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Klayman: Next Gay Pride Event Belongs in Gaza!
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Daily Wire
June 10, 2019
The Washington, D.C., "Dyke March" turned away Jewish marchers carrying LGBT pride flags emblazoned with the Star of David Saturday, making good on a threat to turn away anyone who showed up to the event with a Jewish pride of Israeli flag.

The D.C. Dyke March announced the policy last week, telling potential attendees of the event, billed as "an all-inclusive celebration of underrepresented people," that symbols of "Zionism" would not be tolerated -- even though the event organizers explicitly said they would allow Palestinian flags, according to the Washington Times.

Last year, organizers at the Chicago Dyke March enforced a similar policy, ejecting anyone from the LGBT Pride event who openly expressed support for the Jewish state, even though Israel is one of the only gay-friendly Middle Eastern countries. Organizers issued the ban in support of "intersectionality," and out of concern for "Zionism" within their ranks, which they consider akin to "oppression."

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