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Republican Rats & Trump Flee Sinking Ship of State!
They Exit Stage Left!
By Larry Klayman
January 9, 2021
Last Wednesday, Americans rose up because they could not take it anymore, and entered the Capitol Building, to try to take control of their own so-called government, which had abandoned them with lies and deceit and subverted our democracy with fraudulent November 3, 2020 elections, both presidential and otherwise. Sure, there probably were a few non-representative Antifa infiltrators in the masses, but not even these persons committed any major crimes by simply breaking a few windows. The patriots who then chose to sit at the desk of the evil and vile Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, did no harm and indeed that desk does not belong to Pelosi but to We the People. Not a hair on the head of any senator or congressman, who fled to hide in the bunker like political cockroaches, was assaulted. To the contrary a brave female military veteran protestor was shot and assassinated at point blank range, by a Capitol security guard.

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