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Klayman: Big Difference Between Jon Voight and Robert De Niro: Voight Has Class and De Niro No Class!
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By Jennifer Harper
The Washington Times
October 7, 2019
It is a clash of the titans, perhaps. Two Hollywood heavyweights are now representing diametrically opposed political views on a very large stage indeed. That would be Jon Voight and Robert De Niro, both vocal and passionate about their beliefs on a regular basis.

Mr. Voight, an Academy Award winning actor, has offered his eloquent support for conservatives and Republicans for years, appearing on cable news and in person at tea party rallies and other events. He has also recorded succinct and effective videos in support of President Trump, posted online and often highlighted in major news coverage. Mr. Voight remains a powerful influence on the news cycle, and has done so for a decade.

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