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Chicoms Must Pay for Impact of COVID-19
Larry Klayman plans class action suit against Beijing over virus
By Larry Klayman
March 13, 2020
Let me say one thing up front. The Chinese people are a good people, but the government of Communist China, and for that matter our own so-called Deep State in government, must be held legally responsible for the worldwide COVID-19 pandemic now engulfing this nation.

Many reputable people and organizations have come to the conclusion that this crisis began when a Chinese biological weapons facility accidentally released the COVID-19 virus into the atmosphere. An opinion column in The Hill states:

"The conventional, and mostly likely, view of the COVID-19 outbreak is that it originated in Wuhan, China, near the most sophisticated Chinese bioweapons lab and then proceeded into the world from there, leaving people to guess whether it originated in the lab and leaked, came from wild bats or snakes, or came from exotic meat market." ["The Coronavirus: Blueprint for Bioterrorism," The Hill, March 9, 2020.]

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