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Klayman Discusses Why Trump Must Fire His Lawyers and Get Tough With Mueller!
America Talks Live with Miranda Khan
Newsmax TV
December 4, 2017

MIRANDA KHAN: There's been all this talk about what is and what isn't obstruction of justice. Did the president obstruct justice in your opinion?

LARRY KLAYMAN: No, he didn't obstruct justice. Clearly not in what Professor Dershowitz says. And of course, you know he's a liberal professor. So if he says it, it has to have some credibility. There was no obstruction of justice.

The president sits on top of the Justice Department, I'm a former alumnus as you know. He can do as he pleases with regard to dismissing James Comey and he had good reason to do it.

But the risk here, as your head Chris Ruddy said yesterday, is that Mueller has an existential thing against the president. He wants to take down the president, and that's why I've advocated that his lawyers, the president's lawyers, need to get tougher or they need to resign, and the president needs to get new lawyers, because you just can't keep taking punches like this.

And Flynn's pleading now to such a minor charge means he had to give Mueller something very substantial in exchange, which is cooperation, which is perhaps even false testimony. I hope that won't be the case, but drowning people do drastic things.

And Flynn was, with all the leaks that came out which were illegal that Mueller had instituted through his staff. The poor guy had to be scared to death, so he's going to have to give something back. And that's what the risk is.

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