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Impeachment Reality Comes to the Fox News Universe
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By Philip Bump
Washington Post
December 16, 2019
"The Fox poll came out — and I was stunned by this," Kilmeade said on "Fox and Friends." "This says 50 percent of the country want the president impeached. I was stunned to see that that's the number, because I thought that things were trending away."

Actually, the Fox News poll released Sunday said that 54 percent of Americans want to see President Trump impeached. Fifty percent support impeaching him and removing him from office; an additional 4 percent support impeaching him but allowing him to remain on the job. Forty-one percent don't think he should be impeached at all.

(Interestingly, it's that 4 percent who are most likely to see their desires fulfilled. Trump is likely to be impeached by the House this week but then acquitted by the Senate sometime next month.)

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