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Klayman: Two Faced Fox News and Napolitano Ratchet up Anti-Trump Attacks!
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Real Clear Politics
November 26, 2019
FOX News' Andrew Napolitano reacts to United States Ambassador to the European Union Gordon Sondland's morning testimony to the House Intelligence Committee's impeachment inquiry hearing.

FOX NEWS ANCHOR: Are there specific articles of impeachment that might be drawn up as result of the ambassador's testimony this morning, and if so what might they be?

JUDGE NAPOLITANO: I think that the article of impeachment that would be drawn up this morning is, the word that Mrs. Pelosi used the other day, which is listed in the constitution as a basis for impeachment and that is bribery. That is the president wanting something of value for himself in return for initially a meeting with Zelensky and eventually the financial aid.

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