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Klayman: Freedom Watch Will Seek the Citizens Grand Jury Indictment of Swalwell, a Treasonous Half-Wit Democrat Moron!
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By Sarah Al-Arshani
Business Insider
June 7, 2021
On Sunday, Swalwell attorney Matthew Kaiser said a private investigator left the papers with Brooks' wife at their home in Alabama, CNN reported.

Insider could not reach Brooks' office for comment at the time of publication but spokesperson Clay Mills told Forbes that Brooks filed a police report over the incident. Mills said there was video proof that the agent went into Brooks' home without consent.

Another Swalwell attorney, Philip Adonian, told Forbes that Brooks' allegation that the server entered his home is "utterly false" and said he "lawfully handed the papers to Mo Brooks' wife at their home... which is perfectly legitimate under the federal rules."

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