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United Nations
The United Nations is a bastion for terrorist nations bent on destroying our western and Judeo-Christian lifestyle and culture. While Freedom Watch advocates removing the United States from the UN, and forming a new neutral international body with headquarters in another country (so the organization cannot be used to smuggle spies and terrorists into the United States), so long as the UN exists in its present form our watchdog group will hold its feet to the fire and attempt to keep the corruption and espionage down by vigorous oversight and hard hitting lawsuits when required. We previously filed suit against the government over its support for prior corrupt UN Secretary General Koffi Annan, who was literally in bed with Saddam Hussein over the so called food for peace initiative.

With Larry Klayman, the founder of Judicial Watch, as its Chairman and General Counsel—Klayman being the only lawyer ever to have obtained a ruling that an American president committed a crime (Bill Clinton)—Freedom Watch is uniquely equipped to investigate and prosecute government corruption and abuse. Corruption in the legal profession is also our focus.

The government has a penchant for keeping files on persons it considers adversaries and using them when it deems it in its self interest; thus the Filegate scandal of the Clinton years, and President Nixon before him, to name just two administrations who have waged smear campaigns. In addition, during the Bush years, illegal wiretaps were placed on American citizens without the required court approval through warrants. Freedom Watch will not stand by and "watch" the rights of American citizens be abused by the government and our legal system and will have and will take strong action to protect the privacy of our citizens here and around the world.

During the Bush years, Larry Klayman brought a lawsuit to open up the inner workings of the Cheney Energy Task Force, which had formulated greedy energy policies behind closed doors with oil industry executives. The case made its way all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court. At Freedom Watch, Klayman filed suit against the Organization of Petroleum Producing Countries (OPEC), comprised of many Arab terrorist states and Hugo Chavez's Venezuela. These countries have vowed to use oil prices as a weapon against the western world and particularly the United States, at a time when our economy is weak. Freedom Watch will not allow this to happen and we are dedicated to advancing an energy policy which furthers freedom, rather than destroys it.

Religious rights
The secularists in our nation believe that we should worship at the alter of big government, which to them is "God." At Freedom Watch, we stand for the principles enunciated by our founding fathers like John Adams, that without ethics, morality and religion there will be no lasting liberty. Freedom Watch thus will take action to protect our religious rights and freedoms.

Living in our midst are persons from the Middle East and elsewhere who are advancing the goals of Al Quaeda and other terrorist interests. Many of these persons are so called "respected" leaders in our communities, but they are helping to raise money for terrorist groups like Hamas and Hezbollah. Freedom Watch has aleady brought lawsuits to expose radical Islamic mosques and groups that are undermining our freedoms and threatening to destroy our great nation, as well a persons who are financing terrorrism from our shores and overseas. Our founder and Chairman, Larry Klayman, is an expert on counter-terrorism as are some of our regional directors. Klayman wrote a book shortly after September 11, 2001, entitled: "Fatal Neglect: The Government's Continuing Failure to Protect American Citizens from Terrorism," which ironically contained similar conclusions to the now famous 9/11 Report, years in advance of the government releasing this report.

Our government has already "lost" accountability for the $350 billion dollars Congress and the Bush White House agreed to give the banks and mortgage companies to bail them out of their own corrupt mess. Now, President Obama wants over one trillion dollars more, as a backdoor way to socialize our economy. This is a colossal waste of tax payers money, particularly when you consider that it will be given out to the Democratic Party's lobbyist friends, by and large. Freedom Watch will file government document requests and then hard hitting lawsuits to help insure that the money is not spent corruptly and we will do all we can to force prosecutions of the crooks who undoubtedly will steal much of the money. We cannot stand by and allow the Obama-Clinton crowd to rip off our nation and ourselves, all the while advancing their not too transparent goal of turning the United States into a Euro-style socialist state. Our founding fathers will turn in their graves if we let this happen; which we will not!

Freedom Watch's goal is to promote secure borders, but not to harm the hardworking legal and other immigrants who give so much to our country. The city of Miami, for instance, was largely built into a shining city, by the hard work of Cuban-Americans and other hard working Latins—people and cultures who walk the walk on family values. Freedom Watch will advance the cause of freedom by keeping our borders secure but also appreciating that we are a country which owes it success to legal immigration. We will not play the race card like other groups have to raise money and foment hatred of foreigners and thus we will also take strong action against those who do play this dastardly game.

Free speech
All Americans deserve the right to speak freely, but sadly this is not the case anymore. Judges, in particular, do not even allow lawyers to speak their minds without likely retaliation. As long as the speech is not pornographic toward children, Freedom Watch is against censorship of all kinds and will stand side by side our citizens in protecting our First Amendment rights.

Property rights
In recent years our courts have chipped away at our legal rights to be secure in our home and own property free from government condemnation proceedings and interference in our daily lives. Thanks to the U.S. Supreme Court, it is now a lot easier to take land away from American citizens for nearly whatever purpose the government deems necessary. This harkens back to the days prior to the Revolutionary War, when King George III acted like he could take whatever he wanted from the colonies. Freedom Watch will fight to allow Americans to keep their hard earned property, free from government control and interference, in what the Obama-Clinton regime promises will in effect become a government controlled socialist state.

Health care
While creating competition and thus lowering the cost of healthcare so all Americans can afford it for themselves and their families is our goal, Freedom Watch will not stand idly by and watch our health care system be socialized in the Canadian and European models. The hard fact is that we have the finest health care system in the world and we do not need a socialistic system to protect our citizens from disease and tragedy. The Obama-Clinton regime is bent on turning our health care system into a second rate socialist nightmare, where doctors and other health care providers lose their economic incentive to create the best medicine has to offer.

