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Klayman: Support Dave Chappelle & Don't Bend Down to the Radical Gay, Lesbian & Transgender-Sexual Movement Which Trashes God!
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By Dominic Patten
October 19, 2021
"All philanthropy today," Netflix's Reed Hastings said Monday at the Milken Conference after moderator and CNBC correspondent Julia Boorstin lamented that she wasn't able to ask the co-CEO about the Dave Chappelle backlash, earnings or anything else related to the streamer.

Staying strictly on message, Hastings today adamantly refused to answer to queries about the controversy around Chappelle's The Closer special.

"It's a no comment, we are really focused today on what we can do for kids around the country," the exec replied straight-faced to "good reporter" Boorstin's repeated questioning about the "elephant in the room."

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