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Klayman: Napolitano Is a Disgrace and So Is "His" Fox News!
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By David Montanaro
Fox News
January 7, 2020
Fox News senior judicial analyst Judge Andrew Napolitano proposes a different strategy for Democrats as they hold impeachment articles from the Senate.

House Democrats should reopen the impeachment proceedings against President Trump citing new evidence, rather than continue delaying sending the articles to the GOP-controlled Senate, Judge Andrew Napolitano said Monday.

"If I were a Democrat in the House, I would be moving to reopen the impeachment on the basis of newly acquired evidence, which are these new emails of people getting instructions directly from the president to hold up on the sending of the funds. That would justify holding onto the articles of impeachment, because there's new evidence and perhaps new articles," Napolitano argued on "America's Newsroom" Monday morning.

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