  John of CaliforniaJul 22, 2018
Thanks for all your hard work
7807.  Greg Gower of South CarolinaJul 22, 2018
7806.  Kathleen Couvillion of TexasJul 22, 2018
7805.  Charles V Cole of TennesseeJul 22, 2018
7804.  Art of ArizonaJul 22, 2018
7803.  Marie Gagne of MassachusettsJul 22, 2018
Sessions is either part of the deep state or he has been threatened by the deep state. He hasn't done a thing to help President Trump in two years!
7802.  Janice of ArizonaJul 22, 2018
7801.  Jay steitz of KentuckyJul 22, 2018
I was very much wanting MR sessions for attorney general but now no
7800.  Willis Kettelhut of NebraskaJul 22, 2018
7799.  Stephen of MontanaJul 22, 2018
7798.  Douglas baker of FloridaJul 22, 2018
7797.  Thomas of FloridaJul 22, 2018
Jeff Sessions needs to be terminated immediately. Doing a horrible job for the Americans. He needs to re-cuse himself immediately.
7796.  Klaus B. of IowaJul 22, 2018
A collaboration of Larry Klayman and Robert David Steele and their work together would be a great boon to the American people and help drain the swamp.
7795.  John Sinclair of KentuckyJul 22, 2018
7794.  Karen Johnson of PennsylvaniaJul 22, 2018
Sessions needs to be replaced ASAP. He is either incompetent or compromised...He is harming our country and our president by his refusal to do the job he was asked and agreed to do.
7793.  Eugene G Pickering of OklahomaJul 22, 2018
Declassify all documents Fire Sessions Impeach or Fire Rosenstein
7792.  Elaine perri of New YorkJul 22, 2018
7791.  Alan Spinks of TexasJul 22, 2018
If all these Deep State Criminals are not locked up after military tribunal courts are in effect starting Jan 1, 2019 there will be hell to pay from 70 million heavily armed patriors that are fed up with laws not being applied equally!!!!!
7790.  Richard Peek of HawaiiJul 22, 2018
7789.  Allen Kloske of New MexicoJul 22, 2018
What has this man done to advance the cause of justice? NOTHING BUT PICK HIS NOSE!
7788.  michael wilson of TennesseeJul 22, 2018
7787.  Doug Norman of MaineJul 22, 2018
7786.  MacK of NevadaJul 22, 2018
Please remove J Sessions ... We want a real AG !
7785.  Barbara of FloridaJul 22, 2018
7784.  William Capellos of FloridaJul 22, 2018
7783.  Jeffrey Hammond of PennsylvaniaJul 22, 2018
7782.  Debbie Bambulas of ArizonaJul 22, 2018
7781.  joseph levy of New YorkJul 22, 2018
get rid of rosenstein wray
7780.  Shirley Finney of IndianaJul 22, 2018
Get rid of the slacker !
7779.  Steven Messler of OhioJul 22, 2018
7778.  william boehmer of VirginiaJul 22, 2018
7777.  Carolyn Saucier of North CarolinaJul 22, 2018
He is a disgrace and needs to be fired along with the rest of them - Wray, Rosenstein, etc. They are all in this together. We have a corrupt FBI and Department of Justice.
7776.  Tim mars of MarylandJul 22, 2018
7775.  Susan Petril of FloridaJul 22, 2018
7774.  Julie Monohan of TexasJul 22, 2018
He does nothing. Where's he at? Mueller basement??
7773.  Mary Brinn of North CarolinaJul 22, 2018
We need an attorney general who is not afraid to prosecute crimes of treason.
7772.  Cher of CaliforniaJul 22, 2018
7771.  Lisa Keip of PennsylvaniaJul 22, 2018
7770.  DARIUSZ SZUMCZYK of New YorkJul 22, 2018
Mr. Sessions is the most incompetent person ever to serve in this high office. Mr. Sessions cares only about one person, himself! If he had any human decency left in him he would resign his office immediately. It is apparent that the so called deep state actors have some embarrassing file on him and that rendered him completely useless to the people of the United States and the president. Mr. President FIRE SESSIONS NOW, PLEASE! Our country deserves better! Please appoint someone that our CRIMINAL SECRET SERVICE ACTORS have no files on!
7769.  Charlie DePrimo of New YorkJul 22, 2018
Sessions Is One Big Misteak
7768.  Ellyn Stebbins of ArizonaJul 22, 2018
7767.  Edward Fyffe of IowaJul 21, 2018
We need Larry Klayman as Special Prosecutor to clean up the swamp!
7766.  Patricia Phillips of ArizonaJul 21, 2018
We waited and waited he's not acting on crime
7765.  m moore of North CarolinaJul 21, 2018
Remove Jeff Sessions as U.S. Attorney General
7764.  james samuelsen of MissouriJul 21, 2018
We the people have had enough with the corruption.
7763.  Eric Eklof of New HampshireJul 21, 2018
7762.  Jacqueline Hunt of CaliforniaJul 21, 2018
We are entering the zone of no return, if the Clown Nose Mueller continues his corrupt, and illegal actions, which were never Constitutionally appointed by the AG. Deputy Rosenstein did not have legal authority to appoint anyone, let alone his buddy, according to Mark Levin. The President has the control, but his attorney's are advising Mr./President Trump to not get involved. Congress needs 2/3's so they need to get going. Where are they? Listen to Mark Levin at AM 870.
7761.  Marion Lee of FloridaJul 21, 2018
7760.  Amy Staskiewicz of MichiganJul 21, 2018
7759.  Charles Livengood of GeorgiaJul 21, 2018
It's time to hold these traitors to account for their actions.
7758.  Dale Marinus of CaliforniaJul 21, 2018
7757.  Stephanie Radziewicz of CaliforniaJul 21, 2018
7756.  David S. Robbins of IndianaJul 21, 2018
I'm sorry but Sessons is a pure coward. He is of no value to honest Americans.
7755.  James Pringle of PennsylvaniaJul 21, 2018
7754.  Seth Caldwell of MichiganJul 21, 2018
7753.  Timothy Cochran of LouisianaJul 21, 2018
Time is up for those who are corrupt!
7751.  Roger Paull of NevadaJul 21, 2018
Sessions is useless!
7750.  Matthew of PennsylvaniaJul 21, 2018
Just another puppet, What has happened to this country ?????
7749.  Jeanette Gallagher of New JerseyJul 21, 2018
It is time to arrest these people that we have proof of treason, theft, pedophilia and murder. Please take action to correct this asap.
7748.  Ronald Van Duinen of FloridaJul 21, 2018
I cannot believe that a person who stated he would not prosecute Hillary Clinton is still attorney general. However, finding out that he is deep into the uranium one scam as well as complicit in it explains why he refused to prosecute or investigate Hillary Clinton. It is because he is part of the deep state, and could very well be Strozks' "insurance policy."
7747.  Elizabeth Van Duinen of FloridaJul 21, 2018
His seditionists acts have jeopardized the security and well being of our Country. I demand he resign or be removed.
7746.  Kim Cravens of ArizonaJul 21, 2018
Clean house on all the Deep State in the DOJ and State Dept.
7745.  Gary burkhart of IndianaJul 21, 2018
Keep up good fight...........real trump
7744.  Zachary Nesselrode of OhioJul 21, 2018
It's time to take control of OUR country again. People in my family died to make this country great and the deep state Hillary and her group of minions are destroying this country. While they site back and laugh. They are getting stronger every day. Iv seen first hand how a corrupt system can destroy my family. Please help this dying nation thank you for everything your doing.
7743.  Lori Crawford of MontanaJul 21, 2018
7742.  Gregory P.Yates of North CarolinaJul 21, 2018
7741.  Dr. Shana Chesla of CaliforniaJul 21, 2018
Servers brought forward. Vet FBI, CIA, every government operative. Investigate the Clinton Foundation accounting records. Fire Clinton, Obama, Bush holdovers in government. Investigate every murder surrounding the Clintons.Make public every covert operation record.
7740.  Janet Laurie of LouisianaJul 21, 2018
7739.  Kurt Kuhne of New YorkJul 21, 2018
Jeff needs to step up or step down; "WE tbe People" that hoped for justice from him are not seeing it- so get someone else that will seek justice...
7738.  barry breeland of AlabamaJul 21, 2018
7737.  nick quinlan of MichiganJul 21, 2018
Another criminal in government that belongs in one of the private prisons he has invested in.
7736.  Carol of TexasJul 21, 2018
7735.  Ehrlich of New JerseyJul 21, 2018
7734.  Robert Schlumberger of FloridaJul 21, 2018
7733.  Dominick D of NevadaJul 21, 2018
7732.  Robert C Norwood of North CarolinaJul 21, 2018
I believe Meuller should be tried as a felon . Asap.
7731.  Regina Rassi of IllinoisJul 21, 2018
Im in! What can I do? I want these Traitors put away!!!!!!!!!!
7730.  Carolyn Meece of IllinoisJul 20, 2018
We the People call on President Trump To remove Jeff Sessions as Attorney General and replace him with a confident Attorney who has the guts to prosecute James Comey, Hillary Clinton, Robert Mueller and others that were part of the Corrupt, Even Treasonous, Obama Administration and Hold Them Accountable for their Crimes!
7729.  Donald Chantry of UtahJul 20, 2018
7728.  Scott Lewis of OhioJul 20, 2018
Mr. Sessions is not doing his job and not taking care of issues important to the President and We the People of the United States of America. With all due respect to him he is either incompetent or potentially compromised.
7727.  Paul of MassachusettsJul 20, 2018
7726.  John Powell of MissouriJul 20, 2018
7725.  Matthew Deatherage of OregonJul 20, 2018
7724.  John Cramblit of IowaJul 20, 2018
7723.  Gordon Bigham of CaliforniaJul 20, 2018
7722.  Lena Merrell of FloridaJul 20, 2018
7721.  Terri Lee of FloridaJul 20, 2018
7720.  Svetla Tennyson of New YorkJul 20, 2018
7719.  PEGGY MCMILLEN of IndianaJul 20, 2018
7718.  Jermain hawver of MichiganJul 20, 2018
7717.  Robert Piatt of ArizonaJul 20, 2018
Thank you for doing this. We've needed someone to address "Justice" finally. Our DOJ is garbage along with the rats that run it.
7716.  Garrett Hilll of FloridaJul 20, 2018
Remove The Deep State
7715.  Jeanette Wigley of CaliforniaJul 20, 2018
Thank you for doing this it's about time someone does something .
7714.  DONNA RAMMER of TexasJul 20, 2018
7713.  Bruce Parker of AlaskaJul 20, 2018
7712.  Jody Vogler of KansasJul 20, 2018
We need someone who is strong and will do the job he was appointed to do!
7711.  Max Bofinger of CaliforniaJul 20, 2018
7710.  Lori Loveless of MinnesotaJul 20, 2018
7709.  Zach Ryan of ArkansasJul 20, 2018
Jeff Sessions has allowed a lawless IC to attempt a coup against a sitting president. We have an investigation in order to find a crime. What country allows this? Everyone who went against Clinton is under FBI investigation, yet no one charges the Clintons with crimes. The American people are awake, and we will stand for this no longer. JEFF SESSIONS MUST GO.
7708.  Larry slattery of TennesseeJul 20, 2018
7707.  Kathy slattery of TennesseeJul 20, 2018
7706.  Charmaine Helton of AlabamaJul 20, 2018
He is a big disappointment to the citizens of Alabama.
