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Klayman: America Does Not Need the Cuomo Brothers Any More Than They Need Political Corruption in State Government or the Media at CNN and Elsewhere!
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Washington Post
March 24, 2020
Clips of the two men trading barbs circulated widely on social media Monday night, with one person calling the back-and-forth a "master class in backhanded compliments. ..."

"The Cuomo Boys are the comedy routine America needs right now," another viewer tweeted.

i spliced together the best moments from the cuomo brothers from the past few days and this is comedy gold — alex -- (@thunderrmuffinn) March 24, 2020

This isn't the first time the Cuomos have fallen into old habits on air. Their public razzing was the subject of a "Daily Show" segment in 2015, during which then-host Jon Stewart remarked, "No matter how big or successful you are, you can always count on your siblings to bring you back to earth."

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