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Corsi v. Mueller Advances in Court
Larry Klayman reviews latest on legal action challenging special counsel
By Larry Klayman
January 4, 2019
Dr. Jerome Corsi, my friend of 25 years and my client, is an American hero. Rather than accepting a fraudulent plea deal from Special Counsel Robert Mueller, where he was offered no prison time if he pleaded to one felony count of perjury he did not commit, but only if he would implicate President Donald Trump in so-called Russian collusion, he told Mueller and his leftist pro-Clinton and Obama Democratic prosecutors to stick it where the sun don't shine. Jerry simply could not find it in his Christian heart to lie before the Creator and his Son; nor could he agree to be branded falsely as a felon, losing his right to vote. To the contrary, he has made it clear he would risk being imprisoned by a runaway Deep State prosecutor for the remainder of his life, rather than to lie under oath and implicate the president in alleged wrongdoing.

But Jerry did not stop there! Realizing that he was in a unique position to finally take on Mueller and his fellow hack prosecutors, he did something the president himself should have done long ago, but for the bad advice he has gotten for the better part of the last two years by his television-centric lawyers. Dr. Corsi pushed back and decided to take Mueller on legally and frontally!

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