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Biden to Be Indicted Before Citizens Grand Jury Over Afghanistan
Date: Thursday, September 2, 2021
Time: 2 PM Eastern/11 AM Pacific

Freedom Watch's Citizens Grand Jury will put Joe Biden before its Citizens Grand Jury on Thursday, September 2, 2021, and present evidence of alleged mass murder and treason to seek his indictment. The actions of Biden have caused the death of American servicemen and Afghan allies. Thousands more are to be expected in the near, medium and long term at the hands of the Taliban, Al Qaeda and ISIS terrorists. Each of these groups are aligned as "Islamic Muslim brothers," no matter what lies the Biden regime and its pro-Biden dishonest apologists in the leftist media attempt to spin.

We the People, under the laws of nature and nature's God, as were invoked by our Founding Fathers in our Declaration of Independence on or about July 4, 1776, must reclaim our legal system, as the current compromised and corrupt systems in both Congress and the government's Courts will not mete out justice.

Once indicted, We the People will provide due process in the criminal prosecution of Joe Biden, seek his conviction before a citizens court, and when successful — as the evidence against Biden is overwhelming — seek a sentence of life imprisonment. We the People will then ask Federal and state law enforcement and the U.S. Military, all of which have also been harmed by Biden and his leftist allies, to enforce this requested sentence.

Time is of the essence before Joe Biden, his administration, with leftist support, commit further crimes against the American and Afghan people.

For more information contact Asher Anderson at or (424) 335-5646 if you wish to be considered as a Citizens Grand Juror. To qualify you must not have a criminal record and swear to be impartial and non-political in your deliberations.

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