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Klayman: Predictable as Usual as Compromised and Corrupt Federal Judges Continue to Protect the Clintons!
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By Josh Gerstein, Kyle Cheney
May 8, 2022
A federal judge has turned down a request from Special Counsel John Durham for a ruling that a lawyer facing trial on a false statement charge was part of a wide-ranging "joint venture" involving Hillary Clinton's presidential campaign, Democratic operatives, private investigation firm Fusion GPS and various technology researchers.

The decision issued Saturday afternoon by U.S. District Court Judge Christopher Cooper limits evidence and testimony prosecutors can offer against attorney Michael Sussmann at a jury trial set to get underway later this month.

The ruling spares the Clinton campaign and the Democratic National Committee the potential embarrassment of a federal judge finding they were part of a coordinated effort to level since-discredited allegations that candidate Donald Trump or his allies maintained a data link from Trump Tower to Russia's Alfa Bank. The Clinton campaign disseminated that claim amid a broader effort to call out Trump's ties to Russia at a time when U.S. intelligence agencies had revealed efforts by the Russian government to interfere in the 2016 election.

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