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Klayman: Communist Pope Francis Should Be Forced by the Bishops to Resign: Giving Communion to Abortionist & "Baby Killer" Biden Amounts to Cavorting With the Devil!
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By Andrew Miller
Fox News
October 31, 2021
President Joe Biden received Communion at St. Patrick's Church during Saturday Vigil Mass, a day after saying Pope Francis told him he should continue to partake in the sacrament, prompting negative reactions from Catholic priests upset that the president's position on abortion is not in line with Church doctrine.

Several U.S. bishops expressed dismay about the pope's reported words to Biden. Bishop Joseph Strickland, of Tyler, Texas, retweeted a blistering blog post by conservative Cardinal Raymond Burke that strongly reaffirmed that Catholic politicians who support abortion rights cannot receive the sacrament.

"I fear that the Church has lost its prophetic voice," Bishop of Providence Thomas Tobin tweeted Friday. "Where are the John the Baptists who will confront the Herods of our day?"

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