7705.  mike lerman of CaliforniaJul 20, 2018
Hi Larry if you are serious I can help you en-panel 3000 citizens common law grand jury 2 weeks from coast to coast as a create a citizens investigatory oversite panel to invesigate the crimes of these people and bring back indictments to deal with this violent insurgency threatening to overthrow our nation by a violent hot war I have written to the president about having you appointed to spear head this , I also showed him how sufficient funds can be provided for the project debt free to the taxpayers to accomplish this independent oversite . I will get with you if he gives the go ahead . This is a work in progress
7704.  Glory Kuhrt of CaliforniaJul 19, 2018
The Muller investigation against President Trumpt has turned into a political witch hunt and is destroying our country and wasting our tax payer dollars. I had respect for the FBI and CIA until forced to observe the destruction of what our Founding Fathers planned for our Republic. If we don't have the power to turn this around soon, our country will be gone.
7703.  Brendan Morris of CaliforniaJul 19, 2018
7702.  Rosalie Scheel of TexasJul 19, 2018
7701.  ALAN STEINBRONN of VirginiaJul 19, 2018
7700.  Terry L Cornett of WashingtonJul 19, 2018
Deplorable in a basket with all my brother and sister Patriots. Thank GOD I'm a Conservative! Thanks to all Patriots for making a change! TRUMP PENCE 2020 MAGA!!!!!
7699.  Jason of WashingtonJul 19, 2018
Let justice prevail
7698.  Terry Cornett of WashingtonJul 19, 2018
I wrote a note before, but I had a hard time getting into my email, once in there was no email from FW.
7697.  Connie of AlabamaJul 19, 2018
7696.  Edgar Mejia of IllinoisJul 19, 2018
I am sick and tired of soldiers being sent to fight and die for money and power. I love what our country stands for and these crooked politicians have perverted everything about our government. We, the people, should not be afraid of our government. The government should be afraid of its people.
7695.  Forrest ledbetter of OklahomaJul 19, 2018
I have true Americans back will fight to protect the Constitution and our country our right to protect our president and legal government laws
7694.  Brian Phillips of TexasJul 19, 2018
7693.  Steve Kaloczi of CaliforniaJul 19, 2018
7692.  Joan Leon of TexasJul 19, 2018
7691.  Craig Galow of North CarolinaJul 19, 2018
7690.  Mattie of VirginiaJul 19, 2018
7689.  David Kubik of KentuckyJul 19, 2018
He cannot do his job. Either he needs to retire or be fired. Try Jeanne Pirro to take his place David
7688.  Todd of ColoradoJul 19, 2018
7687.  Joyce Giasson of MaineJul 19, 2018
Washington needs to cleansed
7686.  Chuck Newnham of KentuckyJul 19, 2018
Jeff Sessions is incompetent and needs to step down or be removed along with Rod Rosenstein and Robert Meuller. Also, why does Peter Strzok still work at the FBI? He needs to be fired along with Comey and McCabe.
7685.  russell rintelmann of MichiganJul 19, 2018
Totally kill the treasonous deep state! It's 1776 all over again!!!
7684.  Mary Ellen Fox of TennesseeJul 19, 2018
7683.  Amy Wagner of PennsylvaniaJul 19, 2018
Thank you for taking the necessary steps to help us Patriots save our country! The corruption and treason within our government must be stopped!
7682.  Dr. Russell Rintelmann of MichiganJul 19, 2018
Totally kill the treasonous deep state! It's 1776 all over again against total TYRANNY!!!
7681.  Dean H of CaliforniaJul 19, 2018
Larry, Heard you on InfoWars and I support your efforts 100%! We have to do something, I just know that everyone will walk away Scot Free and then when these criminals regroup they will exact their vengeance on those of us that dared stand up for real justice & freedom and we'll be toast!
7680.  Brien Carboni of ConnecticutJul 19, 2018
7679.  Frank of FloridaJul 19, 2018
7678.  Bruce of OhioJul 19, 2018
7677.  william rauber of NevadaJul 19, 2018
You did great work in helping the Bundys. I will support you financially but I don't want to be on your mailing list or have my name sold to third parties.
7676.  Jerry Weaver of IdahoJul 19, 2018
I believe he is a Democrat plant who weaseled his way into the Trump Campaign and garnered false trust with Trump. Sessions has been lying and deceiving the President and American Public since his appointment.
7675.  Kenneth Kort of FloridaJul 19, 2018
Benjamin Franklin (1706-90) QUOTATION: "Well, Doctor, what have we got a Republic or a Monarchy?" "A Republic, if you can keep it." It is up to "we the people" to maintain the Republic.
7674.  James G, Wilson of South CarolinaJul 19, 2018
7673.  Norma of New MexicoJul 19, 2018
7672.  Henry Angsten of WisconsinJul 19, 2018
Its a bunch of fine looking necks they've got there... They thought it was going to be politics as usual.......they underestimated Donald Trump and now they are stuck fighting to save their butts for at least 2.5 more years. .. Frantic, Nervous, Upset, Emotional There’s a Safe Space for Mueller, Rosenstein and gang...It’s called a Prison Cell. Freedom Watch is the deep state bureaucrats worst nightmare: people watching them. judging the quality of their "work" (LOL). accountability! the horror, the horror
7671.  Clayton Lee of TexasJul 19, 2018
Worst AG I can remember in my lifetime in not doing what needs to be done. He is pitiful. He's intimidated by Rod Rosenstein and does RR's bidding or says nothing at all. JS must go ASAP!
7670.  Patricia Valdes of FloridaJul 19, 2018
7669.  Leonard Reynolds of OregonJul 19, 2018
7668.  Lyn Wolfrom of AlabamaJul 19, 2018
7667.  Bryan Benedetti of OhioJul 19, 2018
It is the people who will remove the deep state and politicians who refuse to fight.
7666.  B.Ross of IndianaJul 18, 2018
7665.  Robert Fearnside of AlaskaJul 18, 2018
Drain the swamp. Keep up the good work.
7664.  William Jackson Eads of TennesseeJul 18, 2018
Larry Kaman for President after president Trump's 8year
7663.  Ter Voe of ArizonaJul 18, 2018
7662.  Nate poston of South CarolinaJul 18, 2018
We have to get together and go do it!!
7661.  Matthew Torp of MinnesotaJul 18, 2018
7660.  Michael Randolph of FloridaJul 18, 2018
7659.  Lora of FloridaJul 18, 2018
Cant believe they are still going on this fake investagation. Mueller needs to be stopped. All these peoples lifes they have destoryed. They need to go to jail.comey mccabe mueller rosenstein strzok clinton obama brennan wray. They are destorying our country.
7658.  Bruce Colburn of North CarolinaJul 18, 2018
Sessions is the single biggest mistake of the Trump presidency.
7657.  Bob and Ann of TexasJul 18, 2018
The fraud and waste MUST STOP!!! We call upon President Trump to REMOVE Robert Mueller as Special Counsel and Jeff Sessions as US AG. Time to appoint Larry Klayman to investigate ALL the scandals perpetrated by the democrats.
7656.  Jonathan Zagar of ColoradoJul 18, 2018
7655.  John Buchanan of West VirginiaJul 18, 2018
7654.  Ralph of PennsylvaniaJul 18, 2018
Traitors against USA !! Obviously bought and payed for by crooked Hilary Clinton .... Lock’em all up NOW !!!!
7653.  Gary jahnke of TexasJul 18, 2018
7652.  Aaron Kelley of FloridaJul 18, 2018
These people hate The United States Of America. If they didn't, they would be doing what they could to help President Trump MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN.
7651.  Jane K. Schisser of TexasJul 18, 2018
7650.  Dennis Dill of ArizonaJul 18, 2018
7649.  Eric of VirginiaJul 18, 2018
The treason of this cabal will not stand forever. Patriots, and there are 60 million plus of us btw , who ARE NOT going to stand by and let these globalist, criminal, traitors take our great nation! - Sic Semper Tyrannis
7648.  David N Larson of TexasJul 18, 2018
7647.  Margaret Paddock of ArizonaJul 18, 2018
As Attorney General Sessions has the responsibility to oversee all investigations. It is not enough for him to work on a few of his choosing. Even if someone else was assigned to oversee a project he should still intervene when necessary and that has not happened. We can not allow people like Rosenstein and Mueller to control the DOJ.
7646.  Bob of VirginiaJul 18, 2018
AG Sessions is a fine gentleman but he is not up to the task of indicting criminals in our government.
7645.  eduardo.f.bracamonte of ArizonaJul 18, 2018
7644.  Martin Passarella of PennsylvaniaJul 18, 2018
Get rid of him asap
7643.  Stephen Sciscoe of IndianaJul 18, 2018
I am so wanting to clean our government of swamp rats whoever they are and wha tever position they hold.
7642.  John Clark of MassachusettsJul 18, 2018
7641.  Jake Wooten of FloridaJul 18, 2018
7640.  Robert W. Whitton of GeorgiaJul 18, 2018
I have trouble believing that our Justice System won't pursue Investigations against the people who tried to overthrow a Presidential Election and the Clinton Crime Apparatus. Jeff Sessions has failed the United States and its Citizens.
7639.  Rose of PennsylvaniaJul 18, 2018
This never should have started. Its all planned and they will not quit. Trump is getting alot done even with no help.Sessions is part of the swamp.
7638.  Kenneth D. Keith Sr. of TennesseeJul 18, 2018
7637.  John bowen of TennesseeJul 18, 2018
7636.  Carlos Barletta of TexasJul 18, 2018
7635.  Christopher Kuehl of PennsylvaniaJul 18, 2018
Thank you for taking on this challenge to save our country! These people are threatening the very foundation of our country and must be stopped!
7634.  James P. Stockwell, Jr. of MichiganJul 18, 2018
We can do this; Trust god!
7633.  Troy Flowers of MississippiJul 18, 2018
Sessions is too timid, and must be bold to expose evil for what it is in politics and society as well. Justice must prevail, and he is not seeking justice right now for whatever reasons. Get someone who will do the job!
7632.  Patricia Dalton of FloridaJul 18, 2018
7631.  laura e stanton of MontanaJul 18, 2018
7630.  Mark Chapin of ArkansasJul 18, 2018
7629.  Christine Martin of TexasJul 18, 2018
7628.  peter DeStefano of MichiganJul 18, 2018
7627.  michael of KansasJul 18, 2018
7626.  Dan Southern of OklahomaJul 18, 2018
7625.  Edward Hanssen of IowaJul 18, 2018
We all need to work to remove Mueller. He has demonstrated unAmerican activities. At no time in America has there been an attempt to remove a sitting President by a political coup. The activity needs to eradicated, indicted, sentenced, and imprisoned. And if necessary, if treason is found - executed! This truly is subversion from the beginning!
7624.  Jack of FloridaJul 18, 2018
7623.  Emma Mosley of WashingtonJul 18, 2018
Thank You for all of your hard work. Good Luck in putting these Criminals in Prison.
7622.  Merlin Moon of IdahoJul 18, 2018
7621.  Ryan of MontanaJul 18, 2018
7620.  Alan of FloridaJul 18, 2018
Couldn’t agree more...
7619.  Luis Diaz of FloridaJul 18, 2018
7618.  Kathy Graziano of New YorkJul 18, 2018
We need an attorney general who will act on behalf of the American people. He never should have recused himself. Was he also a plant in the Trump campaign, because he had done nothing to level the scales of justice.
