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Big Mistake for Muller to Indict Jerome Corsi
Larry Klayman says he's proud to now represent 'modern-day hero'
By Larry Klayman
November 30, 2018
There is an old expression: What goes around comes around! In the context of my client Dr. Jerome Corsi — a 72 year-old, vibrant, renowned and distinguished conservative journalist, investigative reporter and accomplished New York Times best-selling author now in the cross-hairs of Special Counsel Robert Mueller's "witch hunt" to take down President Donald J. Trump — should Mueller and his prosecutorial comrades indict the good doctor, they will have made a huge mistake.

Unlike other subjects or targets of Mueller's runaway investigation, Dr. Corsi does not labor from the near-universal notion that one has to play "nicey nice" with the special counsel to escape unjust prosecution. Indeed, the president himself, at least from a legal perspective, notwithstanding his daily tweets, apparently has been counseled to effectively roll over to Mueller.

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