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Klayman: Rich Lowry of the National Journal Moves Left and Sucks Up to Politico! The "Privileged" Self Indulgent and Styled "DC Elite" Are All the Same Unprincipled Opportunists Feeding Off of and Scratching the Backs of Each Other at the Expense of the American People!
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By Rich Lowry
November 26, 2022
There are many words that presidential candidates commonly seek to apply to themselves — "brave," "principled," "independent" and the like — but "victim" is rarely one of them.

Donald Trump, though, is unafraid of the word; indeed, he has an affinity for it.

"I am a victim," he said in his speech announcing his presidential run. "I will tell you I'm a victim."

"V" used to be for victory. For Trump, it stands for victimhood, a status that conservatives disdain in every other context but that the former president has used to his advantage.

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