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No, Mr. President: China's Xi Is Not Our Friend!
By Larry Klayman
March 20, 2020
As much as I love President Trump, it is not enough to label the COVID-19 virus a "Chinese virus." First, it's important to point out that the coronavirus is not the fault of the Chinese people, but instead the evil designs of their government, which obviously allowed it, either negligently or intentionally, to leak from an outlawed and illegal bioweapons facility in Wuhan, China. And, just this morning the Donald effusively praised Communist Chinese President Xi Jinping as a great friend. No, Mr. President, he is not a friend of either you or our beloved country, much less his own people who live under his and his Politburo's dictatorship.

Said Trump: "I have great respect for President Xi. I consider him to be a friend of mine. ... I respect China greatly, and I respect President Xi."

Listen to my podcast of Friday morning, embedded below, for an update on what is nearing "theatre of the absurd" coming out of California. Gov. Gavin Newsom is competing with New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo to assume the mantle of Democratic Party leadership in their exploitive attempts to become the presidential nominee in the likelihood Joe Biden collapses physically and/or mentally before the DNC convention or thereafter, leading up to this fall's election. The level of Democrat-socialist "whoredom," generating mass hysteria over COVID-19 for ulterior and improper purposes, has reached a "fever pitch," pun intended.

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