7617.  Joan Caldwell of New JerseyJul 18, 2018
We The People are sickened, outraged, disgusted, and ready to remove all who oppose The Constitution of the United States.
7616.  philip of FloridaJul 18, 2018
Fire Muller ASAP, Trump is right about the witch hunt. Muller MUST GO NOW!!!!!!!
7615.  Robert Keeney IV of FloridaJul 18, 2018
The time is long past due for the American People to take Justice back in to our own hands. I condemn moralists that refuse to wake up and smell the coffee as well as those that unconstitutionally wage wars on medicinal substances that humanity has been engaged with for thousands upon thousands of years, talk down to the chronically ill who need aforementioned substances, and refuse to pull their head out of the sand on ALL other issues; including the pedophile invasion that directly jeopardizes the future of our nation. The American people are fed up.
7614.  Joe Pringle of ArkansasJul 18, 2018
7613.  Saima Kelley of FloridaJul 18, 2018
7612.  Carolyn Price of OregonJul 18, 2018
JUSTICE! God Bless and Protect You Always Mr. Klayman....and those working with you. .
7611.  Brian Geyer of PennsylvaniaJul 17, 2018
I cant access your website on my smart phone. anyone else having this problem?
7610.  Matthew Radovich of CaliforniaJul 17, 2018
7609.  Marie of CaliforniaJul 17, 2018
7608.  Matt Andrews of TennesseeJul 17, 2018
Please get rid of corruption in our system. Hold these high power members accountable.
7607.  Brad of PennsylvaniaJul 17, 2018
Fire his lazy worthless ass!
7606.  ron suiter of WashingtonJul 17, 2018
7605.  Annemarie Espinola of CaliforniaJul 17, 2018
It’s time to do something!! Save America from this corruption.
7604.  STEPHEN INDYK of New JerseyJul 17, 2018
7603.  Matt of New YorkJul 17, 2018
7602.  Sherrey Badalamenti of MichiganJul 17, 2018
7601.  Laura Slate of TexasJul 17, 2018
Fire Jeff Sessions asap!
7600.  William Michael Bridges of TennesseeJul 17, 2018
7599.  Melvin Almond of South CarolinaJul 17, 2018
Send Mueller to prison now
7598.  Brad Havens of WashingtonJul 17, 2018
Need A Constitutional Representative in his position with a spine. He's a no show stooge. We can citezin arrest Clinton on all of this evidence and many more. Obvious Deep Stater.
7597.  Michael Grider of IndianaJul 17, 2018
Sessions wasn’t even effective selecting anyone to perform an honest investigation of the swamp, let alone take any action. How can he sit by, and not do anything, when the President is attacked everyday by the guilty ones?
7596.  TODD ANDERSEN of WashingtonJul 17, 2018
7595.  Cynthia Morningstar of MassachusettsJul 17, 2018
7594.  JIM HALL of TexasJul 17, 2018
7593.  Mark Babineau of New YorkJul 17, 2018
The actual name of the entity in our government referred to as "The Deep State" is The Senior Executive Service. We need a list of names of the members. This bureaucratic agency along withe treasuries Exchange Stabilization Fund are the most prolific domestic threat to our constitutional republic as well as the military industrial security complex.
7592.  Karie Heggerness of MinnesotaJul 17, 2018
7591.  Sharon Crocker of CaliforniaJul 17, 2018
We need to get the Clintons, Obamas Pelosi's and Brown arrested charged with Treason just to start.
7590.  Roxanne Goin of OregonJul 17, 2018
Thank you/! Get all these crooks out of office, we have known for years the shills and traitors they are. Time to do something about it!
7589.  Millie Summers of TexasJul 17, 2018
7588.  Arthur McGhee of ArkansasJul 17, 2018
He is not even attempting to do his job, tax money going to him for nothing,
7587.  John of OklahomaJul 17, 2018
Justice needs served to all these people!
7586.  Tom Picaso of PennsylvaniaJul 17, 2018
7585.  Rozalind Holbrook of CaliforniaJul 17, 2018
7584.  Ross Madden of VirginiaJul 17, 2018
We need justice, we need a #2ndSpecialCounsel, and we need Jeff Sessions to step aside, but he will not. Therefore, I petition my government to remove USAG Jeff Sessions immediately!
7583.  bob of TexasJul 17, 2018
we need someone who will add drums of bleach to the gene pool swamp. leaving these maligant tumors in charge is an insult to the stand up men and women at the DOJ & FBI; plus the rest of us that pay their wages and benifets
7582.  Edna Stoddard of MississippiJul 17, 2018
7581.  Julie Serda of OhioJul 17, 2018
7580.  David Reis of New YorkJul 17, 2018
7579.  Kim Martin of PennsylvaniaJul 17, 2018
Sessions has not arrested Hillary, Obama, Lynch, Brennan, Comey, Strzok, Page, etc., for obvious crimes. It's time to arrest these and more individuals who have committed treason, obstruction of justice, murder, etc. How long does America have to wait?
7578.  Michael o Volgmann of WisconsinJul 17, 2018
Please HELP us President Trump
7577.  Miranda of OhioJul 17, 2018
7576.  Beverly of OhioJul 17, 2018
7575.  Dwayne Porter of OhioJul 17, 2018
7574.  Carolyn E. Obitz of PennsylvaniaJul 17, 2018
7573.  Kathy Jo Wistert of OregonJul 17, 2018
7572.  Susan C McCausland of WashingtonJul 17, 2018
He has been a disgrace & behaves like the deep state has something on him!
7571.  Paul Sammons of TexasJul 17, 2018
7570.  Marcus of GeorgiaJul 17, 2018
7569.  Martin lebsack of IowaJul 17, 2018
I’ve been saying this for years. We are the Government. The people, not the Criminals. Time to take a stand.
7568.  Virginia Olander of MississippiJul 17, 2018
We represent everyone who wants to see justice pursued and restore our great country. Please remove these bad actors from our government. We support President Trump and thank Freedom Watch.
7567.  John Cuddy of New YorkJul 17, 2018
What is this man doing? We need action now.
7566.  Brian of TexasJul 17, 2018
7565.  Alan D. Smith of TexasJul 17, 2018
Please, contact me. I live in the Dallas Metroplex.
7564.  Thomas Johnson of WisconsinJul 17, 2018
Unless Sessions has a trick up his sleeve with Prosecutor Huber in Utah, it’s time for Jeff to go - NOW!!
7563.  mary of OhioJul 17, 2018
7562.  Laurie Chaisson of MassachusettsJul 17, 2018
7561.  STEPHANIE DUPREE of TexasJul 17, 2018
7560.  Susana Souto of New JerseyJul 17, 2018
7559.  norman sampson of Rhode IslandJul 17, 2018
7558.  Jaime Goe of FloridaJul 17, 2018
7557.  Jeff Goe of FloridaJul 17, 2018
Yes please do this you have my full support!!!!!
7556.  Jennifer Marshall of OklahomaJul 17, 2018
7555.  Tristan Berry of FloridaJul 17, 2018
7554.  Carlene Phillips of TennesseeJul 17, 2018
Sessions is another person that protects the low Democrats and only waste the tax payers money at pertenting to do something about all of the graff that is going on in our country.
7553.  Galina of CaliforniaJul 17, 2018
7552.  PETER LOCASCIO of CaliforniaJul 17, 2018
7551.  Mark Koslosky of ConnecticutJul 17, 2018
7550.  Larry Bonham of TexasJul 17, 2018
7549.  Jerry Paul Malczewski of ColoradoJul 17, 2018
7548.  Gary W Hulin of OregonJul 17, 2018
The current problems we are having in government will not stop until justice is done. That will require the removal of ALL those who have broken the laws of our land...the removal of all those who have sought to destroy our great nation from within...the removal and prosecution of the participants of the Deep State.
7547.  Kevin Hagan of OregonJul 16, 2018
Get rid of the SOB!
7546.  Dinna of LouisianaJul 16, 2018
7545.  cheryl meril of CaliforniaJul 16, 2018
Jeffrey Sessions is a member of Senior Executive Services (SES) since 1989 and is completely compromised.
7544.  Deb Burgess of MaineJul 16, 2018
Thank you
7543.  Patrick Morrison of GeorgiaJul 16, 2018
7542.  David OBrien of MinnesotaJul 16, 2018
Our DOJ is corrupt and we need to do something about it. Our constitution gives us this unique ability for such a time as this.
7541.  darren of CaliforniaJul 16, 2018
drain the swamp!
7540.  Colley Croteau of MarylandJul 16, 2018
7539.  Claude Blanchard of LouisianaJul 16, 2018
Fox News seems to have drank the cool aid. I saw Trump meeting with a head of state and not trying to put him on the spot like Chris Wallace did. The Donald is keeping the strength of our safety in mind by discussing nuclear weapons ... not Mueller's talking points. The Dems and their enabler the FBI are out to get the Donald ... who belittles the FBI by asking why cannot they produce "the server(s)".....
7538.  Alan Machen of GeorgiaJul 16, 2018
7537.  Brad Martin of PennsylvaniaJul 16, 2018
Get that BUMM out of there. He hasnt done shit for this country! I want to see people locked up. He has had enough get these crooked democrats and crooked Hillary locked up!
7536.  Kristine Schultz of OklahomaJul 16, 2018
7535.  Karen of CaliforniaJul 16, 2018
Lock them up and NOW!!!! Sessions is a lame duck! He needs to go and bring someone strong and ready to actually work for Trump and America.
7534.  Onfalia of CaliforniaJul 16, 2018
Jeff Session for his actions he is anti Trump, recused himself from Russia investigation, wow he must be part of the deep state, he does not show any interest about the fake dossier and team of anti Trump leaders from CIA and FBI.
7533.  James Hanrahan of New YorkJul 16, 2018
The AG that wasn't there! He's been absent most of the time!
7532.  Christopher Smith of CaliforniaJul 16, 2018
7531.  John W. Wright of ArizonaJul 16, 2018
Need AG that will do the job. Session must be removed
7530.  Raphael Paz of CaliforniaJul 16, 2018
He is very weak and not going after Hillary or the FBI cronies.
7529.  Sandra of AlabamaJul 16, 2018
7528.  Erin Long of WashingtonJul 16, 2018
7527.  David J Landi of Rhode IslandJul 16, 2018
I will help in any way you need. Please go forward with this .
7526.  Mitch Auble of FloridaJul 16, 2018
7525.  Richard of MarylandJul 16, 2018
Long Overdue. Trump didn't go to meet the Swamp the Swamp went out to meet him. Sessions chose to end his career in disgrace.
7524.  Brenda Addy of WisconsinJul 16, 2018
7523.  Michael Downs of VirginiaJul 16, 2018
7522.  James wood of IdahoJul 16, 2018
Thank you for helping take back our country
7521.  Marsha K Walker of MarylandJul 16, 2018
7520.  Penny Sisson of OhioJul 16, 2018
Robert Mueller needs to be removed as Special Counsel now. Also, please replace Jeff Sessions and get rid if Strzok, and arrest the Clinton Regime, including Barack Obama.
7519.  Jason Bowers of OhioJul 16, 2018
He is turning a blind eye to the corruption in the CIA/FBI. At this critical time the American people need someone who will enforce the law.
