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Klayman Files 35 Million Defamation Suit Against The Daily Beast
Leftist “Fake News” Media Will No Longer Think It Has License to Harm Conservatives
(Palm Beach, Florida, March 14, 2019). Late yesterday, Larry Klayman, the founder of both Judicial Watch and now Freedom Watch and a former federal prosecutor, filed a $35,000,000 defamation complaint against The Daily Beast and its reporter Timothy Burke, who wrote and posted in Florida, nationally and internationally a wholly fabricated story about an appearance Klayman had made on Newsmax TV criticizing the disgusting commentary of Fox News prime time host Tucker Carlson about women in particular.

During the interview, Klayman criticized Carlson and suggested that he made these offensive comments because he is like a "chameleon" or the character "Zelig" in the famous Woody Allen comedy film. Klayman recounted experiences with Carlson over the years, where Carlson shaped his conduct to whoever he was with—in effect "love the one you are with." That helps explain his anti-women comments to the radio shock jock affiliated with Howard Stern that have been revealed in the last days. Today, as a prime-time host at Fox News, Carlson bends his real views in Klayman's opinion to suit his employer, which has shown a callous if not felonious disregard for women's rights and in fact has a demonstrated sordid history of abusing women. Nor in Klayman's opinion is the arrogant and cocky Carlson a real conservative, but rather anything that he has to be to advance his career with whomever he is with at the time.

Not coincidentally, Fox News is run today by Suzanne Scott, who along with Bill Shine, were enablers of Roger Ailes, the founder and former CEO of Fox News, who was fired in disgrace when his pattern of sexual harassment toward women was finally revealed. Scott along with Shine covered up Ailes behavior (and that of other hosts and reporters at the network), for many years until it all finally "hit the fan," forcing the firing of Ailes and others. Klayman's current client, Laurie Luhn, who was the most ill-treated and harmed of Ailes' female victims, can attest to the vile anti-women's culture at Fox News.

But rather than writing about this, reporter Timothy Burke and his Daily Beast released a wholly false story claiming that Klayman had mocked the "Me Too" movement. Rather Klayman, who is a supporter of women's rights, as demonstrated over his long legal career, simply referred to the hypocrisy of Hollywood, where frequently the tragedies of women are exploited for profit. One such example is Ms. Laurie Luhn, who is about to be portrayed by "A list" actress Annabelle Wallis in a mini-series produced by Blumhouse and Showtime, but yet they callously and greedily refuse to compensate Luhn for the use of her "story," prompting Klayman to have sued them on Ms. Luhn's behalf.

Klayman had this to say upon filing suit:

"I was attacked and defamed by Burke and The Daily Beast because, unlike Carlson, I am a real conservative. The defendants are part of the 'Fake News' leftist media, for which my group Freedom Watch and I personally have sought to hold them to legally account.

"On behalf of my public interest and private clients I have now had to sue the New York Times, the Washington Post, the Huffington Post, Rolling Stone, Showtime, Blumhouse Television, CNN, CBS, NBC, Bravo and a host of others. Now add The Daily Beast to this growing list of leftist 'Fake News' purveyors of dishonesty in reporting and the entertainment industry. Their goal is to harm conservatives and those they do not politically agree with, not to report fairly and honestly. Now they will have their day of reckoning before a jury of their peers."

A copy of the Burke/Daily Beast complaint can be found at and is embedded below.

For more information or an interview, contact or (424) 274 2579.

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