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OPEC Sued by Klayman & Freedom Watch Over Alleged Price Fixing
Antitrust Complaint Alleges Per Se Sherman and Clayton Act Violations
(Palm Beach, Florida, November 30, 2021). Today, Larry Klayman and Freedom Watch, Inc. filed an antitrust complaint against the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries, commonly known as OPEC. See Freedom Watch v. OPEC, C.A. 9:21-cv-82145 (S.D. Fl. 2021). The complaint is embedded below.

Klayman, who as a young lawyer was on the trial team of the Antitrust Division of the U.S. Department of Justice that broke up the AT&T monopoly during the Reagan administration, later founded Judicial Watch, and is now the chairman and general counsel of Freedom Watch, had this to say upon the filing of this important legal action:

"President Joe Biden, having created with his economic policies and executive orders, a greater dependence on foreign oil, resulting in huge price increases for the purchase of gasoline, has given a green light to OPEC to collude and fix prices and divide markets to price gouge the consumer. Characteristically and historically, officials of both the Democrat and Republican parties just talk a good game about the illegal pricing practices of OPEC but do nothing to combat it.

"Among the members of OPEC are radical Islamic states which are either state sponsors of terrorism, such as Iran, or those who finance terrorism, such as Saudi Arabia. These nations are no friend of American interests.

"Today, Freedom Watch and I are taking real hard legal action to enjoin this illegal activity by the members of OPEC which is severely harming the American and world economies. It is indeed reprehensible that our own government is doing little to nothing to combat the current price of about $74.20 per barrel of oil, which is expected to rise to over $120.00 dollars per barrel in 2022, increasing rampant inflation and further crippling our economy and the purses of our citizens. It's time that the American people take matters into their own legal hands."

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