7518.  patrice of MassachusettsJul 16, 2018
7517.  Ken Smith of TexasJul 16, 2018
It's pretty apparent that Jeff Sessions has been compromised by the deep state and Globalist establishment
7516.  David Miller of WashingtonJul 16, 2018
7515.  Kim Knoll of PennsylvaniaJul 16, 2018
7514.  Al Stone of NevadaJul 16, 2018
7513.  CYNTHIA ODONOGHUE of ArizonaJul 16, 2018
7512.  Carol J Hebbe of PennsylvaniaJul 16, 2018
I can't believe my country has reduced it's self to allowing criminals to run fony investigations against a duely elected president. Trump is my president and it's not fair we the people are being robbed by a crooked investigation. It needs to end now! Stop the corruption! Ty for this help The swamp was worse then we knew.
7511.  Thomas J Luongo of New YorkJul 16, 2018
7510.  Gerrit Hafenstein of WisconsinJul 16, 2018
Justice for TREASON NOW!!!!!!!!
7509.  Tim Miller of MichiganJul 16, 2018
7508.  Matthew Loggins of PennsylvaniaJul 16, 2018
7507.  Lori of TennesseeJul 16, 2018
I've written Sessions asking for him to resign. We need to be as loud on the right as the left is!
7506.  Karen Mustard of West VirginiaJul 16, 2018
We have yo do something to bring these people to justice. Thank God for freedom watch.
7505.  Kathy Jagos of MichiganJul 16, 2018
We need EVERYONE to get involved in this great mission you have laid out!
7504.  Henry Jagos of MichiganJul 16, 2018
We need EVERYONE to get involved in this great mission you have laid out!
7503.  Michelle Holt of North CarolinaJul 16, 2018
7502.  Michele L. Ryan of PennsylvaniaJul 16, 2018
Every American is sick to death of all of the disgusting behavior of Jeff Sessions none compliance. In helping our President, either help clean or get out of the way!
7501.  Aaron cimino of CaliforniaJul 16, 2018
7500.  Gary McAleer of TennesseeJul 16, 2018
Everything and everyone associated with the baby-snuffing, lying, traitorous democrats need to be removed from power.
7499.  Mike of CaliforniaJul 16, 2018
Perhaps he MIGHT have been a competent Overseer on an Antebellum cotton plantation?
7498.  Tim Mathis of GeorgiaJul 16, 2018
7497.  rick baulding of North CarolinaJul 16, 2018
To whom it may concern @ My name is Rick Baulding USArmy vet 60 years old current resident of North Carolina and have been for most of my life except for 2 years in Texas Ft. hood and 1 year Camp Casey South Korea. Im very poor barely paying bills enough to maintain a household i can't really afford a donation but I will donate $10 because I like you would be willing to stick my neck out for this cause because I to wish to restore equal justice for all in this country that I love. Furthermore I wish to thank you for your service and commend you on your great work. This could very well be our (we the people) last chance to stop the corruption. We can't wait any longer when President Trump is gone it's to late. I can't stress it enough WE THE PEOPLE may never have another chance to fix our Government! I am behind you 100% One suggestion if I may you should take a poll to see how many members you could get if a membership where offered. Sincerely Rick Bauldin...
7496.  john swenston of CaliforniaJul 16, 2018
7495.  William of MarylandJul 16, 2018
7494.  Debra Hesse of MissouriJul 16, 2018
7493.  Ramona Lee of WashingtonJul 16, 2018
Fed up. Let's move forward.
7492.  Donald Hogue of WashingtonJul 16, 2018
7491.  Louis Barger of MichiganJul 16, 2018
7490.  teresa of KansasJul 16, 2018
7489.  Jeffrey Dakota of MontanaJul 16, 2018
7488.  Don Conroy of New YorkJul 16, 2018
7487.  Martin Bunn of IllinoisJul 16, 2018
It is time we put and end to this corruption.
7486.  Sharen Bunn of IllinoisJul 16, 2018
It is time we put and end to this corruption. Lets find the real wrong doings by Clinton and Obama.
7485.  Chris strishock of GeorgiaJul 16, 2018
7484.  Donald Adsitt of WashingtonJul 16, 2018
7483.  Beverly Kelsch of North DakotaJul 16, 2018
7482.  Robert Sherwin of MichiganJul 16, 2018
Restore Justice
7481.  Kyle Bullock of WashingtonJul 16, 2018
Time to restore our country
7480.  Jason Odom of North CarolinaJul 16, 2018
7479.  earl kitover of IllinoisJul 16, 2018
7478.  Michelle of MichiganJul 16, 2018
7477.  meredith of MissouriJul 16, 2018
7476.  Ronald L Peterson of MontanaJul 16, 2018
time to get an attorney general that isn't compromised Send Sessions off to retirement, he almost qualifies now with his inactive post, naptime
7475.  Brandon Reasoner of TexasJul 16, 2018
Drain the Swamp! MAGA! 🇺🇸
7474.  Desiree Hann of IdahoJul 16, 2018
Thank You God, for Larry Column & Freedom Watch. We need justice, our right to live without fear. To be free instead of being enslaved, & not have to be forced to live by laws that are against the laws of God, He has "asked" us to obey. NO ONE is above the law, including the Government Officials, put there by the corrupt Progressive Committee, (NWO), & a controlled election system, that overrides what the U.S. citizen's want. I am signing this petition, & I will stand up & fight, for what I believe in. That is Good, to live happy & free & prosper as God intended us to do. The bible tells us, God will place our Leaders, to obey them for they are servants of God. Well when these leaders turn to illegal & criminal ways of corruption, they are no longer Servants of God. They serve satan, & I WILL NOT, follow & obey satan. Will You?
7473.  mike hoehn of FloridaJul 16, 2018
7472.  Luke Kendall of TennesseeJul 16, 2018
7471.  Curtis Sather of CaliforniaJul 16, 2018
1776...we the people get strength from God and need to turn to him now.
7470.  Brad Wilkus of NevadaJul 16, 2018
7469.  Scott E. Craver of OhioJul 16, 2018
7468.  Robert Parris of South CarolinaJul 16, 2018
It's time we take our country back. And we "the people" MUST do what everyone in our impotent Congress will not!!
7467.  Debra Milton of AlabamaJul 16, 2018
Sessions has let us down send him packing.
7466.  Jackie Haynes of ArkansasJul 16, 2018
He is not doing his job.
7465.  Erick hanke of FloridaJul 16, 2018
7464.  Susan Burnett of FloridaJul 16, 2018
7463.  Eric Kraus of WisconsinJul 16, 2018
7462.  Lawrence Granit of GeorgiaJul 16, 2018
I don’t care if you like him or not, he’s not doing his job Let’s get Rudy Giuliani th there
7461.  Mary Gunn of TexasJul 16, 2018
Mr. Sessions is hiding his head in the sand and won't do his job. The American people have to step in and do the job The President can't do his job if they don't do theirs
7460.  Anthony Shark of New YorkJul 16, 2018
it's the public's time to take back our republic..
7459.  Mark Norwood of FloridaJul 16, 2018
In regards to Sessions, I do respect the fact that he recused himself. It WAS the correct Legal decision. Although the timing could Not have been worse!!! YES: Jeff Sessions, in my view should step down as USAG>>> . Possibly then he could aid us with some of Inditement work!! I'm just sayin.. In addition, careful consideration, and extreme Vetting for our next AG! Thanks Sincerely, Mark Norwood 07/16/2018
7458.  Patrick Binder of ColoradoJul 16, 2018
7457.  Nick Fiorello of GeorgiaJul 16, 2018
7456.  Eugene young of WashingtonJul 16, 2018
7455.  Margaret Green of TexasJul 16, 2018
7454.  Carol Schell of IndianaJul 15, 2018
7453.  JD Smaylis of ArizonaJul 15, 2018
n Now!  » Read Background / Share LIVE RESULTS 26617.  JD SMAYLIS of Arizona•3m I absolutely support the removal of Robert Mueller from every aspect of life that involves freedom. In other words, he should be locked up and the key thrown away. I support the removal of Sessions, Rosenstein, and the redefining of the parameters of the position of Special Counsel by congress. Mueller is currently acting outside the limits of his position in violation of the appointments clause in Article II of the Constitution.
7452.  C W of NevadaJul 15, 2018
7451.  Dennis Scott of OklahomaJul 15, 2018
7450.  Bruce Stockton of ArizonaJul 15, 2018
I have said for the last 4 years to do a citizen arrest. Some one finally is thinking.
7449.  Mark Stanley of MissouriJul 15, 2018
7448.  Maxine Vertz of KentuckyJul 15, 2018
We have enough information to indict these people and.their." accessories"
7447.  David Vertz of KentuckyJul 15, 2018
No longer above the law.
7446.  Perry L Bingham of CaliforniaJul 15, 2018
7445.  Dan Hyatt of CaliforniaJul 15, 2018
Accepting responsibility is admitting guilt!
7444.  Scott of ColoradoJul 15, 2018
7443.  James Thomas of CaliforniaJul 15, 2018
7442.  Duane of OregonJul 15, 2018
7441.  Kevin Luff of TexasJul 15, 2018
I've been following since November just before the election of DJT. Every day Hillary has the freedom to tweet and walks freely among us is proof there is a two tier justice system and this should not be! Remove Jeff Sessions and end the Mueller investigation!
7440.  Ronald caldwell of OklahomaJul 15, 2018
Can I come be part of this? I will. Sweep the floors!!!
7439.  valerie denney of ArizonaJul 15, 2018
incompetent. refuses to do his job.
7438.  Samuel M. Waters of PennsylvaniaJul 15, 2018
7437.  John Hackett of ArizonaJul 15, 2018
He is not doing his job and he is not defending the Constitution....He is either scared or involved in something he should not be,,,,but something is wrong.
7436.  Chris Kohlhepp of HawaiiJul 15, 2018
Bring down the Clintons, Rosentein, Mueller and any one else in this corruption seeking to bring down our president, this country and the principles it is founded on.
7435.  Dorothy Brown of DelawareJul 15, 2018
7434.  Laura Mackey of DelawareJul 15, 2018
7433.  Tyler Chartrand of ArizonaJul 15, 2018
A deep state phony from the start. Drain it!
7432.  Michael Holloman of GeorgiaJul 15, 2018
Remove the Keebler Elf!!!
7431.  Clifford Jones of ArizonaJul 15, 2018
7430.  Thomas Johnston of TennesseeJul 15, 2018
The time for talking has long past. I don't care how well these demons are being grilled by Congress. Action now! The good people of this country are ready to back it up.
7429.  Leslie Patten of WashingtonJul 15, 2018
Excellent Work and this needs to be done now.
7428.  Lonnie p mcgallion of TexasJul 15, 2018
7427.  Florence Woodbrook of WashingtonJul 15, 2018
7426.  Carl e cole of TennesseeJul 15, 2018
7425.  LindaMercer of South CarolinaJul 15, 2018
7424.  Richard Himes of PennsylvaniaJul 15, 2018
7423.  George Corson of New JerseyJul 15, 2018
7422.  mary page of OregonJul 15, 2018
7421.  Kenneth Steed of MississippiJul 15, 2018
I am tired of all these politicians getting away with all this corruption and trying to bring this great country down.
