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Klayman: I Love My Alma Mater Duke but Coach K Got What He Deserved: His Bastardized Non-Academic "Pro Team" Tanked Like a Lead Weight!
By Matt Giles
Ball Durham
November 27, 2019
One loss answered what's been bugging Duke basketball.

Remember, we're talking about college kids. We're talking about them dribbling, passing, and shooting a bouncy ball. We're talking about a game, a sport. And sports are fun. At least, they'd better be; otherwise, one ends up looking like Duke basketball chief Mike Krzyzewski from Tuesday night.

Too stiff. Too serious. Too safe. Too self-conscious. Too sedentary. Too gloomy. Stick in the mud. He's not the same Coach K who won five national championships. No, he's older -- now 72 -- but with potential to be even better than ever and snip some more April nets before calling it quits.

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