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Klayman: This Is Totally False: Watch Interview! I Criticized Carlson! Daily Beast Must Retract or Be Sued!
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By Timothy Burke
The Daily Beast
March 12, 2019
Because we watch Trumpland TV so you don't have to, today we learned Judicial Watch founder and "pathologically litigious attorney" Larry Klayman is happy to dismiss Tucker Carlson's offensive comments made years ago on radio, because the Fox News host isn't a real conservative anyway—oh, and, by the way, #MeToo is all a bunch of hokum, too.

We're not sure how we made a leap into that second part so quickly, but don't sue us if you get whiplash. Klayman, currently representing Jerome Corsi and who, in the past, has made utterly bizarre, wild claims about Barack Obama, still gets TV time:

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