7420.  michael levine of TexasJul 15, 2018
7419.  Kenneth Portie of LouisianaJul 15, 2018
7418.  Clint Reed of ColoradoJul 15, 2018
7417.  Steve Dosmann of IllinoisJul 15, 2018
Someone needs to talk !!!
7416.  Doug of TexasJul 15, 2018
7415.  David goodban of CaliforniaJul 15, 2018
7414.  ed ryan of South CarolinaJul 15, 2018
7413.  Trula Igou of IndianaJul 15, 2018
7412.  steve sullens of FloridaJul 15, 2018
we got to take back our county
7411.  Jeffrey Streets of WashingtonJul 15, 2018
7410.  Jeremy Boivin of OregonJul 15, 2018
7409.  William Menghi of MarylandJul 15, 2018
7408.  emil of TexasJul 15, 2018
7407.  PatriciaP of North CarolinaJul 15, 2018
7406.  Harris, Craig Allen of MichiganJul 15, 2018
7405.  Bryson Smith of GeorgiaJul 15, 2018
7404.  Francis Loupe Sr. of FloridaJul 15, 2018
7403.  GwenBlizard of CaliforniaJul 15, 2018
7402.  Steven Pekrul of KansasJul 15, 2018
7401.  Cyndi Artinger of TexasJul 15, 2018
7400.  Charles Bourbeau of VirginiaJul 15, 2018
7399.  dan thomas of FloridaJul 15, 2018
7398.  Codie Chapin of MassachusettsJul 15, 2018
Sick and tired of the blatant corruption. Its easy to see if you do just a tiny bit of your OWN research, but unfortunately people are useful idiots and have no critical thinking skills. They believe what they are told and will not look into anything for themselves.
7397.  Justin Leinbach of CaliforniaJul 15, 2018
7396.  Michael Ross of KansasJul 15, 2018
7395.  Susan Smith of KansasJul 15, 2018
7394.  Anthony LaRosa of FloridaJul 15, 2018
Put them all in jail FBI to
7393.  steven smith of TexasJul 15, 2018
7392.  Gary Marshall of KentuckyJul 15, 2018
7391.  Jeffery Murry of MissouriJul 15, 2018
7390.  Jeffrey Fogarty of FloridaJul 15, 2018
It's long over do to take Muller and Rosenstien down and clean house in the DOJ. Start putting them in jail and try them for treason. Replace Sessions now....
7389.  Stan Puchalski of FloridaJul 15, 2018
7388.  Lorraine Johnson of MinnesotaJul 15, 2018
7387.  Robert Vaccaro sr of New HampshireJul 15, 2018
7386.  Steve Talley of West VirginiaJul 15, 2018
If we dont take our country back now it will be lost forever.
7385.  Michelle Ross of WisconsinJul 15, 2018
We The people Must take back control of justice in this Country. There is and has been more than enough evidence to put the Clinton's, Obama, Lynch, etc. etc. etc. - the Deep State who are committing treason against America
7384.  Gabriel a. Miranda of CaliforniaJul 15, 2018
7383.  wil of South CarolinaJul 15, 2018
Career politicians and larger government controller by corporations and the mainstream media, not the people as written in our constitution. The reason for agency's like the NSA, CIA, FBI, IRS, NASA, etc,,, when politicians get caught with their pants down, they can use these agency's as a distraction to play the blame game to give them a chance to change the narrative in hope's they can cover up and bury what they have been caught doing, things that would put us away in prison for life, they get a slap on the wrist, can you say double standard, our tax dollars hard at work. The peoples government became a legalize mafia, this is how We the People take back our government, start by removing Jeff Sessions as Attorney General and Replace Him With a Competent Attorney. President DJ Trump, has showed how Gov, could do the job in a timely manner something that career politicians could never do, they slow play everything "The answer is transparency" stop electing career politicians, ele...
7382.  Harrison Clark of CaliforniaJul 15, 2018
Can't happen soon enough.
7381.  Mark Jackson of IllinoisJul 15, 2018
Jeff Sessions has done a great job at removing and sending to prison a lot of the pedophiles around the country, that is a good thing! However it seems everything else he's taking a pass on and not doing his job, he needs to go!
7380.  Neal Grier of AlabamaJul 15, 2018
7379.  Gary L ROOP of IndianaJul 15, 2018
it's time for justice to be done!
7378.  henry lombardi of HawaiiJul 15, 2018
7377.  Gene Duck of GeorgiaJul 15, 2018
7376.  Larry Feagles of MissouriJul 15, 2018
Impeach this Communist global yes man
7375.  Caroline Peale of ColoradoJul 15, 2018
7374.  Deborah Miller of NevadaJul 15, 2018
Dear American Patriots it's our last chance to take a stand and Stop the Corruption that has started to Destroy our Beautiful Free Country. Our President Trump has put his life Family on line for US ! We must be loud & Bold also the only real News is Infowars watch Larry's interview on the war Room with Owen on infowars . We will not stand down they are silencing all of us on twitter, Facebook so get active & get ingagaed ! Donate anything you can if a million Patriots gave one dollar our movement would be funded . Listen REINCE took all our Trump supporters Donated from Trump Do not Trust Republican the Never Trumpers Pence is not a Is Fraud . Remember when Trump wanted to wait till he announced who would be his VP pick , which was to be General Flynn! REINCE leaked it to the press - LOOK UP WHO & how dirty Pence really is ! Go to you are Free TV learn who Pence really is ! Fight & be heard Patriots yes we can make a difference. Work the polls & twitter do your part and especiall...
7373.  Keith locklear of North CarolinaJul 15, 2018
7372.  Don Koston of AlaskaJul 15, 2018
7371.  Dan Swingler of ArizonaJul 15, 2018
7370.  Carl Gilbert of ColoradoJul 15, 2018
7369.  Daniel McGann of New YorkJul 15, 2018
7368.  Kimberly McKinney of CaliforniaJul 15, 2018
7367.  Martin Wachter of New YorkJul 15, 2018
7366.  joe Hill of PennsylvaniaJul 15, 2018
7365.  Ken Myers of LouisianaJul 15, 2018
7364.  Hazel Theys of WisconsinJul 15, 2018
Thank God for you Sir!!
7363.  leroy copeland of DelawareJul 15, 2018
get him out of office
7362.  Ashley of MichiganJul 15, 2018
7361.  will fleener of IndianaJul 15, 2018
Do the right thing
7360.  Sue cannon of TennesseeJul 15, 2018
7359.  Jose Valencia of New YorkJul 15, 2018
7358.  Tahnee Merritt of OregonJul 15, 2018
7357.  Rick Ramming of South CarolinaJul 15, 2018
7356.  Nathan Swan of MaineJul 15, 2018
7355.  Michael C. Theis of WashingtonJul 15, 2018
Sessions is a disgrace. Make someone like Judge Andrew Napolitano AG instead.
7354.  Le Grand B. Johnston of UtahJul 15, 2018
7353.  Don Thornburg of CaliforniaJul 15, 2018
7352.  Robert Venhaus of ArizonaJul 15, 2018
Sessions is a disgrace to the office he holds. In the Privite Field of Work He would have been Long Gone. Pres. Trump should have Fired him at the start of his incomptance in His Office Duties. Clean the Swamp, fire Rosenstien and get rid of All the Obama high Appointments. Replace with truley Qualified Staff. Fire Muller as well. Shut down the investagation. Waste of Tax Payers Dollars. The hearing on Page @ her Lover was A Big Farce. Hers held behind close doors. What a Joke. The People want the ones guilty of Criminal Actions to stand before a Court of Law @ Be held accountable for there actions, no matter what Government Office they Hold. Ok Pres. Trump, I voted for you, now it's time for you to truly clean the Swamp.
7351.  Gabriel Reid of WashingtonJul 15, 2018
7350.  Chris Ives of PennsylvaniaJul 15, 2018
7349.  Wayne Rollins Jr of MassachusettsJul 15, 2018
7348.  Joseph Booth of KansasJul 15, 2018
We the people NEED a United States Attorney General who is passionate for the red, white and blue. A Attorney General who loves the United States Constitution and willing to act in the best interest of this nation and all those who love this nation.
7347.  Nathan Smith of TexasJul 15, 2018
7346.  Douglas of PennsylvaniaJul 15, 2018
7345.  Betsy Davis of ColoradoJul 15, 2018
7344.  Kathleen McElhannon of IdahoJul 15, 2018
7343.  Verdia Bolster of AlabamaJul 15, 2018
Worst pick of Attorney General EVER!
7342.  Treasa Bledsoe of KansasJul 15, 2018
7341.  Bill Haymin of ArizonaJul 15, 2018
7340.  Jay M Link II of New HampshireJul 15, 2018
7339.  Ryan Blade of FloridaJul 15, 2018
7338.  Dale goree of TexasJul 15, 2018
Get rid of this RINO and put in Gowdy, Judge Janine, or a faithful patriot that will flush the swamp
7337.  George Bumgarner of North CarolinaJul 15, 2018
Drain the swamp.
7336.  Paul Miller of MontanaJul 15, 2018
7335.  Lyn McCormick of ColoradoJul 15, 2018
7334.  Bunnie Schroyer of FloridaJul 15, 2018
Sessions is complacent in his job and does nothing to help this country. Remove him immediately!
7333.  Debra Earley of MissouriJul 15, 2018
How about going to military tribunals! This needs to be taken care of before Trump is out of office.
7332.  Billy Blanchard of VirginiaJul 15, 2018
7331.  Adam Linder of WisconsinJul 15, 2018
7330.  Robert Roath of New YorkJul 15, 2018
If they will not do their job, boot them.
7329.  Michele Fuller of North CarolinaJul 15, 2018
7328.  david thompson of IndianaJul 15, 2018
7327.  craig oxford of TexasJul 15, 2018
This video is American History Truth. Larry E Klayman has the best idea ever. We the people must stand together. Remove Mueller, and the entire Cabal in DC through citizen action.
7326.  Joyce Mull of TennesseeJul 15, 2018
7325.  KEVIN COX of UtahJul 15, 2018
7324.  David Collins of WashingtonJul 15, 2018
7323.  Josef Suwinski of CaliforniaJul 14, 2018
Jeff sessions has let me down.
7322.  Douglas Younkin of MinnesotaJul 14, 2018
7321.  Carol of ColoradoJul 14, 2018
7320.  Tom Jones of MassachusettsJul 14, 2018
Thank you and keep up the good work. Obama faking his birth certificate is just ridiculous. He needs to be put away.
7319.  Brad barnard of Federated States of MicronesiaJul 14, 2018
7318.  Dianne Weber of ColoradoJul 14, 2018
7317.  Jeffrey Weaver of WisconsinJul 14, 2018
The time has come to implement Block Chain Technology into our political voting system
7316.  Debbie Venhaus of AlaskaJul 14, 2018
We The People must engage our Constitution rights to lock up all the deep state traitors before they shred our rights away.
7315.  Leigh Mayfield of PennsylvaniaJul 14, 2018
7314.  Debbie of MissouriJul 14, 2018
Jeff Sessions is not going to prosecute treasonous murderers clinton, obama, wasserman-schulz, bushes, mueller, rosenstein, stork, page, comes, lynch, jarrett many others. It is time for him to be removed.
7313.  Beverly Reese of TexasJul 14, 2018
7312.  James Reese of TexasJul 14, 2018
7311.  Greg Magazu of New HampshireJul 14, 2018
7310.  Garry Cohen of TexasJul 14, 2018
7309.  Karen Peterson of PennsylvaniaJul 14, 2018
I am so disappointed in Sessions. He sure had me fooled. Let's move on.
