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Klayman: No Coincidence Since Joe and Hunter Biden Took Bribes From Ukraine and Have Been Indicted by Freedom Watch's Citizens Grand Jury for Taking Bribes Also From Communist China and Russia!
By Rebecca Beitsch and Harper Neidig
April 30, 2021
The FBI's search of Rudy Giuliani's office this week signals that federal law enforcement is significantly ramping up its investigation into former President Trump's ally and onetime legal adviser.

Little is known about the scope of the investigation, but reporting suggests that the focus could be on Giuliani's work on behalf of foreign clients, including Ukraine, and his failure to register as a foreign agent while serving as the president's personal attorney.

And former Department of Justice officials say that such an investigation into a high-profile lawyer that could jeopardize attorney-client privilege would likely need authorization from some of the highest-ranking law enforcement officials in the government.

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