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Klayman: For Palestinians the Land Is Just a Pretext: Their Ultimate Goal Is the Annihilation of Jews and Israel!
By Shadi Hamid
The Atlantic
May 25, 2019
Is the Israeli-Palestinian conflict fundamentally about land and territory? It is certainly partly about that. But when you hear the objections and grievances of both sides, the issue of who has what part of which territory doesn't necessarily figure all that prominently.

I recently took part in a study tour on religion and nationalism in Israel organized by the Philos Project. One Palestinian official whom we met told us, "I'm not going to compromise my dignity."

The problem with what we know of the Trump administration's "peace plan" is that it asks Palestinians to do precisely that. The entire Donald Trump approach seems to be premised on calling for unilateral surrender. It is premised on destroying the will of a people, and on hoping that despair might one day turn into acquiescence. This is the only way to interpret Trump's senior adviser and son-in-law Jared Kushner's insistence on prioritizing economic incentives over political progress, but this misunderstands most of what we know about human motivation.

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