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Beware of The "Never Trumpers"!
Vigilance Needed As Trump Impeachment Looms!
By Larry Klayman
October 4, 2019
In the months leading up to the 2016 presidential elections, some self-proclaimed conservatives took to the airwaves bashing then presidential candidate Donald J. Trump. Many of them had believed at the time that The Donald was a converted liberal Democrat and certainly not a conservative. As a result they gravitated to alternative candidate Senator Ted Cruz. Among these "Never Trumpers" at the time were Glenn Beck, Ben Shapiro, Bill Kristol, Matt Schlapp, and even Mark Levin, who truly is a conservative. While Sean Hannity was not vehemently anti-Trump, he too was at the time a supporter of Ted Cruz, preferring him over The Donald. And, in the case of Schlapp, Trump was shunned from the 2016 CPAC convention and Cruz showcased. But when Trump won, out of necessity to maintain their conservative base, the Never Trumpers then experienced a miraculous conversion. Indeed, we should be thankful that they did.

With the onset of impeachment proceedings — amounting to yet another witch hunt by the rabid Trump hating Democrats as a sequel to their failed Russian collusion disaster — if things go south some of these Never Trumpers may become opportunistically emboldened to try to push the president out the White House door. Several of them regrettably have already started to take vicious swipes at The Donald, as the rats seek to flee what they wrongly think is a sinking ship of state.

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