7308.  Brian Smith of ArizonaJul 14, 2018
Jeff Sessions is not doing his job and he needs to be replaced.
7307.  Michael Osuna of CaliforniaJul 14, 2018
He needs to go
7306.  Kevin Jerrod-Jones of CaliforniaJul 14, 2018
7305.  Brian Marti of FloridaJul 14, 2018
7304.  jason vitullo of New JerseyJul 14, 2018
7303.  William Nguyen of CaliforniaJul 14, 2018
7302.  Donald Crews of AlabamaJul 14, 2018
7301.  John Nester of PennsylvaniaJul 14, 2018
7300.  Suzanne Eggert of WisconsinJul 14, 2018
7299.  Matthew A Callaway of ColoradoJul 14, 2018
Remove sessions! he is a bum! who is he really working for? Make America Great Again! it hasn't happened yet so save the 'Keep America Great' crap.
7298.  Kevin Lenertz of TexasJul 14, 2018
7297.  vicki stout of ArizonaJul 14, 2018
7296.  jeff Maichel of CaliforniaJul 14, 2018
7295.  Daniela Santangelo of MissouriJul 14, 2018
7294.  George Hugle of MichiganJul 14, 2018
need someone that will do the job of AG with a backbone
7293.  Leandra Denmark of GeorgiaJul 14, 2018
Whatever they have on this man, I hope it comes out after he's been charged and convicted. That way is was all for nothing.
7292.  olayinka Akinmarin of MarylandJul 14, 2018
7291.  Jeanne E. Faulkner of WisconsinJul 14, 2018
Please call upon me to assist in any way I can to effect the citizens' arrest, indictment, and trial of these parties who, for so long, have been flouting the laws of our land, and suborning our Constitution. I do have some background in doing paralegal work, with particular emphasis on property law, patent deeds and condemnation law.
7290.  Sandra Granger of OhioJul 14, 2018
7289.  David Lundqusit of MinnesotaJul 14, 2018
Jeff Sessions is not doing his job. Not sure why but a change is needed very quickly.
7288.  Laura Kirkwood of OregonJul 14, 2018
7287.  David Lang of MichiganJul 14, 2018
7286.  mark davison of KansasJul 14, 2018
7285.  Lawrence Bates Jr of New YorkJul 14, 2018
7284.  William mceachron of KentuckyJul 14, 2018
7283.  leonard W Giddens Jr of North CarolinaJul 14, 2018
I am a 75 year old that is an American that happens to be a Negro. Before I leave this earth, I want to see these Traitors punish for dividing and destroying my country and telling me I need to kneel to outsiders that are sucking this country dry. Never forget the spacial interest groups that are destroying everything we have fought for. These crooks have become wealthy selling out our Nation. They have used the word racism to accomplish most of what they have. Ignorant blacks have gone along blindly because of black pimps that tell them lies to keep them voting Democrats.
7282.  Robert Ruiz of New YorkJul 14, 2018
7281.  Elizabeth Carey of ArizonaJul 14, 2018
Sessions is a sham! He is a deep state plant that was inserted into the Trump campaign by his handlers. He is not a true supporter of the Trump agenda and never has been. He should be fired for what he has done. #MAGA
7280.  Angela Spears of AlabamaJul 14, 2018
7279.  Rich Phinney of ColoradoJul 14, 2018
What a disgrace to our fine nation, you compromised freak. Leave now or forever shame on your name.
7278.  Todd Franks of IndianaJul 14, 2018
7277.  Minh Phan of TexasJul 14, 2018
Come and take it
7276.  Carmen Tessier of CaliforniaJul 14, 2018
7275.  Kellie Evens of IowaJul 14, 2018
7274.  William Hale of IllinoisJul 14, 2018
7273.  Diane Allen of TexasJul 14, 2018
WELL PAST TIME FOR ARREST of Obama, Hillary, Lynch, Comey, McCabe, Strzok, Brennan, Clapper, Rosenstein et al, and members of the lying press corp, for sedition, obstruction of Justice, bribery, election fraud, wire fraud, criminal conspiracy and treason SESSIONS AND ROSENSTEIN ARE COMPLICIT TO TREASON
7272.  Len Lorette of OklahomaJul 14, 2018
7271.  David Green of WashingtonJul 14, 2018
I am hoping for your success in bringing truth and justice back to the Justice Department. I am tired of watching the truly guilty go unpunished while those trying to correct the problems and expose the guilty are the ones being attacked.
7270.  John J Vecchiarelli of MarylandJul 14, 2018
I support Freedom Watch in arresting all these corrupt present and former government employes. Arrest and prosecute Jeff Sessions
7269.  Catherine Dale of AlabamaJul 14, 2018
please no calls or mail. I am ill.
7268.  Walter Lauzon of South CarolinaJul 14, 2018
Sessions has accomplished a lot, but he has not gone after Obama and the Clintons. We need them to be investigated and prosecuted.
7267.  Michael Gambino of CaliforniaJul 14, 2018
7266.  Clayton Edward Venable of TexasJul 14, 2018
Lock Hillary Comey Rosenstien Bill and for that matter Chelsea clinton up too. It's time for civil war in this country. I will die before I see this travesty happen again in our great republic again. Rise up America. Defeat the communist globalization that is trying to take over this great country. I will be sending you donations as soon as I'm financially stable. But until then. We will fight the good fight.
7265.  David Meunier of South CarolinaJul 14, 2018
7264.  Crystal of FloridaJul 14, 2018
Remove Jeff Sessions as U.S. Attorney General he has let the people down letting criminals like Obama, clintin, vallery garard, huma wiener-abadin mueller, lorretta linch, comey, and the rest of the fbi doj and other departments get away with serious treasonous crimes. DRAIN THE SWAMP!!!!!
7263.  Brad Berghof of TennesseeJul 14, 2018
He has failed our President and the people of America
7262.  Tom Blackwood of IllinoisJul 14, 2018
That lump on a log Sessions has got to go!!
7261.  Anthony Bouchard of FloridaJul 14, 2018
Save America. Remove this fraud from his position.
7260.  CDR. David of New MexicoJul 14, 2018
Mr., Sessions has done some mighty good things but he needs to do his job concerning the Justice Department. He needs to fire Rosenstine, Mueller, Agents Stroz and Page for Criminal Bias while on duty.
7259.  Tyler Trantham of TexasJul 14, 2018
7258.  Michael P Castro of FloridaJul 14, 2018
If ever a punk needed a beotch slapping.
7257.  Roy DeSell of North CarolinaJul 14, 2018
F.B.I. really needs to be shut down, it is a disgrace to most Americans !! Many need to be fired with NO pensions
7256.  James Pruitt of North CarolinaJul 14, 2018
We need a new attorney general who will do the job he was appointed to do.
7255.  Joseph A. Sarcone of MassachusettsJul 14, 2018
We have had enough corruption. This has dragged on for too long. The evidence is clear, and the time to end this fiasco is now.
7254.  Shawn Jepsen of Armed Forces Middle EastJul 14, 2018
7253.  Alexander Borgia of WashingtonJul 14, 2018
7252.  Eric Rodgers of FloridaJul 14, 2018
7251.  Daniel Norrod of TennesseeJul 14, 2018
I hear Sessions is obsessed with prosecuting marijuana users. I think Trump likely has a plan already implemented for the witches email/uranium/etc. situation, however I will sign this petition.
7250.  Kevin Melfi of Rhode IslandJul 14, 2018
7249.  Linda Bormann of TexasJul 14, 2018
7248.  Eugene Freeman of CaliforniaJul 14, 2018
7247.  Charles Miller of IndianaJul 14, 2018
7246.  Erik of New HampshireJul 14, 2018
7245.  Penny Reynolds of IndianaJul 14, 2018
7244.  Robert Kincl of TexasJul 14, 2018
7243.  tom porter of MinnesotaJul 14, 2018
please resign you are by far the worst atty gen ever
7242.  Pamela Rogowicz of PennsylvaniaJul 14, 2018
7241.  Isador Ortega Jr of TexasJul 14, 2018
7240.  Jeff Allen of CaliforniaJul 14, 2018
Happy to sign in order to purge the Justice Department of the ongoing corruption of our legal system
7239.  Karen Caviness of North CarolinaJul 14, 2018
We are with you! We want justice!
7238.  David M Howard of MichiganJul 14, 2018
7237.  Robert Sheridan of OregonJul 14, 2018
7236.  Debbie Elsasser of IdahoJul 14, 2018
7235.  Marc Gardiner of PennsylvaniaJul 14, 2018
7234.  Calvin W. Bowen, Jr. of AlabamaJul 14, 2018
We need to prosecute and jail these treasonous criminals such as Bill and Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, Robert Mueller, Comey, McCabe, Rosenstein, Sessions, Strock, Brennan, Soros, and those who were part of these crimes.
7233.  Karen Richardson of ArizonaJul 14, 2018
7232.  cheryl tucker of FloridaJul 14, 2018
yes everybody that loves USA sign. things need to get done
7231.  Raymond Van Zandt of WashingtonJul 14, 2018
7230.  Bill McGuire of IowaJul 14, 2018
7229.  Ted Behr of NevadaJul 14, 2018
Let's get 'em!
7228.  Kurtis Young of GeorgiaJul 14, 2018
7227.  David Erickson of CaliforniaJul 14, 2018
7226.  Robert M Degelormo of LouisianaJul 14, 2018
Time to lock up these treasonous deep state operatives
7225.  Anthony H of New YorkJul 14, 2018
7224.  Jerrel Kenemore of TexasJul 14, 2018
They cannot arrest or persecute all of us. If millions support the Citizen grand jury efforts, they cannot stop us. Trump will also protect us from the deep state. When Kennedy is replaced the supreme court will back up the citizens. Sign and donate.
7223.  Darlene Deters of OhioJul 14, 2018
So happy to hear about the citizens Grand Juries and arrest.
7222.  Paul Brady of TexasJul 14, 2018
7221.  Randy Granger of OhioJul 14, 2018
7220.  marty vetrano of MichiganJul 14, 2018
7219.  Nathan of TexasJul 14, 2018
7218.  Al Carter of TexasJul 14, 2018
7217.  Barb Blue of FloridaJul 14, 2018
7216.  Maria Jonesl of TexasJul 14, 2018
Thank you for this we need you judicial watch our country is at stake and these evil people will destroy us if they get a hold of our country, as my father fought for our freedom in WW2, I too will fight for my country sovereignty if it even means giving up my life in Jesus name I will fight!!
7215.  Bobby Quick of MissouriJul 14, 2018
7214.  Gino of MichiganJul 14, 2018
7213.  Eric Lamison of PennsylvaniaJul 14, 2018
7212.  Costa Panos of New YorkJul 14, 2018
Hillary & her corrupt bunch of cohorts need to be prosecuted & sentenced for high treason! Justice for the people! Do your job or resign, Mr. Sessions!
7211.  Mark Shearin of GeorgiaJul 14, 2018
Take him DOWN!!
7210.  Alan Cobb of TennesseeJul 14, 2018
7209.  Richard Cook of FloridaJul 14, 2018
7208.  Leigh Anne Abercrombie of ColoradoJul 14, 2018
The minute Sessions recused himself he should have been FIRED!!!!! HE IS USLESS TO AMERICA AND OUR JUSTICE SYSTEM!!!! YOUR FIRED!!!!