Our legal system is bad joke enough, with judges and lawyers slivering about to feather their own nests and compromise client and citizen interests. But the family law system, where judges, divorce lawyers, child psychologists, guardians ad litem, and other so called professionals churn and milk fees, all at the expense of children, is literally an abortion. Larry Klayman is committed to bringing about radical reform of our family law system—the same system which callously killed Terri Schiavo when her parents wanted to care for her. Klayman represented the Schindler family at the end of Terri's life and thereafter. The way she was put to death without any real evidence that she wanted to die was an American tragedy. Family members should also have the right to try to legally protect their loved ones, even if they are not next of kin. Freedom Watch will work tirelessly to protect family rights and prevent abuse by corrupt family judges, lawyers and others who put their own greedy interests first.

We cannot allow our nation to become a socialist state, particularly when other countries, in Europe, South America and Asia, have learned the hard way that socialism does not work. The corruption of Wall Street and the banks cannot be used as an excuse to move our nation far left. Freedom Watch will use every ethical and legal means to prevent the Obama-Clinton socialists from snatching away our body politic to create a new world order of giveaways and slough.

Military rights
In the mold of Larry Klayman's past stewardship at Judicial Watch, Freedom Watch will take strong action to protect the rights of our military men and women who risks their lives daily to keep our nation free. These heroes frequently have been compromised and abused by politicians, judges and other government officials who could care less about their fate—many of whom dodged the draft during the Vietnam War years.

The IRS has been used by many administrations as a way to intimidate and destroy political and other perceived adversaries. In modern times, Presidents Johnson, Nixon, Clinton and George W. Bush have availed themselves of their "services" in this regard. This violation of constitutional rights and government tactics is outrageous and Freedom Watch will take every ethical and legal action to protect American citizens from the misuse of the IRS. Freedom Watch also stands for a simplified tax system, which effectively removes the powers of the IRS to intimidate and harass innocent citizens. It is indeed ironic, as we have seen in the news recently, that high level politicians, like Obama Treasury Secretary Geitner, Attorney General Holder and now Health Department Secretary Daschle can escape audit and tax scrutiny when ordinary Americans are "burned at the stake." Freedom Watch will not countenance this violation of our freedom and liberties."

Civil liberties
During the Bush years, American citizens were arrested on charges of terrorism and held in secret without right of counsel. The U.S. Supreme Court held this to be unconstitutional toward American citizens. Should the new Obama-Clinton administration violate civil liberties, or state and local government, Freedom Watch will hit back with legal action to correct this abridgement of our freedom.

As a former international trade and antitrust lawyer, the Chairman of Freedom Watch understands that competition is good and that lower prices on goods and services benefit the American economy, thereby lowering inflation. So long as international trade is fair and free of unfair trade practices, Freedom Watch will protect the American economy by promoting competition in the marketplace from goods and services from all countries. Let the best man win and the American consumer and economy wins in the end.

Capital punishment
In principle, the Bible teaches an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth; a valid concept if we had a legal system that could enforce this. But with corrupt lawyers and judges at the wheel, justice is often lacking and innocent people are condemned to death. Moreover, only God has the right to take a life. Because of this Freedom Watch is in favor of life sentences for capital crimes, with no parole. And, the criminal who kills someone should have to work the rest of his life at hard labor, giving something back to American society.

Judicial reform
Judges are in principle our most important public servants. But in the federal and state systems, they are chosen based on political favoritism and patronage, and bought and sold judicial elections, where large campaign contributions influence who is elected. Thus, we do not have the best and brightest on the bench, but instead "politicians in robes." That's why our court system is so broken and corrupt; we have a Cadillac of a legal system with drunken drivers at the wheel. Freedom Watch will work tirelessly to hold corrupt judges accountable to the rule of law and to develop a new system for selecting judges based on ability and merit, not politics.

Second Amendment
The Second Amendment to the U.S. Constitution guarantees the right to each American to bear arms. This is a sacred right, but there is nothing wrong with requiring real background checks and registration to make sure that guns do not fall into the hands of crazy people, criminals and terrorists. Freedom Watch will take strong action to pursue these principles of self protection and safety for our families.

Latin America
From the Castro Brothers of Cuba to Hugo Chavez of Venezuela, to Lula of Brazil, to Kirchner of Argentina, to Ortega of Nicaragua and a host of others, our Southern Hemisphere has turned sharply left, headed toward a return to Communism or extreme socialism. As we are doing at home, Freedom Watch will work tirelessly to restore and protect individual liberties in Latin America. For too long, this region of the world, so vital to our national interests, has been ignored. Freedom must come to Latin American, politically, socially and economically and Freedom Watch will play a substantial role in this endeavor.

There is a renewed push, supported vigorously by Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, to force the creation of a Palestinian state on the West Bank of Israel. Freedom Watch strongly opposes this as a Palestinian state in the heart of Israel would be like placing a dagger in the heart of the home of Judaism and Christianity. The hard fact is that after decades of being taught fanatical hatred of Jews and Christians, Palestinian Arabs are bent on not only the destruction of Israel, but the annihilation of the Jewish people. Jews and Christians are one people; indeed Jesus was a Jewish rabbi and intensely proud of his heritage. While Israeli Arabs are welcome to coexist with the other citizens of Israel, they should pledge their allegiance to the state or leave. Unfortunately, with thousands of years of Arab hatred and attempts to wipe out the Jewish and Christian presence in the region, Israel cannot afford a Palestinian state on its territory. Jordan would be the logical place for such a state. Freedom Watch will oppose the pro-Arab Obama-Clinton regime at every step in its attempt to create a Palestinian state on Israeli territory and will work to increase the security of Israel, the only democracy in the Middle East and a vital American ally.

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