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Fox News Profiteering Over Coronavirus Pandemic aka COVID-19
Open Letter to Fox Corp's Lachlan Murdoch and Other Networks
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April 1, 2020

Mr. Lachlan Murdoch
Fox Corporation
2121 Avenue of the Stars
Los Angeles, California 90067

Re: Profiteering Over Coronavirus Pandemic aka COVID-19.

Dear Mr. Murdoch:

I am addressing this letter to you, as I and other conservatives and people of faith feel betrayed, misled, and manipulated by your Fox News and Fox Business Networks. This notwithstanding, I am also copying this letter to CNN, MSNBC, CNBC and other major cable and so-called major networks.

A few days ago, the President Trump was asked a "snarky" question, as Trump put it, from the low-class Jim Acosta, CNN's White House reporter, about why he had allegedly downplayed the coronavirus when it first came to light publicly. President Trump, annoyed at the usual swipe by Acosta, replied that he did not want to cause panic among the citizenry.

In fact, President Trump did the right thing at the time. And today his optimism, coupled with real action to defeat the virus, is gradually restoring confidence that the United States will win this war against an unseen killer. To this end, people are adjusting to the new reality and even the stock market is rebounding somewhat, after losing over 30 percent of its value in the first month of this crisis.

But in contrast with the president's calm and steady demeanor, is your network and the other "whorish" opportunistic purveyors of panic and fear who occupy space on cable transmissions. The conduct of your network along with CNN and NBC and the others is more than despicable, with hosts jacking up fear and panic to increase viewership and thus increase advertising dollars. It is no wonder that these hosts sport big smiles on their faces, as money is flowing like cheap wine into Fox News and its sister network Fox Business, while the populace is left with less than crumbs to feed their families and make ends meet, not to mention potential health costs. Undoubtedly, with coffers filled with cash at the expense of ordinary Americans, these hosts anticipate that they will get hefty raises in the near future.

Just yesterday, it was indeed widely reported how your corporation is the number one television network profiting from the COVID-19 pandemic for profit. See enclosed.

To accomplish this despicable and sinister objective, most notable and offensive are the chyrons and charts which Fox News and, now following suit, the other 24/7 cable networks showcase particularly on the right-hand portion of the television screen, which show Americans dying by the second, in real time! Why is this necessary other than to cause panic and fear and thus jingle the change for your network with increased viewership, which like Judas is selling out to advertisers and profiting over this deadly tragedy.

My clients and I have had issues and continue to have serious issues with Fox News, as many have been banned and blacklisted from the network because of their honest and strong views. While your network, however despicable when it was run under auspices of the serial female sexual harassment abuser Roger Ailes, at least at one time it had a conservative tilt, today, under your so-called leadership, more and more it talks out of both sides of its mouth and is moving left. That is your choice, but notwithstanding destroying your brand, the viewers, who have been loyal to the network, are confused and many angry. Even President Trump, who has been highly critical of the new "two-faced" Fox News, has lost confidence in your reporting, save for a few of your hosts which you have not as yet fired for obvious fear of losing advertising dollars.

However, the latest to bite the dust is Trish Regan, while anti-Trump haters such as Chris Wallace, Juan Williams, Andrew Napolitano and Arthel Neville, just a few of your leftist "darlings," increasingly rule the school at Fox News and Fox Business. It is likely that Lou Dobbs and Jeanine Pirro will soon also be gone. Hannity will remain, for now, due to his ratings, however unfortunate given the dishonest, contrived and canned crap he spews each evening with the same juvenile, intellectually limited, insultingly "monotonous" and arrogant monologues, not to mention his overused, shopworn, adoring and fawning guests, who are just happy to be given a megaphone.

Today, Fox News and its sister network Fox Business Network are little different than your dishonest competitors and indeed your profiteering over the current COVID-19 tragedy is the most despicable if not evil of all!

I no longer stay tuned to Fox News and its sister network. It makes me sick, ironic given the current pandemic which threatens all of us.

On behalf of the American people and in the public interest, I demand that this exploitive and disgusting profiteering cease and desist, as it is severely harming the emotional and financial well-being of the nation, while you and the similar money changers on the other 24/7 cable networks in particular tragically line their own pockets with the people's gold.

Today is April 1, 2020, but your exploitive and greedy conduct during this national and worldwide pandemic is no joke! Your motto, "Fair and Balanced," no longer applies! A more apt byline should be "We Jingle the Change!"


Larry Klayman, Esq.

cc: Mr. Jeff Zucker

Mr. Stephen B. Burke

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