7207.  randy rivers of MichiganJul 14, 2018
7206.  Tahnee Merritt of OregonJul 14, 2018
7205.  Peter Fee of New JerseyJul 14, 2018
We need our justice dept to be cleaned up and the removal of political hacks from it and replaced with those that adhere to their oath of defending and protecting the Constitution in serving the People
7204.  Mark of MinnesotaJul 14, 2018
7203.  Barry Mead of ArizonaJul 14, 2018
These elite criminals are NOT above the law! Bring them to Justice!
7202.  Susan Couture of MichiganJul 14, 2018
Sessions is a globalist getting paid our tax dollars to sit on his tookus and do absolutely anything to help our republic. He will do nothing to prosecute his "friends" as he knows it will result in his own demise. His personal beliefs influence his actions, when it is the constitution of our county he should be defending. Thank God for Freedom Watch
7201.  susana santiago of CaliforniaJul 14, 2018
7200.  emanuel santiago of CaliforniaJul 14, 2018
7199.  Dustin Karlin of KansasJul 14, 2018
7198.  Joni Benson of TexasJul 14, 2018
7197.  Pamela Hoehl of IllinoisJul 14, 2018
7196.  Andy Forrest of NebraskaJul 14, 2018
7195.  Larry D. Morrill of MissouriJul 14, 2018
7194.  Mary Triola of NevadaJul 14, 2018
7193.  Marilyn Tirado of New JerseyJul 14, 2018
7192.  Barbara tate of PennsylvaniaJul 14, 2018
7191.  Bill Zaremba of FloridaJul 14, 2018
7190.  John of GeorgiaJul 14, 2018
7189.  Daniel of CaliforniaJul 14, 2018
Why, Sessions? Have some courage....and step down.
7188.  Mary Washburn of ArizonaJul 14, 2018
Mr. Mueller MUST be stopped....he is wasting tons of taxpayer money to deliberately incapacitate our duly elected President if possible. He has accomplished virtually NOTHING so far and has been at it for close to a year...this is obscene at best, hateful at worst as he has found no crime the President has committed, nor will he ever, but he is doing all he can to help the Democrat Party the expense of the Republican Party. Fairness? Not quite. Biased? OF COURSE!!!
7187.  John whinery of North CarolinaJul 14, 2018
7186.  Rick Reese of MontanaJul 14, 2018
In just us dept. stole our family fortune, 2.5 million. Google Reese family Fast And Furious scapegoat Thx for your work Rick
7185.  Jamie Floyd of MichiganJul 14, 2018
7184.  Chad of IndianaJul 14, 2018
7183.  Randall Woolett of OregonJul 14, 2018
7182.  joseph turner of TexasJul 14, 2018
We need to stop the falseification of federal documents by the accusers of our president, mueller isnt even in the gov anymore, he needs to go, clintons need to be in jail or up on the gallows swinging, as well as obama--traitors
7181.  Cory of TennesseeJul 14, 2018
We are sick and tired of watching elitest criminals get away with murder and treason while the media use distraction and lies to cover for them. Equal Justice or none at all. Give me liberty or we will take it!
7180.  bev of OhioJul 14, 2018
7179.  Thomas Hawksley of PennsylvaniaJul 14, 2018
7178.  sean charles of GeorgiaJul 14, 2018
7177.  Martha Faddis of GeorgiaJul 14, 2018
7176.  LeRoy-Melvin: Anderson of ArizonaJul 14, 2018
This is a good effort--Theory to Practice We are the sovereigns (without subjects). Thank you for starting this effort.
7175.  Lesley ochoa of TennesseeJul 14, 2018
7174.  Joe Parrillo of North CarolinaJul 14, 2018
7173.  priscilla of ColoradoJul 14, 2018
7172.  David Manzione of New YorkJul 14, 2018
7171.  Randy Johnson of AlabamaJul 14, 2018
7170.  David Miller of WashingtonJul 14, 2018
7169.  Devon Burt of FloridaJul 14, 2018
7168.  Billy Nicks of TexasJul 14, 2018
The swamp must be cleaned and starting at the top is the first action to be taken.
7167.  Richard Horowitz of New HampshireJul 14, 2018
7166.  Vincent Allocca of New YorkJul 14, 2018
God bless you, God bless our President and God bless the United States of America!
7165.  Joe Serra of CaliforniaJul 14, 2018
Drain the swamp!
7164.  Kevin of MinnesotaJul 14, 2018
7163.  Kenneth Donnelly of ArizonaJul 14, 2018
7162.  John George of MichiganJul 14, 2018
7161.  Roger Smith of TexasJul 14, 2018
Lets take the USA back!
7160.  Donnie Perry of FloridaJul 14, 2018
Sessions is CLEARLY compromised from his long tenure in DC. He stands accused for Derelection of Duty which has placed our country/President in harmful control of the enemies of America.
7159.  Marcus of TexasJul 14, 2018
7158.  Greg Jubenville of TexasJul 14, 2018
7157.  Gordon Claxton of WashingtonJul 14, 2018
Lock them up... Thx Larry....
7156.  Michele Fuemmeler of GeorgiaJul 14, 2018
7155.  Samuel wade pickard of MichiganJul 14, 2018
They have his dirt so he can't do his job.. He's gotta go. Trump should clean house at the DOJ!!!
7154.  Michael Brackett of GeorgiaJul 14, 2018
TRUE Patriot citizens feel that Sessions as well as Congress has failed to deliver justice because the swamp runs too deep. I support a citizens effort to succeed where they have failed.
7153.  James harris of FloridaJul 14, 2018
This faction of our governing branch is out if control,and not working for the people of the united states.they are colluding and being dishonest in their attempts to remove our president,because they dont want factual evidence against the democratic party to come out.rigging elections and allowing classified information, leaking informatiin,lying on the stand,refusing to answer questions on the stand,these people need to be removed and prosecuted for these actions
7152.  Adrian Foster of FloridaJul 14, 2018
Your mortgage is not a living document your school loan is not a living document your car loan is not a living document real American Patriots know that the constitution is not a living document MAGA good bless America
7151.  Scott Rice of OhioJul 14, 2018
7150.  Deborah mullen of WashingtonJul 14, 2018
Thank you! Heard you on Infowars with Owen. God bless we support you.
7149.  stephanie of ArizonaJul 14, 2018
7148.  Sheryl S Hoffman of WashingtonJul 14, 2018
7147.  Deanna Johncox of OklahomaJul 14, 2018
AG Sessions has done nothing but recuse himself from all work. He needs to go!
7146.  George of CaliforniaJul 14, 2018
This loser has done absolutely nothing! Remove him immediately!
7145.  John shamel of CaliforniaJul 14, 2018
7144.  William Copeland of OregonJul 14, 2018
Mr.President, I love everything you're accomplishing during your first term..however, you made a promise to be the "Law and Order" President.. this promise has yet to be fulfilled.. please remove Mueller as special council and enforce the laws of this great nation..we cannot be great again until the law is respected and justice is restored..
7143.  joel gamez of FloridaJul 14, 2018
It's about time we did something God Bless and protect FreedomWatch and this movement.
7142.  Natalie Webb of TennesseeJul 13, 2018
He doesn't seem to be too interested in serving justice.
7141.  Jeremiah Baker of CaliforniaJul 13, 2018
7140.  Clark D. Andrews of OhioJul 13, 2018
7139.  Osarodion Idahosa of AlabamaJul 13, 2018
7138.  Brian kennedy of MichiganJul 13, 2018
Tell trump he must continue with his visit with Putin, dems do nothing for us, tell trump Americans have his back till the end there’s no looking back from here on in. They are done for. Trump had to deal with these scumbags for years he knows all their tricks that’s why they are shitting in their pants!!!
7137.  Karla Golbahar Newbill of CaliforniaJul 13, 2018
7136.  Stephen Easley of MissouriJul 13, 2018
Heard you on Infowars. Keep fighting for us thank you and god bless you.
7135.  Laura Entrekin of ArizonaJul 13, 2018
7134.  Rick Tallant of ArizonaJul 13, 2018
Don't forget to charge Obama too !
7133.  Charles A. Bussard of OhioJul 13, 2018
He hasn't done his job. It's been long enough, he's either scared or just incompetent. Either way he needs to go..
7132.  steven thompson of North CarolinaJul 13, 2018
Let justice be done
7131.  Frank R. Johnson of New YorkJul 13, 2018
I know there is something wrong with our judicial system when the CLINTON'S are not being held accountable for some many different events, while others are being persecuted endlessly !
7130.  Mike Williams of CaliforniaJul 13, 2018
7129.  Duane Heller of ArizonaJul 13, 2018
Man... I had such high hopes for AG Sessions. One of the biggest disappointments in the last 2 years. Restore law to our country!
7128.  Karl moss of FloridaJul 13, 2018
I’m going to help spread the word
7127.  David Young of TennesseeJul 13, 2018
Americans want an Attorney General who will do his job and prosecute all these criminals who have committed high treason against the USA. Jeff Sessions should be fired immediately.
7126.  Kevin Furey of TexasJul 13, 2018
Bring justice back to our nation.
7125.  Bradley Vipond of MichiganJul 13, 2018
We need another way to help beside money we don't have. How about organize an event in each state.where people donate thier time? I am near Lansing, MI and am willing to help
7124.  Willene Pursell of CaliforniaJul 13, 2018
Thank you very much.
7123.  Stephen Pursell of CaliforniaJul 13, 2018
Thank you.
7122.  Matthew Dynarski of GeorgiaJul 13, 2018
7121.  Gregory p Yates of North CarolinaJul 13, 2018
7120.  Nancy Perkins of FloridaJul 13, 2018
7119.  Richard Portella of ConnecticutJul 13, 2018
7118.  Taylor Coates of VermontJul 13, 2018
7117.  Susan Hoag of PennsylvaniaJul 13, 2018
It's time to take our country back.
7116.  Aaron Teafatiller of TexasJul 13, 2018
Ses needs to go
7115.  david groome of GeorgiaJul 13, 2018
lock him up!
7114.  Charlotte Gunter of VirginiaJul 13, 2018
Jeff Session has done absolutely nothing for the American people. Please for the sake of the of America fire his butt. I think and I think a lot of Americans would agree with me that he is worthless
7113.  Weston Euler of TexasJul 13, 2018
7112.  Jason Benskin of IowaJul 13, 2018
7111.  Lori Stapleton of MichiganJul 13, 2018
This witch hunt needs to stop! Enough is enough! Arrest these criminals!
7110.  Jenny May of WyomingJul 13, 2018
7109.  Roger Moore of IllinoisJul 13, 2018
7108.  Diana Pawelki of ArizonaJul 13, 2018
He is missing in action
7107.  Sherri ann Powers of MichiganJul 13, 2018
7106.  Dan of WashingtonJul 13, 2018
7105.  paul macky of MinnesotaJul 13, 2018
thank you freedom watch, god bless, get em!
7104.  Grady Deal PhD DC of North CarolinaJul 13, 2018
fire Jeff Sessions, Rod Rosenstein, Mueller now
7103.  Hass of AlabamaJul 13, 2018
7102.  Jim Towler of KansasJul 13, 2018
7101.  Phyllis Stecher of GeorgiaJul 13, 2018
Thank You!
