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Ken Starr Rides Again: Look Out, Mr. President!
Larry Klayman responds to naming of 'accomplished loser' to Trump legal team
By Larry Klayman
January 17, 2020
Just when I thought nothing could become even more bizarre, President Donald J. Trump's so-called legal team, led by Jay Sekulow, has recruited Ken Starr and Robert Ray, independent counsels during the Clinton years, to lead the defense of The Donald during the looming impeachment trial. Joining the legal team as well is retired Harvard law professor Alan Dershowitz and former Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi. Notably absent from the legal team is Rudy Giuliani, the president's private legal counsel during the Russian collusion witch hunt of Special Counsel Robert Mueller. Giuliani, not coincidentally, is the culprit, through his inebriated bad judgment, who played a key role, along with his now-indicted colleague Lev Parnas, in negligently getting the president into this impeachment quagmire. In the words of Laurel and Hardy, "A fine mess you have gotten me into, Ollie."

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