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Davis Love III Subpoenaed, Alongside Woods and McIlroy to Testify Under Oath About PGA Tour Players' Meeting
To Be Deposed In Addition To Commissioner Jay Monahan
(Palm Beach Florida, September 2, 2022). Today, Larry Klayman, Esq., the class action lead plaintiff in a case styled Klayman et. al v. PGA Tour et. al, Civil Action No. Klayman v. PGA Tour et. al 50-2022-CA-006587,(15th Judicial Circuit, Palm Beach County), gave notice of his intent on behalf of himself and other members of the putative class to subpoena for deposition Davis Love III.

There is reason to believe that discussions occurred which are alleged to be anticompetitive and violative of the antitrust laws vis a vis the LIV Golf Tour and its players. Davis Love III has been in league with Tiger Woods, the lead host behind recent collusive players' meetings and discussions, as well as Rory McIlroy and others at the PGA Tour who have been disparaging and furthering anticompetitive means to damage LIV Golf Tour and its players and thus also consumers of the game.

In addition to Tiger Woods, who is scheduled to be deposed September 21, 2022, and McIlroy for September 22, 2022, Davis Love III is scheduled to be deposed October 11, 2022. The document requests required by the subpoena call for the production of the documents relevant to the class action lawsuit.

The pleadings concerning this important class action case can be viewed at and on the court's website, as they all have been filed and are available to the public.

Larry Klayman, Esq. had this to say upon giving notice to defendants through their counsel of his and members of the class's intent to depose Love:

"The bottom line is this. What I seek at these depositions is the whole truth and nothing but the truth about the anticompetitive conduct of the PGA Tour and its partner the DP World Tour!

"We therefore look forward to Love, Woods, McIlroy and Monahan telling the truth, with sworn testimony, under oath."

For more information contact Asher Anderson at

Go to to view these notices to depose Love, Woods, McIlroy and Monahan and our outstanding document requests, in addition to the class action complaint.

See embedded court documents below.

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