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Klayman Predicts Violent Revolution If Mueller and Co. Are Not Legally Taken Down Now! Go to to Sign Petition to Have Me Named Special Counsel to Lawfully Destroy Mueller and the Leftist Deep State!
By Larry Klayman
April 13, 2018
It's time that the persons most responsible for the jihad against President Donald Trump, his family and others associated with him be held to legal account. Some of these characters sit in high positions in our government and on the courts, while others slither around the political gutters of Washington, D.C. Indeed, there is an evil cloud hovering over our nation's so-called capital, filled with the stench of hypocrisy, dishonesty and outright illegality that is snuffing out our body politic. If it is not quickly remedied, I predict that the republic has only years to continue to exist as we will collapse under our own weight of deceit, going the way of ancient Rome and Greece.

In this column, I will list these bad actors in order of importance. Through their actions and inactions, they should be the first to be among those traitors fully held accountable.

URGENT: Please Sign These Petitions to Remove Mueller and Sessions and to Have Klayman Appointed as Special Counsel to Investigate the Clintons and Finally Bring Criminal Charges
Sign Our Petition to Remove Robert Mueller as Special Counsel
We the People Call On President Trump to Remove Robert Mueller as Special Counsel and to Appoint Larry Klayman to Investigate the Clinton Email, Uranium One, and Fusion GPS Scandals! We Also Support Freedom Watch's Lawsuit to Remove Mueller
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Sign Our Petition to Remove Jeff Sessions as U.S. Attorney General
We the People Call on President Trump to Remove Jeff Sessions as Attorney General and Replace Him With a Competent Attorney Who Has the Guts to Prosecute Hillary Clinton, James Comey, Robert Mueller, and Others That Were Part of the Corrupt, Even Treasonous, Obama Administration and Hold Them Accountable for Their Crimes!
Sessions' Incompetence and "Disgraceful" Dereliction of Duty Regarding His Inaction on Fusion GPS, the Phony Steele Dossier, and the Illegal and Unconstitutional Wiretapping of the President and His Associates Disqualify Him From the Office of Attorney General. We Demand He Resign or Be Removed!
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