7100.  Miranda Mitchell of West VirginiaJul 13, 2018
We are tired of waiting for Clinton’s to be arrested!!!
7099.  Dr. Wm. J. Cunningham of ColoradoJul 13, 2018
hello Larry, we have a guy in our area preaching citizens grand juries, and yes he is correct as you are regarding our right to do this but they all got busted and jailed...any comments on who may want to paint a target on their backs by attempting this even though it is morally and constitutionally correct?
7098.  Jeffrey Hasstedt of ColoradoJul 13, 2018
The time is now, "We The People Are Awake" Post a communication on line where the Grand Jury sign ups are for each state. Maybe consider face time to network them or several states for maximum effect!
7097.  robert titmus of MichiganJul 13, 2018
7096.  Carlos Salcedo of MarylandJul 13, 2018
7095.  Mel Webb of GeorgiaJul 13, 2018
7094.  Peggy Sturgess of MissouriJul 13, 2018
Remove Jeff Sessions as Attorney General and Replace Him With a Competent Attorney Who Has the Guts to Prosecute Hillary Clinton, James Comey, Robert Mueller, and Others That Were Part of the Corrupt, Even Treasonous, Obama Administration and Hold Them Accountable for Their Crimes!
7093.  Anthony of CaliforniaJul 13, 2018
Stay Right People! After we Clean up our corrupt government and the deep state loses its grip on us, We need to Abolish MSM and Change algorithms for all Social media and Revolutionize our Schools and then we Seriously need to take a Solid Generation or two in order to teach our children HOW to grow into real Men and Woman. Stay Strong~!
7092.  Barry Bishop of TexasJul 13, 2018
These vermin need to be eradicated yesterday, or sooner. I'll gladly assemble the task force to hunt down and arrest every POS traitor involved in these treasonous acts!!
7091.  Mitchell Bonneau of WashingtonJul 13, 2018
7090.  William A. Purcell of CaliforniaJul 13, 2018
7089.  Chris Richford of PennsylvaniaJul 13, 2018
Mr. Magoo needs to GO!
7088.  Angel Gerena of FloridaJul 13, 2018
7087.  jeff forrest of CaliforniaJul 13, 2018
7086.  Satcatcher of TexasJul 13, 2018
That drain plug inthe swamp is loosening up. Make it happen Larry!
7085.  Billy Roberts of OklahomaJul 13, 2018
7084.  Kenneth Gagne of New HampshireJul 13, 2018
Thank you for bringing this subject of the Attorney General, We need a reset of hope and justice for the American people. We demand He - Jeff Sessions as attorney general Resign or be removed. We want truth and justice for all.
7083.  Mark Lassise of MarylandJul 13, 2018
Great work! Just saw the interview on the Alex Jones show with Owen. Do you have anything planned for DC? If so when ? Thank you and God Bless! Mark
7082.  Stephen of OregonJul 13, 2018
Maybe Sessions has believed it was time for a four year sleep SESSION.
7081.  Les of FloridaJul 13, 2018
7080.  Daniel Palmer of ArizonaJul 13, 2018
7079.  David Ford of TexasJul 13, 2018
7078.  Brick Borchers of WashingtonJul 13, 2018
7077.  Chris Spalding of MichiganJul 13, 2018
7076.  Jeanie of WashingtonJul 13, 2018
7075.  James Hudson of WashingtonJul 13, 2018
7074.  Susan of FloridaJul 13, 2018
Not happy with Sessions at all. Drain it!
7073.  Beverly kim of OregonJul 13, 2018
Lock em up
7072.  Gene saupp of VirginiaJul 13, 2018
Sessions is worthless piece is s___!!!
7071.  Kathleen Mullin of FloridaJul 13, 2018
7070.  Reynette Ferrer of CaliforniaJul 13, 2018
I want Jeff Sessions removed
7069.  Rodney Baranyk of TennesseeJul 13, 2018
IN GOD WE TRUST. If good men don't rise up, evil will prevail.
7068.  Kent Sundberg of ColoradoJul 13, 2018
7067.  Jonathan Lee Guzman of FloridaJul 13, 2018
7066.  Mallory Little of WashingtonJul 13, 2018
7065.  Mark Bacon of MassachusettsJul 13, 2018
Sessions is clearly compromised by the deep state. He must go.
7064.  James Saunders of ColoradoJul 13, 2018
7063.  Gregory Kellerhals of CaliforniaJul 13, 2018
7062.  Stanley J. Relinski Jr. of IndianaJul 13, 2018
7061.  Nancy Jo Rudolph of ArizonaJul 13, 2018
7060.  Chad Rackham of UtahJul 13, 2018
7059.  Robin Friesenhahn of TexasJul 13, 2018
7058.  Wally Bizon of MichiganJul 13, 2018
7057.  mike brown of PennsylvaniaJul 13, 2018
7056.  Lorraine Silvetz of VirginiaJul 13, 2018
7055.  Kenneth del Corral of LouisianaJul 13, 2018
7054.  Theodore Kemper of TexasJul 13, 2018
7053.  Michael Sharp of KentuckyJul 13, 2018
Jeff Sessions has been a total disappointment as Attorny General. He has been missing in action and recused himself from the Russian invesigation when it wasn't really necessary as it was a counter intelligence investigation and not a criminal investigation. Rod Rosenstein has so many conflicts of interest and appointed Robert Mueller.
7052.  Christopher a legereit of IllinoisJul 13, 2018
Sessions should have never taken the position knowing that he was going to recuse himself..he should be ashamed and resign.
7051.  KALIE EVANS of CaliforniaJul 13, 2018
7050.  chris duvak of FloridaJul 13, 2018
7049.  Angel Rivera of IllinoisJul 13, 2018
Jeff has to go, he is either compromised or worthless.
7048.  Christopher L Flatt of IowaJul 13, 2018
7047.  Larry Walker of CaliforniaJul 13, 2018
7046.  Gary Gearhart of IdahoJul 13, 2018
7045.  Brian Ray of ArkansasJul 13, 2018
7044.  Matthew mckinney of TexasJul 13, 2018
Treat D.C. Criminals like they do street level thugs cuff -um and book-um.!!!
7043.  Henry Sentner of South CarolinaJul 13, 2018
7042.  Lo Green of CaliforniaJul 13, 2018
7041.  Patricia Eberhart of NebraskaJul 13, 2018
7040.  Tony Barrow of TexasJul 13, 2018
Sessions has done nothing he needs to go.
7039.  Corey Desalvo of New YorkJul 13, 2018
7038.  Robert Brown of ArizonaJul 13, 2018
7037.  Hanna Cox of TexasJul 13, 2018
IN GOD WE TRUST; let us all not forget to continue to pray as we battle against the evil, disgusting, and corrupted deep state! #WWG1WGA
7036.  Jon Martin of FloridaJul 13, 2018
7035.  Ted Schmidt of GeorgiaJul 13, 2018
Time to go Jeff! We need action people, not bumps on a log.
7034.  donald roberts of FloridaJul 13, 2018
Jeff Sessions needs to go! He is a traitor to our country!
7033. of UtahJul 13, 2018
We need someone with backbone
7032.  Ryan Simons of WashingtonJul 13, 2018
Asst deputy AG Rosenstein isn't the AG! Where is AG Sessions? He's recused himself from everything and has no importance, at all. When you're damned if you do, and damned if you don't that's good because now all you have to do is the right thing. Fire both of them now, and actually, Sessions said he'd resign if you fire Rosenstein, so fire Rosenstein. It's a 2-fer!
7031.  Andrew Wittreich of TexasJul 13, 2018
7030.  billy willis of ArkansasJul 13, 2018
7029.  Howard Terry of MichiganJul 13, 2018
7028.  W.Ruddock of ConnecticutJul 13, 2018
The penalty for Treason is still DEATH! Death to Traitors !!!
7027.  Antonietta Stabile of New YorkJul 13, 2018
7026.  joseph bramanti of PennsylvaniaJul 13, 2018
7025.  jay hamilton of VirginiaJul 13, 2018
We need to shut these traitors down ..the Bush's,Clinton ,Obama's and the propaganda mill mass media now!! Before they bring us all down ..the lies we've been fed are the biggest crime against america in the history of this great country it must stop we must ban together its the only way
7024.  Sonia Pestana of FloridaJul 13, 2018
Time for new U.S.A.G.! Judge Jeanine Pirro would be fantastic.
7023.  Barbara Lewis of CaliforniaJul 13, 2018
We the people have had enough!! time to stop the nonsense remove Sessions and start holding all the corrupt politicians accountable and lock them up
7022.  Jason Kenney of ColoradoJul 13, 2018
7021.  John Baker of FloridaJul 13, 2018
Jeff Sessions has been far too silent on these issues. Rosenstein influenced him to recuse himself. He's had many opportunities to reverse this mockery of justice. Her's been on MIA on many issues. The Justice Dept the IRS and the Stat Dept is embedded with Deep State operatives. USAID is so corrupt spending $$$ millions of taxpayer money to countries who are US enemies
7020.  Julie Overright of IllinoisJul 13, 2018
7019.  Darla Phillips of North CarolinaJul 13, 2018
7018.  Roger Frank of CaliforniaJul 13, 2018
7017.  Tom O'Keefe of New YorkJul 13, 2018
7016.  leonard kim of CaliforniaJul 13, 2018
7015.  Ryan Humpert of OregonJul 13, 2018
I support opening up the 911 papers to expose the conspiracy contained within especially if it gets after mueller And hopefully sessions is connected but I believe he is
7014.  Grace Valore of NevadaJul 13, 2018
7013.  Andrew Edward Briseno of CaliforniaJul 13, 2018
I was born in Mexico and legally emigrated into the USA. I became a USA Citizen in mid 1981. I have been an Attorney in California since 1983, in Nevada since 1987, and in Alaska since 2003. I am admitted to practice in the U. S. Supreme Court since the late 1980’s. The criminals who occupy and occupied numerous positions in the various Intelligence Agencies and in the Executive Branch of the Federal Government need to be investigated by a Citizen’s Grand Jury and, when appropriate need to be prosecuted. The guilty, in appropriate circumstances, for instance the sale of 20% of America’s Uranium output to the Russians for personal gain and without Congressional approval, need to be publicly hanged, as the Rosenberg’s were when they gave America’s Nuclear secrets t the Russians; perhaps the Clinton family transfer of I.C.B.M. MIRV technology to the Communist Chinese government also “qualifies” for such a penal “REMEDY.” En...
7012.  Tammy Daggett of FloridaJul 13, 2018
7011.  Don Daggett of FloridaJul 13, 2018
7010.  Kent L. Balzer of TexasJul 13, 2018
Either incompetent or corrupt. Time to go.
7009.  Hal Joyce of TexasJul 13, 2018
7008.  Michael Hale of ArizonaJul 13, 2018
This man is worthless in doing his duty and needs to be removed and prosecuted for his inaction. Rosenstein, muller, Wray, Page, Stroke should never see the light of day again and do hard labor for life!!!!
7007.  Russell Hinkle of DelawareJul 13, 2018
7006.  Darrell Jackson of ArkansasJul 13, 2018
Drain the swamp, it's time...
7005.  Paul Dziemianowicz of ColoradoJul 13, 2018
7004.  Tina Alessandria of FloridaJul 13, 2018
7003.  Jerry Simmons of LouisianaJul 13, 2018
7002.  PAULETTA SHAVER of Oregon